The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-01-31T11:23:03Z How to service air conditioning 2015-01-31T11:23:03Z how-to-service-air-conditioning We are surrounded by a lot of "do it yourself" content on the Internet. It seems as though you can do everything all by yourself, regardless of whether you are familiar with the matter or completely ignorant. So, if you want to know how to service an air conditioning system all by yourself, you will probably find many texts and videos on the subject with just two mouse clicks.But, with years of experience and expertise on the matter, the Ideal Air Conditioning Service staff has seen a lot of air conditioning repairs and air conditioning maintenance done by the clients themselves which had gone terribly wrong, causing only damage and more expenses, sometimes even injuries.Split system air conditioning maintenance may seem easy, but there is more to it than just washing and cleaning. It has to be done properly so the bacteria and dirt are completely removed from the unit, ensuring that you'll enjoy clean and healthy air. It may be necessary to add gas to the unit. This means the gas pressure should be checked with professional tools and equipment. This is something that should be done only by trained professionals. Also, the position of the air conditioning system may change during its working time. This may require for your unit to be repositioned according to proper measurements and calculations in order to continue to function properly and not malfunction easily.And this also applies if you're thinking about how to service evaporative air conditioning. Or even any appliances in the household or office that need professional attention. It's understandable to want to save money, especially in these hard times of economic crisis, but if not done properly, air conditioning repairs, service and maintenance may lead to serious problems with your unit, which can even lead to replacing the existing unit with a new one, and that has proven to be much more expensive and frustrating than simple replacement of the parts. Air conditioning service should always be performed by experienced and trained professionals. It is cost effective, guarantees safe use of the unit, doesn't create extra expenses or injuries, and more importantly, doesn't waste your time and energy.And during hot, dry summer days and cold, snowy winters you want to just relax and enjoy the comfortable temperature and healthy air at your home or workplace and not worry yourself with how to service the air conditioning system. Leave the "how" to us by scheduling a visit of one of our professional teams. Your satisfaction is our priority and of great importance to us. In case you aren't satisfied with your unit after our service, repairs and maintenance of your air conditioning system, we will come back and inspect the problem for free. And, if you're not 100% pleased with our services, we guarantee to make a refund of the fee.So, if you are wondering how to service an air condition system, contact Ideal Air Conditioning Service and our professional teams will be at your disposal. Air Conditioning Service and Repairs 2015-01-22T23:16:14Z air-conditioning-service-and-repairs Are you tired of sweating in high temperatures and freezing when they are low? The air from your air conditioning unit doesn’t smell right? There is a strange noise when you turn on your unit? Or, even worse, it’s not working? What you need is reliable air conditioning service and repair.Those long summer days sure are hot, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes you wish to have a pool, to just jump in that water and refresh yourself. You just wish to stop sweating or feel suffocated, and stop dreaming of moving into the refrigerator for the summer. And how about those winters? Cold hands, cold feet, cold nose? You are always wearing several layers of clothes but never getting warm enough. You keep dreaming of having that fireplace or a house in Maui for the winter?Feeling uncomfortable in your own home, the one place where you should find sanctuary, is tiring and exhausting. Not to mention irritating and stressful. So no need to endure something that is easily solvable and affordable. It’s the little things that make our life better. And in the 21st century, having an operational and fully functioning air conditioning and heating system IS a little thing. Not to mention that it is also good for your health. Units, which are not cleaned properly, can easily lead to diseases, such as Legionnaires' disease, a form of pneumonia caused by bacteria, and some other respiratory infections. And so in order to be healthy, you need to clean your air conditioning and heating systems professionally and regularly. And if the unit has malfunctioned or is not working properly, the consequence could be more in the line of a higher energy bill or short circuit, which can cause fire at worst. As you see, not taking care of your air conditioning and heating systems can be dangerous for your health and hazardous to you and your home. And how long does it take to service and repair your unit? For IDEAL Air Conditioning Services, it takes only an hour for most. You are worried that it will be expensive? We assure you that our prices are affordable. Based on assessment and diagnosis of your unit, we will give you an upfront pricing and quote, so you will know what to expect when it comes to cost. As you know by now from our website, we provide service and repairs of all brands of air conditioning, gas heating and evaporative cooling systems. We are experts in repairing systems such as reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, reverse cycle split air conditioning, reverse cycle multi split air conditioning, room air conditioning (windows and walls), evaporative cooling systems and ducted gas heaters. Importantly, we cover all suburbs across wider Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth areas. As mentioned before, most of our services and repairs don’t take more than an hour and all pricings are given upfront. So, if you are in need of professional, fast, reliable and affordable air conditioning services and repair, please contact us through our portal. There you can book our services online by simply filling out a form, or just call the phone number provided there or e-mail us. Our job is to make your life better, healthier and more comfortable.