The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-01-07T23:56:42Z SEO keywords to be chosen by clients 2015-01-07T23:56:42Z seo-keywords-to-only-chosen-by-clients When it comes to choosing keywords for any type of SEO campaign, Rank It Up always allows their clients to have priority of what words they want to rank for. Yes, keywords are the most important part of any organic search project, however who knows their business better than the client themselves? When mentioned “clients are choosing their own keywords” it does not mean they are choosing whatever they want and then SEO companies should simply agree. It means that after choosing their keywords, professionals at Rank It Up analyse these keywords from a number of different variables such as: - Search trends- Keyword search tools- Competitor analysis- Google auto suggest- Adwords data if available After research is completed clients are then presented with their own keywords as well as suggested ones by Rank It Up. From here they are able to choose the final list to which their website will be optimised for. This gives them a lot more freedom over their campaign. Remember, it is not always the highest traffic keywords that bring in ROI, some keywords with low search volume convert better. Rank It Up allows clients to choose highly generic keywords which might be impossible to rank for, however campaigns will be built around these generic keywords to make it more relevant for the target market as well as bringing in traffic to the website as soon as possible. It is very important to understand that creating groups around generic keywords will help bring in traffic from a wider range of keywords, even ones that are not directly targeted. Giving clients the keywords they want is fine, however not educating clients on how keywords work and then promising them rankings is where a lot of companies fail. Google is a very unpredictable search engine so it is important that making promises for rankings are avoided, unless you actually control what results appear in organic search. Which no one does.