The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-01-20T02:09:51Z MYINTERVIEW.COM: THE HR TOOL OF THE PRESENT AND FUTURE 2015-01-20T02:09:51Z myinterview-com-the-hr-tool-of-the-present-and-future The video interview revolution is here with the launch of, a brand new video recruitment website designed to streamline the hiring process for a minimal cost. aims to help job seekers find their dream job by allowing businesses to screen candidates by video, eliminating the need for employers to rely solely on paper resumes in their attempt to find the ideal candidate. was launched in late 2014 after four years of development. The idea for the platform was formed shortly after founders Benjy Gillman and Guy Abelsohn finished high school in 2009 and found it difficult to find a job. In response to their frustration with the hiring process, Gillman and Abelsohn turned to technology to invent a platform which would ease the job-hunt for both candidates and employers. The platform allows employers to customise questions to their specific needs, review applicants video applications and contact prospective candidates. This allows employers to focus on their core business function, while screening can be reviewed at their convenience on laptop, mobile or iPad devices. The website allows for the video revolution to be delivered to small and medium businesses at a minimal cost of approximately 50% less than traditional recruitment services. “Video technology can be expensive, especially for small businesses. We have made it both affordable and worthwhile so that video screening can be as quick and easy as phone screening,” Gillman said. “The main advantage of is that you’re able to see into the individual’s core qualities to decide if they’re a good fit for your company’s culture. It can be very difficult to convey everything about yourself on a single sheet of paper, such as a resume. allows you to do this, enhancing your prospects of finding a job” Abelsohn said. The vision of school friends Guy Abelsohn and Benjy Gillman,, is the answer to streamlining the hiring process to businesses and job hunters alike.  For more information please contact:  Benjy:  PH: +61400830896 E: