The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-10-22T04:19:20Z Introducing Zoomlite’s latest range of on-trend anti-theft bags - perfect for travel - stylish enough for everyday use 2018-10-22T04:19:20Z introducing-zoomlite-s-latest-range-of-on-trend-anti-theft-bags-perfect-for-travel-stylish-enough-for-everyday-use Forget dull and boring travel bags. Zoomlite’s latest range of anti-theft bags will beat thieves, pickpockets and bag-slashers and win the fashion stakes.  Offering unbeatable protection for all your valuables (money, credit cards, passport, keys, phone, tablets and more) Zoomlite’s latest range features slash-resistant straps, lockable zip pullers, RFID blocking pockets and cut-resistant reinforcements. Now you can travel, commute and enjoy crowded events with peace of mind and without fear of losing your items or your identity details.  Having listened to its customers, Zoomlite knows that pickpocketing, bag theft and the latest means of identity capture are of huge concern, but so is looking good! Their latest designer collection offers multiple security features to keep your belongings safe in fresh and forward-thinking styles. The bags, available in crossbody, backpack, messenger, sling and tote are ideal for your commute, nights out, events, festivals and concerts, and all travel.  Is one colour playing it too safe? Zoomlite’s new, interchangeable fashion straps (available in four patterns) mean you can match (or clash) with your outfit.  All bags are water repellent, lightweight and cost less than travel insurance claims and hours spent at Police stations.  With 400,000 worldwide cases of pickpocketing a day, the threat of becoming the next victim is real. Taking sensible precautions to protect yourself and your belongings from theft is a no-brainer, but upping your game so your bag is resistant to thieves’ efforts not only puts you one step ahead but at liberty to enjoy your day - wherever you may be, whatever you’re doing. Zoomlite’s new range of Anti-theft travel bags cost from $80, available HERE