The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-09-19T04:33:02Z LAUNCH: FROM THIS PLACE – Inspiring Women Artists of the Upper Yarra Valley is a book and exhibition by Lindy Schneider, writer, and Angela Rivas, photographer. 2017-09-19T04:33:02Z launch-from-this-place-inspiring-women-artists-of-the-upper-yarra-valley-is-a-book-and-exhibition-by-lindy-schneider-writer-and-angela-rivas-photographer FROM THIS PLACE – Inspiring Women Artists of the Upper Yarra Valley is a book and exhibition by Lindy Schneider, writer, and Angela Rivas, photographer.   For a project that started as an exploration into why so many women artists chose to live and work in Warburton, the book and exhibition that are the creative artefacts of From This Place offer a visually stunning and a universally compelling insight into the many ways women create lives that sustain their art practice. Creators Angela Rivas, photographer, and Lindy Schneider, writer, lovingly take us into the studios and lives of fourteen women artists from their hometown in the Yarra Valley. They feature women that could be your neighbour, of every age and medium (there are painters, poets, potters, scenographers, sculptors, authors and more), with the wise words of the artists as moving as the ‘Essence’ portraits that define the visual heart and soul of the book. To create something of real beauty, both Angela and Lindy have nurtured this independent work into being for more than two years. During that time, they have found themselves living out the very themes that define the stories in this book. The value of community and collaboration, the need to live authentically and courageously take a leap of faith from time to time, the unfettered belief that what is created is of value are all themes that permeate not only the book but also their own lives. The stories, told against the backdrop of mountains, forests and the Yarra River provides a theme in which nature and the river is the thread by which all stories are connected, and are motifs that can be felt by any reader, anywhere in the world. Together, Angela and Lindy have also sensitively explored and documented the intersecting themes of community, art, collaboration, body image and working sustainably as artists.   ‘We wanted to create a project that could be an inspiration to others,' says Angela, who has a profound interest in bringing out the beauty in women, evident in her ‘Essence’ portraits, where each artist was supported to create their ‘ultimate’ photo shoot.  ‘We followed a shared implies to pursue this project feeling that it was a wonderful opportunity to work creatively in the way we ached for, while also supporting our women artists by helping raise their profiles,’ says Lindy. ‘We all rise together.’  The ripple effect will mean the inspiration and beauty of this book will be felt by many women for a long time to come.    ‘Community and art don’t exist without each other.’  END The book is a 128 full colour hardcover art book is a lasting treasure that showcases the artists and their work, but also allows us to share in their inner stories of courage, hope, love and togetherness. Stories of finally saying yes, of heartfelt longings set free to shape new lives, regardless of age, or stage, or medium. The exhibition, which features 16 large format ‘Essence' portraits will be shown at three locations between September 2017 and March 2018. They are images you will fall into, and feel from the inside. They are creative, visionary and capture the uniqueness of each woman. They reveal a beauty that is essential, unequivocal, a gift to the world. ISBN 9780646971438 ARTISTS FEATURED Belinda Rogers, Sioux Dollman, Marlee Nebauer, Jena Bedson, Maya Ward, Adrienne Kneebone, Kate Baker, Shlomit Moria, Indigo Perry, Gillian Farrow, Lucy Pierce, Jo Rothwell, Jenny Davis and Jeminah Alli Reidy.  Profiles on  Lindy Schneider and Angela Rivas are now available for media interviews and live events.   Please contact Lindy Schneider:  0417 365 697 or Angela Rivas: 0428 591 638 Images can be supplied on request. Talking points include: the self-publishing journey, the art of collaboration, body image, women and sustainable art practices, living from the heart, Nature, the Yarra Valley and sense of place.   LINKS IG fromthisplaceyv Promo video The project has been funded by Angela and Lindy, the Yarra Ranges Council, the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank® Branches and 146 Pozible supporters through a crowdfunding campaign.   EXHIBITION SCHEDULE Friday 1 September to 3 October 2017 Warburton Arts Centre  More info (LAUNCHED –  Friday 1 September) 5 October to late November 2017 Oscars by the Yarra for Yarra Valley Open Studios 26 November 2017 to 26 January 2018 -  Yarra Rages Regional Museum Arts Centre   WHO WE ARE Angela Rivas is a Commercial freelance and Portrait photographer with AIPP standing. She has worked for lifestyle magazines and photographic studios and has a BA in Visual Arts.  She did specialist teaching and runs workshops empowering people with their cameras. At the moment, she has a special interest in supporting women to shine, and loves life.   Lindy Schneider is a freelance writer. Her most recent book is ‘Visionary Man, Visionary Medicine - The story of Professor Avni Sali and Integrative Medicine’. She has a postgraduate qualification in writing, and is a qualified arts therapist.  Her writing is devoted to ‘elevating the feminine’ and encouraging women to live wildly. She has a love for rescuing horses and human flourishing.   The project was conceptualised and developed in Warburton where Lindy and Angela live. VCAT ruling supports Community that says No to Narconon 2015-02-09T01:20:48Z vcat-ruling-supports-community-that-says-no-to-narconon Say No to Narconon Warburton is pleased to receive the ruling from VCAT refusing the appeal lodged by the Association of Better Living against the Shire of Yarra Ranges (Case P758/2014) on 5 February 2015. (Linked here.) Throughout this process Warburton community group Say No to Narconon (SNTN) has been involved in this hearing as a vital and affected third party. VCAT’s decision to uphold the Shire of Yarra Ranges 11 March 2014 decision to unanimously refuse a “Permit for use” for Narconon/ Get Off Drugs Naturally (GODN) to run their drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility from the Green Gables site in the heart of Warburton clearly reflects the depth of consideration given by the members, and the objections lodged by our community in Warburton, which accrued to more than 400 voices. We thank the members at VCAT for their thoroughness and dedication in making this decision. From the outset of this campaign in June 2013, this community asked for the truth from GODN about the operations and incidents that are experienced in their business. Instead of our requests being met with honest and complete responses, our questions were met with derision and misconstrued replies. Even at council meetings, the level of misinformation alarmed not only the community but also our local police, who appeared at the VCAT hearing for SNTN as an expert witness. Throughout the hearing it became increasingly evident to our community that: ·       The level of security proposed in order to secure a permit was evidence that the location was inappropriate, particularly in an established low-density residential housing zone and in close proximity to a primary school and ‘at risk’ teen education facility; ·       Based on past performance, the capacity of Narconon/Get off Drugs to meet and maintain such security standards was questionable; ·       That the relevant authority (specifically the local council) could not be reasonably expected to oversee the proposed conditions of the permit application  (more than 30 in total) given the resources, expertise required (in drug and alcohol rehab)  and lack of finality of the permit. This affirmed both the community and council’s established position that the Green Gables location is inappropriate as reflected in the Statement of Grounds (11.3.14 decision): 1.     The proposed use does not achieve an appropriate land use as set out in the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme. 2.     The proposal would result in an unreasonable impact on community safety 3.     Green Gables is an inappropriate location for a drug and alcohol rehab centre 4.     The proposal will not provide a net community benefit 5.     The proposal will result in an unreasonable impact on amenity on the surrounding neighbourhood. Our campaign was based on factual data obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request and this data bought to light the very real and present security and safely risks GODN posed for the proposed location. (A summary of 33 significant FOI events is shown below.) Full report here. o   33 incidents reported o   Escalations in 17 cases, requiring multiple call backs by police o   Events spilled from the facility into the community, for example a patient armed with an axe harassed neighbours, an assault occurred at a local supermarket, a local pharmacy was robbed o   82% of incidences occurred between 8am and 6pm o   Violent behaviours using weapons such as axes, forks, ashtrays o   Alleged use of drugs and alcohol in at least 6 cases (5 in last 3 years) o   76.4% of reported incidences occurred in 2011-13 Incidents included: 10 of Property Damage, 5 Verbal Threats to Staff, 3 Threats to Kill Staff, 2 Physical Threats and 10 Actual Assaults. During the VCAT hearing it also became evident that these risks indeed continue to occur in their current location at East Warburton (12 kilometres outside the Warburton township) and we trust that the relevant authorities and government agencies will consider the submissions and cross-examinations lodged during this VCAT hearing with diligence.  We call for a parliamentary inquiry into the continued operations of GODN, to ensure the patients and staff of this facility are given appropriate care, and the community does not have to endure further incidents. SNTN does not oppose drug and alcohol rehabilitation. On the contrary we fully support and welcome facilities located in appropriate circumstances and with the necessary accreditation, evidence-based practice and accessibility our community deserves. This has never been the case with Narconon/GODN. The VCAT decision concludes a campaign that has occupied the Warburton community for almost two years and has taken considerable time and resources to facilitate. We thank our community for their ongoing support, and for joining with us to represent our best interests, general amenity and safety. This is not only a win for Warburton, but also a reminder to all communities in the future that their voice is valuable and can be heard.   Interviews available with Say No to Narconon Warburton team:  Nicole Fox, Andrew Hunter and Lindy Schneider and with other residents and community members by request. LINKS: Our website Council report 11.3.14 VCAT report (P758/2014) FOI Summary