The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-09-06T01:06:14Z Adelaide-based Osmoflo delivers Emergency Water Treatment Solution for Masirah Island, Oman 2018-09-06T01:06:14Z adelaide-based-osmoflo-delivers-emergency-water-treatment-solution-for-masirah-island-oman-1 Osmoflo has delivered an emergency water solution for a 1,500m3/d (1.5 MLD) seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant tor SOGEX OMAN LLC; a leading, ISO certified service provider for over 40 years for the operation and maintenance of power (GT based) and water (MSF & R.O.) projects in Oman with its operations in GCC, North Africa and India. Serving Oman Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOC in Masirah Island, the desalination plant operated by SOGEX is addressing the increasing potable water demands of the island. “We are proud that this project continues to demonstrate the international capabilities of Osmoflo, and the success achieved by the company in the Middle-East and Africa” explained Emmanuel Gayan, CEO & Managing Director at Osmoflo. “The Masirah Island project reinforces our ongoing commitment to support remote local communities providing affordable water treatment solutions.” With the plant readily available from its global rental fleet, Osmoflo was able to provide a fast track rental solution to meet SOGEX’s emergency water needs. The SWRO plant consists of 4 x 40’ containerised plant and equipment, including 2 x 800 m3/day SWRO plants and 2 x 2,000 m3/day MMF plants as pre-treatment. The plant complements SOGEX’s existing 6.0 MLD facility. Conservative design approach has been adopted to ensure plant availability exceeds 95%. “Osmoflo’s ability to provide the plant on a fast-track basis was a key factor for partnering with them” said Dr. Suhaib Abudayyeh, Business Development Manager at SOGEX OMAN LLC. “The plant was commissioned and formally handed over within 7 days of arriving on site, with the desalination plant now operational and providing a valuable potable water source to the Masirah Island community.” Osmoflo provided delivery of the rental plant in late August, and supported SOGEX with installation, commissioning and plant start up. Operation of the plant is now monitored remotely from Osmoflo’s 24-hour control centre, utilising Osmoflo’s proprietary PlantConnect™ operations & maintenance platform. Osmoflo will also support their plant, and SOGEX, with regular visits by their highly skilled field service technicians. This success follows a previously commissioned fast track rental SWRO solution of 14,000 m3/day in the region. Osmoflo continues to build on their international presence and capabilities, supported through a network of regional offices and representatives taking Australian expertise and commitment to the world. Visit to download Media Release and photos. Osmoflo awarded treatment contract at Energy Resources of Australia’s Ranger mine 2018-05-03T05:26:55Z osmoflo-awarded-treatment-contract-at-energy-resources-of-australia-s-ranger-mine Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA) has awarded a contract for treating intermediate brine solutions at the Ranger mine site to Osmoflo. Peter Anderson, Technical Studies Manager at ERA, said that “Osmoflo will provide a key new element in the company’s integrated water treatment and management system. The new plant will increase the flexibility and capacity to treat contaminated water at the Ranger mine, generating release water quality consistent with the highest standards of environmental protection during rehabilitation activities.” ERA is one of the longest continually operating uranium producers in the world with the Ranger mine located 8km east of Jabiru and 260km south east of Darwin, in the Northern Territory, Australia. Osmoflo will provide a 3,000 m3/day Osmoflo Brine Squeezer (OBS) plant at the mine to help maximise the conversion of contaminated waste water to water for environmental release. This will be a significant OBS installation for Osmoflo and ERA, with construction of the plant expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The contract includes operations and maintenance of the plant, which is expected to operate until all processing and major rehabilitation activities cease at the mine. Emmanuel Gayan, Managing Director & CEO at Osmoflo said the company is delighted to continue its work at the Ranger mine site. In partnership with ERA, Osmoflo conducted extensive pilot studies prior to this contract award to ensure the right solution is delivered to ERA to solve their unique water requirements. This is the third major installation by Osmoflo at the Ranger site since 2008, with the continued relationship illustrating ERA’s trust in Osmoflo’s water treatment solutions, and strengthening their credentials in ‘difficult-to-treat’ water applications. Osmoflo’s Innovation & Technology Manager, Hiep Le, commented that “the scale of this project will establish OBS [Osmoflo Brine Squeezer] as a viable Minimum Liquid Discharge solution for most industrial requirements. In addition, it sets us up as a frontrunner with a technology differentiator in the emerging market of mine closure/rehabilitation.” Osmoflo Brine Squeezer (OBS) Osmoflo explained that the patented Brine Squeezer technology concentrates the reject water from a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. Using specialised membranes and specifically developed membrane cleaning and operating regimes, the plant can deliver overall recovery levels as high as 95% or more*, thereby significantly reducing the volume of brine that needs to be treated by more costly forms of technology. Utilising a high pressure circuit, the Brine Squeezer operates at or above the scaling threshold of sparingly soluble salts and can concentrate the feedwater up to a level of 130,000 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) mg/L*. * Levels are dependent on feedwater quality and pilot works can be carried out to show expectant results for individual treatment requirements. Roy Hill Water Treatment Project awarded to Osmoflo 2018-02-27T04:29:27Z roy-hill-water-treatment-project-awarded-to-osmoflo Osmoflo has been awarded the contract for the delivery and long term operation of a major desalination plant for Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd. Against tough international competition, and after an extensive process, the company was ultimately successful by providing the best overall value to their client and demonstrating the capability to deliver the project as a whole. Roy Hill is a world-class integrated iron ore mining, rail and port operation located approximately 115 kilometres north of Newman, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. With its integrated facilities, Roy Hill has the capacity to deliver 55Mt per annum of iron ore, making it one of the world’s major resource based operations and one of the largest mining operations in the Pilbara. The EPC contract involves the delivery of a desalination and blended water treatment plant at the Roy Hill mine site with capacity up to 20 MLD. The plant will treat water on site to make it suitable for use in mining processes. In addition, Osmoflo will also provide the subsequent operations and maintenance of the plant for the life of the mine; expected to be in excess of 20 years. “Osmoflo will provide a critical and secure water source for our Roy Hill mine, ensuring operations can continue well into the future” said Senior Project Manager, Jim Turner at Roy Hill. The contract award is an excellent example of how Australian companies can come together in a mutually beneficial relationship towards the overall good of Australian Industry and wider community. Through this award, Osmoflo has demonstrated its continued strength and world class expertise as a leading water technology provider. It also illustrates Osmoflo’s ability to provide the highest levels of plant reliability and availability for ‘mission critical’ water treatment facilities, no matter how remote or isolated they are. Osmoflo currently supports the ongoing operation and maintenance of close to 100 sites globally. Its operation and maintenance services are underpinned by over 25 years’ of experience and technological innovations. This includes its proprietary remote monitoring and control system PlantConnect™ that allows Osmoflo engineers to pro-actively manage company or customer owned assets, located anywhere across the world and to provide invaluable 24-7 support to local operational resources. Osmoflo’s management systems have also allowed the company to maintain an excellent track record on occupational, health, safety and environmental management performance, routinely exceeding Industry benchmarks. Fabrication of the 20 MLD brackish water reverse osmosis plant and associated equipment for Roy Hill will take place at Osmoflo’s manufacturing facility in South Australia. The plant will then be transported over 3,400km to the Roy Hill site with the project scheduled for completion by January, 2019.  More than one hundred personnel will be utilised around Australia for the combined EPC and operation & maintenance contracts. “This is a key milestone in our history and reaffirms our strength in the Australian market as we focus on International growth”’ said Ajay Jaggi, General Manager, Sales at Osmoflo. ”As one of the largest plants we have delivered to the mining sector, and with the O&M contract potentially extending to 20+ years, it is a significant success that demonstrates not only our proficiency to provide complete project solutions, but our ability to provide quality, reliable long term operations in a highly competitive international market.” Osmoflo deliver fast track water treatment project for APR Energy 2017-11-24T05:05:27Z osmoflo-deliver-fast-track-water-treatment-project-for-apr-energy Osmoflo, a global leader in the design, construction and operation of water treatment plants with head office in South Australia, has announced the delivery of a water treatment solution for a fast track power generation project in South Australia for APR Energy. APR Energy are global leaders in providing fast track, mobile, power generation systems. They were recently awarded a contract with SA Power Networks to deliver 276 MW of backup power generation to protect South Australia from power blackouts. The project also provides key environmental advantages for South Australia with emissions-friendly power generating capacity. Osmoflo provided two containerised 600 m3/day Ultra High Purity water plants consisting of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis desalination and Polishing Plants to produce high quality water required in the operation of power generators. Delivery of the water treatment project was required in just 5 weeks from order, with completion and installation achieved in early October. ‘For all of Team Osmoflo, we very much thank you for rising to the challenge of meeting our demanding schedule, delivering solid products, and maintaining the utmost professionalism throughout. Truly impressive.’ stated Conrad Dieken, Supply Chain Technical Manager at APR Energy. ‘I would have zero reservations with engaging Osmoflo to support future APR Energy projects’. Power generation has been a key topic of discussion within South Australia, and wider Australia, because of recent issues highlighting the lack of secure and reliable power generation systems currently in place. The backup generation being provided by APR Energy has achieved operation ahead of its initial target of 1 December 2017. The power project comprises 9 x GE TM2500 units featuring the latest advancements in fuel flexible, low emission mobile turbine technology. The units have been installed at two sites in South Australia, Elizabeth South and Lonsdale. Osmoflo’s demonstrated flexibility, technical competence, local footprint and the readiness to deliver to a tight timeline formed the basis of this engagement. It is the local South Australian Industry contributing to a larger solution towards resolution of challenges faced by the state. Osmoflo is pleased to be able to support APR energy in their endeavours and expect to grow this partnership further. “This is a crucial project for the state and we are pleased to have been engaged as part of the solution” said Ajay Jaggi, General Manager at Osmoflo, Adelaide. “We successfully delivered this project within schedule; and are proud to be supporting this critical infrastructure that represents an important step in resolving power issues in our State”  Ends Osmoflo announces completion of Ebeye, Marshall Islands Project 2017-10-09T06:52:40Z osmoflo-announces-completion-of-ebeye-marshall-islands-project This project was sponsored with aid funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Australian and US governments. This critical project formed part of a bigger Sanitation and Water Distribution project for the Marshall Islands.  Following successful commissioning and performance testing, the water treatment plant has now been handed over to the asset owners Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utilities Resources Inc. (KAJUR) with an official ceremony due to be held on Ebeye Island on the 10th of October. The ceremony will celebrate the grand opening of the water treatment facility and will see local political leaders and dignitaries in attendance. Under this project Osmoflo provided design, supply and installation of 2 seawater reverse osmosis plants with a total capacity of 1,600 m3/day. Fabrication of the plant occurred at Osmoflo’s manufacturing facility in South Australia, with the plant then transported over 5,700km to its permanent location in the Marshall Islands. The water treatment plant now provides the island of Ebeye with a reliable and invaluable potable drinking water supply. In addition, Osmoflo are providing operations and maintenance (O&M) of the plant, demonstrating their unique ability to provide ongoing operations support to remote locations. During the 2 year O&M period, Osmoflo will progressively build the capability of local operators to continue successful operation of the plant into the future. Of particular importance to this project is the advanced level of technical support that Osmoflo will provide via their well-established 24/7 operations control centres using the proprietary PlantConnect software. The remote monitoring of this plant will offer additional support and assurance necessary for reliable operations of the desalination plant on this remote island. “Given the remote location and logistical challenges faced on this project, we are pleased to have successfully delivered this project on schedule, demonstrating our excellent delivery capability, and we are now fully committed to operate the plant and provide drinking water to the Ebeye population 24/7.” said Emmanuel Gayan, Chief Executive Officer. “With the invaluable experience gained, Osmoflo has grown in confidence that will allow it to manage similar challenging opportunities in the Pacific region, and around the globe.”  The Marshall Islands is located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean; part of the larger island group of Micronesia. The country is made up of a total of 1,156 individual islands, with Ebeye Island being only 2kms long and 400m wide, with a population of 12,000. It is the most densely populated island in the Pacific and is almost completely reliant on desalinated seawater for their freshwater needs. Ends