The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-04-09T19:24:12Z Man’s Life Was Saved from Roof Safe Equipment in Perth 2015-04-09T19:24:12Z man-s-life-was-saved-from-roof-safe-equipment-in-perth Perth, WA Australia - April 9, 2015   A roofing employee of Solutions 4 Roofing in Perth, WA, Australia had a close encounter with death while installing Colorbond Roofing sheets at a Perth home recently. As he was working, a seizure overcame him and he almost felt from the roof toppling twenty feet down to the ground. Due to the Roof Safe equipment being used on this Colorbond Roofing project, his life was spared and the importance of Roof Safe equipment was proven once again.   It’s a great reminder for Perth residents that it’s not a good idea to try to take on home repair projects yourself. Roofing has come a long way and it’s no longer about screwing in roof sheets to your home. Professionals are not only trained in doing the job well, but they have up-to-date knowledge and skills to know how to do the job properly and they carry the appropriate safety equipment to do the job with the least chance of injury. Accidents are much rarer with the updated techniques and safety procedures put in place. This case proves that even in the case of an emergency in which you don’t have control over your own safety, the Roof Safe equipment being used will be there and in this case, can save lives.   It’s incredibly risky to take on home projects yourself. While many see this as a way to save money and to get to have more control over the project, repair or renovation, it ends up costing you time, energy, stress and like in this case, your safety is in jeopardy. Many people don’t know the correct procedures for installing steel roofing like the colorbond roofing and only a professional crew should be handling this type of project. Most homeowners don’t own the proper safety equipment to go onto the roof and take on projects. That’s why it’s crucial to call in trained professionals, like Solutions 4 Roofing in Perth, that have the experience, knowledge and equipment to do the job safely.   With the residential and commercial growth in Perth, roofing repairs and installation are increasing in demand and roofing companies are staying busy. Solutions 4 Roofing have been busy with the growth installing colorbond roofing in Perth homes. They use colorbond roofing insulation and have the expertise in this type of popular roofing found throughout Australia. They believe in using Roofsafe Industrial Safety techniques and it’s proven itself in this story of their own employee who experienced a seizure on the job.   It’s hard to know when you’ve called a reliable roofing company with the large amount of them currently offering their services. It’s really important to hire an honest roofing company that carries insurance, is locally owned and operated, has experience and references and will not charge you for the job upfront. Call Solutions 4 Roofing for roofing repairs and installations, and they can give you more information on what an honest roofing company should be like.   Contact the professionals at Solutions 4 Roofing for a free quote on installation of your colorbond roofing in Perth. Call Today +61 427 700 809 or visit us here