The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-05-13T06:16:51Z Buy the Best Zildjian Cymbals from GH Music in Melbourne 2015-05-13T06:16:51Z buy-the-best-zildjian-cymbals-from-gh-music-in-melbourne "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". Music is one of the most powerful and a crucial thing of our day to day lives isn't it? Can you even imagine a day without sound? Experts say listening and playing tunes helps a lot in distressing oneself as it fuels your mind and creates ability to make innovations. Now there are numerous firms around that offer best range of musical instruments, but GH music is a leading firm across the country with a comprehensive range of musical instruments that is from Drums to Roland guitar, bass gear, amps, keyboards, PA and lighting, Orchestral and many more. The company offers a group of gifted experts who are prepared as one of the finest musicians when it comes to music throughout Australia. Their experts specialize in offering 100% customer satisfaction and not only that they firmly believe in providing the best possible services to their clients. In fact all of their products come with a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer. In case of any major failure, they are entitled to replace or refund for reasonable loss or damage. At GH music, you will find six purpose built studios in the shop where they also teach guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, home recording, etc. Now talking about their services, they offer products from numerous brands such as Ableton, AER, AKG, Behringer, BFD, black Swamp, Dean, Icon, TC Electronics, Vater, zoom and what not. Apart from these they acquire a range of drums and percussion starting from cases and bags to accessories, drum triggers, sticks, world percussion, acoustic and electronic drum kits, DVD's, hardware, snares, zildjian cymbals, rods, brushes, mallets, etc. When it comes to guitar they have electric guitars, guitar effects pedals, guitar wireless systems, pedal boards, and power supplies, classical guitars, guitar DVD's, harmonica's , blue grass strings, straps, etc. Feel free to browse their web and take a look at their wide range of instruments: Lastly, music is universal, even animals like birds, dogs and whales, can understand it to a certain degree. GH music is the name to rely on when it comes to buying one of the fines musical instruments in town. They make sure their customers receive one of the finest services from their doorsteps. To know more you can either reach out on: or give us a call on: 03 9372 6664. About GH MUSIC GH Music is a name to reckon with best quality musical instruments like guitars, bass, amplifiers, speakers, headphones, drum kits, key boards, etc. Besides this we also offer a variety of accessories that is from guitar satraps to bags and cases, drum sticks, drum snares, hand and electronic percussions, tuners, etc. To know more get in touch with our representatives on: 03 9372 6664 Source:- GH Music offering high quality gretsch guitars, keyboards and all other musical instruments in Melbourne! 2015-04-14T03:57:05Z gh-music-offering-high-quality-gretsch-guitars-keyboards-and-all-other-musical-instruments-in-melbourne Music makes its way into everyone's life in different ways. Some like to hum to their favorite tunes during cooking while others can't solve a math equation if their favorite band isn't playing the background! Such is the power of music. However, many experts say that people who take it to the next step; that is learn to play any musical instrument, truly benefit from the art. Learning an instrument in early life is emphasized upon in many cultures. To some cultures, it comes naturally alongside learning to write or play. To others, exposure to their favorite rock star playing a Roland guitar brings the motivation. Whatever one's inspiration might be, there are many psychological, emotional and mental benefits to playing an instrument such as increased concentration, improved mathematical skills, enhanced brain development, etc. Mainly, it offers an outlet for one's expression through beautiful notes. GH Music is a music store with many different kinds of musical instruments to offer to musicians all over Melbourne. It was originally called Billy Hyde Music Site operated and run by his father who was a major musician of his time. He had been on tours with several popular bands at the time. Rolling stones, Santana to name a few! His son has re-opened this store preserving his father's 60 years of experience and bringing musical evolution from theory into existence! The store is well equipped with several instruments such as gretsch guitars and other brands of guitars, drums, bass gear, amplifiers, speakers, headphones, keyboards, orchestral instruments and so on. It also offers many accessories such as strings, bags and packs, cases, straps, snares, hand and electronic percussions, etc. You may take a look at their wide range of products here at The GH Music experience doesn't end there. It offers several music books for those who are beginners and wish to learn and instrument. They also offer classes for several instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums and also teach home recording skills. The store is equipped with staff that is well established musicians in different fields. The store has technicians and musicians available to customers at all times for any technical or musical guidance they may need. The store offers guarantees and warrantees for all its products including behringer headphones. It highly focuses on customer satisfaction offering A class equipments with a replacement warranty on everything that might seem unsatisfactory to the client. Take a look at their approach and history here at