The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-05-06T04:56:01Z Fire safety systems: Need and importance at workplace 2015-05-06T04:56:01Z fire-safety-systems-need-and-importance-at-workplace Fire can occur in numerous forms and choosing a fire extinguisher is just not enough for such serious issues. During emergencies, few seconds of alertness can save many lives. And as a businessperson, one should be informed and well aware of their fire risks and take appropriate steps to turn the situation aside. QikFit is a firm that offers one of the finest fire safety systems across the country. Whether it is fire pipe supplies or fire sprinkler pipe fabrication, pipes for fire safety systems and solutions or pipes for fire suppression system, they have a team of professionals who are ready to install best and long lasting products essential for your building.  Now what are these several types of systems that can effectively prevent you from unwanted effects of fire? Fire sprinkler systems: one of the most efficient fire safety systems used throughout to control and prevent from spreading fire. Such sprinklers automatically   transmit and alarm and extinguish the fire. And the best part of sprinklers is such systems work only as and where needed. Hence they can save lives and protect your valuable products, equipments and lot more. Fire alarm systems: When sudden fire breaks out, and you need to rush here and there in order to save lives of your valuable employees, protect stock and lessen the damage to your business by any cost turns out to be next to impossible job. Here a fire alarm system can give early warning, allowing you to evacuate in no time. Fire extinguishers: one of the common equipments used in most localised area however you will find several types of extinguishers made to attack different types of fire. For instance for water extinguishers are best suitable for Wood, paper, textiles and other carbon-aceous materials and for fires caused by electrical equipment where electric current may be present, dry powder can be used. Lastly, with help of QikFit you can easily change design and assemble effective fire safety system more quickly than before as they have streamlined it without sacrificing on its quality and durability.  So be it a pipes for fire sprinkler systems or pipes for fire suppression systems, they strive hard to work for their esteemed customers. For more information and updates, feel free to get in touch with their representatives by visiting: or by calling on: 0403 383 693 About QikFit:QikFit is a name to rely on with superior quality standard sized pipes chosen on the basis of Australian standards. We have a team of experts who are highly skilled and well experienced in the field of fire safety systems in your space. Get the best services from our doorsteps, get in touch by simply calling us on: 0403 383 693 Best fire safety solutions with QikFit pipes 2015-04-29T06:25:23Z best-fire-safety-solutions-with-qikfit-pipes QikFit pipes, a leading manufacturing firm is located in the Patterson Lakes, a suburb in outer southeast Melbourne, Australia. The company mainly produces different types of pipes to provide fire safety solutions to a wide range of industries. With exceptional quality of products and services, the company has marked a place in the market. You can visit to know more about the company. It is very essential to build an effective fire safety system for buildings to protect it from any types of accidental fires. However, it is very costly, time consuming and tiresome to build a fire safety system for every single building. In the absence of a proper fire safety system, a building and the lives of people can be at risk. QikFit pipes are the best alternative for the fire safety system. These pipes are manufactured in standardized sections and can fit together very easily. For any types of buildings, restaurants, car parking areas and offices, these customized pipe systems create a fire safety system to prevent any types of fire disasters. This standardized pipe system is convenient, easy to install and less time consuming than a typical fire safety system. Sprinklers: When it comes to fire protections, one name that suddenly clicks in our mind is fire protection sprinklers. Automated fire sprinklers offer a great protection to the buildings and houses against fire. They are easy to install and operate. In some old age homes and nursing homes, installing sprinklers is compulsory to avoid any mishaps. However, it is tricky to design fire sprinklers as each building requires a separate layout for fire sprinkler design. QikFit makes it easy by manufacturing the fire sprinklers with metals like light gauge steel and amenable with ASTM A135. Due to this, the durability and reliability of the sprinklers increases. QikFit’s sprinklers come in three standardized sections. It makes the job of installers very easy. They don’t need to waste their precious time in selecting the pipe that suits the requirements. All they need to do is to put the design together with our set sizes and make up components to give a complete coverage. You can know more about fire sprinklers by visiting Furthermore, you don’t need to buy extra parts as these pipes have built-in fittings for sprinkler heads, saving your extra spending.  The company has earned the trust and the respect of the consumers by providing incredible fire safety solutions. About: When it comes to fire safety solution providers, QikFit is a principal name in the Melbourne. The company is dedicated to offer reliable, affordable and effective fire protection solutions to its consumers across the Australia. You can know more about the company by calling 1300 733 339 or by writing to