The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-05-20T03:30:25Z Zero41 Software releases Bright Phonics for iPhone and Apple Watch 2015-05-20T03:30:25Z zero41-software-releases-bright-phonics-for-iphone-and-apple-watch Bright Phonics Zero41 Software releases Bright Phonics for iPhone and Apple Watch Perth, WA, Australia, May 20, 2015—Bright Phonics is an educational iPhone app that enables even the busiest parents to supervise their children’s learning of basic phonic skills without interrupting everyday tasks. This simple, effective educational tool uses scientifically based “spaced repetition” to help children commit the basic letter sounds, or phonemes, to memory. Parents and teachers alike will appreciate how quickly Bright Phonics teaches basic phonic skills because spaced repetition allows fast and efficient memorization of large amounts of information into long term memory, To help your child practice phonic skills, Bright Phonics displays a phoneme (e.g., oo, igh, ff) on your iPhone. You then prompt your child to say the appropriate letter sound. To answer, your child selects one of the three traffic light options displayed on the phone: Yes, Yes with help, or Not yet. Bright Phonics then prompts more frequently to practice the phonemes your child doesn't know while those that are better known appear less often, reinforcing them strongly into the child’s long-term memory. If you have an Apple Watch, you also can display the current phoneme on your watch, allowing you to follow your child’s progress and offer guidance. Creating additional profiles permits multiple children to each progress at their own pace. Bright Phonics is available from Apple’s App Store for $2.49 AUD. Future versions will include additional sight words and sounds for each phoneme, and will make all features of Bright Phonics accessible on the Apple Watch. Bright Phonics was developed by Zero41 Software, a Perth, Australia-based web and mobile company founded in 2008. Please visit for more information. ### If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact Louise Marendoli at (+61) 0437 549 005,, or via Twitter, @BrightPhonics.