The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-06-23T05:24:51Z VPAC INNOVATIONS’ LANDBLADE WINS IAWARDS VICTORIA 2015 AWARD 2015-06-23T05:24:51Z vpac-innovations-landblade-wins-iawards-victoria-2015-award Melbourne, Australia June 22, 2015 - VPAC Innovations, the makers of Landblade and a leading provider of software development services for geospatial, engineering and scientific applications, has received the prestigious iAwards Victoria award for Landblade under the Research & Development category. The iAwards honours companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation and recognises the achievements of Australian innovators. Landblade is a web-based, high performance geospatial modelling tool with a focus on usability, accessibility, cost and speed. It provides unique search capabilities for digital data, including image-based data such as satellite, weather and geology, but also traditionally tabular data such as socio-economic and demographic data. VPAC Innovations CEO Kapil Talwar: “Users, otherwise unskilled in the use of GIS tools, can easily navigate through vast amounts of diverse geospatial data, and received rapid responses to complex queries.” Landblade grew from the highly innovative Land Capability Management (LCM) pilot project conceived and managed by the Victorian government's Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). The LCM pilot project's objective is to create an effective, whole-of-Government cloud-based platform to deliver substantial productivity improvements for Victoria, with benefits extending beyond government to the private, academic and community sectors. Landblade provides this through fast, easy and cost-effective access to a wide range of analysis capabilities and authoritative data such as environmental, natural resources, property, planning and infrastructure, socio-economic, demographic and meteorological data. LCM’s initiator, Bruce Thompson, General Manager Land Services: “We’re delighted with VPAC Innovations’ capacity to pick up a fledgling idea – long on vision and short on concrete – and run with it to such a successful outcome. The iAward is due recognition of VPAC’s depth of scientific and technological skills and expertise, coupled with their willingness to partner with us to go beyond contracted outcomes. Congratulations to the VPAC team. This adds confidence to our already high expectations for efficiencies and productivity gains through progressing the pilot Land Capability Modelling platform to a proposed production service.” For more information, please visit, or visit the Landblade demo site at About VPAC Innovations VPAC Innovations, a global leading provider of software development services for geospatial, engineering and scientific applications, to the automotive, geospatial, aerospace, defence, construction and government sectors for the Australian, Asia Pacific and North American market.