The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-06-30T02:30:48Z NVivo Software Helps Banarra Drive Innovative Business Evaluation Service 2015-06-30T02:30:48Z nvivo-software-helps-banarra-drive-innovative-business-evaluation-service Melbourne, Australia, 30 June 2015: Banarra, an Australian pioneer in business consulting, drives innovation using the locally developed NVivo software for managing and analysis large volumes of diverse information on the types of issues that materially impact Australian businesses. The environment in which businesses operate today is rapidly changing and increasingly complex. Organizational (and particularly corporate) responsibilities seem to expand daily, with stakeholders expanding their expectations of how companies should be responding to key issues. Working out what really matters to an organization to enable it to make the best and most efficient use of its resources can be a challenging process. Applying a “Materiality lens” can help with this – it’s an innovative approach to business evaluation often talked about, but still poorly understood by many organizations and even more poorly executed. Banarra is one of the few specialist firms of its type in Australia to be undertaking this work.The NVivo software, developed by QSR International, is used to manage and analyze data like interviews, websites, images, videos, survey responses and social media content. It doesn’t do the thinking for you; it’s a powerful workspace to help explore information, so people can focus on making new discoveries and informed decisions. Analyzing qualitative data in NVivo using the Materiality process is not an exact science, but its logic is sound and if applied well, can help a company focus on what really matters in its decision-making, risk management, strategy development and public reporting. Banarra Materiality Overview:The significance of Banarra’s Materiality process using NVivo, has been strengthened in the latest edition of the Global Reporting Initiative’s sustainability reporting guidelines (G4), by encouraging businesses to think beyond their physical and legal boundaries in relation to their material impacts. This compels companies to be more disciplined and definitive in relation to what’s material to their business. G4 has given Materiality greater opportunity to realize its inherent strengths in terms of enhancing public reporting, but for many companies this potential will remain unrealized if they don’t truly give it the attention it deserves.Materiality also has a role to play beyond reporting, by equipping businesses to anticipate and cope with a changing world, to seek opportunities to achieve or enhance competitive advantage, to better embed sustainability within their broader business approach, and to build their capabilities and reputation around inclusiveness, responsiveness and accountability.Banarra also uses NVivo when delivering its Materiality services to large and small businesses across sectors as diverse as resources, energy, finance, property and retail. Paul Davies, COO at Banarra, notes that “Robust materiality processes rely on the ability to tap into a wide variety of sources and gather and process a range of inputs.  For small companies this process can be quite straight forward, but for large and diverse business you need real data crunching power that can cope with an extremely diverse range of inputs”. Banarra uses NVivo to do this data crunching because it’s a highly adaptable tool that is relatively simple to learn and use.  “If I can use it, anyone can”, says Davies.About QSR International QSR International,, is an award winning company dedicated to enabling researchers in over 150 countries make sense of unstructured data. From informing education reform in Haiti, to rebuilding cities in New Zealand to benchmarking health systems in Germany and analyzing human rights policy in Canada – our software is accessed by over 1.5 million people across the globe to make new discoveries and informed decisions. To learn more about QSR International, please view this Infographic: