The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-07-08T21:18:59Z World’s first pay-what-you-want digital agency for charities launches in Sydney 2015-07-08T21:18:59Z world-s-first-pay-what-you-want-digital-agency-for-charities-launches-in-sydney A newly established marketing agency is challenging the status quo by allowing small to medium sized charity organisations pay whatever they want for digital marketing and web development services. Sydney based digital marketing agency Growth Box is the world’s first agency built exclusively for charities to adopt pay-what-you-want pricing - an increasingly popular pricing model that lets customers set the price for the product or service. Growth Box founder Patrick Grossmann said he founded the agency in an attempt to level the playing field for small charity organisations, giving them access to the same digital technology and resources used by larger more profitable organisations. “We’re offering small to medium sized charities the opportunity to grow and develop their online presence at a price that is comfortable to them," he said.   "Traditionally it was only large charities with strong online brands and solid support networks that dominated the fundraising market, making it difficult for smaller yet extremely important charities to raise the necessary funds to operate." "However the recent rise of disruptive technology such as crowdfunding and social media has opened up the playing field, allowing even the smallest charities to promote themselves and their cause." It is this recent rise in accessible technology that allowed Growth Box to provide flexible pricing to charities, Mr Grossmann said, as overheads and expenses could be kept to a minimum with freely available technology. Of course it is not only charities that benefit from the rise of digital technology. A recent study by Google, Mission 501(c)(3): Driving Donations Digitally, revealed that 75% of donors use online resources to research charities. The study also observed a 42% year-on-year increase in donations made from mobile devices, a trend that is forecast to grow. Mr Grossmann said that such statistics proved it was necessity for even the smallest charity organisations to have some form of online presence.   "Thanks to the internet, consumers have more power than ever before to compare charities and choose causes they are passionate about,” Mr Grossmann said. "Charities without a strong online presence increasingly risk being drowned out by the thousands of charities that do." "By implementing the latest digital technology - such as mobile friendly landing pages and crowdfunding platforms - small organisations can cement their online presence and carve out their own slice of the web." Yet despite the growing importance of having an online presence, nearly two thirds of small charities still lack the basic digital skills needed to develop one, according to Lloyd Bank’s recent UK Businesses Digital Index. Mr Grossmann said the hesitation to adopt digital technology was not so much related to cost, but rather stemmed from a lack of time and resources to properly research what technology was available.  “Small charities are always a few steps behind in digital adoption compared to their for-profit counterparts, thanks to the enormous time constraints placed on these organisations." "Thus it's our mission at Growth Box to not only educate charities about the digital tools that are available, but also to help them choose and implement the best tools for the job." To find out more about Growth Box, visit Original release available at Patrick Grossmann    Founder & Marketing Manager, Growth Box