The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-07-21T01:01:31Z Young School leavers strike out for Sydney Youth 2015-07-21T01:01:31Z young-school-leavers-strike-out-for-sydney-youth-1 Four young men today announced the launch of their solution to the job epidemic facing school leavers in the form of their business Vire employment. An employment service that matches employers looking for new employees with job seekers suited to the business. As young men having left school in 2014 the partners (James Woodhill, Nick Rainnie, Calum James, and Hugh Kierath) all faced the perpetual generation Y difficulty of attempting to enter a workforce with a deficit of employment opportunities. “We have seen both through our own experience and that of our friends how difficult it can be to find a job,” Hugh Kierath said. “It is issue that our product Vire attempts to solve.”  Fire helps young people find jobs in a market where so many opportunities are based on timing and luck, often it comes down to which resume the employer reads first, due to time constraints placed on managers often don't have the time or the will to read through a plethora of resumes. This is where Vire excels, through job seekers signing up to Vire they will fill in a survey that effectively removes the need to write a full Resume. Fire then takes these resumes and finds a business that clients are best suited to, and recommending them to the business with their information. This cuts down time and effort for the business and gives Vire clients an advantage over other job seekers. “Our business not only helps those looking for jobs but it ensures that for minimum effort managers get the best employees available,”  Nick Rainnie said.  “The thing is so many school leavers and young adults only have limited experience to maybe on or two jobs and their CV’s end up looking very similar, its hard to distinguish yourself by just writing how good you can be and how hard you work on a piece of paper- that’s what everybody does,” Calum James commented.  Vire helps to distinguish noteworthy experiences of their clients by matching them with businesses they can be used in through the Vire survey. This creates an unequivocal advantage for job seekers using Vire.