The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-08-24T09:32:17Z Uno Jobs tackling Youth Unemployment during National Skills Week 2015-08-24T09:32:17Z uno-jobs-tackling-youth-unemployment-during-national-skills-week William Stubley                   For Immediate Release: 26/8/15 Year 13 Ph: 0420 233 095 UNO Jobs - The new jobs website that industry leaders are in love with. ATTN: Strictly embargoed until 9am, Wednesday 26th August. A week after its launch, UNO Jobs has made quite the impression on job seekers and businesses alike. Created by Year 13, an industry leader in post-school and education consultancy, UNO Jobs fills a large gap in Australia’s current job market. Purpose built to match the best young talent with business needs, UNO Jobs operates as the middleman who understands both Australia’s youth, and the business world. Powered by Year 13, Uno Jobs was described by Rod Camm, CEO of the Australian Council For Private Education And Training (ACPET) as ‘an important, new approach to online resourcing for post school options that specialises in providing information and services on Apprenticeships, Gap Year Programs, Job Vacancies, Studying, Money Advice, Internships and the fun of life after school.’ From an extremely qualified expert on Australia’s job market, this is incredibly high praise. With so many businesses struggling to find the right talent to fill their needs, UNO Jobs is built in a way whereby job seekers have to build an extensive profile that creates an employability map. Potential employers can request UNO Jobs to only match their jobs with specific skills, certificates or educational qualifications. No longer do employers have to sift through countless irrelevant applications in the hope of finding a match to their needs. The response from industry leaders in the last week has been truly incredible; Group Training Australia’s CEO James Barron offered his thoughts on Year 13 & UNO jobs this week, saying, ‘Year 13 is becoming more and more relevant and necessary in today’s youth labour market.’ Becoming a necessity for businesses and job seekers is the ultimate goal for UNO Jobs, to have such sterling endorsements from two respected industry leaders only serves to show the inroads UNO Jobs has made in such a short time. UNO Jobs couldn’t be happier with how job seekers and businesses have responded to their first week online. The team has been helping numerous businesses understand the Australian youth job market and how to best leverage UNO Jobs’ experience. UNO Jobs implores any business that are struggling to find the right talent to get in contact, finding the leaders of tomorrow, today, is imperative for the success of any business. For more information, visit the website at Media Contact: William Stubley,,  ATTN: Strictly embargoed until 9am, Thursday 20th August. 2015-08-18T22:28:27Z attn-strictly-embargoed-until-9am-thursday-20th-august To whom it may concern,  I was hoping you would be interested in the launch of a fantastic new jobs website, purpose built for Australia's youth.  UNO Jobs is officially live Thursday, from 9am, and full details can be found in release below.   If this is something you might be interested in covering or you would like to conduct an interview, please don't hesitate to get in contact directly. Kindest, William Stubley                                                For Immediate Release: 20/8/15 Year 13   Official launch of UNO Jobs, Australia’s first ever jobs website purpose built for school leavers. ATTN: Strictly embargoed until 9am, Thursday 20th August. UNO Jobs is officially here and ready to tackle Australia’s astonishingly high Youth Unemployment Rate of 14.2%. The brainchild of Year 13, an industry leader in education and post-school consultancy, UNO Jobs was created due to a constant demand from students and school leavers alike. Unlike any other Australian jobs websites, UNO Jobs allows potential employees to build a personal profile that matches them with jobs most suited to their skills and interests. With full support from Year 13, job seekers will no longer be rejected without an explanation, applicants will be able to receive feedback on how to increase their skillset as well as understand exactly what companies are looking for. Simply put, UNO Jobs is here to match the best candidates with their most suitable jobs, without any of the confusing processes and faceless applications. The Australian job market is currently hindering the employment chances for many young Australians, as they find the barriers to entry are too high. Whether it’s a ‘lack of experience,’ constant rejection without explanation or just not enough know-how, many job seekers can’t seem to get their foot in the door. UNO Jobs is here to change that. As a jobs website purpose built for young Australians, UNO Jobs is able to help any job seeker find a role that suits them. Created by Year 13, UNO Jobs has the perfect combination of youthful understanding, industry experience and a desire to solve a problem that has affected so many young Australians. UNO Jobs operates quite differently to any other Australian jobs website. Much like a dating website, job seekers create an account, include as much information as possible such as education, experience and interests and are then matched with jobs near them. It’s a refreshing way for potential employees to see what is out in the market, without having to scroll through pages and pages of jobs that they may or may not be suited to. UNO Jobs understands that many young Australians are not looking for full-time work or to work for a ‘big business.’ They also offer comprehensive job listings for casual and part-time work as well as apprenticeships and traineeships to ensure any potential job seeker can find their perfect match. UNO Jobs also has staff on hand to help any potential job seekers with any enquiries. Sending out numerous resumes and job applications only to never hear anything back can be disheartening to young job seekers. A simple call or email to UNO jobs means someone can explain to you what employers are looking for, and how to increase your employability. In summary, UNO Jobs was created to service a forgotten market; young Australians who don’t have their life planned out to perfection. Whether it’s the apprentice who doesn’t know any builders, the university student who needs to work to pay their way or someone who isn’t exactly sure what they want to do for the next forty years, UNO Jobs is here to help. This is a website that has been created by young Australians who understand those situations and have personally had to deal with them. The Sydney based website launches this Thursday, August 20th, and the team couldn’t be more excited to help as many young Australians find their perfect job. For more information, visit the website at Media Contact:, Ph: 0420 233 095