The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-27T03:27:13Z COVID-19 Announcement: Melbourne Goes Back Into Circuit Breaker Lockdown 2021-05-27T03:27:13Z covid-19-announcement-melbourne-goes-back-into-circuit-breaker-lockdown Melbourne is headed back into a Circuit Breaker lockdown once again in a bid to curb the recent COVID-19 outbreak.  The first measures since summer were brought in on Tuesday without success causing heavy restrictions on movement to come into effect as of 11:59pm Thursday Night.   Victoria will enter a 7-day circuit breaker lockdown. There will be only 5 reasons to leave your home. Shopping Authorised Work/Permitted Education Exercise – 2 Hour Limit Caregiver/Compassionate/Medical Reasons To get Vaccinated This is all with a 5km radius travel limit.   On Wednesday, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton told media that volume of new cases and the type of exposure sites would be critical in deciding the future of the state.  A Melbourne Lockdown has been avoided in 2021. While Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland have utilised lockdowns to stop the virus from spreading any further to varied success.   According to the Victorian Governments Department of Health Twitter Updates – there has been 12 new locally acquired cases pushing the active cases over 30 for the first time since January 22 2021. There are no current cases that are receiving treatment for COVID-19 in the hospital.   As of yesterday, 324,381 Australians have received a first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.   There are currently more than 70 exposure sites, these include the MCG and Marvel Stadium. Cafe’s and businesses across Melbournes North, South East and Mornington Peninsula are also on the list of new exposure sites.    *Read more: is one if Australia's leading online comparison websites specialising in finding you the best deal for Life Insurance, Home Loans, health Insurance, Electricity and Gas and more.  ANZ forecasted a 17% growth in 2021 for housing prices 2021-04-12T04:16:01Z anz-forecasted-a-17-growth-in-2021-for-housing-prices Australian house prices are forecast to see their sharpest rise since the 1980s. ANZ bank, along with the other Big Four are tipping house prices to soar by a massive 17% cent this year across our capital cities – marking the fastest pace of growth since the late 1980s. In the first half of 2020, ANZ forecast a 10% decline in property prices. By the last quarter of 2020 they backflipped and said predicted a 10% growth. Fast forward to March 2021 and that prediction for 2021 is 17%. So far 2021 has seen a 9% national rise this year, but a number of factors have increased this forecast significantly. The property market is now booming as buyers take advantage of record-low interest rates, very low levels of immigration, government programs and money saved during the coronavirus recession. While this news may not be welcomed by first home buyers that are looking to get into the market, it however is good news for investors. Increase in property values will allow them to use the increase of equity to take advantage of rising prices and get into a growing market. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities the current property markets are offering. As always speak to a property expert as markets are moving on, but not all properties are going to increase in value. Download our FREE e-book and you too can take advantage of the property market. The headline of all major newspapers these days is the ‘booming property market’ but not many people are talking about how to take advantage of a booming market. Growing up you were probably taught by your parents to get a good education, a good job, buy a home, work really hard and pay off your home (place of residence) debt. You’ve heard the saying “work smarter not harder” Our parents strategy is simply not the ‘smartest’ way to build wealth in this type of economy. Similarly, it is also a great time to consider comparing and refinancing your home loan, as you could be on a much higher rate that could be available to you.   Our property markets move through cycles, from booms to busts and back again. So is now the time to buy? The fact is, any time could be a bad time for you personally to buy a property, or it could be the best time to buy! There are however some external factors that are indicating that now is a great time to invest if you are financially prepared.   Download our FREE e-book and you too can take advantage of the property market.   Australia: The Underinsured nation 2021-02-08T04:40:37Z australia-the-underinsured-nation Australia is one of the top (private) wealthiest countries on the planet, meaning its population’s individual and family wealth levels are VERY high, per capita. But on the flip side of this wealth, Rice Warner has identified that there is a large risk level reflected in the underinsurance gap that exists in Australia. In layman’s terms, this means if Australia was to burn to the ground in an accidental fire, we’d lose most of our stuff and not get it back from our insurances.    The basic core reason of insurance is to provide a level of financial protection for ourselves and our families, should the worst ever happen. One of the major problems in Australia is there is large amounts of public confusion around insurance, specifically life insurance. This is due mainly in part by poor information and a lack of education in the general public.   Most working Australian’s have some level of insurance cover inside of their superannuation, funded by their employer contributions. If you ask the average Aussie about their life insurance or income protection insurance, most believe they are fully covered by their super-related insurances. But research suggests many Australians do not have an adequate amount of cover in their superannuation policies to provide the support they may should they need to make a claim. This is also the case for Australian’s who hold separate life insurance cover outside of their superannuation. It’s simply not enough to cover them if they need to claim. Or they have grown in wealth and not updated their life cover.  The term is ‘underinsurance’ and if you ask the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA), it’s a major problem in Australia.   Underinsurance is the most prevalent in the life insurance space. A survey conducted for the ICA found that the majority of Australian’s do not have adequate cover in their life insurance policy to cover them if the worst was to happen. Vanguard Investments looked at Rice Warner’s Underinsurance in Australia 2017 report and reported that the average Australian family would find only 47% of its requirements would be covered if they needed to make a claim through their life insurance policy, or 28% of the amount they would need to maintain their existing standard of living. This is a major problem because it means the cover they are paying for is not doing what it should be doing.   Australian’s are encouraged to consider their life insurance policies in relation to their existing standard of living and expenses that will need to be covered should the worst ever happen. Consult a financial planner or compare life insurance online using a comparison tool to see how much you can save  on your existing policy and assess the level of cover you would need. The New Landscape of Australia’s Online Comparison Websites 2020-11-26T05:26:46Z the-new-landscape-of-australia-s-online-comparison-websites Making purchases of complex financial services products like life insurance, income protection insurance or health insurance can be complicated and time consuming with the gamut of providers and products in the market. The average Australian mum and dad may not have the time or resources available to them to sit down with a financial planner to run through a lengthy presentation about all the options. Luckily there are a now some great comparison websites in the market that can assist Aussies to make informed and timely decisions on such complex choices. This space was once occupied solely by sites like Compare the Market or iSelect, the two most mature market leaders, but now new players like have entered the market and made things more competitive, only benefitting the consumer. Let’s take a look at all of the existing Australian comparison websites: – Health, Life and Car Insurance – Covers Energy, Travel, Health, Life, Home and Car Insurance. MakesCents Life Insurance Comparison – Compare Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Travel Insurance quotes from up to 14 different providers. – Covers Travel, Health, Life, Pet and Car Insurance. – Travel insurance comparisons - Compares life insurance & health insurance in Australia. – Compare Overseas Visitors Health Cover. - Compare hundreds of different Private Health Insurance policies from multiple providers – Online quotes and customer reviews for Life insurance, Trauma insurance and Income Protection insurance – Cash Back Mortgage Broker & Insurance Service – Travel insurance comparisons - Quotes for life insurance, income protection, trauma and total permanent disability. - Income protection quotes – Home Loan Cashback Mortgage Broker – Cash Back Mortgage Broker & Insurance Services  Cash Back  These sites assist everyday Aussies in making difficult decisions easy and to take the guess work out of decision making. Most of these sites layout prices and features side by side for you to compare and pick the right product to suit your needs and situation.   Competition in the Australian market is driving more and more competitive prices out of the big brands and banks, something Aussies are benefitting from.   Make sure you check the footer and fine print of these websites to find out who they are owned by, your most likely to get the best deals from those sites that are independently owned and not aligned solely with one beneficiary. New Australian Consumer Comparison Website 2020-11-25T03:41:57Z new-australian-consumer-comparison-website New Australian Consumer Website to Help You Make Important Choices Making important life decisions such as purchasing your first home or getting health insurance can be quite unnerving. With the myriad of information available on the internet, the amount of companies and sub-companies, advice or no-advice, direct or retail, it’s hard to know where to start. Fortunately, a new Australian consumer comparison website is shaking up the market to assist Australians. “” maintains a comprehensive panel of different brands to help the consumer review his or her options right then and there, online. Better still, MakesCents is completely independent and not owned by the suppliers it recommends to Aussies. and the Services They Offer Makes Cents can help you decide on tough decisions in the following areas: ·      Compare Life Insurance You need to be prepared for life’s uncertainties. A life insurance guarantees that your beneficiaries will be compensated if anything happens to you. Makes Cents enables you to compare 14 insurers at the same time through their platform. They only collaborate with the best and reliable insurance providers. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you’re in good hands. ·      Compare Electricity and Gas Do you feel that you’re shelling out too much money on utilities? Are you tired of getting poor customer service? Perhaps it’s already time to look for other options. Gas and electricity suppliers will always want to do business with you, but they don’t always offer the best deal. Since Makes Cents is 100% independent, you’ll be able to review all deals and make an educated decision.  ·      Compare the best prices for Solar Going solar is a great investment for yourself and for the environment. You will be able to save tons of money in the long run, whilst helping the environment heal by reducing your carbon footprint. Makes Cents has partnered with 20+ licensed suppliers to make sure that you get the best set-up that is suitable for your needs. ·      Compare the best Home Loans Are you planning to buy a new home or perhaps refinance your existing loan? Makes Cents will be able to find a great deal for you, depending on the state of your finances for free. You will also be able to know how much you will save if you switch to a new lender. ·      Compare the best prices for Health Insurance Your savings can be depleted immediately if you fail to prepare for health emergencies. With private health insurance, you can seek treatment from a doctor of your choice. You will be assisted in paying the expenses incurred in and out of the hospital as well. With Makes Cents, you can choose an insurance provider that can cater to your specific needs. Understand what makes sense in life with Are you looking forward to trying the services they have to offer? Over 100,000 Aussies consumers have already tried and tested this new consumer website with superb money-saving results.  Visit today, and start making great decisions that benefit you and save you money.   Building wealth through property investment in a Covid-19 Market 2020-07-29T03:08:49Z building-wealth-through-property-investment-in-a-covid-19-market Everybody wants to build wealth. The problem is there are so many ways to do it ad so many voices telling us their way is the ‘best’ or ‘safest’. How do you know which one is best? Is it property investing? Buying shares? Bonds and term deposits? Investing in businesses? Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Forex? Or one of the other multitude of ways you can invest your money?No-one can really say which is best for you without assessing your circumstances and financial goals. However, it is evident and proven that property investing has been extremely lucrative and rewarding for many Australian’s who have made wise, and sometimes lucky decisions. The reality for most Aussie’s is, property is the one asset they feel the most comfortable in dealing with in terms of wealth creation. Chances are average mums and dads have had a crack at buying their own home, so when it comes to investing, are comfortable executing that investment style, given their experience with the family home. Property is superior to other assets and investments because you have many additional factors working in your favour. The right property can provide you with high rental yields of 5%+ while also achieving capital growth of up to 10-20% or MORE in a single year. That may sound small compared with the returns of stocks, business start-ups and cryptocurrencies. But those investments can be incredibly risky and volatile.It’s not uncommon for the stock market to crash or a company you’ve invested in to go bankrupt overnight. Many people that got caught up in the cryptocurrency hype have lost everything they invested can attest to this volatility.I don’t know about your risk appetite, but investing in something that risky, just isn’t for every day mum and dads, especially because when they have a family to think about.You’re naive in this covid-19 pandemic market, also to put my money in term deposits or bonds. These once ‘safe-havens’ are now lucky to even break even after you adjust for inflation and remove fees.That’s why most are looking to property as the sweet spot. It is much more reliable and less volatile than stocks, forex and crypto. Think about it…when was the last time you saw the property market lose 60-70% or more in value in less than a month? You don’t.The ‘real estate crash’ that happened recently was one of the worst price slumps in the last 40 years. Yet, it was little more than a correction of around 15% across our two big capital cities that had just come off a boom, and most of those losses have now recovered as the market pushes forward once again.In addition to the stability of real estate, you also have extra tools like financial leverage, generous tax advantages, depreciation schedules, and the ability to create your own capital growth within a property. The benefits just keep on piling up, which is why we’re seeing mum and dad investors look to property and why the property market has remained relatively stable during this Covid-19 disruption.Want to find out more about how to create wealth with property investing? We have sourced this FREE property report from to give you more information on the property market and how you can build wealth through property. It Makes Cents to Compare 2019-04-23T03:30:16Z it-makes-cents-to-compare It is a fundamental economic principal that competition in any market is a key component to driving prices in the market down to benefit consumers. It is the bedrock of Western economies and one of the main reasons our markets are so developed and globalised.  Comparison websites in Australia provide a great service for consumers to compare their utilities and household services and expenses based on their personal details, and match them to the best deals available in the market.  Collectively, Aussie's are potentially loosing millions each year because they are not being proactive about ensuring their service providers are providing them with the best product or service for todays market. For example, if you have not asked you bank for a comparison home loan rate in the last 4 years, changes are you are loosing hundreds of dollars each year because your interest rate is not competitive for todays market.  It turns out, that Australian product and service providers are willing to bid for your business and higher levels of competition only drives the price down for the consumer. Meaning, real savings in your pocket each week, month and year.  This is not a revolutionary idea, there are plenty of exisiting comparison websites in the market today, however it is that is truely independent and provides the best customer experiences for consumers who choose to use their service.  If you are a company that provides services directly to Australian consumers, and are looking high quality lead generation where the consumer is paired perfectly to suit your service, then look no further.  MakesCents Media operate the following industry verticals for comparisons: - Electricity and Gas - Life Insurance - Solar - Health Insurance- Superannuation If you are a company looking to offer your services to Australian consumers and can service lead enquiries, then please contact today to speak to a lead generation expert today.  Investment Property Marketing Shake Up 2019-04-18T00:53:20Z investment-property-marketing-shake-up Over the past two decades, the investment property, new property development and apartment sales market has relied heavily upon telemarketing and cold calling tactics to drive volumes of mum and dad investors.  The rise of spam legislation and the Do Not Call Register (DNCR) in Australia put the brakes on this in the mid-2000's, however the cowboys continued doing what they wanted despite of this. In the last 5 years in particular, with the rise of social media and search marketing abilities, some early adopters have moved from sweatshop-call-centre cold calling to generating warmer leads.  The trade off has been investing into digital assets and ad-sets, instead of man-hours to cold call. Overall the result has been interesting to see that dollar for dollar, the investment into warmer leads to feed a smaller call centre, has prevailed as the lowest return on investment and lowest cost per acquisition.I don't think digital will ever fully replace the need for telemarketing in the investment property lead generation space, given the amount of variables involved in qualifying a lead. This combined with the level of trust that needs to be built with the consumer prior to them potentially making one of the largest financial decisions on their life, is hard to achieve without any personal connection made.  The only alternative is to build a 'brand' reputable enough to do this with digital alone, but this require large investments into above-the-line marketing over a long period of time.   So what are the best ways to generate Investment Property Leads Property investors come in all shapes and sizes. This means that there is no one size fits all when it comes to generating investment property leads. First of all, it is critical to identify your target market. This way, you can find out the best way to reach out to them and enlist them as leads. We cannot emphasise the importance of having a plan when it comes to generating leads. We’ll help you get started by listing down some of the best ways to generate investment property leads. 1.    Ask for feedback. Customer reviews, as well as testimonials, are some ideal ways to establish your reputation. Here are a few ways to do this: ·      Create a review page on your website ·      Make sure your testimonials are on external sites too. Post them on popular real estate websites. ·      Compile your customer feedback into a video to make it more interesting and presentable. ·      If you already have an existing customer base, consider setting up a referral program.   2.    Make sure to follow up. In real estate, it is essential to be considered top-of-mind by your clients. The best way to do this is by establishing a relationship that’s beyond just being transactional. A simple monthly catching up via email, text or a call will be good. You may even opt to send out a letter for a more professional approach. Remember, making it personal will mean more to your clients than sending out just a generic message. Who knows, if you’ve established a good relationship they may even consider you when their friends or relatives decide to get into the market. 3.    Explore social media. No one’s stopping you from doing the good old strategy of knocking on doors to offer your services. However, this technique usually involves a high degree of rejection. Plus, this only becomes effective if you get lucky and picked the right neighbourhood at the right time. Explore going digital especially if you’ve already determined that your target market are usually online. Social media is an excellent place to start building your online reputation. Just make sure to choose the right platform based on your identified target market. LinkedIn is a good place to start for a more professional approach. Facebook and other social media platforms provides cost-efficient ad placements that let you use different formats and create targeted ads based on your clients’ behaviour. You don’t need to rely entirely on social media for your leads. It’s still good to complement your digital leads generation strategy with printed materials such as flyers, business cards, and even postcards. Improve Your Investment Property Leads strategy with EMBR Group In generating investment property leads, it is vital that you have a plan and your plan has to be tailor fitted to what you or your company needs. This means you’ll need a group that specialises in leads generation. We at EMBR Group offer award-winning services that will help you achieve your goals for your investment property leads.  Contact us today so we can come up with the best strategy for you - Investment Property Leads 2015-08-19T00:15:29Z investment-property-leads New clients are the life blood of any business. Therefore it is imperative that you are accessing all available lead generation channels to ensure you are driving new client acquisition for your business. EMBR Group are specialists in helping you ascertain and execute those lead generation channels for your business. Lead generation for the Investment property sector is becoming increasingly more difficult and costly, as mainstream digital and traditional channels increase in cost and competition. However, EMBR can help you generate qualified and highly responsive investment property leads. Not only have our team had extensive experience previously working for some of Australia’s largest Financial Planning and Investment Groups, but some are even RG146 compliant with their Diploma of Financial Planning. We understand the intricacies of marketing your services to Australian and overseas investors. We know what the banks are looking for qualification-wise and therefore we know how to pre-qualify leads for you before they even reach your sales team! The types of investment property leads you are looking for are: ·       - Aged 35 – 55 years old ·       - Own or are paying off their home ·       - Have a clean credit history ·       - Are interested in learning how to invest and build wealth for their retirement ·       - Are interested in Government tax incentives for them to reduce the amount of tax they pay ·       - Are looking to reduce their debt or improve their finance structures  - Whether you are looking to build your finance book, increase clients on your financial planning book, sell project and development stock or are looking for a range of these leads, EMBR can help you find them.   We can generate investment property leads through a multitude of avenues including: ·       Email Marketing – To our affiliate network of 6.3 million+ Australian consumers which we can target by age, income, homeownership and geography to deliver your message. ·       Co-registration Leads – We can generate thousands of highly qualified and responsive leads per day on a ‘cost per lead’ basis. ·       Search and Display – We can design and run various banner and text ads across our ad platform to reach millions of Australian consumers. ·       Social Media – We can prepare and execute highly targeted and socially engaged marketing campaigns to drive you leads from various social channels including Facebook. Contact EMBR today to speak to a Lead Generation consultant about investment property leads for your business.