The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-26T01:30:42Z “HiddenGems”: empowering WA’s Deaf community through entrepreneurship education 2019-03-26T01:30:42Z hiddengems-empowering-wa-s-deaf-community-through-entrepreneurship-education Tuesday 26th March 2019, Perth, Australia.  Adults with hearing loss are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed and they face many obstacles in their careers, from unexpected barriers, to attitudinal discrimination in the workplace. But a new entrepreneur and innovation program, HiddenGems, is set to change that, and will launch first in WA next month.   The first-of-its kind program aims to empower the deaf community through entrepreneurship education. At a time of digital disruption, traditional career pathways are changing, and people are approaching their working lives differently. The HiddenGems program will equip Deaf and hard of hearing people with essential skills that are required to not only start and run a business, but that are also invaluable to any future workplace.   Access Plus WA Deaf - a profit for purpose organisation known for supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing in WA since 1921 – is a recipient of a combined Commonwealth and Western Australian government NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grant to increase employment opportunities for people with disability in WA.  Access Plus, has partnered with Australian entrepreneurship educator and consultancy, Gemstar, to co-create HiddenGems, a modified version of Gemstar’s very successful and internationally recognised, ‘YoungGems™’ Entrepreneur and Innovation Program, now an accredited Diploma with Kaplan in Singapore.   David Gibson, CEO of Access Plus WA Deaf said, “We’re excited to collaborate with Gemstar to bring this program to the Deaf and hard of hearing community in WA”.  “People with hearing loss can be socially isolated and economically disadvantaged with data indicating that the employment rates for people with hearing loss are 20.5% lower for men and 16.5% lower for women.”  Mr Gibson said that there is a global trend, buoyed by innovative technology, of deaf and hard of hearing people opening their own businesses or becoming part of the gig economy, however we haven’t quite seen this happen to the same level yet in Australia.   “The HiddenGems program will prepare deaf or hard of hearing people in learning ‘real world’ skills coupled with mentoring, training and strategic guidance, for deaf-owned or operated businesses to be successful based on their unique circumstances.”   Gemma Manning, CEO and Founder of Gemstar said, “We’re delighted to bring our international program to WA’s Deaf and hard of hearing community as a first in Australia. We are firm believers that entrepreneurship should be accessible by everyone yet unfortunately this isn’t the case.   “Entrepreneurship still lacks diversity and as leaders, we need to change this and open up entrepreneurship to all members of the community, especially those who are often overlooked and not given the opportunity to participate in such programs.   Being independent through skills to help you create and run a business is incredibly empowering and this is an area that Gemstar champions. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for all and can’t wait to assist Deaf and hard of hearing people in WA with solving real world problems and developing solutions with global relevancy.”     Any person who is deaf, culturally Deaf, or hard of hearing and wishes to learn more about the HiddenGems program can contact Access Plus WA Deaf at or at 9441 2677.  For media enquiries, please contact Kate Bagnell on or at (08) 6381 9110  Additional background information:  • One in six Australians currently suffer from some form of hearing loss.   • In 2005, a study found that over 3.55 million Australians were living with hearing loss. Nearly half of them were working age (16-64 years).  • A person with hearing loss earns an average of $10K less than people with no hearing loss or treated hearing loss.  • Labour force participation rates decrease substantially as the degree of hearing loss increases.   • Hearing loss costs Australia a staggering $12 billion annually in lost productivity and other impacts.   • Deaf - with a capital "D" - is used to refer to people who are culturally Deaf. These people actively use Sign Language; they see themselves as being culturally Deaf and part of the Deaf community. The use of the "lowercase d" deaf simply refers to the medical condition of having hearing loss. Gemstar announces the opening of its Innovation Centre of Excellence in Singapore for Australian businesses 2016-09-05T02:02:51Z gemstar-announces-the-opening-of-its-innovation-centre-of-excellence-in-singapore-for-australian-businesses Monday 5th September, 2016, Sydney, Australia. As part of Gemstar’s ongoing championing of South-East Asia as a strategic launching pad for Australian companies, the company today announced the opening of their Innovation Centre of Excellence in the heart of Singapore later this month. Headquartered in Sydney, Gemstar Technology is a commercial advisory and personalised accelerator with a strong international marketing focus. Gemstar’s vision is to be the go-to partner for budding talent and any company wanting to expand into international markets in a confident, trusted and low-risk manner. “I’m confident that Gemstar’s established presence in Singapore will continue to accelerate business locally, regionally and globally, and be a stepping stone for future growth. And our plans don’t stop just with Singapore – we’ve set our sights on North America and Europe in the future,” said Gemma Manning, Founder and Managing Director of Gemstar. The opening of the Innovation Centre of Excellence will allow for a diverse range of Australian innovators and entrepreneurs to set up a distinct presence in the South-East Asia market. It will also enhance bi-lateral trade between Australia and Singapore, fostering local talent in Singapore and acceleration into Australia. With the recent announcement of the Australia-Singapore Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, this is particularly relevant. Since Gemstar’s inception in 2013, the company has paved the way for more than 10 companies to enter Singapore and South-East Asia including ParentPaperwork, Phoria,, and FuturePeople. Some of these companies will be taking up immediate residence in the Innovation Centre later when it opens later this month, highlighting the importance and timely nature of the centre for companies wanting to expand into Asia via Singapore. Gemstar provides an alternative pathway for companies to expand locally and globally. The company’s strategic marketing focus – combined with impressive networks, relationships and insights, which take time to foster and nurture – aims to make international growth easier and more effective. “The challenge is for Australian companies to prioritise South-East Asia in their start-up and scale-up plans. The opening of the Innovation Centre of Excellence is a timely event and key way to make this happen. I’m delighted to see this vision come to life, after identifying this gap in the market more than three years ago.” ~ENDS About Gemstar Technology ( Gemstar Technology was founded in 2013 by Gemma Manning, Entrepreneur and Founder/Owner of Manning & Co, a Sydney-based strategic marketing consultancy. Gemstar Technology aims to unearth Australian companies, particularly tech companies, regionally and globally, focusing on Singapore as the gateway to the South-East Asia market. The company provides end-to-end commercial consulting services, from strategic marketing, to capital raising, business planning, grants and funding, and other growth strategies. Aussie female entrepreneur challenges tech companies to prioritise SE Asia 2015-09-01T14:15:00Z aussie-female-entrepreneur-challenges-tech-companies-to-prioritise-se-asia MEDIA RELEASEAussie female entrepreneur challenges tech companies to prioritise SE Asia  Wednesday 2nd September, 2015. Sydney, Australia. An Aussie female entrepreneur is challenging Australian tech companies to prioritise SE Asia in their start-up or scale-up plans. Gemma Manning, founded Gemstar Technology with a clear vision to bridge the gap between Australia’s growing tech sector and the trade, investment and market opportunities that exists in SE Asia.   The company is getting noticed for this vision and its strong network in the region. As a result, Gemstar was recently invited by Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF) to showcase Australian companies at this month’s TechVenture, a leading event that brings investors, venture capitalists and tech companies together to collaborate in commercialisation. It’s the first time in the conference’s history that Australia’s tech sector will be showcased.   Managing Director and Founder of Gemstar, Gemma Manning, says, “I am delighted to see Gemstar’s vision come to life. Australia produces many smart technologies and innovations and it is now time to unearth these into Asia. Therefore, being invited to showcase some of Australia’s top start-up and scale-up technology companies at this month’s TechVenture is an accomplishment for the company. We have some great Australian companies joining us including CarbonTRACK, and Scann3d to name a few.” In a move to fast track the growth of the business, Gemstar recently announced two key strategic appointments. Martin Christmas joins Gemstar as General Manager and will play a critical role in the day-to-day operations bringing the business more than two decades of commercial finance experience. Geoff Gourley joins as Director of Strategy. Geoff is a leading Global Social Entrepreneur & Impact Investor. He is the Co-founder of $100Million Impact Investment Fund and Entrepreneurs & Co, Founder of One10 and champion of female entrepreneurs. “I am pleased to welcome Martin and Geoff to Gemstar. Together they bring valuable skills, experience, insights and networks as we capitalise on the opportunities that SE Asia offers Australian businesses, particularly tech companies”, says Ms Manning. Mr Gourley comments, “I’m very excited to join Gemstar and work closely with the team to promote the trade and export of great Australian innovations into international markets. And as a champion of female entrepreneurship, I’m particularly encouraged by Gemma’s work and her passion in assisting not only Australia’s tech sector but female techpreneurs and business owners.” ~ENDSAbout Gemstar Technology ( Gemstar Technology was founded in 2013 by Gemma Manning, Entrepreneur and Founder/Owner of Manning & Co, a strategic marketing consultancy. Gemstar Technology aims to unearth Australian companies, particularly tech companies regionally focusing on Singapore as the gateway to South-East Asia. The company provides end-to-end commercial consulting services from strategic marketing, to capital raising, business planning, grants, funding and other growth strategies.