The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-08T01:33:37Z Learn magic with internationally acclaimed Magic Prodigy Apollo Jackson. 2020-10-08T01:33:37Z learn-magic-with-internationally-acclaimed-magic-prodigy-apollo-jackson Learn magic with internationally acclaimed Magic Prodigy Apollo Jackson. Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit out in November.Sydney, Australia, 8th October 2020, Theatrix Magic Stuff is thrilled to bring Australians the Apollo Jackson Street Magic Kit.Apollo Jackson is an Australian based entertainer, magician, and reality star.The Street Magic Kit includes mind blowing, spectacular magic tricks which Apollo has performed globally.Each kit has over 100 easy to master street magic tricks for kids over 8 years of age and adults who want to learn street magic from one of Australia’s best magicians.Kids and adults will learn how to perform Apollo’s Hyper-Visual street magic tricks to ensure draw dropping reactions from friends and family. Some of the amazing unique and exclusive illusions Included in the kit are, Magic with a Baseball Cap (HP Patented Trick), Self-tying shoelaces, Vanishing ink, Magic with sponge, Levitation magic, Bend a Spoon with your mind, Amazing Card Magic over 20 Tricks and much more.Apollo says: “My journey in magic all started with a magic kit, I remember excitedly unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. Realising it was a magic kit, I immediately began practicing every trick in the kit. I spent all my time over the next few days practicing all I can and soon I couldn’t stop performing magic everywhere I went.These were all the old classics and that sparked a lifelong love for the art. It was always my dream to release a magic kit of my own, with all my favourite street magic tricks, tricks that i still perform today and ones I’ve built my career on. I’m excited to announce the release of my hyper-visual street magic kit, budding magicians are not only going to get over 100 insane tricks but great props with loads of additional video explanations and tips from me personally teaching them how to perform the tricks, I can’t wait to see the next generation of magicians performing the jaw dropping tricks you’ll find inside, I hope they are as inspired as I was.”Apollo Jackson Street Magic KitRRP $69.95 Stockists: QBD Books, MR TOYS, Select Toyworld stores, Harvey Norman Online, Catch of the day and Independent toy stores -ENDS- For interviews, samples for review, or photos, please get in touch. Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Australian international bestselling author, Joanne Fedler, unravels the secrets of the wild country they call midlife in her upcoming book, Unbecoming. 2020-09-25T02:56:21Z australian-international-bestselling-author-joanne-fedler-unravels-the-secrets-of-the-wild-country-they-call-midlife-in-her-upcoming-book-unbecoming Australian international bestselling author, Joanne Fedler, unravels the secrets of the wild country they call midlife in her upcoming book, Unbecoming. Joanne is Australia’s next ‘Liane Moriarty’ and Ireland’s next ‘Marian Keyes’.Sydney, Australia, 25 September 2020, Born in South Africa, and currently living in Australia, Joanne Fedler is the internationally bestselling author of 12 books which have been translated into different languages and have sold over 750 000 copies globally. Her book Things Without A Name (Allen & Unwin, 2008) has recently been optioned for the screen.Joanne’s upcoming book, Unbecoming will be released on the 20th of October 2020. Unbecoming is a hilarious yet heartbreaking and provocative homage to the unravelling that happens to women in midlife whose identities have previously been entirely defined by motherhood and marriage. It is an exploration of what happens when dutiful daughters, wives, mothers and carers lose their own identity along the way. Joanne has a Master’s Degree in Law from Yale. She was a Fulbright scholar, an advocate for women’s rights and is a writing mentor, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. She was selected as one of the 200 women featured in the 2017, 200 Women Who Will Change The Way You See The World book. Joanne was also once named as Hustler’s ‘Asshole of the Month’ for her bold work against violent pornography in the fledging South African democracy.She wrote her first book at the age of six. She recalls it being ‘thin on plot’ but ‘big on food’. Joanne writes about relationships, loss, grief and hope. Her books are lovingly threaded together by feasts of food and friendship and the hellish milestones that get served up with life. Joanne lives in Sydney, close to a beach with her husband, cat and two young adult children. She starts off each day with an ocean swim followed by coffee. She loves the colour teal and going to bed early where possible.Blurb:You can do one night, Jo reminds herself as she follows five women into the Australian bush. Where are they going to sleep? And pee?Jo probably should have let her husband Frank know. Just in case. Because you never know what can happen in the wild. While on her three-month marriage-and-motherhood Sabbatical in the country, Jo bumps into an old friend Fiona who invites her on a 'sacred silent walk to mark her 57th birthday - the first since her husband Ben died. The last thing Jo wants is to share anything about herself - these are Fiona's friends, not hers. And what's she going to say? That her young adult children have made life choices she doesn't understand? That she has no idea who she is anymore? That everything is falling apart - even her 'happy marriage' to Frank?But the unexpected intrusion of a young backpacker into their secret location, unleashes powerful and conflicting emotions in each woman, provoking conversations and confidences that stray into the shadowlands of motherhood, the mysteries of midlife, the future of monogamy and mother Earth.Under the canopy of the open night sky, around a small, tended fire, the women share wise counsel, spill their secrets and offer up their stories, each exposing corners of truth the others need to hear.RRP: $32.99‘Passionate, moving and breathtakingly honest. Joanne Fedler is a perceptive and provocative writer who, with kindness, tenderness and generosity, explores the pain and liberation of leaving youth behind, the confusion and exhilaration of mothering adult children and the yearning for self after a lifetime of nurturing others.’ Suzanne Leal, bestselling author of The Teacher’s Secret and The Deceptions ‘Insightful, tender, warm, and fierce, Unbecoming captures the fire and the pain of women in a time of transition. Wisdom and sisterhood and gratitude to the great Earth Mother mark every page of this delicious book.’ Lavanya Sankaran, author of The Red Carpet and The Hope Factory, winner of Barnes and Noble's Discover New Writers and Poets and Writers' Best First Fiction Award ‘Watch out, I laughed so loudly I loosened up something I didn’t know was buried there. Unbecoming is a book of comic, startling wisdom that raises up a mixture of mirth and melancholy from neglected places in your belly. I thought it would be a quick read but found myself deliberately stalling to catch every inward giggle and every bare truth for the sake of my own healing. While the character, Jo is throwing up her hands in the middle of her life, we feel the beautiful agony of her rebirth, not only for Jo, but for our earth. In its thoughtful, hilarious way, Unbecoming gives certainty and shape to a tide that has the power to save the planet in its very last minute - the rise of the feminine.’ Tracey Farren, author of novels and screenplays about people with their backs against the wall including Whiplash, shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Award and the multiple award winning movie, Tess.‘Joanne Fedler’s wild words always make me see the ordinary with fresh eyes. Unbecoming is no different. If I didn’t already realise that time is running out, then this book has made it achingly clear. Yet Joanne’s supreme gift is to reveal this with humour and compassion, fury and grace. Her characters are so real they have become part of me. Her insightful prose burrows deep into the heart of issues we all grapple with. Unbecoming is the book about women, men, friendship, love, lust, death and menopause — and so much else — that you have been waiting for.’ Katerina Cosgrove, author of Bone Ash Sky and Zorba the Buddha -ENDS-Unbecoming is now available for reviews, features, or giveaways.Joanne Fedler is available for interviews. Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Free app launches to help millennials and Gen Z create and achieve goals after COVID setbacks. 2020-09-17T23:06:52Z free-app-launches-to-help-millennials-and-gen-z-create-and-achieve-goals-after-covid-setbacks Free app launches to help millennials and Gen Z create and achieve goals after COVID setbacks. Sydney, Australia, 18th September 2020, Brooke Lowry, a 28 year old successful Sydneysider who grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand launches Goalie, an app that assists young people to find their passion and achieve their goals especially after so many have experienced setbacks in 2020.She has always been on track and she has trailblaized her way through life from a small, low income town in Auckland to living one of the world’s best lifestyles and climbing the career ladder in Sydney. Brooke knows that this is not the case for many young people including some of those closest to her. She has watched many a loved one and friend struggle with purpose, passion and goals which is why she set out to make a difference and help young people achieve their goals.Using skills she has used to map out and achieve her personal and professional goals, Brooke developed a free app to help millennials and Gen Z, as well as anyone else who is finding themselves struggling with life purpose, work or personal goals. Brooke says:”I left my family and friends in NZ behind to start a new life and make it big in Sydney. My Dad is an entrepreneur and he encouraged me to take risks. I am the eldest of three and have always been an entrepreneur at heart. At 16, I created a business plan for an Interactive Daily Planner which tells you your day plans while driving or preoccupied. I planned to market it for $100. Hello iPad and Siri of today…” Brooke is a serious goal achiever and she has visited over 40 countries, doubled her salary in the past two years, started a side hustle and saved $30k in 8 months. She has been working in the finance and tech industry for five years as a senior product owner with agile certification.Goalie, has a team of 7 of Australia’s top tech talent, who are all in their 20’s and all work part-time remotely to ensure that Goalie helps young people plan and take action to achieve their goals.Brooke would love to help young people find their passion and purpose. She is also a guest speaker at various industry events run by General Assembly, Gals en Australia and My Millennial Money. Brooke has a Masters of Business in Marketing. Brooke concludes: “During Beta testing one participant said ‘very practical. I loved to hear a similar story to mine. Makes me feel I am not alone in this and I can get out of my problems.’ This makes it all worthwhile and we hope that Goalie can help young Australians and Kiwis reach and achieve their dreams with our productive and carefully planned methodology.”Goalie is available on iOS, Android version is coming soon.-ENDS- Brooke is available to discuss:The importance of goal settingHow to be productiveFuture of workResilience and leadershipWomen in digital/techEntrepreneurshipLaunching a start-up during COVID Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Perth Powerhouse wins AusMumpreneur of the Year 2020 whilst juggling a million dollar publishing business, 6 kids and many famous authors. 2020-09-17T07:01:16Z perth-powerhouse-wins-ausmumpreneur-of-the-year-2020-whilst-juggling-a-million-dollar-publishing-business-6-kids-and-many-famous-authors Perth Powerhouse wins AusMumpreneur of the Year 2020 whilst juggling a million dollar publishing business, 6 kids and many famous authors. Karen McDermott is a powerhouse and publishing house like no other. The mother of six and successful business woman was recently crowned AusMumpreneur of the Year.Karen has published over 300 books since she started her publishing businesses, Serenity Press, Making Magic Happen Press and KMD Books.She has personally written and published 3 full length novels, 5 novelettes, 4 non fiction books, 12 children’s books and 7 journals.Karen is humble and she happily discusses how she has overcome challenges.Karen states: “ I have overcome many challenges but my approach to challenges is different. I see challenges as an opportunity to pause, learn and uplevel into the person I need to be to achieve my goals and as I set myself high achieving goals and therefore challenges are quite regular in my life. “Karen’s advice for balancing or juggling motherhood and work or a business:“Do what you can when you can. My kids are my world, it is because I wanted to be present as a mum that I really delved into publishing. Even on my busiest day I am there to drop off and pick up my kids from school. They are growing up so fast and I don't want to miss out on milestones or treasured moments. I have grown enough that I have an amazing team to lean on. “The business turned over AU$1.1 million this past financial year. The business goal for five years is to increase that tenfold.Karen’s advice for business owners: “Know that your mindset also needs to grow alongside your business. Be strategic with where you invest in your growth. Know what that is for you and then find professional credible support to help you to make that happen. Keep releasing what no longer serves you as you grow and know when to declutter so that you have room for more aligned opportunities. “Ironically Karen says she did not excel in English at school. “I am slightly dyslexic and couldn't connect with words like other people did. I did find it easier when I went back to university as an adult and achieved a diploma in Humanities. I fell in love with the English Literature component. When I moved to Australia 12 years ago I explored and experimented with childrens books. Alphabet Job Buddies was the first thing I ever wrote back in 2008 .”“ I was absolutely called to write my first novel. One day in 2010 I was watching The View, Whoopi Goldberg had some guests on who were a reality TV couple and they had been through a miscarriage, the woman was pretty emotional and Whoppi turned her back to the camera and told the woman ‘I am going to tell you something that I tell all of my friends when this happens to them, this is a visitor that has come to visit you to let you know that you are on the wrong path and when you shift on to the rigth path for you your gift will come.’Well I had goosebumps all over my body, I felt compelled to share the answer I had just been gifted.”Two and a half years prior to this, Karen had lost twins at 11 weeks. She wanted them so much and had previously been through a year of PTSD because of an incident in her home. She remembers it being a long drawn out miscarriage and she never understood why it happened as she already had two healthy boys. The words resonated with Karen after watching The View that day and she remembers crying buckets of tears for the lost pregnancy, the numbness and the loss woke her up again. “I could feel again, I shifted back onto the right track, I got pregnant straight away and everything in life started to flow wonderfully again. So, after this epiphany and compelling desire to share more than a blog with the world I came aware that National novel writing month was in 2 days time so with a seedling of an idea I mapped out some chapters, told my husband he didn't have a wife for a month and for 30 days whilst breast feeding my 4 week old I typed 1667 words a day one handed and on the 30th day I had over 50000 words, a full heart and a novel. “Karen’s self publishing journey was a negative experience which led to her business idea.Karen says: “I had my published heart centred book in my hands it didn't feel worth it somehow, but that journey was like a training course for me as I learned a lot of the facets of publishing and so with some additional research I discovered that the print and distribution centre my self publishing company from the US used to print and distribute my books happened to open and office in Melbourne that every month I applied to become a publisher with the intention of joining authors on their journey to help them through challenges and never have them feel abandoned like I did. Authorship is a long term journey and I am in it for the long haul with each of my authors.”Karen works with many well known people. She says that she is blessed to be able to connect with the wonderful people she knows. She believes that she shows up the same with everyone and cannot be anyone else but herself so every person receives the authentic real version of Karen.Karen concludes: “The well known people in my circle are some of the kindest people I know and it is an absolute joy to work with them. Sarah, The Duchess of York is one of the kindest and creative people I know and we work together with her team to bring beautiful books out into the world. Each book has the essence of Kindness at its core. I have met Elizabeth Gilbert on 3 occasions since 2015, recently in March when she came to Perth, she also agreed to contribute to my book The Power of Knowing which releases on Sept 22nd and I am also in talks with her agent to have Elizabeth attend one of our castle writers retreats in Ireland when the world gets back to some level of normality. Joanne Fedler is a truly special friend, we have known each other since 2016 when I hired a castle for writers retreat and had no clue how to fill it. Joanne kindly shared some insights and we have been friends since and now have founded Lusaris, which we are really proud and excited about. Kate Forsyth is a truly magnificent woman, she is enchanting and her words are captivating, I adore Kate and the beautiful books she produces for Serenity Press with photographic artist Lorena Carrington. I am very blessed to know many amazing authors all of whom are so lovely.”Karen’s Tips for those who don’t feel that they know how to write or who have writer’s block:“When you set an intention to write a book, especially if it is your first one, there will be moments of self doubt, give yourself permission to get the first draft out, it's called a messy draft for a reason, it is because it is everything that needs to come out and then from that point your manuscript can be moulded into something magnificent and focused on what your readers need to read. So in short, stop over thinking!”-ENDS-For interviews, expert articles or comments,please get in touch.Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Solution to ‘cheesy’ problem leads to rapidly growing start up and food revolution 2020-09-16T02:37:57Z solution-to-cheesy-problem-leads-to-rapidly-growing-start-up-and-food-revolution Melbourne, Australia, 15th September 2020, Bree Gaudette was searching for a vegan cheese that tasted like the dairy cheeses that she used to love.Bree says: “It was December 2015, and I couldn’t find any cheese at the supermarket that I enjoyed. After being vegan for about a year, I found that the vegan cheese options on the market were few and far between. “ She headed to her kitchen at home and experimented countless times. Bree also moved from a front of house cafe management role to back of house prep cooking to learn how to work in a commercial kitchen. Bree states: “I had no formal chef training but heaps of persistence, so I worked in a cafe kitchen during the day and experimented in my own kitchen at night. After trialling and failing many times over, I was able to create the product that I couldn't find on supermarket shelves.” One day Bree called an Uber which led her to find her business partner, Matthew Ronalds, who literally picked up Bree in his car. Bree adds: “ Matthew picked me up as a passenger while he was driving for Uber. Little did I know that I had just met the future co-founder of a business that would turn both of our lives upside down. We became fast friends, and when I asked him if he wanted to start a vegan cheese business with me, he enthusiastically agreed. Together, we realised that we made a great team. I would manage our social media and customer relations, and Matthew would use his skills in spreadsheets and systems to figure out how to create the back end and maintain the business. “ The duo developed recipes and researched starchers, binders and proteins.In the Autumn of 2018, Hello Friend Foods launched and within weeks both Bree and Matthew had to quit their full time jobs. Bree adds: “We tested the waters in the Melbourne vegan community by offering them our Fresh Mozzarella. The response was overwhelming, and people were trying to place orders before we’d even launched, so we went back into the kitchen and came out with Australia’s first vegan Haloumi.” Hello Friend Foods supplies both vegans and non-vegans with hand made cheese from their commercial kitchen in Cheltenham, Victoria. Matthew says:“We supply retailers, cafes and caterers with premium vegan cheese. We also sell directly to customers from our online shop, which has allowed us to continue to service our community all over Australia during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Everything we make is handmade, free from lactose and palm oil. We also don’t use any gluten or nuts in our products, which sets us apart from other vegan nut based cheeses.Plastic free and animal free is the future of food, and we’re here to make sure that it still tastes great. We want our customers to experience the benefits of eating well, and without compromise. That’s a win for us all.”Bree concludes: “For the first year we were producing our cheese in the kitchen of a local cafe in the evenings. We hired out the space from 4pm until 6am, 7 days a week. Bootstrapping our small startup meant that we didn't have access to large machines or factory equipment, so we made each batch by hand, one kilo at a time. Pulling all-nighters became a regular occurrence. The two of us would make cheese from 4pm until 2am or 3am, get in a few hours of sleep, and then make deliveries and take care of the administrative duties for the business during the day.As difficult as it was, we knew we were building something special. And when an opportunity came to move into our own commercial kitchen in January of 2019, we were thrilled. We were able to hire a piece of equipment which allowed us to increase our production ten-fold. All of a sudden we were making cheese quickly and efficiently, and during the daylight hours! We started shipping interstate, and hired our first employees. We’ve taken on a distributor for Sydney and surrounds, which means we’re getting onto more plates than ever before. Everything we make is handmade, free from lactose and palm oil. We also don’t use any gluten or nuts in our products, which sets us apart from other vegan nut based cheeses. “ To grow their food revolution and expand into international markets, Hello Friend Foods has embarked on an equity crowdfunding campaign through Birchal. Birchal is Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platform licensed under Australia’s crowd-sourced funding regime. Robin Holt, Birchal, says: “'We're thrilled to be working with Hello Friend Foods. Companies like this are on the cusp of a food revolution and with demand increasing every year, this presents an exciting opportunity for retail and wholesale investors across Australia.The dairy-free products industry is booming, and showing no signs of slowing down. Hello Friend Foods’ products fit perfectly in this market and so we're very excited to offer this opportunity to Australian investors.' Register your interest to invest in Hello Friend Foods’ campaign more information, high res images, interviews or samples please get in touch. Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 NSW and ACT AusMumpreneur Award Winners have been announced. 2020-09-08T23:46:15Z nsw-and-act-ausmumpreneur-award-winners-have-been-announced NSW and ACT, Australia, 9th September 2020, The AusMumpreneur Awards took place in NSW and ACT last night. The awards were held online via Zoom where thousands of talented mums in business from all over the country tuned in to the live stream to support and encourage other Australian mumpreneurs. Left: Katy Garner and right Peace Mitchell, Co-Founders of The Women's Business School and The AusMumpreneur Awards.The AusMumpreneur Awards are presented by The Women’s Business School and were created to inspire, celebrate and provide a community for Australian entrepreneurs Peace Mitchell, co-founder of The Women’s Business School says,"Now more than ever Australian women need inspirational role models and a safe and supportive space to connect online.These awards are all about recognising the growing number of mums who are achieving outstanding business success while balancing motherhood.I was blown away by the courage, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit of the award winners and I know that they will provide great inspiration for other women considering starting their own business.” This is the eleventh year the AusMumpreneur Awards have run, with the business mum community growing at lightning speed as mothers look for opportunities to join the ranks of small business owners in search of more flexibility, financial freedom, and family time. The Women’s Business School co-founder Katy Garner concludes: “The awards show the passion of women who want to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams as well as be great mums. The number of women starting businesses has continued to grow in 2020! Of the 670,000 women operating a small business in Australia currently, around 50 per cent are mums with children at home. We are proud to be the number one community for mumpreneurs and showcasing the best and the brightest each year through these awards.” The complete list of winners can be found at For more information on the AusMumpreneur Awards visit: www.ausmumpreneur.comAnd the Women’s Business School: -ENDS- For further information, images, or interview requests, please get in touch. Media contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484 candice@candicepr.comFacebook: @candicemeiselspr Who Switched the Lights On? is one of the most learned books about life. 2020-09-08T00:21:49Z who-switched-the-lights-on-is-one-of-the-most-learned-books-about-life       Who Switched the Lights On? is one of the most learned books about life.   Press Release For Immediate Release   The Kind Press is proud to announce the release of Who Switched the Lights On? by Pina Di Donato.   This exceptionally heartfelt book offers peace and understanding as you dance through your inner soul journey.   More than just another self-help book, Who Switched the Lights On? is one of the more profound and realistic books about life that summarises an eye-opening ten-year journey. The author masterfully extracted the key learnings from that confronting, yet enlightening, time so you, too, can walk in harmony through your life.   Clean away the cobwebs and darkness that keep you stagnant and break free using genuine guidance and experience.   Be prepared to shine brighter than you ever have; triumphant and graceful. Who Switched the Lights On? is a companion guide for the person ready to have an illuminated life.     Pina Di Donato is an avid philanthropist, business person, highly experienced marketing professional and author.   She has held many board positions with not for profit organisations, including being Deputy Chair of Northern Health Foundation and established a pivotal charity arm, whilst helping to rebuild one of the largest poultry producers in Australia.   As a co-author of the history and business book, A Long Way from Home, she brings her articulate documentation skills to Who Switched the Lights On? which shares such important themes of hope, faith and gratitude and is a reassuring book about life.    Pina Di Donato states, “Awakening is a process. It is one that I am still progressing through. Living an authentic life involves becoming un-conditioned, and that takes time. It takes time to adjust to all the things you couldn’t see before. It is painful and it takes a great deal of reflection, introspection and awareness. But being aware means that you can now distinguish between the dark and the light. My wish is that Who Switched the Lights On? will be a companion as you journey through the incredible life you have been given, whatever that looks like for you. A book that you use for inspiration, comfort and reassurance as you find out what it means to live authentically in today’s world. Who Switched the Lights On? guides you to confront and embrace change, and to inspire and uplift those around you in meaningful ways.”     -ENDS-   Who Switched the Lights On? by Pina Di Donato 8 September 2020 | $26.99 | the kind press | paperback & e-book   To request a copy of the book or to arrange a giveaway, please get in touch. Media Kit and author images available here.   Pina is available to discuss: The main topics related to the book and Pina can offer expert insight into are: Branding, Business and Leadership - with a particular focus on family businesses and the role of gender in the workplace. Philanthropy - The rewards. The importance of legacy. Family/Parenting - the role of culture and how this is passed down through the generations. The stories we tell ourselves. Conditioning and the process of unconditioning. The search for true meaning and purpose. My process of awakening and the road towards becoming more enlightened.   Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484   For media enquiries regarding Who Switched the Lights On?, please contact Pina at Or the kind press Educator and Dance Education Small Business recognised for nurturing education, confidence, diversity and creativity through dance. 2020-08-27T23:07:54Z educator-and-dance-education-small-business-recognised-for-nurturing-education-confidence-diversity-and-creativity-through-dance Sutherland Shire, 28th August 2020, Amy Tasker always wanted to become a school teacher or a dance teacher. She completed a science degree and worked at the Department of Forensic Medicine. Yet somehow, she was always drawn back to the dance studio.Amy is a finalist in three categories (B2B, Creative, and People’s Choice: Education) in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards. She founded Groove Nation in 2012 as a sole trader and now employs up to ten staff. She is also Mum to two little ones.Amy says: “Groove Nation was established to provide ALL Australian students regardless of their background, ability or location, quality dance programs in their primary school. These programs align with the curriculum, foster diversity, support school teachers, and inspire creativity.”Amy completed a Bachelor of Teaching (Dist) so that she understood the curriculum and could ensure that her dance programs met the required outcomes.Amy adds: “I wanted to ensure that our programs aligned with the curriculum and that we could support teachers and schools appropriately. We work with students all over Sydney in mainstream and special needs schools. “Groove Nation also works with charities to make a difference through the art of dance.Grove Nation worked with The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation. Amy says: “Through this partnership and a grant from the St George Foundation, we were able to provide free dance programs for mainstream and special needs students in areas of need across Sydney. We reached 1000 students through this particular grant. One student in particular, who refused to come to school, ended up being an undiscovered talent. We were not aware of the background of this student, however, their natural talent and focus during dance were very apparent to us and we selected this student for a featured role in their year group performance with their peers.This student, who may not have otherwise had opportunity to dance, found acceptance and renewed confidence as a result of the program. We are now continuing to offer this free program, ’The Help Project’ using grants and profits to fund free programs in areas of need. “ “We have a big goal to continue ’The Help Project’ for schools in need throughout Australia to reach schools in all areas, regardless of location. “ Groove Nation faced challenges this year due to the pandemic. They were ‘locked out’ of schools and had to pivot and take their programs online. Amy concludes: “We started two new programs when COVID hit Australia. One is our online program, which served over 10,000 students during remote learning. This online program now reaches schools across NSW and we have students dancing in remote locations where they would not usually have access to our programs. We also began applying for grants to allow us to offer this program for free to schools in areas of need (e.g., drought-affected, bushfire affected, families with financial hardship, etc.” “We are also hopeful that restrictions will ease slightly to allow our first ever ‘Combined Schools Concerts’ to come to life (even if this means with a virtual audience and live streaming direct from schools). These concerts so far have entries from 32 different school performance groups and we are excited about the range of possibilities that technology can provide to still allow these concerts to take place, even though it won’t be in the traditional way!" -ENDS- For interviews please get in touch. Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Mum is a finalist in national awards for her ‘Coffee by day and wine by night’ mobile cafe and keg bars. 2020-08-25T08:13:26Z mum-is-a-finalist-in-national-awards-for-her-coffee-by-day-and-wine-by-night-mobile-cafe-and-keg-bars Queensland, 25th August 2020, Georgina Tenaglia, Founder of Vintage On Tap mobile keg bars, is a finalist in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards.Georgina has a background in retail and commercial real-estate. She has three children.Vintage On Tap Mobile Keg Bars is the culmination of Georgina’s love of entertaining, great wines and immaculate styling all wrapped up in a bespoke Italian Piaggio Apé mobile bar. Starting with one Apé, she has now grown her business to include 2 Apés, a Vintage Bar Cart, Garden Games, Candy Bars, Glassware and decorative items for hire. Using the beer tap system allowed a natural cross over of events from night to day. VOT’s pop-ups have organically grown into semi-permanent cafés, where Georgina has expanded into the un-tapped Australian nitro coffee market, now proudly employing 12 staff. Georgina says:“Wine O’clock has always been something I look forward to… and I know I’m not the only one! But it wasn’t until my sister-in-law posted a meme on facebook showing a Mr Whippy van serving wine and “ALL” the mums running down the street behind it with their wine glasses… something clicked… I knew that if I could create a business with wine on tap by night and coffee by day I was onto a winner. A classy, mobile, yet Vintage wine experience on wheels that everyone could enjoy.”Georgina has an ideas book where she has been scribbling down her thoughts and innovations for years. Georgina wondered what she would do when her kids were at school and wanted to own her own business. Her husband’s health took a turn for the worst and that is when she knew she had to start her business.She adds: “ From the outset, Vintage On Tap – mobile keg bars- has grown so much that not only do we have requests to franchise VOT, but it also has allowed both David and I to be fully employed in our own business. That to me is EVERYTHING!”Vintage On Tap is a finalist in the AusMumpreneur Service Business category.Georgina concludes: “I am delighted to be named as a finalist and am proud of my achievements, particularly starting the pop up Cafés and employing and maintaining staff during the Covid 19 Pandemic.”For interviews, high res photos or more information, please get in touch.-ENDS-Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 From Scientist to Online Educational Gift Store Owner. How one Melbourne Mum followed her heart and soul to success and boxes of toys. 2020-08-24T02:06:28Z from-scientist-to-online-educational-gift-store-owner-how-one-melbourne-mum-followed-her-heart-and-soul-to-success-and-boxes-of-toys-1 Melbourne, 24thh August 2020, Joanne Nelson is the founder of The Curated Parcel, one of the finalists in this year’s AusMumpreneur Awards.The Curated Parcel is a Melbourne home-based gift store. Joanne worked as an IVF Fertility Specialist and after years of assisting other families to conceive, she had three of her own children.Joanne wanted to be more available and present in her own children’s lives which led her to start The Curated Parcel, just over a year ago.Joanne says: “We are a family who loves nothing more than being with each other. After having my third child, I decided that I was missing out on too many milestones. I wanted to be with my family.I was lucky enough to have a business skillset so combine with my natural knack of gifting opened up a new this new journey in the form of TCP. Once TCP took shape, I was inspired to use my new platform to give back to society. In Australia, there are so many young people who are either homeless or struggling in education. Educating the next generation is so important and supporting those young people who may need just that little helping hand goes such a long way. There are so many ways to contribute to society and supporting our next generation so that they can take the lead for a better future is essential. This is where the pays it forward with the 10% charity program that came into place. The business turned over just over a quarter-million dollars in its first year." The Curated Parcel is currently a Finalist in the AusMumpreneur Awards in the People’s Choice: Customer Service Award and Emerging AusMumpreneur Award.TCP provides sustainable, eco-conscious play-based learning resources. For every order made, 10% is donated to The Smith Family and to Kids Under Cover which prevents youth homelessness. Joanne concludes: “I am exceptionally proud of what I have built in the short 14 months and that TCP deserves to be recognised. I am hardworking and pour my heart and soul into everything that revolves around TCP. TCP isn’t just any online gift store, it has a soul of its own and that every item that is delivered to its new home brings joy and happiness. And from this, I am able to give back to the community in a different way, that is what sets me & TCP apart from others.” -ENDS- For interviews, reviews, and giveaways, please get in touch. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484 Sydney woman receives UNAA NSW recognition and is a finalist in FIVE AusMumpreneur NSW State Award Categories 2020-08-21T02:30:15Z sydney-woman-receives-unaa-nsw-recognition-and-is-a-finalist-in-five-ausmumpreneur-nsw-state-award-categories   Press Release   Sydney, Australia, 21st August 2020, Eman Soliman the Founder & CEO of EduTech Australia  ™, the one-stop innovative digital education organisation is committed to fostering collaboration and creativity in digital education and business. EduTech Australia supports schools, teachers, corporate, governments, low SES communities, special education and individuals. EduTech Australia strives to bring innovation in digital education and drive Australia and the world to 21st Century learning to secure Australia's prosperous future.   Their range of Japanese STEAM innovative products, programs and services are thoughtfully geared to support individuals in this realm while leading the way in digital learning experiences.   Eman is a driven, successful entrepreneur with a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others via digital education. She believes that digital technology used for learning purposes are significant drivers in the transformation of teaching and learning, and vital in closing the achievement gap.   In two short years, the Sydney single Mum of two boys has been recognised by the United Nations  Association of Australia – NSW Division, and is a finalist in the national AusMumpreneur awards in five categories including Digital Innovation, Women will Change the World, Multicultural Business Excellence, Making a Difference (Education) and Making a Difference (Business).   EduTech Australia are paving the way for a revolution in digital education in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and in the Middle East. Their programs include: Artec Japanese award-winning robotics and coding – Education4ALL equity program - STEM IN SPORT program - EduTech Australia’s Innovators Academy Franchise - International Robotics Competition Series - Robo-Rec International challenge and camp - Kids Entrepreneurship Education - teachers development - digital apps.  Eman Soliman, Founder and CEO of EduTech Australia says:   “I am so honoured to be a finalist in five categories of the business AUSMUMPRENEUR awards for 2020 for NSW. I am passionate about changing the world via digital, robotics and STEAM education and want to achieve justice and equality for all students in Australia and other world regions.”    Eman was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She is known for making the impossible possible. She has faced domestic violence, hardship, homelessness and health scares and has always shown determination and continues to strive to make positive changes to the lives of others. Eman’s passion about creating a digital education revolution to change the world continued via her innovative work in digital, robotics and STEAM education.  She was recognised for her outstanding work by the United Nations Association of Australia - NSW Division nationally (UNAA-NSW).  When she was notified of her recognition from the UNAA-NSW Eman said:    “Within six months of launching; EduTech Australia has been recognised by the United Nations Associations of Australia- NSW Division for successfully embedding Seven of the Seventeen United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into our Policies and Values, and for demonstrating outstanding engagement with these, Global Goals. In particular because of our national and international equity program #Education4ALL click here.    This empowers EduTech Australia to continue on our mission of supporting schools and students with one goal Education4ALL. Closing the gender gap for girls & women in STEAM education ... providing quality digital education for all... offering sustainable STEAM and robotics programs... creating social impact globally. Providing equal opportunity to all students to thrive... enhancing quality teaching and learning. Globally technology and innovation are transforming our economy, 85% of jobs require STEAM skills, these skills are the solution to our workforce and the challenge of economic growth. The importance of STEAM subjects is critical to help students build real skills required in real jobs. Businesses are struggling to find the right skilled talent for their workforce, and digital disruption is putting more jobs at risk.    We have been working hard to create a digital education revolution in Australia and globally. Creating significant differences in the lives of many and helping. to shape the innovators of tomorrow. “ Eman is an advocate for women’s rights & gender equality. She excelled as an Australian National and NSW State Champion in Jet Ski sport, and was the first Australian racer to become the Women’s Racing Advocate and International Racing Leader with the Australian Jet Ski Association (AJSA) Eman was also the Brand Ambassador and sponsored racer (international) with the Australian Jet Ski Network and Australian Jet Ski TV. Leading by example, Eman gained national and international respect and featured extensively in global media while representing Australia.   As a female professional Jet skier, she presents a positive role model, inspiring many women to follow her lead in a male-dominated sport. She was the face of NSW racing from 2014 to 2017 and was 1 in 2 women racing in Australia, sometimes being the only female competing. Eman holds top ranking in NSW & Australian Championships such as overall 2nd place showroom stock NSW, overall 4th place across multiple classes in NSW including Open Professional Experts and 5th to 8th  place in Australia in Showroom Stock and Stock in the Runabout Enduro Open.   Eman is an advocate for women’s rights & gender equality. She was awarded Women Racing Advocate by the AJSA in recognition of her mission to promote Integrity and a Fair and Clean Jetski Sport. With the help of the AJSA, Eman is currently working on a new Jet Ski Project linking Australia with the government in the Middle East to promote the Jetski Sport and to enhance cultural integration, social cohesion, and gender equality.   Eman concludes: “Overall, education is the platform that makes it possible to defeat all barriers. I dreamt of creating a business that changes the world, not just my world, and to ensure global synergy and prosperity. The whole community has an obligation to support digital & STEAM education and schools, to shape our future as a country and improve our economic growth. By using innovative approaches to enhance and establish community, business and industry partnerships and by working together, we can build sustainable development and improve our future.   Education4ALL ... In light of global challenges, I designed this program and aligned it to deliver on seven goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to join the world on this great mission, and to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.  Education4ALL equity program aims to ensure inclusive, equitable quality digital education, promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, achieve justice in digital education and close the gender gap for girls in STEAM. The program supports students from low socio-economic communities in Australia and around the world “   To see a video of an example of the outcome of Eman and EduTech Australia’s outstanding work please click here To help Eman continue her mission, please vote for her in both People's Choice Categories: Making A Difference Business and Making A Difference Education. One vote per category. To vote for Eman go to -ENDS-   Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484  Australia’s only female founded and owned logistics company is a finalist in national awards 2020-08-17T23:39:53Z australias-only-female-founded-and-owned-logistics-company-is-a-finalist-in-national-awards Brisbane, Australia, 18th August 2020, Lana Kruger, Chief Executive Officer and founder of The Megna Group, the only female-founded and owned logistics company in Australia. The Megna Group is constantly reimagining the supply chain for brands and e-commerce businesses.Lana is a logistics expert and has worked for numerous global logistics organisations. After emigrating to Australia in 2011 she launched The Megna Group – an innovative logistics company that is agile, fast-thinking, and creative.Lana says: “I started in logistics over two decades ago in South Africa and I have since worked in three countries in senior management positions for some of the world’s largest logistics companies. This experience has taught me a lot. It has also provided me with the insight into understanding what the industry gaps are and what brands need.For me the opportunity was clear – to be an innovative logistics solutions company that was agile, fast-thinking, fast-paced and creative: providing one-stop total solutions for brands in packaging, warehousing, distribution and more. And to always be ahead of the constantly changing needs and demands of e-commerce. I wanted to be a provider who is innovative and streamlines solutions to save my clients’ money and enable trust in Megna – whether the client is sending off one box or 3000. We want to make things easier and simpler!”The Megna Group provides a one-stop, total solution, in packaging, warehousing, distribution, international freight, and more. It enables business owners and supply chain professionals to manage their costs and simplify their processes in a smarter, more effective way. It provides well-known Australian brands with a competitive edge, by tailoring their logistics needs to suit their products and their customers. Lana adds: “When brands started introducing personalisation and customisation to their products, especially through online retailing, I realised logistics companies lacked the ability to respond quickly and effectively to support brands on achieving cost effective and creative packaging fast-tracked for delivery. To enable brands to truly differentiate was what motivated me to start a logistics company that would focus on helping brands exceed customer expectations.” Lana is a finalist in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in the following categories: Business Excellence, B2B Services, Sustainability, and Multicultural. Tips for businesses when it comes to logistics:For products that are light and compact in weight, ensure that your packaging is well designed to fit the product snug without having any “free space” in the carton. This reduces freight costs & eliminates paying for shipping “air”.To avoid unexpected charges from couriers, ensure you are familiar with the “additional” surcharges of each carrier that you are using.If you are sending approx 100 orders per week it often becomes financially viable to consider outsourcing these functions to a 3PL (3rd party logistics) company who can fulfill these functions on your behalf. This enables businesses to scale effortlessly & frees any business from fixed overheads during the quieter months of product sales. -ENDS- For interviews, please get in touch. Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Secured Signing continues to innovate by providing Video Technology & remote witnessing as part of the online signing workflow to assist businesses during the pandemic. 2020-08-17T02:09:44Z secured-signing-continues-to-innovate-by-providing-video-technology-remote-witnessing-as-part-of-the-online-signing-workflow-to-assist-businesses-during-the-pandemic 17th August 2020, Secured Signing continues to innovate by providing Video Signing as part of the online signing to assist businesses during the pandemic. Secured Signing’s Video Signing is a live, real-time video call between two (or more) parties, where identities can be verified, documents can be explained to ensure non-repudiation and documents can then be securely digitally signed using PKI encryption to ensure any future changes to the document will invalidate signatures.Mike Eyal, CEO, Secured Signing says: “At Secured Signing we're serious about your signature so we ensure we can verify who signed every document with video signing - recording the person who signed. We use Digital Signature (PKI encryption) technology that protects businesses and allows businesses to verify and prove that a document has not been modified after it has been signed.” “From video signing, Two Factor authentication by SMS and audit logs to time stamps, [negotiations], effective/contract execution date stamp and witnesses - we've got every feature businesses will need in our completely adaptable and customisable software regardless of the secured signing account plan.” The video & audio recording captures the entire video meeting, including any disclosures that are made plus watching all parties capture their signatures. A unique link and password for the video & audio recording are contained in the signed document. The tamper-proof mechanism of the digital signature ensures the video recording details cannot be altered without invalidating the signature.Video Signing provides the highest confidence in the identity of the signer.Gal Thompson, General Manager, Secured Signing says: “Our platform is fast and easy to use and has advanced features designed to safeguard businesses, documents and signatures.”“Every digital signing solution says its legally binding..... but.... are they really? Without the advanced Digital Signature, for signer’s Identity, signing intent and document’s data integrity and signatures’ time stamping features offered by Secured Signing you may find the serious business document you got signed, isn't valid and legally binding at all. Is it worth the risk?”Industries that are using Secured Signing: Legal firms and in-house legal teams in Australia and NZ: In New Zealand Secured Signing has partnered with Auckland District Law Society and embedded their Webforms Platform that is used nationwide. In Australia, Secured Signing can be used to sign wills and enduring power of attorney at the moment due to COVID-19. HR and Recruitment has been one of Secured Signing’s leading industries due to the high volume of paperwork and fast pace required when recruiting staff. Mike says: “We integrate the leading CRM or systems used by recruitment forms across the world such as Bullhorn and JobAdder. Some of our customers are Manpower Group, H &R Block. They use us for onboarding of new hires.” Finance: Secured Signing 100’s of finance companies in Australia and NZ. Some of these businesses use video confirmation to add another step to the identity signer. Local and state government departments: Government departments need security and depth of features which is why they have chosen Secured Signing for document signing for both internal and external processesAccounting/Bookkeeping: Secured Signing has a long partnership with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers in Australia, with many working remotely with their clients to get important business documents signed such as BAS authorities, financial accounts & more recently JobKeeper Documentation. Property & Real Estate: Mortgages can now be signed using Secured Signing because of changes to the law because of COVID-19. Secured Signing is also used for Real Estate Property Sales and Property Management (Rentals and Leases). Gal concludes: “States and Territories have their own regulations with regards to which industries can use video signing. Victoria is the most advanced when it comes to allowing remote signing followed by NSW. We are thrilled to have been able to offer video signing and remote witnessing as part of the online signing workflow to assist businesses during the pandemic.” NSW - VIC - QLD - -ENDS- For interviews, please get in touch. Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Hyundai High Performance Forklifts officially re-launches in Australia. 2020-08-17T01:48:24Z hyundai-high-performance-forklifts-officially-re-launches-in-australia Press Release 17th August 2020, Hyundai High Performance Forklifts officially re-launches one of the world’s best forklifts, Hyundai High Performance Forklifts, to the Australian market, CEO of Hyundai Material Handling, Jeff Akres, states: “Since 1987, Hyundai has been using the same advanced engineering and design capabilities in its motor vehicles to develop high-performance diesel, LPG and electric forklifts. Hyundai is driven by bringing the latest technology to everyday applications – what is built-in with Hyundai is optional on competitors.Smart technology and safety that future proofs Australian business.Each and every high-performance Hyundai forklift is at the forefront of safety, technology and the environment.Hyundai’s current generation high performance forklifts include in-dash customisable and adjustable performance parameters, large full-colour LCD screen, built-in maintenance management system and weight indicators, full on-board diagnostics and black box data recorder.In-built safety is at the core of all Hyundai forklifts including auto park brake, hill start assists, curve control, stability control, LCD cameras, seat belt interlock, overload protection, inclination warning system and pedestrian alert systems, blue-LED spot-light and more.Jeff adds: “Hyundai is at the forefront of environmental protection with Hyundai forklifts able to meet Tier 4 emission standards. Due to our on-board technology we are able to reduce environmental impact by up to 20% in terms of reduced tyre wear, energy consumption and durability on parts.Our research and development lead the way when it comes to adapting, changing and improving design to meet the ever-changing needs of business, including any specific needs you may require. You can be confident that every Hyundai forklift is at the forefront of technology, safety and environmental protection.”The Driver’s Choice that drives your businesses productivity Hyundai recognises that your drivers are your most important asset. When a business owners driver is happy then they will be more productive and if they are more productive then the business will be more productive.Jeff says: “Ergonomics are at the forefront with enhanced legroom with our ‘all day’ comfort Grammer seat and enhanced driver visibility. And yes, they even come equipped with cup holders.”Hyundai forklifts maximise your productivity by minimising downtime and making your drivers more productive. Hyundai forklifts are also quiet, smooth and comfortable for all day operations.Service and Support provided by trusted independent dealers Jeff says: “With Hyundai High Performance Forklifts you are a name not a number. Every Hyundai dealer is an independent business owner which means you can be confident and assured that they will do whatever it takes to support you and get you up and running.Whether it’s a question, a spare part or a backup machine, your local Hyundai independent Dealer has your back. Our Independent Dealer network is further supported by our Hyundai national Management Services office that supports our national Dealer Network and provides access to a centralised knowledge bank and spare parts, and if needed direct access to Hyundai Materials Handling global network and factory R&D and technical support.”Hyundai High Performance Forklifts are used in the following industries Mining, Timber, Food and Pharmaceutical, Warehouse, Safety,and Steel. Jeff concludes: “In Korean the word “Hyundai” means modernity. Our founder chose the name to symbolize his philosophy that success comes from challenging oneself to constantly innovate. Every forklift we sell has to live up to the Hyundai name. So, we focus on delivering the highest performance forklifts in the world – Most advanced, Safest, Best green credentials, driver friendly and backed by Hyundai’s industry-leading warranties and independent dealer network." -ENDS- Please get in touch if you would like to arrange an interview with Hyundai Material Handling CEO, Jeff Akres. Please also get in touch for high res images or more information. Media Contact:Candice Meiselscandice@candicepr.com0481 369 484 Tasmanian born author, speaker, psychic and spiritual mentor is a finalist in 4 categories in the AusMumpreneur national awards 2020-08-13T08:24:51Z tasmanian-born-author-speaker-psychic-and-spiritual-mentor-is-a-finalist-in-4-categories-in-the-ausmumpreneur-national-awards Tasmania, 13th August 2020, Linda Willow Roberts is an international speaker, certified medium, spiritual teacher, psychic, clairvoyant, certified angel intuitive, Reiki master, theta healer, psychometry expert, and writer. Roberts is a Manifestor Magical Oracle and combines her thirty years of experience to assist clients with spiritual and life navigation. Her passion is mentoring, speaking, and sharing messages from Source and Spirit. Working to identify areas that her clients need to address, she brings forth their talents to help them manifest the life they most desire for their highest good. Roberts was on the July cover of Holistic Bliss Magazine where she regularly writes articles and was recently interviewed by Rebirth Magazine for their August edition. Linda says: “Why I am so excited to be a finalist? I have created Manifesting tools so that if you cannot access me directly my tools are available to help your Manifest for your highest good. Winning awards and being in the public eye make what I do more visible and more accessible with an aim to inspire and empower.” Linda is a finalist in four categories including The People’s Choice Awards: Leadership, People’s Choice Award: Product Award. The other two categories are judged. These are Product Design and Women Will Change The World. Linda is a finalist in four categories which include Women Will Change the World award, Product Design award and people’s choice award in two categories of Leadership and Product award . Linda has written a book called Seven Eights of Me which takes the reader on a magical journey of self-discovery as she moves from crippling self-doubt to complete trust in the spiritual world. With her trademark humour and infectious ability to seize every moment, Roberts shares how she journeyed into an unknown future filled with magical mysteries, fairy tales, and enchanting history. Thinking of herself as just a small woman from Tasmania, Spirit has other ideas and teaches Roberts to embrace her talents and share her gifts. Listening to her intuition and acting upon it, she finds the world opening up for her and embarks on a spiritual adventure of a lifetime. Seven Eighths of Me tells the story of her powerful miraculous awakening as she tours some of earth’s most sacred sites including Glastonbury Tor, the Avebury Stone Circle, Stonehenge, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. This book both empowers and inspires you to step into your own true magic, be guided by Spirit, and experience the blessings available to anyone who chooses to believe. In sharing her story and her gifts, Roberts invites you to pave a new path. Linda has also produced the I am Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards which uses Linda’s 30 years of spiritual and life experiences.  As a wise woman and a spiritual teacher, Linda will take you on a journey with your cards to discover the feeling you want most in your life. Linda has called upon Spirit to infuse manifesting energy into the I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards. These simple to use cards are easy to interpret and you will be partnering with Spirit to complete the jigsaw puzzle that is your life. Linda concludes: “We are all very busy normally in life and sometimes being busy allows us to forget patterns and situation that we have pushed to the back of our minds. The stillness with COVID-19 has had many thoughts coming back to the surface that we have not dealt with from our past. The easy way to let go of these recurring thoughts is to write. Write what happened, how it felt, who was involved and then in the last paragraph you release the lesson, pain and unforgiveness and let it go. This process can be repeated as each memory pops to the surface. Use the time to release and empty out waiting for the new.” Linda is offering media interviews, a copy of her book and/or Oracle cards, and a reading for 30 minutes. If you are interested, please get in touch with Candice to book. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484