The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-11-03T10:34:02Z New Power Plate Distributor Offers Premium Service 2015-11-03T10:34:02Z new-power-plate-distributor-offers-premium-service Performance Health Systems is excited to announce their new partnership with The Fitness Generation as the premier distributor for Power Plate equipment across Australia. Power Plate equipment is a natural addition to The Fitness Generation family, with their impressive offering of world-renowned global brands. “We feel privileged and excited to be partnering with The Fitness Generation in Australia,” says Lee Hillman, CEO and Partner at Performance Health Systems. “As part of the Belgravia group, they have such a broad penetration and wealth of talent, experience and infrastructure, that we are confident our partnership will be able to bring the benefits of Power Plate to a wider audience in Australia in a strongly supported and highly visible way.” With a strong focus on customer service in selling premium and reliable fitness products, The Fitness Generation and Power Plate are a natural fit. Power Plate has ten models within its range of vibration training machines, from smaller home units, to robust commercial units, and also niche products that have been designed specifically for the healthcare and corporate wellness markets. “Power Plate has a range of niche products that fit superbly into our current product offering,” says Tim Horskins, CEO The Fitness Generation. “Power Plate is a global brand and The Fitness Generation is very excited to distribute these proven ranges that will enable our commercial sectors, including our medical and corporate clients along with our residential clients, an opportunity to purchase advanced whole body vibration technology products.” For further information about Power Plate equipment, visit or phone 1800 371 395. For more information about The Fitness Generation, visit or call (03) 8766 0499. #ENDS About Power Plate As the global leader in whole body vibration technology, Power Plate redefines optimal health and wellness equipment for every age and ability. Engineered to apply the science behind a body’s ability to respond to changes in the natural environment, Power Plate’s vibrating platform triggers rapid reflexive muscle contractions through our proprioceptors. This activation helps to improve functional performance, gait and locomotion, balance, range of motion, circulation and stability by amplifying the effects of any exercise or movement performed on the equipment. bioDensity Joins the Fight Against Osteoporosis in Australia 2015-10-20T05:36:47Z biodensity-joins-the-fight-against-osteoporosis-in-australia Performance Health Systems is pleased to announce that bioDensity™ is now a proud supporter of Osteoporosis Australia. Osteoporosis Australia promotes three simple lifestyle factors to prevent osteoporosis: exercise including weight-bearing impact exercise, resistance training and balance activities; a healthy diet with calcium-rich foods, and sufficient sun exposure for increasing Vitamin D. Research has shown that activities that involve impact level force or loading are most useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass. The bioDensity system applies this principle by safely facilitating the self-application of compressive forces on the axial skeleton. bioDensity places the patient in positions of optimal biomechanics, which can allow for loading that is multiples of bodyweight, near or equal to the levels seen in impact loading. These forces can stimulate the body’s natural bone generation process, and can result in marked increases in bone mineral density.   “Performance Health Systems is excited about bringing this exercise intervention for increasing bone density to Australia, and look forward to helping raise the awareness of bone health and osteoporosis prevention in Australia,” says Lee Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems.  For further information and purchase enquiries please visit or call 1800 633 661. #ENDS