The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-01-09T05:05:56Z Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal Technique — Safe And Best Hair Removal Procedure At Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic 2019-01-09T05:05:56Z medical-grade-laser-hair-removal-technique-safe-and-best-hair-removal-procedure-at-victorian-laser-amp-skin-clinic The most common problem faced by everyone is getting rid of unwanted hair in a safe way. Customers find it hard to trust techniques used for hair removal as they are not sure how safe they are. Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic uses medical grade laser hair removal process to get rid of unwanted hair and excess hair. The clinics also specialize in cheap laser hair removal procedures that control ingrown hairs too. Medical grade laser hair removal routine has become very popular because they eliminate pain of waxing, and reduces hassles of regular shaving. This most famous laser technique that is also considered as cheap laser hair removal method takes a minimum of six sessions and the target area can be more than one place on a body. The few areas where the procedure specializes are underarm, bikini line, legs to name a few. Medical grade laser hair removal involves the laser emitting light of a particular wave length that can be absorbed by melanin (pigment in hair). If the area around the hair is lighter than hair colour, the entire energy of the laser will be concentrated in the hair shaft, thus effectively destroying it without effecting skin or follicle. This is one of the reasons why this cheap laser hair removal technique works well on light skin and dark coarse hair which has most pigment. Therapy clinics like Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic use only Medical grade laser hair removal as opposed to IPL (intense Pulsed light). This technique which is generally confused with laser treatment uses xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light. This technique is cheaper than laser treatment but not referred by most clients as they have not found it satisfactory. The Medical grade laser hair removal at Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is more effective than IPL. The few benefits for going for this hair removal technique are: Each laser precisely targets the hair, thus not damaging skin around hair. Most of the laser pulses last less than one second that treats several hairs at once. One laser pulse can be used for large areas. Laser systems can be customized to suit skin tone and hair colour. Heat generated by laser machines is absorbed by follicle, making it safer for darker skin that at sometimes have chances of burning or pigmentation changes. About Us: The staff of Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is a team of experienced and dedicated skin and laser hair removal professionals. Our experts are well trained medical staff and dermal clinicians who perform consultation and provide services like Medical grade laser hair removal and other techniques. We provide our clients with the best options at every stage from the first meeting, during and after our service. Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic Is One Stop Solution Of Skin Problems 2018-07-19T05:53:26Z victorian-laser-amp-skin-clinic-is-one-stop-solution-of-skin-problems The increasing air pollution majorly effects on human skin.  Allergic skin conditions and skin aging are the most common skin problems generally found in human. This kind of skin problems can occur at any age. If you do not cure the skin diseases as soon as possible, then it may affect skin badly.   Some skin problems are rigid, thereby they cannot easily treat. Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic has the best solution for all your skin problems. To get rid of Different types of skin problems, the clinic is offering various range of non-invasive skin treatment. This clinic has different rooms equipped with latest technology and facility.  If you want to get free yourself from waxing and shaving, then the same clinic offers you the best professional laser hair removal techniques in Melbourne for men and women. The professional staff has cutting edge equipment to improve your skin complexion. They ensure to maintain natural skin appearance. Their treatment includes enzyme therapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser photo rejuvenation. They never compromise with any treatment you are taking. The staff will check your skin and inform you should take. They will provide you suitable time for the skin treatment. You are also free to give your convenient time to a dermatologist. The dermatologist makes sure to give a painless solution for all your skin problems. They are committed to give a solution to cater your skin problems.  Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic offers quality treatments to treat various skin conditions. This mainly includes wrinkles, ingrown hairs, scars, and rosacea.  Apart from the treatment discussed above, the clinic offers dermal fillers. You can also book your appointment before you visit the clinic.  To explore more services clinic also gives facility to book a free consultation.  You just need to fill simple form to enquire. The friendly staff is always ready to solve your queries. To keep their patient skin disease free, Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic often offer special offers, discounts, and package deals to their patients.  At last, to know more about more skin treatments in a cost effective manner, feel free to call on 1300 365 273.  About Clinic: Our professional dermal clinicians offer different types of low cost skin treatment. They are using the latest equipment and technology to treat rigid skin problems. They are always ready to solve your skin related queries.  Clear and even tone skin is a good option for the lasting impression.  Do not feel any hesitation. You are always free to enquire clinic by calling NOW! The Procedure of Lip Fillers in Melbourne by Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is SAFE!! 2017-01-30T05:10:43Z the-procedure-of-lip-fillers-in-melbourne-by-victorian-laser-amp-skin-clinic-is-safe If you are looking to look young and appealing for the longest time to come, then you need to the visit the right service providers who will offer some of the best outcome for all. They have the right experience in dealing such issues and the people associated with them have catered the needs of many over the years. They employ the best in class tools and all the procedures offered are safe and secure. All such traits can be found in Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic. These people are all about non-invasive cosmetic treatment solutions and that too at the right price. They rely on controlled exposure to the laser therapy to offer some of the best possible results. Laser hair removal Skin Treatments Skin Condition Cosmetic Injectables Are just tip of the ice berg. Such processes are bifurcated into many others and such amount of options make them a great place to visit. The procedure of laser hair removal will help for all the ones who do not like unwanted hair on the body and it has proved very vital for all the ones who are in show business. They need and want to look great all the time and that is why they will need such treatment. If not done, then an image by paparazzi can help them have a field day. It will also make you feel god about yourself and the confidence level will increase a lot. Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is all about right price and offer mouth watering offers as well. The current summer sale for all will cater the needs of lip and chin, underarms, lower arms, chest, abs, back and shoulders at the best price imaginable. All the anti-wrinkle injections at $3.95/unit for crow's feet, frown lines and forehead. Get the free consultation session with a registered nurse to know about lip fillers in Melbourne and the procedure starts from $399. YES! All this is true and what is not to love about the above mentioned offers. The procedures are safe and they are approved by the government and they are also performed under the guidance and supervision of right professionals. Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is the place to visit for all the ones who want to look great for a while life time. What are you waiting for? About Company We at Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic thrive on offering the best possible cosmetic and laser hair removal care to out clients. We offer free consultation for lip fillers and many more. Our prices are right and enjoy the benefits of new offers all the time. Call us NOW! VIC Laser – A Leading Service provider of Skin & Laser Treatments 2017-01-13T05:57:47Z vic-laser-a-leading-service-provider-of-skin-amp-laser-treatments Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is the prime contender when it comes to some of the best in class service providers of permanent skin and laser treatments for hair and other body needs well. They have been around for many years and they have seen the rise in use of such treatments that are safe and secure. They have broken the regular norms related to such procedures being unsafe and only for the ones who are in showbiz. Now, it is offered to all at the right price and for anyone who is not satisfied with their look can undergo the treatment. If you are looking to get rid of the unwanted bodily hair, then these people are the perfect destination to visit. The procedures are safe and they are undertaking by the ones who are experienced and you can expect the best end result. The Hair Removal ProcedureWith them, the Laser hair removal is made easy. Medical-grade technology is what they use to offer the best outcome.They will use the perfect approach and cause no or little discomfort the client.The procedure is very salient yet effective, as the light laser technology is used to get rid of the hair follicles.The beam of light in concentrated manner is emitted and it in turn will absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This process will damage the hair follicle and thus hider future growth.The services of Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is not limited to just hair services, they also offer safe and non-invasive skin treatments like cosmetic injections. These processes are undertaken by qualified people and they have pioneered the art of offering the best look for all. Some of the treatments offered by them includes:-Chemical PeelsDerma Rolling/Skin NeedlingEnzyme TherapyLaser Photo RejuvenationMicrodermabrasionAnd many more. Also, they use premium quality products that will also help you take care of the skin once you are done with the treatment. Skin conditions like, Pigmentation, Acne and acne scarring, Rosacea ETC can also be treated with these people. In a nutshell, all services related to skin and hair removal is offered and you will be amazed to see the end result. Prices are right and in the budget. Wait no more. About Company Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic offered end to end services related to skin and hair removal needs. We are one of the best service providers of such needs and that too in price range. Hire us today and have look that will make others envy of you. Visit VIC laser today and Take Advantage of Exclusive Offers till 30th April 2016-04-21T09:32:02Z visit-vic-laser-today-and-take-advantage-of-exclusive-offers-till-30th-april VIC Laser has been an exclusive service provider of all your needs when it comes to Laser Hair Removal, Skin Treatments, Skin Conditions, Cosmetic Injectables and much more. Since its inception in ’99, they have been able to create a go to market for their services and the firm clientele speaks a lot about the value of the service they offer. The professionals associated with them have been able to cater the needs of over 2 million happy customers and their acne treatment is one of the highly preferred services. With them, the safety is prime concern and they go an extra mile to offer much needed comfort and good experience to the clients. They are constantly researching the most successful methods to enhance beauty without damaging the natural look. The offers that they give to the clients are simply astonishing and that is why they are very much acclaimed. The new offers are but not limited to:- Cosmetic Injections They are offering full upper lips cosmetic injections with the salient price tag of $399. The registered nurses will offer free of cost consultation that will help you make up your mind and they will also make you aware about the treatments that you will need. Anti Wrinkle Injections These anti wrinkle injections in Melbourne are very safe and they have been very popular over the years. The injections will help you take off many years from your face in just a matter of minutes and per unit costs just, $3.95, which includes, crows feet, frown lines, forehead among others. Laser Hair Removal This is as best as it can get when it comes to offer as they offer laser hair removal for male and female at discounted rate of 75% off. For female, the pricing for lip, chin and underarms is $12 compared to the $29 and $49 respectively. The Brazilian is $23 and $ 79 compared to $79 and $219 for the same. When it comes to male, the full back, chest/abs, full arms and shoulders are offered at a flat rate of $79, compared to $269, $199, $209 and $99 respectively. It is not over yet, yes the best part is, APRIL SPECIAL – BUY 4 TREATMENTS & GET 4 FREE TILL 30th APRIL. Yes you heard it right. The dermal fillers in Melbourne along with such laser treatment are best in class when offered by VIC Laser. To know more in detail about the procedure and other pre and post treatment care, you can visit, the page,, today and find out more. In a nutshell, they are here to cater all your needs and they will leverage their experience and expertise to make sure that you get the best treatment and that to at a very minimal cost. Make the right choice and visit them today to get free consultation by the professionals. About: We at VIC Laser, work on the salient yet effective principle of, offering best in class service when it comes to laser hair removal, skin treatments, skin conditions treatments and other cosmetic injections requirements. Our prices are moderate and we also offer exclusive offers to make sure that everyone can be benefitted with such good treatment. Our procedures are safe and we offer extensive pre and post treatment care. Contact: Melbourne CBD, Call: 1300 365 273 Hawthorn, Call: 9819 4631 Mt Waverley: Call: (03) 9888 1140 Discover the best range of skin treatments at Victorian Laser & skin clinic 2016-01-06T05:10:55Z discover-the-best-range-of-skin-treatments-at-victorian-laser-amp-skin-clinic Victorian Laser & skin clinic is a leading company that makes a point in offering best range of skin treatments starting from chemicals peels to derma rolling, laser photo rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and lots more.  Since 1999, the firm has been in operation with best team of professionals who have performed more than 2 million successful treatments to date. The company prides itself in offering best possible results for their valuable customers. Apart from this in order to ensure your safety, they hire people who aren’t just highly qualified but are also well experienced in treating their clienteles. It may also interest you to know that the company is located in three places that is Melbourne, Hawthorn, Mt Waverley and the CBD. Further speaking about the skin treatments, as I said before the company offers a wide range of skin treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and lots more. Well here I would like to elaborate regarding a few of their treatments, take a look! I am sure we all love to take care of our skin, but sometimes daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing  aren’t just enough. Skin procedures like chemical peels will help you in renewing the damage cells and improving your complexion. Experts here will make sure that your skin remains tender and gentle. Apart from chemical peels, Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic also offers safe and effective skin needling treatments that is Dermal Rolling. For more information you can even browse their website in order to get better perspective regarding the same. Visit: Microdermabrasion is basically a cosmetic treatment in which your face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals in order to remove dead epidermal cells. In short with the help of such treatments one can help to repair their superficial skin damage, especially caused by ageing sun exposure, acne or injury. Besides this it is even known as non invasive or wounding treatment which effectively as well as efficiently stimulates blood circulation as well as blood flow. Hence it can be used as a great alternative to photo rejuvenation and chemical peels. Lastly, Victorian Laser & skin clinic also provides several cosmetic injections such as anti wrinkles injections. These contain muscle relaxants that are made from a natural, purified protein which can be injected into the face using very fine needles. It will offer you nothing but a younger, softer and refreshed appearance. So that’s all for now, for more information and updates, feel free to get in touch with our professionals at or call our representatives on: 1300 365 273. The best hyperpigmentation treatment at Victorian laser & skin clinic 2015-10-23T05:58:29Z the-best-hyperpigmentation-treatment-at-victorian-laser-amp-skin-clinic Show me the one person on earth who doesn’t want to stay healthy, fit, young and beautiful. I bet you will not get one. The cosmetic industry is considered as one of the most happening and growing industries across the globe and can be put in the list of top ten most innovative industries in the world. Thanks to the technological advancements and excellent scientific discoveries, you can say BYE BYE to the old problem of ageing. From updated Brazilian Laser hair removal to variety of skin treatments, you will get what you want at the best price, again thanks to the cut-throat competition. If you get a thought of going for any type of skin surgery in Melbourne, only one name that should pop up in your mind, Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic, an ultimate destination for all your skin treatment requirements. The company has more than 15 years of experience in this cosmetic world and always stays updated with new technological innovations and developments. Since its inception, the company’s expert doctors have performed more than 2 million treatments. Is not this an achievement itself? You can visit to know more about the company. The company has a range of services to offer to its clientele and has carved a niche for itself by offering unparalleled quality services and superlative results consistently. The company has an extensive solution for permanent hair removal in a more stylish and scientific way. The company brings the smiles on the faces of its clients and that is what they work for. Some of the services the Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic offers are hyperpigmentation treatment, laser hair removal, skin treatments like chemical peels, Derma Rolling, Enzyme Therapy, Laser Photo Rejuvenation, treatments for skin conditions like Acne, Blackheads, Acne Scars, Age Spots, Pigmentation, etc. Furthermore, the company also offers cosmetic injectables like Dermal Fillers and Anti-wrinkle Injections.  You can know more about it by visiting the official service page The team at Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic consists of talented individuals who have a vast experience and a sheer expertise in this skin treatment domain. The finest doctors and dermal clinicians will make sure that you go through the perfect and pain-free skin treatment with excellent results. Not only that the doctors also conduct a study of your medical history and conditions and will suggest you accordingly. You can contact to know more about the company and its services at 1300 365 273.