The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2002-03-07T20:17:00Z ContentKeeper Technologies launches new web filtering tool 2002-03-07T20:17:00Z contentkeeper-technologies-launches-new-web-filtering-tool ContentKeeper Technologies has launched ContentKeeper - a new web filtering tool. ContentKeeper lets organisations monitor, manage and control staff access to Internet resources. ContentKeeper blocks Internet access to individual PCs when policies are broken. It also provides accurate real-time warning messages that flash on the users screen. ContentKeeper records breaches and provides statistical reports on staff Internet activity. ContentKeeper is not just about filtering pornography. It helps companies increase staff productivity, improve bandwidth and optimise Internet access in the workplace, said David Wigley, managing director, ContentKeeper Technologies. Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the high costs resulting directly from staff time wasted through non-work related Internet usage. For example, on average, staff waste in excess of ten minutes per day surfing non-business related sites. In an organisation with 100 staff and an average staff cost of $60 per hour, that cost equates to a massive loss of $1,000 per day or approximately $240,000 dollars per annum. ContentKeeper is designed to help minimise these costs, thats what ContentKeeper is really all about. By filtering certain Internet content organisations can also minimise the amount of large downloads. This reduces Internet access fees and eases network congestion, which can dramatically improve system performance and reduce access costs. In another example, a Canberra-based educational organisation used ContentKeeper to prevent students downloading MP3 files and video clips. ContentKeeper returned savings of approximately 50 per cent on their bandwidth utilisation costs. By implementing Internet access policies using ContentKeeper, companies may also reduce legal exposure and help prevent embarrassment caused by accidental or premeditated downloads of illegal or inappropriate content in the workplace. ContentKeeper combines patent-pending, real-time filtering technology with an extensive database of classified and categorised, non business-related sites. Its extensive database of URLs is managed from ContentKeeper Technologies data centre in Canberra. The data centre uses the latest in artificial intelligence tools to gather, investigate and categorise suspect sites. These are then provided to ContentKeeper devices in the field via an hourly Tricklefeed TM. update of newly discovered and previously unvisited sites. ContentKeeper, as a bridging device, fits transparently into large or small computing network environments and functions without the need for firewall, proxy or router re-configuration. ContentKeeper usually takes approximately ten minutes to install and features minimal ongoing management requirements. Full category access control and management are available from a secure, browser-based interface. IT managers can access control settings from any desktop, locally or remotely. Below is a selection of ContentKeeper categories. Administrators can manage user access to sites via blocking, coaching or authentication. Access can be logged and provided to management in a selection of usage reports. pornography or sex news sports job search travel or tourism shopping entertainment chatrooms gaming and gambling sites investment sites music downloads. Pricing and availability ContentKeeper annual subscriptions are based on the number of users under protection. The minimum subscription covers 25 users for a cost of $1,375.00. Cost per user varies according to the number of users at each site; cost at the 1000 user level is $13.21 per user per annum. The product is available now through ContentKeeper Technologies by calling 02 6261 4950. For more information, please call or email a request to or visit ENDS About ContentKeeper Technologies ContentKeeper Technologies specialises in producing state-of-the-art appliances and software products designed to assist corporate and government clients to better manage their organisational access to Internet resources. The company flagship product - ContentKeeper - allows organisations to Monitor, Manage and Control staff access to Internet resources. ContentKeeper Technologies is headquartered in Canberra Australia +61-2-6261-4950 and has representation in the United States (see and an office in the United Kingdom PH + 44-(0)-1344-752-740