The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-04-06T04:58:16Z Sell Your Used Cars In Melbourne For Top Cash Up To $9999 2016-04-06T04:58:16Z sell-your-used-cars-in-melbourne-for-top-cash-up-to-9999 How to Sell Your Used Cars In Melbourne  Selling your scrap car is not as difficult as you may think.  Recycling vehicles has become a lucrative business and one that has started many car removal companies that will pay instant cash for your car.  Total Car Removal is a car removal company in Melbourne that pays instant cash on your vehicles no matter what their condition.  Our company is one that will make you an offer that is worth up to $10K on your vehicles.   How Do Car Recycling Companies Work?  Car recycling companies work by taking vehicles that are no longer operational or not worth the cost of repairs and dismantle them to recycle. An auto wrecker will take the vehicle in and put apart the engine if the vehicle still has an engine.  They’ll then strip the inside of the vehicle, leaving just the bare shell made of steel.  The parts will then be recycled for their metals or reconditioned for resale, and the interior of the vehicle will be reused or recycled or resold and the steel of the vehicle will then be crushed.   It is a system that offers vehicle owners the opportunity to good cash.     How to Find a Scrap Car Removal Melbourne Company To find a scrap car removal, Melbourne company is not difficult.  You’ll find many different local companies that are listed in both the phone book, as well as on the Internet. Sell Cars for cash Melbourne is one such company.  When looking for a car removal company, you want to first look for companies that are licensed and insured.  This confirms that the company is a professional car buyer.  The company should also have a good reputation within the community and be one that has a website that you can read information on the company.  Information to look for includes:  The physical address of the company.  Having a physical address listed is a sign that the company is a reputable company.   Look to see if the company lists the services they offer.  Services to look for include instant cash payments and free car removals.   You also want a company that specialises in the type of vehicle you have to sell.  For instance, Sell cars for cash is not just a used car buyer that specialises in all makes and conditions of vehicles, but also one that specialises in auto wrecking.  This makes us a good choice in a cash for cars company no matter what condition of your vehicle.   Contact us For an instant cash quote on your unwanted vehicle, contact sell cars for cash today.  We are a company that buys any make and model of vehicle and puts instant cash in your hand.  We are a Melbourne car removal company that pays up to $10K cash at the time we remove your vehicle.