The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-01-20T06:26:06Z Territorian pens international bestseller 2017-01-20T06:26:06Z territorian-pens-international-bestseller When Darwin’s Dee Robertson published her first book she had no idea she was about to become an overnight sensation.   Within hours of Fearless, Female and Fifty hitting it had reached the number one spot across 13 separate categories. Its inspirational and motivational message had struck a chord with women around the world.   A motivational speaker, fitness coach and mindset mentor, Dee directly challenged the idea that success is a younger women’s game. At 50 Dee started achieving what she had once considered impossible, long-gone dreams – entering a bodybuilding competition, finding and marrying her perfect man, and becoming a successful author.   Dee says her book is an uplifting read about how we can all achieve happiness.   “We all have dreams and goals that we might have let slide,” she said. “And they’re not necessarily dreams of grandeur, but of living a fulfilled life. Having happy relationships, strong self-esteem and freeing ourselves from constant self-doubt is something we should never give up on, no matter our age.”   Dee says her book was partly inspired by her work with clients at Darwin’s InsideOut Fitness.   “Working as a personal trainer is something I love to do, because I see how empowering finding strength and fitness can be,” she said.   “Transformation – physically and mentally – can happen at any stage of life. I’ve seen it happen again and again with my clients, and it is always rewarding to take a client on a journey from self-doubt to energised, fulfilled people living their best life.”   Together with the supportive team at InsideOut Fitness, Dee will continue to help men and women of Darwin transform their lives and achieve their goals – in between penning another bestseller!   If you’re interested in training with Dee, or want to find out more about the fitness programs on offer at InsideOut Fitness, send an email to or phone them on 0400 352 498.   Ends       ABOUT   Dee Roberston is one of the long-standing personal trainers at InsideOut Fitness, a lifestyle oriented training team that offers a fusion of group outdoor training, personalised nutrition, and mental wellbeing. She published her first book Fearless, Female and Fifty at the end of 2016 in AU/NZ – UK/US and within 24 hours the book had become a #1 bestseller on Amazon in 13 categories. The book (which retails for $11.99) is all about how she empowered her mindset, ignored her age, and inspired her dreams into life.  Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence to speak at Toowoomba White Night event 2016-01-22T02:39:56Z minister-for-prevention-of-domestic-and-family-violence-to-speak-at-toowoomba-white-night-event Media Release: 22 January 2016 Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence to speak at Toowoomba White Night event Hundreds of Toowoomba community members have spoken up in support of Rigani’s Unite in White movement against domestic violence campaign. Now the campaign has gained even more momentum, with the announcement that Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Shannon Fentiman, will deliver a keynote address at the Rigani White Night event on 4 March. The announcement follows a recent Palaszczuk Government commitment to invest nearly $6.4 million in extra funds for domestic violence and sexual assault services over the next five years. Ms Fentiman said events like the Unite in White campaign were essential in the fight against violence in our community. “We’re working hard to ensure women who need help have the right support and services. Domestic violence is a scourge that touches people from all walks of life, and it’s only by raising awareness and working together at every level of government, with business leaders and with the entire community that we can create change,” she said. “I look forward to joining the conversation in Toowoomba and talking about how together we can tackle domestic and family violence as individuals and as a community.” Rigani spokesperson Shana Rogers said the White Night event was just one part of the overarching Unite in White campaign. “Uniting against domestic violence shouldn’t be something that only brings the Toowoomba community together once a year,” she said. “So, in partnership with one of our sponsors, Edit Hair Lab, we are introducing a new initiative to unite and engage Toowoomba – the White Wall.” “We’re asking everyone to come to Edit Hair Lab and sign their pledge on the White Wall to stand up against violence.” It is hoped the White Wall will become a lasting and evocative piece of public art that demonstrates the Toowoomba community’s commitment to ending violence against women. The White Wall will be launched with a free event for the community on Monday 1 February at 5.30pm.  “There will be drinks and nibbles, so come down to Edit Hair Lab, grab a drink, mingle, and make your pledge for a safer future,” Mrs Rogers said. Tickets to the White Night event are $160 and are inclusive of transport, fine dining and entertainment with a portion of the ticket sales going to TSN2V. The White Wall will be located at Edit Hair Lab, 78 Russell Street from 1 February to 4 March. To purchase tickets visit or contact Shana Rogers on 0409 741 629. ENDS Media enquiries Shana Rogers | Rigani | | 0409 741 629 Toowoomba businesses Unite in White against domestic violence 2016-01-13T00:35:25Z toowoomba-businesses-unite-in-white-against-domestic-violence Last week DV Connect, a 24-hour domestic violence telephone service operated in Queensland, reported receiving an unprecedented amount of calls in the four days following New Year's Day. As the movement against domestic violence in Queensland communities gathers more momentum, Toowoomba businesses are taking a stand to build a community where violence against women is not acceptable. Following last month’s announcement of Toowoomba’s first White Night event presented by local strategic marketers Rigani, a number of businesses have offered their support. Local graphic and web designer Simeon Griggs has provided his services and taken on a creative director role for the campaign. He wanted his business Tomoro to publicly get behind such a meaningful movement. “Domestic violence needs to be spoken against in public to try and prevent it happening anywhere,” he said. “There’s no justification for reacting violently, no matter how many people are around.” Hairdressers Edit Hair Lab have also signed up as a supporting partner and will soon be hosting a community White Wall where the community can pledge to stand up and speak out against domestic violence. Master Stylist and Edit Hair Lab Director Christopher Mackie has seen first-hand how domestic violence affects the local community. “Domestic violence is an issue in every walk of life and too many are suffering in silence. Team Edit were happy to offer any support we could to the White Night event.” If you are a business, organisation or individual who wants to stand up against domestic violence we ask you to contact us and lend your support also. The White Night event presented by Rigani will be held on Friday March 4 and includes a charity auction, keynote speaker and menu exclusively designed by local executive chefs. Tickets are $160 and are selling fast. Your ticket includes transport, fine dining and entertainment with a portion of the ticket sales going to Toowoomba Says No to Violence (TSN2V), local representatives of the White Ribbon Foundation. To purchase tickets visit or contact Shana Rogers on 0409 741 629. 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