The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-01-21T03:08:55Z Connexxion moves to control medicinal cannabis 2016-01-21T03:08:55Z connexxion-moves-to-control-medicinal-cannabis IT consultancy and bespoke software development firm, Connexxion Pty Ltd, has approached Health Ministers, Premiers and Chief Ministers around the country seeking meetings to discuss controlling the flow of illicit medicinal cannabis. The request comes following public moves by the Victorian and Australian Governments to legalise cannabis for medicinal and scientific uses.   Connexxion has offered the custom developed Virtual Warehouse® software solution to track national licensing arrangements, seek supply and demand reports which provide warning of any shortage or surplus, and track the quality and quantity of cannabis from cultivation through to the end user. The proposed approach from Connexxion is to work with departmental officials in each state and territory government to ensure that cannabis produced for the alleviation of suffering is not diverted to nefarious purposes.   Connexxion’s CFO, Ms Charmaine Daniel, expressed the company’s concern that unless strict controls were put in place early in the legalisation process for medicinal cannabis governments would be unable to counter the potentially lucrative trade.   “Research has shown us over the years that cannabis is a highly addictive and potentially very damaging substance both psychologically and physically. Obviously there is potential for positive social and health effects from this [legalisation] process but if the prospective black market for these products is not controlled then I think the public would be right to fear that potential” said Ms Daniel. Australian businesses helping to end global food losses 2016-01-17T23:08:38Z australian-businesses-helping-to-end-global-food-losses One of Australia’s most innovative IT businesses is taking steps to assist the agricultural sector to end global food losses through its new product “AgriTrace”. In 2011 the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) commissioned a report by the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology; Global Food Losses and Food Waste: Extent, Causes and Prevention, which found that around one third of all food produced for human consumption is lost.   A range of other studies completed around the world have come to similar conclusions with findings of anywhere between 20% and 75% of crops produced being lost as a result of financial, managerial and technical limitations in harvesting techniques, storage and cooling facilities in difficult climactic conditions, lack of suitable infrastructure, and inappropriate marketing systems.   Food loss is described by the FAO as ‘the decrease in quantity or quality of food’. These are the agricultural or fisheries products intended for human consumption that are ultimately not eaten by people and includes products that have incurred a reduction in quality reflected in their nutritional value, economic value, or food safety. At 1.3 billion tons every year (enough to feed the world’s 870 million hungry people four times over) this is an incredible amount of food.   Since 2013, Connexxion, an IT solutions company based in Canberra, Australia, has been meeting with agricultural and government entities to discuss how they can assist countries in the pacific and around the world to limit food losses by implementing innovative and cost effective commodity management and tracking solutions. The key to these efforts, called AgriTrace, is a module of the Virtual Warehouse suite which uses a .Net web enabled interface that can be accessed from any standard web browser to provide visibility of the entire agricultural supply chain. AgriTrace offers primary producers and aggregators an unprecedented level of transparency into the entire lifecycle of their product from paddock to plate and is capable of increasing efficiency in contracts, pricing, records and commodity handling to assist growers to make more informed decisions and to attract a broader spread of buyers. It does this by giving growers access to a data repository of commodities information that can be used to drive change and improve the market sector.     The real time log of primary producers’ planned harvest can then be trended to find improvements and increase productivity. AgriTrace brings buyers and sellers together in a secure environment. You can find out more about the solution from their website or by contacting Mitchell Westra at and 0420 524 423.