The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-02-23T23:35:49Z Yella Terra Secures Exclusive Agency for US based Whipple Supercharger Products in Australia 2016-02-23T23:35:49Z yella-terra-secures-exclusive-agency-for-us-based-whipple-supercharger-products-in-australia Yella Terra Secures the Acquisition of the Exclusive Agency for the Whipple Supercharger Products in Australia. Australia, (MELBOURNE), February 23. 2016- Yella Terra has announced the acquisition of the Exclusive Agency for the Whipple Supercharger products in Australia. The Agency which is an exciting achievement for the Yella Terra Group came early 2016. This achievement is the culmination of over 9 years of Yella Terra’s continuous product marketing, and commitment to the Whipple range of products in Australia. The Yella Terra Group will be bringing an entirely new level of performance and excitement to the Australian and New Zealand Car Enthusiasts, racing professionals, engine tuners, and engine builders with the complete range of Whipple Superchargers. Whipple Superchargers are by far the best selling and most advanced supercharger systems offered in the performance world. In the USA, Ford Motorsport, GM Performance and Dodge Mopar Racing, all utilise Whipple based Supercharger systems because of their design and efficiency of compressing air before combustion. Twin Screw technology produces more power per boost than any other roots based system on the market.  it lower air temperatures. Yella Terra Group will offer Australian based Whipple kits for many different Australian vehicles in several different size configurations. The Yella Terra- Whipple Superchargers can be purchased as fully comprehensive complete kits, or as tuner kits with no fuel components to give you the flexibility to run your own upgraded fuel systems for hi boost applications. “With all the latest technology, the all new Whipple systems makes more power than any other positive displacement supercharger system on the market giving you neck whipping power that will give you a grin from ear to ear. The new Ford Australia V8 Mustang and GM’s Holden Commodore V8 Whipple systems are 100% complete and are designed for stock engines but have enough capability to work with heavily modified engines.” Says Morgan. For more information about Whipple Supercharger Products, visit: About Yella Terra Yella Terra has been designing, developing and manufacturing hi-performance products in Australia for over 50 years now.  From humble beginnings in the early 1960’s “Dyno” Dave Bennett and his staff have built Yella Terra into Australia’s leading manufacturer of roller rockers, performance cylinder heads, and supercharger systems. The success of Yella Terra has not been restricted to Australia. Today, Yella Terra produce private label hi-performance engine parts for the USA, its unique roller rocker designs proving an instant success when released in the USA during the early 1980’s. In recent times, Yella Terra Platinum Series race rockers have developed a dedicated following amongst US race engine builders. For more information about Yella Terra Group, visit: