The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-05-08T22:42:05Z VASCO Extends Biometrics Authentication Capability with DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition 2016-05-08T22:42:05Z vasco-extends-biometrics-authentication-capability-with-digipass-for-apps-face-recognition Sydney, NSW – 9 May 2016 - VASCO Data Security, a global leader in authentication, electronic signatures, and identity management, today announced DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition, a frictionless authentication option that enhances security and improves the user experience. DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition is a simple, secure and user-friendly feature that utilises multiple facial data points to accurately authenticate end users. Next generation liveness detection is used to defeat hacker spoofing techniques.   DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition uses a simple enrolment process. The user takes a series of “selfies” to create a highly accurate biometric template that is then encrypted for protection and stored. To authenticate, the user simply takes a “selfie” which is compared with the stored biometric template. A proper match, based on an accuracy score, completes the secure authentication process. Customers can further strengthen this process with additional contextual data, such as geolocation and device identification. This data can be analysed in real-time by VASCO’s IDENTIKEY Risk Manager to provide the most accurate analysis of risk. DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition also leverages a unique encrypted secure channel to ensure the highest level of security for data moving between the mobile device and the server. As a member of the Biometrics Institute, VASCO developed its solution to meet the organisation’s guidelines that encourage the responsible use and development of biometrics according to the highest standards.  “DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition is an ideal solution for organisations focused on reducing fraud losses by improving security while also improving the customer experience,” stated Dan Dica, Regional Director Pacific, India & Japan at VASCO Data Security. “We are happy to bring another innovation first to our clients around the globe.”  DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition is an optional feature within DIGIPASS for Apps. DIGIPASS for Apps is a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that natively integrates application security, two-factor authentication and other features into mobile applications. Through a complete library of APIs, organisations can extend and strengthen application security, deliver unprecedented convenience to users, and streamline application deployment and life cycle management processes.  See how DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition works in this video -   ENDS