The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-04-04T02:40:44Z ‘Honour our Heroes’ Relay Walk 1 May 2016 - Supporting recent war veterans (past veteran available to comment). 2016-04-04T02:40:44Z honour-our-heroes-relay-1-may-2016-supporting-recent-war-veterans We are hoping you can assist us to build a strong publicity campaign around the “Honour Our Heroes” Relay Walk that is being held on Sunday 1st May at Parramatta Park. The RSL & Services Clubs Association is a major partner with RSL LifeCare supporting the “Homes For Heroes” Program, which is working with homeless veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues as a result of their active service in defence of our nation. This service has been operating since March 2014 at RSL Life Care’s Narrabeen facility and will expand in June this year to a new centre being built in Penrith. Information on the “Homes For Heroes” Program (H4H) can be found via this link   The RSL & Services Clubs Association are coordinating a major fundraising campaign this year, working with Life Care, RSL NSW and RSL Defence Care, to assist with our target of raising one million dollars to help fund the Homes For Heroes service. So far, we have raised $550,000 towards our target. On Sunday 1st May, we are conducting the first “Honour Our Heroes” Relay Walk at Parramatta Park. We will be promoting this event through mainstream and social media and through our clubs across Sydney and NSW to secure teams to complete the 42 km Relay Walk. The Walk is to honour the 42 Australian men who gave their lives in Afghanistan. We hope to make this an annual event. A flyer on the event can be sent to you upon request. We are aiming to have 50 teams, from Clubs, Corporate Partners, Defence establishments and community groups, complete the Relay Walk over the whole day at Parramatta Park. We will be providing a full day’s entertainment and activities whilst team members each complete their three km leg of the Relay. There will be food stalls (including one from Parramatta RSL Club), information booths, children’s activities, live music and a full family day in the Park. It is anticipated that about 1500 people will attend the event through the day. To have teams walk 42 kms ( 14 x 3km circuits of the park) will take about 7 hours, so we have to keep people fed & watered and entertained for that whole period. The goal is to raise $200,000 from this event. This will be an ALCOHOL FREE event and all participants will be advised that alcohol is not permitted at the event.