The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2004-11-15T15:44:00Z DHL Strengthens Local IT Capabilities With Three New Developments 2004-11-15T15:44:00Z dhl-strengthens-local-it-capabilities-with-three-new-developments DHL, the world's leading express and logistics company, will invest more than AU$17 million (US$13 million) to expand the company's Global Information Services (GIS) Centre located at Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor in Cyberjaya, a key facility in the global co-ordination of information technology initiatives throughout the DHL network. The upgrade brings DHL's investment in the expansion and enhancement of its infrastructure, technology and network in the region to AU$1.54 billion (US$1.15 billion). The announcement caps an exciting period for DHL's local operation, following the completion of an intricate disaster recovery plan at a new site in Brisbane and the ongoing roll out of DHL's GPRS enabled hand held wireless solution systems right across the region. "The expansion at GIS Cyberjaya underscores DHL's growth strategy in the Asia Pacific, while our investment in a local recovery system and the continued roll out of GPRS enabled wireless technology reflects our commitment to maintaining a strong local IT structure," said Gary Edstein, Regional Director, DHL Express, Oceania GIS Centre and the 'follow the sun' work cycle The expansion of the GIS Centre in Malaysia will provide the needed capacity for the regional IT team and brings DHL's total investment in the facility, which was first established in 1998, to AU$87 million (US$65 million). This expansion plan and the September opening of a GIS centre in Prague, Czech Republic has also strengthened DHL's global IT operations structure. The two GIS centres are complemented by a third IS Centre in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the US. The three GIS Centres, strategically located across the three main continents of Asia, Europe and the US, are responsible for the design, development, implementation and the service delivery management of DHL's IT solutions. Together, they serve DHL's worldwide network and provide centralised technical and application support functions to DHL's business activities. By locating the IS centres in three different time zones and continents, DHL is able to employ a 'follow the sun' work cycle, offering customers complete IT support and services around the clock across the globe. The operations are handed over from Cyberjaya, Malaysia to Prague at 10.00 am CET and subsequently from Prague to Scottsdale, Arizona, USA at 18:00 CET daily. DHL and Wireless Technology In August, DHL Australia invested AU$750,000 on the launch of GPRS enabled courier scanners, enabling Australian customers to have access to complete shipment tracking services around the clock, across the globe, through DHL's 'follow the sun' work cycle. Supported by a 2.5G wireless network here in Australia, the wireless solution provides real-time information exchange and visibility with DHL's courier fleet by allowing 200 couriers across Australia to send and receive updates on packages in real time. The investment has resulted in improved communications, more efficient processes, a reduction in costs and ultimately, an improved service to DHL's customers. DHL and Disaster Recovery DHL's recently implemented disaster recovery plan provides a safety net for the company's Oceania data system in the case of a network or localised emergency. Operating from a new site in Brisbane on the GSM network, the system provides support in extreme cases where a local emergency such as a flood or a fire could damage the main data system and any additional support systems in the area. "We have made a huge investment in developing this Brisbane site so as to ensure that our customers have continued access to real time logistics solutions in the case of an emergency," said Gary Edstein, Regional Director, DHL Express, Oceania. Edstein continued, "As DHL grows from strength to strength, we will continue to deliver innovative IT solutions that support our business and ultimately translate into improved service quality for our customers. DHL's 'follow the sun' work cycle, made possible by the roll out of GPRS scanning technology and our investment in service facilities of the highest quality, is just one example of this." About the GIS Centre, Cyberjaya Malaysia DHL's expansion plan in the Cyberjaya facility reflects outstanding growth in the services provided to DHL customers throughout the region. The new building annexe will comprise four levels with a net built-up area of 85,000 sq ft. It will be linked to the existing US$52 million GIS building via two bridges, bringing the total capacity of GIS Cyberjaya to 185,000 sq ft. The centre will accommodate 550 people and include a new development data centre, 10 training rooms, over 20 discussion or meeting rooms, a cafeteria and staff recreation area. Built to the highest specifications to meet operational resilience levels demanded by DHL's business, construction of the new annexe begins this month and is scheduled for completion in mid-2005.