The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-05-02T06:19:30Z Transforming Industries from "Paper to Glass" 2016-05-02T06:19:30Z transforming-industries-from-paper-to-glass “I’ve had enough of all of this paper work.”Aaron Struhs, General Manager of a Fire Safety Consultant company reached the tipping point when he realised how much extra paperwork was going to be involved in order gain the Quality Certification they required to remain competitive in the market place.  Aaron recalls thinking to himself, “Surely there has to be a better way”. Rather than go with the status quo, he decided to scour the market for mobility solutions and ended up finding an Australian startup called Vertical Matters who have been making waves in this area throughout the construction industry. Aaron explained that the first issue with “paper” related to the double handling. “We’d have someone print out our reports, then they’d need to get filled out in the field, and then they’d need to be processed by someone at head office. It was actually triple handling - sometimes more!”, he added.Aaron and the team at Essential Safety Solutions knew that there were solutions out there that would allow them to digitise the process of capturing data in the field and partnered with Vertical Matters after hearing how rapidly they’d been able take companies to Triple Certification (ISO9001, AS/NZ4801 & ISO14001).  Besides from needing the rubber stamps to compete in tenders, they were also worrying about falling behind in the industry and wanted the certification to tighten up business processes.  The Vertical Matters team started by documenting their procedures and consulting with the business to implement the system and get them ready via internal audits.  After they learned how to identify the areas of non-conformance, how to report them and continually improve their system, they were ready to be externally audited.  In late July 2015, they passed with flying colours and received Triple Certification.  The whole process took 1 and a half months which exceeded Aaron’s expectations and fast tracked his business development planning. A spokesman for Vertical Matters stated that, “All businesses are different, but we were really pleased with the speed in which we were able to get the required outcome.”The journey has not ended and Aaron is committed to keep improving the system for future recertification audits.  They will also be using the system as the cornerstone for their field-based business operations which is going to set them apart in the marketplace.  Visit for more details.