The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-05-09T21:10:37Z DNW Group Acquires Para Mobility 2016-05-09T21:10:37Z dnw-group-acquires-para-mobility DNW Group expands reach into care sector with the acquisition of Para Mobility. Today DNW Group (DNW) announced the successful exchange of contracts for the purchase of Para Mobility, a leading manufacturer of mobility equipment in Australia.  Para Mobility is an innovative company with a unique understanding of the specific lifting requirements for people with mobility challenges.  Settlement of the business is to take place on 1 July 2016. DNW Group is motivated by the correlation of physical assets and human services.  The Group looks to acquire interests in companies that provide innovative solutions in health, child and aged care. At present, the Groups investment in the care sector is represented through ownership of Flexi Solutions providing innovative ergonomic products and solutions for the home and office environment.  This acquisition allows the company to take another step on their journey to influence the customer experience in the Care environment. According to DNW Group CEO, Dean Willemsen “Para Mobility aligns to our commitment to innovate the care industry through providing the highest quality of care possible while preserving independence and dignity. We want to look at the use of smart technologies as solutions into new models of care. Para Mobility has been working this way for years, it’s a logical fit for us.” DNW looks forward to welcoming the Para Mobility team to the broader Group over the coming months. For more information about Para Mobility visit: For further enquiries please contact: TCx Design Tracy Weller-McCormack +61 474 121 316 About DNW Group  DNW Group an independent organisation bringing together a group of companies that provides outstanding investments, market leading products and customer solutions across the property and care sectors. Across our group of businesses, we offer specialist expertise in property construction, land subdivision, property support services, agribusiness, and care. We invest in companies that have strong business ethics, who exist in industries with supply chain inefficiencies from which we can drive value over the longer term. In all our investments we take an active role in the development strategy and management of the business.