The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-06-01T06:46:45Z Liberals support small business states Julie Bishop 2016-06-01T06:46:45Z liberals-support-small-business-states-julie-bishop It’s great to hear our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop speak yesterday about the importance of small business as the backbone of Australia and as AMEP Senate Candidate for NSW I totally endorse those comments. But what’s been done to assist small business aside from proposing a tiny tax cut? No mention about the Red Tape that was promised to be cut at the last election. I was contacted this morning by a voter very concerned about the effect of Red Tape on his business as a Vehicle Certifier. He wasn’t worried about saving a few cents in tax, he was worried about the over reach of Government staff destroying his business and the prospects of his client’s specialist vehicles being allowed on the road. The Regulations say that a private, approved Engineer has the responsibility to certify that an individually built vehicle is safe and sound for use on the road. Should anything go wrong he carries, as part of his obligations, a very large insurance policy to protect those who drive the vehicles he certifies in the highly unlikely event anything should go wrong. All good so far. However, we now are seeing interference by government employees, who have no engineering role in the certification process, no insurance and are not approved as Certifiers, dipping their hands into the mix, deliberately raising road blocks and incorrectly applying Australian Design Rules to prevent local car enthusiasts from building a car from, say, a Kit from a well-known supplier!  This is not within their remit and the Regulators should be directed to assist local enthusiasts and local businesses build specialist cars rather than do everything they can to stop them.  A well-known Australian supplier of specialist cars and kits, PRB, was forced to shut down due the burdens placed upon by the Regulations and the Regulator. This would not happen overseas where similar businesses making very similar vehicles thrive with the support of common sense regulations and regulators. We need representation in Canberra that understands the needs of small business – a tiny tax cut helps but removing the Red Tape that strangles business and changing the attitude of Regulators is far more valuable.      Sorry or not for Julie Bishop 2016-06-01T02:05:48Z sorry-or-not-for-julie-bishop Oops Julie Bishop Did anyone feel a little bit sorry for Julie Bishop when she got tripped up on a radio yesterday about the hidden effects of the proposed changes to Super? It is hard for her to be on top of complex changes and even harder to defend bad policy.   While the major parties make decisions based on grabbing money from Australians whilst trying to lose the least votes, as Senate Candidate NSW AMEP I am able to make an independent decision based on our core values which include individual responsibility and lower taxation through Government efficiency. How can we allow a Government to change the Rules part way through the game?   The excellent idea of superannuation was introduced as a way to allow individual Australians, baring in mind our ageing population to build their own nest egg for their independent future and in so doing reduce the number of Australians relying on the aged pension.  What a great idea. It aimed to encourage people to save in this way, over their working life rather than just spending their money in younger years by giving some tax advantages.   No one can argue with that.  The government made rules and Australians played by those rules and built their nest egg to fund their own comfortable retirement rather than burdening younger tax payers who would otherwise be forced to pay for the older generations retirement years.    Win – win for Australians of all ages,  until Malcolm Turnbull ….  Now our Prime Minister, of all people is planning to change the rules half way through the game.  Australians who have worked hard, paid tax along the way and invested their savings into superannuation in accordance with the rules are now faced with being taxed on their earnings from balances over $1.6M for the first time when they planned their retirement in accordance with the rules.   ·       Why this arbitrary figure? ·      What happens if the value of the fund goes down with the share-market fall? ·      What happens if the value of the fund goes up? ·      Will someone suddenly have to pay tax?       Despite the PMs denial this is a retrospective change – individual Australians have invested their savings in according to the rules and now the rules are to be changed.    This retrospectively affects decisions made for investments probably 10 or 20 years or more ago when Australians did what the politicians wanted them to, invest in superannuation to self fund their future. This was never a rule or consideration.  The changes in rules that tripped up Julie Bishop “transition to retirement” the very sensible idea that people heading towards full retirement could be encouraged by taking a small pension from their superfund whilst still contributing part time to the work force and still make contributions.   This sensible idea and rule is now to be removed by a re-elected Turnbull Government to increase their tax revenue at the expense of thrifty Australian workers of retirement age.  As an AMEP Senator candidate if elected I will put commonsense thinking back into Government. Until such time as all Australians can be sure that Government spending is under control, Government hands should be kept out of the Superannuation savings of Australians.   Government spending is the problem, not Government revenue.  Sorry or not for Julie Bishop, you can certainly see why Julie Bishop wanted to avoid this discussion live on radio. ROB BRYDEN ANNOUNCED AS AMEP NUMBER 1 NSW SENATE CANDIDATE IN THE JULY 2016 ELECTION 2016-05-27T03:49:42Z rob-bryden-announced-as-amep-number-1-nsw-senate-candidate-in-the-july-2016-election Rob’s Message to the NSW Electorate “My name is Rob Bryden, I want to represent you as your independent AMEP voice in Canberra.  The major parties can no longer be trusted – they are not listening.   They are not doing what is best for our country, they are doing what is best for themselves and the narrow interest groups which control them.  We need decisions in Canberra being made based on what is best for all.   I pledge to vote independently on each issue after weighing up the pros and cons to come to the best decision, just like you do every day at home and at work.  That is what common sense is all about and that is what we need in Canberra.”  Statement from AMEP Party Leader Senator Ricky Muir “Rob is very well known around Australia for his dedication to improving road safety through better funding for main roads and highway and improved driver training. Rob has also founded and managed one of Australia’s leading personal injury law firms and his experience managing both corporate and not-for-profit organisations will be incredibly valuable to the people of New South Wales,” Mr Muir said. About Robert Bryden Rob is a prominent & highly successful personal injury lawyer who after 30 years and some 32,000 cases, exited his specialist legal business. This has allowed him to follow his passion and immerse himself in areas of policy, protecting Australians, cars, motor cycles, and sports and the rights of others. Rob developed a Road Safety Policy which was largely adopted by the current NSW Government and Roads Minister.  This directly resulted in the introduction of the Safer Learners Drivers Course in NSW, a course designed to train young drivers about Risk Identification and Risk Avoidance; vital considering the massive over representation of P-Plate drivers in accident statistics.Rob’s commitment to the NSW people will bring common sense and experience to the  arena, qualities that the political major parties lack.