The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-06-09T04:39:36Z Find out what causes bad breath & how to beat it 2016-06-09T04:39:36Z find-out-what-causes-bad-breath-amp-how-to-beat-it We’ve all had these moments – about to have an interview or a meeting, or going on a date, and suddenly you’re more aware than ever, that you may have bad breath. Or worse… your partner points out that you have bad breath. A whole packet of chewing gum and 20 mints later, crisis is averted. But no, an hour later it comes back to haunt us. What now? Let’s look into some of the common causes of bad breath, and how to get rid yourself of this common ailment more permanently.Discover how you can beat bad breath forever with these dental tips brought to you by the team at Greville Road Medical & Dental in Rosanna, Victoria.