The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-02-09T02:44:45Z OXYMAX Australia are pleased to announce our newest Ambassador ANNA PAPPAS, Celebrity STYLIST, Skincare Enthusiast and co-author of You Can…Be Your Own Stylist. 2017-02-09T02:44:45Z oxymax-australia-are-pleased-to-announce-our-newest-ambassador-anna-pappas-celebrity-stylist-skincare-enthusiast-and-co-author-of-you-can-be-your-own-stylist Aligning Anna to our OXYMAX brand didn’t take much convincing or if any at all.  Anna’s background in Health Sciences, having worked for some internationally re-nowned skincare companies was the perfect fit for OXYMAX as Pappas knows how important skincare is to how you look, feel and present yourself.  Anna’s beliefs and holistic approach is not only in skincare but fashion too Pappas says “everything starts from the inside, to look and feel your best health and vitality is  essential”.   Anna Pappas background is not only skin but FASHION, she is the stylist that celebrities go to when they need to be red carpet ready, her keen eye for detail, on pulse with style and trends and her affiliations with the world’s best has seen her on the  Reality TV Show STYLE WARS’ for Fashion |One TV.   Pappas who has styled many celebrities and known faces over the years and is also the co-author of ‘You Can…Be Your Own Stylist.     We at OXYMAX are very passionate about our product and brand and wanted to partner with Pappas due to her holistic approach to skincare and fashion, combining both of these ingredients is a recipe for confidence and  looking  and feeling your best from top to toe.  Pappas experience in these fields will only enhance the OXYMAX Journey.    Follow the continued OXYMAX journey and allow for Anna Pappas to explain and demonstrate to her readers and fans what OXYMAX is about.   OXYMAX to exhibit at COSMOPROF Bologna, Italy 2017-01-30T00:56:42Z oxymax-to-exhibit-at-cosmoprof-bologna-italy COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna is the leading 360° worldwide event for the professional beauty sector and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry.   OXYMAX are proud to announce they will be exhibiting at COSMOPROF Bologna  coinciding with their 50 year celebration.   The OXYMAX wellness range is unique in the Australian market offering luxury skincare products fortified with stabilised oxygen. Our products are derived from 100% natural sources that are high in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that protect cells from premature aging and immune cell damage. We use only the finest essential oils, botanical plants and extracts. The wellness range is a holistic blend of skin care applied topically and a liquid oxygen concentrate taken orally. OXYMAX extensive range of vegan products contains 100% Australian sourced natural ingredients bursting with antioxidants, vitamin and nutrients to stimulate your collagen and skin cell growth. We look forward to connecting with our current clients and meeting with new clients also.  We will keep you posted on our location. Zana Pali from MKR (My Kitchen Rules) talks about her skincare regime and the benefits of using natural, oxygenated skincare. 2016-12-17T01:45:58Z zana-pali-from-mkr-my-kitchen-rules-talks-about-her-skincare-regime-and-the-benefits-of-using-natural-oxygenated-skincare Skincare is very important and using the right one for your skin is crucial, Zana uses OXYMAX skincare in her daily regime, Pali says: I am not a big fan of botox, chemicals or caking on make-up to hide your face. I mean, sure when a make-up artist dolls you up for a TV show, runway or a special event you go with it; but when I wake up every morning I am more concerned about how my skin feels than what it is going to look like at work. Skincare is very important which is why I think it is strange that many women are happy spending hundreds of dollars on make-up but then use a $5.00 moisturiser? I am always keen to care for my skin no matter the cost so I was excited to try the new products from Oxymax. They are an Australian owned company based in Melbourne that have actually been around since 2001. Believe it or not, oxygen plays a massive role in our skin; we don't just breathe the stuff, but our skin does too! Our lungs carry molecular oxygen into the bloodstream straight to the cells and tissues of the body which purifies, oxidises and rids the blood of toxins. Have you noticed how a holiday out by the seaside with fresh ocean breezes can help clear up your skin and make you more relaxed? Now contrast that to the pressurised oxygen in an airplane cabin that makes your face dry and skin itchy after just 2 hours in the air! Unfortunately for me, I work in an office with air-conditioning non stop (although I am considering setting up office on a remote island somewhere).  There is a science behind it all! Oxygen calms the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, relieves mental fatigue (just ask my husband, he knows I need the extra oxygen) and even helps respiratory conditions like asthma. The natural skincare products available from Oxymax are derived from natural sources, without harsh chemicals, fragrances or colours and they are all fortified with stabilised oxygen which penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate and promote collagen production. Their moisturiser was so gentle yet so nourishing, my skin felt like I had just stepped out of a day spa! Read the full transcript and  all about the benefits in her blog OXYMAX are unique in the market find out why by visiting our website: For any photos, interviews or images, please contact:   Julie De Maria OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd e: m: +614 02 898 722 f: i:   For more information on OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd and their products, visit: OXYMAX Wellness Range Competition 2016-10-01T02:37:45Z oxymax-wellness-range-competition Did you know that you can purchase OXYMAX worldwide, our dedicated 1800 699 629 number can reach us from any country in the world. To coincide with our new OXYMAX logo, OXYMAX packaging and Wellness Range Luxury skincare - we are offering one of our lucky customers the chance to win a complete OXYMAX Wellness Range valued at over $800.00. Our skincare is scheduled for release in November and the lucky winner will have a chance to win our range before it is released in Australia and overseas. Our OXYMAX Wellness Range is an Australian made collection of eight skincare products and an oral liquid concentrate to help eliminate toxins and enhance the uptake of vitamins and minerals. Our OXYMAX skincare products are high in natural quality ingredients that promote healthy skin and cell rejuvenation. Our signature OXYMAX concentrate enhances wellbeing, detoxing, energy, endurance and youthful skin. You need to be in the competition to win, follow the simple steps to enter into the draw below: 1. Follow us on Instagram : 2. Follow us and Like us on Facebook: 3. Take a photo with your current bottle of OXYMAX Concentrate (i.e. Andi Lew picture to the right) 4. Tell us in a few words why you enjoy taking OXYMAX 5. Most importantly you must tag us on Instagram 6. The best picture and message will WIN. Good Luck, the lucky winner will be drawn Friday 2nd December just in-time to pamper yourself by Christmas. In the next couple of months when you place your order you will receive the new and improved OXYMAX bottle packaging. If you are looking for a Christmas Gift our skincare range will be available just in time. Please ensure you check our website and social media pages for updates. We hope that you enjoy the OXYMAX journey with us as our products are made especially for you with love. Regards, The OXYMAX Team Julie De Maria OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd +614 02 898 722email us here Andi Lew, Miss World Australia and OXYMAX Wellness Journey continues 2016-08-21T01:23:24Z andi-lew-miss-world-australia-amp-oxymax-wellness-journey-continues Andi has been mentoring Miss World Australia Madeline Cowe on the importance of nutrition and exercise.  Ms Lew’s extensive wellness experience spans over 13 years, with 6 books to her credit.  OXYMAX partnered with Ms Lew in July to promote and encourage wellness with their existing and new clients and to date we have been impressed.  Ms Lew decided to take on a “ditch the coffee “challenge recently by replacing caffeine with OXYMAX each morning.  Andi has felt that her training has been better without the nerve stimulant of a coffee.  By taking 5-10mls of OXYMAX Concentrate in your morning juice or smoothie may provide you with more energy, brain clarity, endurance whilst training and help with post recovery after your workout, it may also assist with your metabolism and help eliminate toxins.   The high level of bioavailable oxygen in the ionically activated water can be available to your red blood cells for cellular metabolism and packed with 84 trace minerals no wonder why Andi loves taking it.   Recently Andi Lew was in Cairns with the beautiful Miss World Australia Madeline Cowe on a photoshoot location, Ms Lew gifted Madeline with a bottle of OXYMAX given Lew's experience taking it and hoped that Ms Cowe would benefit from its wellness properties.  Ms Cowe was quoted as saying that “she was excited to try OXYMAX”.   OXYMAX looks forward to hearing all about Miss World Australia Madeline’s wellness journey. So come on and follow us as we look forward to enhancing your wellness journey.   For any photos, interviews or images, please contact:   Julie De Maria OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd e: m: +614 02 898 722 f: i:   For more information on OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd and their products, visit: Announcing the Partnership of OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd and wellness coach Andi Lew 2016-07-28T05:27:40Z announcing-the-partnership-of-oxymax-australia-pty-ltd-amp-andi-lew Melbourne, Australia - OXYMAX is proud to announce the partnership with Certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and best-selling author, Andi Lew. We are excited to join her on a wellness crusade after meeting Andi at the launch of her sixth book; Wellness Loading.  Only last week Lew was featured on Channel 9 educating consumers of the importance to eat healthy snacks with her Real Food Fit Protein Bars.    Lew, a health conscious mother of 6 year old son; Beaudy, runs a cooking school in Melbourne for people who want to be inspired to set goals towards better health. Lew educates the community to find healthier alternatives to sugar, wheat or gluten and cow’s dairy. The importance of understanding “prevention is the cure” and how to create vitality is a strength of Andi’s.   "I'm all about eating as close to nature as possible," she said.   "And anything that includes peaking your performance or ageing as naturally as possible, is always going to be of interest," the author continued.   Lew now has the opportunity to do just that at the various events she is involved with.  Partnering with OXYMAX supports her ability to educate others to be inspired towards wellness and health in a holistic approach. "Loading up on wellness includes taking 5-10mls of OXYMAX a day, in my cold pressed apple juice or green smoothie. The very high level of bio-available oxygen which is a solution of ionically activated water and Himalayan crystal salt, containing 84 trace minerals, is exactly what I want for enhancing cell repair and anti-oxidant activity." Lew says.   We at OXYMAX are very passionate about our product and brand and wanted to partner with Lew due to her passion, high energy, love for life and all things wellness. Lew’s expertise in the industry will enhance the OXYMAX journey and allow for Lew to explain and demonstrate to her readers and fans what OXYMAX is about.     So come on and follow us as we look forward to enhancing your wellness journey.   For any photos, interviews or images, please contact:   Julie De Maria OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd e: m: +614 02 898 722 f: i:   For more information on OXYMAX Australia Pty Ltd and their products, visit: