The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-01-21T13:55:05Z The Dark Web (or 'Darknet'​) - It's a small dot, just about to expand 2017-01-21T13:55:05Z the-dark-web-or-darknet-it-s-a-small-dot-just-about-to-expand This Press Release is in prompted by an article raising interesting news from, which the Author Mr. Smith expected was well and truly bound to happen. A link is attached at the bottom of the page to the article. After reading the article today, Mr. Smith knew it was coming. He said, "As one of the very few court Expert Witness individuals that can be called upon independently to give expert evidence in Dark Web cases, I must state that the following article is somewhat not surprising to me. In complete anonymity, through sheer misunderstanding of a court, its prosecutors', and the lack of any evidence 'beyond reasonable doubt', I have seen too many people remanded for months and months waiting for the Police to 'find' evidence and even understand it." "My personal view is, that in the contrary, until somebody is found guilty with evidence, they should have the right to freedom of movement. As a programmer of a variant iOS TOR Browser myself, I know that my users expect anonymity because they are sick of large companies spying on them. How many companies have 'lost' sensitive information recently? People have to do something to protect their information. I have nothing to hide, and so does 99% of the population, but when you have seen what I have seen, and met the eye of injustice - you must insist on your right to privacy." "I have only recently seen what authorities can do without you even being aware, in relation to monitoring, bugging, and tracing. One misconception is that many people mistakenly confuse the Dark Web with the Deep Web. Let me explain the difference very clearly, because even experts get this wrong. The Deep Web is everything we cannot search for, naturally, our emails, our items we would expect to be under lock and key. We access it every day." Therefore, it is obvious, the internet as we know of is made up of three segments. The Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web. The Surface Web is everything else intended to be public. The Dark Web is a tiny dot of the Deep Web. People may not know that the Dark Web is not intended to be a 'bad dangerous place', and should not be if you don't seek the wrong sites. It was never intended to be a black market or to be used in that way. Mr. Smith stated, "Some of you may have heard of TOR, or 'The Onion Router'. This is software which does the connections. It is one of the limited ways to access the Dark Web mostly (.onion) websites. As mentioned there are variants out there, but run the same open source code that have been upgraded. Essentially TOR is a service that runs on top of the internet (very securely playing hop, skip, and jump)". "Many do not know, but it was actually developed by the United States Navy for the purposes of creating intelligent and untraceable secure communications. It was used to gather intelligence from people anonymously who needed to get a message out without fear in other countries, say for example, who need help but have the internet monitored as such they would be killed if they leaked out information. The United States military used this as a way to communicate through the public internet with intelligence agents, as well as Americans that were stationed abroad without being detected as it has a highly secure handshaking cryptic mechanism that albeit slow, is practically untraceable. Eventually the United States Navy released "The Onion Router" code to the public in 2004, and in 2006 a group of developers formed the "The Onion Router" as an open source project and it has since been ported to different platforms, like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac etc. It is known to most of us via the media for its' use for illegal activity, but this only makes up a tiny percentage of the sites it serves." "What the below article means is that essentially the technology that we use to browse the Dark Web (the secure onion sites, that's if you even use the browser for that) is going to be easier opened up to the public in reverse. It is going to now be easier for common people to host content (like web servers) that are secret, and not discoverable, via normal DNS lookups and allow people to essentially become more involved in the 'hidden internet'. It does not necessarily mean illegal or dangerous activity. I caution people though, that since the Government and judiciary do not appear to be fully understand the Dark Web (apparent in their sudden ban on the Pirate Bay which clearly does not fix the problem), this will mostly be taken as a negative. From a cybercrime perspective, I see no change", he said. "Cybercriminals will still be criminals. They should be caught and charged, this is not going to change anything for them. As an ethical hacker, I will be the first to say that there is no benefit to the sudden blockage of 'The Pirate Bay' and there will be no benefit to any kind of similar restrictions to the Internet in general. In fact, I fear Cybergeddon is here, and that the human element lack of education, misunderstanding of what is hacking compared to negligence, and rushed decisions or attempts to censor the internet will actually cause chaos and raise cybercrime beyond control." The moral of this story and others Mr. Smith has written about is that there is always a smart way to catch somebody involved in cybercrime, even in the most difficult cryptographic situations, and it is not always about the technology. The article on is available here:  If you think you can hide behind a VPN, think again! Cyber Forensic Private Investigator Simon Smith catches Cyber-criminal 2017-01-16T00:44:23Z if-you-think-you-can-hide-behind-a-vpn-think-again-cyber-forensic-private-investigator-simon-smith-catches-cyber-criminal Cyber-stalkers, cyber-scammers, and cyber-criminals often hide their IP address behind an anonymous VPN, many available on the online, masking any trace of their online identity to an unknown server with no log of their activity, court order or not. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 16/1/2017 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, SIMON SMITH, COPY WITH CREDIT PERMISSIBLE, WITH REFERENCE BACK TO THIS ARTICLE AND WWW.SIMONSMITH.COM.AU. If you think you are protected from an Anonymous VPN, think again.Simon Smith of eVestigator manages to crack a case, and reverse the irreversible!In absolutely what would have been an impossible situation, a disgruntled staff member broadcasted defamatory material to over 1,000 clients of a training Academy to all its' past and present students stating that the male teacher is a paedophile. In desperation, the owner came to me for help. "After tracking the attack which was sent out to the companies mailing list by 'SurveyMonkey', and using my techniques to get an IP address (which was not easy) I felt a sigh of relief"."However, only to find he had used a VPN service with a no logging policy that literally never kept logs. Through strategic investigation I monitored the banking records of the company and the staff member had used the company credit card to subscribe to a VPN service", Mr. Smith said.Mr. Smith went on to say, "human strategy and psychology is part of the game in Cybercrime. So I thought I would download the client and give some of the servers a test to see what IP addresses I might find"."SurveyMonkey were helpful by providing me with the USER-AGENT request variable which came in handy, because when I connected to the very VPN service that the only other staff member who had access and control to whom had suddenly quit, not only did I get a match on the IP, but a match on the USER-AGENT from the alleged PC. So that's Reverse-IP Tracing even if you have a VPN for you.""Case Closed! Busted", said Mr. Smith. Mysterious Uber charges when you're asleep? Simon Smith, the eVestigator® may know why 2017-01-12T13:01:16Z -46 Simon Smith explains to "A Current Affair" a possible reason why mysterious trips and meals appear on Australian's credit cards made from hacked Uber Accounts Why do people always say their accounts have been hacked? "If only Yahoo knew the damage at large they may have caused by not telling people about 1.5 billion accounts being stolen, and waiting so long. The likeliness of people using similar details - and a dictionary style attack being used to generate known Uber accounts is highly probable", Mr. Smith Said. On his way to the Channel Nine studio he was pondering in the Taxi and decided to do a little test and make his own account. "Secondly, I personally was surprised when I was able to create an account merely with a mobile phone number (without verification) and literally the password, password123", Mr. Smith shook his head whilst in the Taxi. Mr. Smith later came to learn that Uber's position is that there is no concern with the App that credit cards are stored. "I agree, that's the least of anyone's concern", Mr. Smith said to Channel Nine. He explained that essentially, "the Uber login credentials is the most important part, as it is a trusted source directly to the customers' PayPal, Google Wallet and credit card, a direct key in!". Mr. Smith has been programming since he was an 11 year old boy, professionally and for industry from 19 and teaching from 22 whilst still in the industry and is rather unique in his skillset. He grew up at the exact right time. He wrote web servers and mail servers as they were becoming widespread and bulletin boards were being phased out in favour of the Internet! He is also a competent enterprise application developer, not just smartphones, but "real" Applications, and has worked for Pharmaceutical, CRM, GEO-IP mapping, API & SDK for programmers and high level devices that came way before the Android and iPhone. He built modern digital dictation systems almost 15 years ago running on Windows CE on handheld devices that ran an entire hospital system in Texas, and also the foot pedal integration with iTunes, Media Player, and other vendors for the transcription and workflow management. He has worked on high level integration tools for programmers and is now an industry expert for the courts and entrepreneur. Looking at the Uber APK After the interview, Mr. Smith wanted to take a closer look at this Android Apk. He commented, "Honestly, as an App Developer and Source Code Auditor, the APK of the Android App does not look very secure either". He did not elaborate further on that point. Maybe that will be something for later? Who knows! A copy of the "A Current Affair" segment aired on 11/1/2017 is below and Copyright Channel 9. contact Simon Smith as a Cyber Forensic Private Investigator or Expert Witness, please see the direct media contact below or visit Smith's brief of credentials and experience can be found here.  Why is there so much cyber 'hacking' going on right now? Computer Digital Forensics Expert says 'look closer'. 2016-12-24T20:46:21Z why-is-there-so-much-hacking-going-on-all-over-the-world-simon-smith-from-evestigator-has-the-answer FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Upon reading the attributed link labelled, "The evolution of hacking" - written by "The Guardian" and listed at the end of this article, Simon Smith, a real practicing certified expert White Hat Ethical Hacker and successful Senior forensic Private Investigator, Court Expert Witness, and Master Programmer wanted to set the media straight on some home truths. In an interview today, this is what Mr. Smith had to say. "As a Computer Forensics Expert Private Investigator and Master Programmer, Ethical White Hat Hacker and successful Senior Analyst Programmer, reverse engineer, Expert Witness and trainer in this discipline I cannot disagree any more with this article and the general consensus the world seems to love to blame their negligence and lack of knowledge on 'hackers'." "Firstly a hacker's greatest strength is the weakness of the humans of the target organisation. The weakness to any information system is the human. Taking all technology out of the picture, basic psychology, mind manipulating and strategic planning in dealing with humans in the target organisation is gold." "The next biggest strength to a hacker is the weakness and inability of the organisation to hire competent staff to run and test internal and external penetration and security testing. Such a job would save billions of dollars in the class action lawsuits these companies who try to blame "state sponsored actors" or "hackers" as a mechanism to hide their own liability, negligence and stupidity." "The hacker to this point has done nothing. I would say we are at 80% of the job at this point. Look at the human psychology of the recent Virgin airline that was stopped by the entire airport staff, extremely smart pilots, and fooled that the plane was carrying a Galaxy Note 7 causing major havoc. The human here is the cyber issue. It was merely a person who changed the name of their WiFi hotspot to 'Samsung Galaxy Note 7'."  "We are our worst enemy. If we don't even know that, yet we are supposed to be smart enough to elect presidents and prime ministers that can push a button to send a nuclear bomb, and we are also supposed to be smart enough to vote on a jury as to someone lives, dies or goes to jail for the rest of their life then we are the hackers." "We are entering a stage where we believe augmented reality is fun yet we stop people from playing games with ratings, but are happy to send them info a paedophile's back yard to catch a pokemon." "From an expert who deals with real cyberbullying, cybercrime and has busted scams well over 6 million dollars that the police couldn't achieve in half a decade in as little as two days, I say to the world be warned as it's our sheer lack of awareness and focus that gives rise to these attacks and the Company's releasing all sensitive information are not only liable but negligent and accountable." "We have opened the doors to trickery from these Company's. I however can see right through their games. If a case comes past me be prepared!" "This demonstrates that the world leaders must listen very carefully. We are seeing too many cyber crimes and so-called hacking events. If they were legitimate why does it take companies like Yahoo to wait 2 years to tell their customers, 'by the way- our systems were not good enough and we gave out 500 million of your records, then another billion but only tell you now when it becomes public that the database is being sold on the dark web'." "Wake up! It is not DDoS, hackers, state sponsored attacks. It is excuses because the company's did not have sufficient resources to protect the integrity of the data and for that they should be sued via class action and the so-called hackers should actually be congratulated for showing the world how little these Company's care about our privacy and how great the length they are prepared to go to withhold serious suable and negligent information from their customers who entrust them with their personal details." "This is Cybergeddon, World War 3 and the Company's and lack of education of the citizens is what will destroy what we just cannot accept or perceive to be reality because we don't want to admit we are wrong. We have it wrong. The public need education and Company's who commit such breaches should be shown the full extent of the law and sued in the biggest class actions the world has ever seen." "For this to happen the world needs to understand the root cause of what the media and public deem a 'hacking' incident. By definition they need to rethink this because they are technically wrong and will be responsible for their own cyber terrorism if they cannot accept this simple fact", said Mr. Smith who is very well known and passionate about his work and deals with cyber attacks every day. This press release was written in response to: WORLD NEWS: World War III is here - and we are blind - It's Cybergeddon says Simon Smith, Cyber Forensics Intelligence Expert 2016-12-23T09:41:22Z the-world-must-take-notice-of-its-lack-of-cyber-knowledge-it-is-the-new-world-war FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEIf this is not enough evidence that the world is in trouble then what is?This press release is in response to the article attributed to BBC News, identified here: "After reading that article, I am appalled, ashamed, speechless and feel the most insecure in my country and in the world as I have ever felt", Mr. Simon Smith stated to the media today. Mr. Smith is a highly qualified Cybersecurity Computer Forensics Private Investigator expert and CSO of eVestigator. "I have always stated in my 20 years of programming and IT teaching and expert experience that 'the human is the weakest link in any information system' but until now, sadly I didn't realise how - to be frank - stupid this link was. This now proves to be the biggest danger to the next world war in my eyes and the Governments of the world must take notice to this article as the next world war is going to be created by us, through our own lack of sense and it will be known as Cybergeddon", according to a statement made in response to this article by Mr Smith. It was Mr. Smith's strong view that if the world is concerned about political affairs, concerned about nuclear warfare, threats of terror, yet cannot even observe the most simplest "primary school knowledge based trick" right its' eyes then Mr. Smith strongly stated that there is something seriously wrong with the priorities, the spending and the way the world sees the danger. Mr. Smith is a trained white hat ethical hacker and reverse engineering expert and has appeared on television demonstrating for the good of exposing consumer flaws, credit card hacks, and has been responsible for catching over $6 million dollars worth of cyber-criminals that the police have either been too lazy to find or incapable.  Mr. Smith is an expert Cybersecurity and Cyber-terrorism but places a large element of his work down to common sense. "As an Expert Witness and Computer Digital Forensics Investigator I have been very successful in finding and producing evidence of multiple cyber-stalkers, hackers, and cyber-scammers. I have caught white collar fraud criminals and quite often provide victims in Australia resolutions to their cybercrimes where the police may have spent 5 years 'purporting' to work on their job only to give up after 'exhausting all avenues'. Most of these 'cold cases' I usually resolve in 1-2 days", Mr. Smith stated. "What alarms me about this story, is its systemic undereducated nature. Something so basic for consumer grade computer knowledge has the ability to disrupt and fool an entire aircraft and its' staff who are professionals in what they do. How are we educating people today? A WiFi hotspot can be called anything and is an insecure risk in itself. People quite happily go to McDonalds and go on the internet without realising the potential for Man-in-the-Middle attacks and/or phishing attacks or employee fraud. VPN's may be free, but are they just merely invitations to give your identity to a third party. My strong advice to consumers is, at what expense do you value your human right to identity?", Mr. Smith asked. "My point here is, this most simplest consumer knowledge trick amongst competent pilots and staff can be fooled so easily, and amongst confusion comes the ability for mind manipulation and real cyber-terrorism." Mr. Smith has Qualifications in Cybercrime and Cyberattacks and especially in mitigation, and security and risk management. He also has Department of Homeland Security recognised Qualifications that focus specifically on the manipulative attacks and tricks that hackers can use to disrupt an information system. Mr. Smith however maintains that one must look at the human element and the destructive path to confusion that this example has caused. He compares it to opening up a jar of bees and letting them loose. Each bee is capable of stinging somebody and each person who is stung is capable of performing an act of Cyber-terrorism. "If we as humans cannot even understand what a WiFi hotspot is, yet we are given the power as jury to send someone to jail, or power as voters, to elect a President or Prime Minister, in this new age we must be nothing but absolutely incompetent as we are electing ourselves into our next world war", Mr. Smith said. "I can safely say that before reading this I thought Australia and its police force were the most incompetent of all countries when it came to Cybersecurity. I am probably incorrect. In this event, the person who set his WiFi setting should not be punished at all, he should be congratulated and endorsed for demonstrating how negligent an entire airline", Mr. Smith stated. Mr. Smith was quick to compliment the airline and its staff for being diligent and being experts in their profession.  "We are not dealing with people here that are of below average IQ. We are dealing with extremely smart people. Pilots have such an aptitude for mathematics, science and logic comparable to that of very few industries. On the other hand, an airline is supposed to take care of your life, operate technical instruments that elevate you safely into the air, travel in excess of 900 km an hour, use sensitive global positioning systems and land you in one piece. There is so much training and skill that goes into that exercise, it is beyond belief. Whenever I land, I continue to believe it is the workings of science fiction", Mr. Smith stated. However Mr. Smith, being a logical centred person could not understand one piece of this puzzle. "Despite the pilot, mission control and all staff being well tasked, not one person could understand what a consumer 802.11ghz WiFi hotspot was? In today's age, I would say if I was to ask a Grade 3 primary school boy or girl that question I would most likely get a correct answer. If I was a guessing person, I would guess that the Government would have equally been fooled. I see Magistrates and Judges getting fooled simply because they do not know. That is no excuse as it affects all our lives", Mr. Smith strongly stated. "This illustrates one of my strongest findings in every single Cybersecurity breach or alleged breach I come across and I stand by this finding. There is almost always an element of human failure from the reporting person that is dare I say, almost always uninformed. This is why I always offer to look at a job first without quoting. I am ethical and that is the only way to proceed. People will swear they have been hacked, I will tell them otherwise after looking. They will believe what they believe, just as the media can influence people to believe what they want their readers to believe", Mr. Smith said. "The moral of this story is if the world is investing money in preparing itself for wars, spending billions of dollars, pretending to care about Cybercrime - when really they are untrained and have no idea, then it has forgotten the biggest war of all. Cybergeddon - and it is here now, and it will not go away. This is a war that, I can say as a Certified White Hat Ethical Hacker and Cybersecurity expert predict has the ability to shutdown the entire worlds operations through the sheer combination of human incompetence and mind manipulation, and basic IT techniques which plays a big part in cybersecurity. Most people think 'hacking' is a magical way of getting into some locked inaccessible account. Of recent times, I think it would be fair to say that is what Yahoo would like you to think. It is most certainly not. It is a balance of finding the weakness in the victim and the strength of the attacker - but above all the strength in the strategy and intelligence of common sense. When I have caught scammers about 20% of my energy goes into forensics, and 80% goes into intelligence", stated Mr. Smith. "If the public is not intelligent enough to detect the most simple false positive of all, then we are going to see a very ugly world - very fast, a world of mind, computer, and government manipulation, cyber-terrorism and censorship, augmented reality gone wrong, all at such simplicity - one would need average computer skills to commit such crimes. In fact they will not even be labelled crimes. Unless the governments of the world come together and recognise these weaknesses, and pay particular attention to what I am saying here, they are never going to realise how weak they are. The mind is very powerful, and it is humans that control computers. When the human is given a false perception of reality, you have just turned the ignition on cyber-war", Mr. Smith warned. Mr. Smith is available for interview on the below Simon Smith Cyber Forensic Private Investigator says Australia is in Dark Waters 2016-12-15T10:21:28Z simon-smith-cyber-forensic-private-investigator-says-australia-is-in-dark-waters Australia has serious Cyber-security issues and Yahoo just explained some of them Simon Smith aka eVestigator is a popular Computer Forensics Private Investigator and Cyber Expert. He is known for solving complex cyber-crimes and cyber-stalking cases and high-tech cases that the police have or will not touch. After he first reported about the unbelievable Cyber-security event of 500 million Yahoo accounts being "brought out in the open" here, not only 6 months later - we learn that there are more secrets that Yahoo have not told their customers. "You have got to be kidding me", Mr. Smith said. "After all of my cyber-stalking, identity theft, cyber-crime, cyber-scam victims, account hacking information like this could have come in handy knowing it was 'out there'. It could have saved teenage lives with cyber-bullying suicides on the rise, it could have saved people their entire life savings, I'm speechless." Mr. Smith literally was speechless. This was one of those rare times. He could not believe how such a big company could first of all try to blame the first 500 million on "state sponsored" attacks and take such a relaxed approach over 1 billion. "I am shocked and of sheer disbelief that this commercial organisation has to wait for an exploitation of information to actually tell their customer they have been compromised." Mr. Smith is a professional expert White Hat Hacker. "It is all too easy to say 'we were hacked'. It is a very nice scapegoat. Let me tell you something about hacking. It isn't magic. There is no smoke and mirrors. It comes down to a balance of the strength of the attacker and the weakness of the defender. On two occasions Yahoo have been proven to have weak Cyber-security systems. Hacker's don't really have magical powers. They work off others' mistakes and exploits. The systemic problem here is - let's not look at the fact they were hacked. Let's look at why they were hacked? A $10 company could have more security than Yahoo. It is irrelevant on the Hacker's side", Mr. Smith said. "My personal opinion is to 'run' and 'run fast'. As a Cyber-security expert if you care about your identity and privacy - run. Yeah, 500m and not telling us - that's kinda normal I suppose, but 1 billion, sorry that's pushing it Yahoo", Mr. Smith said. "That is a public warning of opinion and it is my personal opinion. I'm more disturbed with the fact that Yahoo felt it so necessary to hide it. That is where the real shame comes in. Verizon, I'd be doing some pretty big due diligence here", Mr. Smith warned. What does Simon say in regards to APAC Regulators Set to Up Cyber-scrutiny in the Asia Pacific? "Too late. The Government apparently thinks they are doing a wonderful job now", Mr. Smith said. "What can I say, or should I even say anything at all? Australia - you are about 10 years too late. I am of sheer disbelief. On a daily basis, catching cyber-scammers and cyber-stalkers, fraudsters and being at the forefront of white collar crime, having seen all the representations that the Australian Government make, I'd like to set some home truths", is what Mr. Smith said earlier today."The Australian Government has invested millions of dollars into the so-called awareness of cyber-crime and further, enforcement and so-called reporting via ACORN. This agency has turned out to be a complete waste of taxpayers money as it is not only useless, it is actually worse than useless, it lets scammers run away and gives the police a scapegoat to pass on the job of doing any real detective work", Mr. Smith said. Mr. Smith has had a lot of cases in dealing with Cyber-crime at the forefront and producing factual evidence for use in court. He has solved scam and stalking cases that police could not solve in over 5 years. He has been very successful in his investigations and has appeared on local television of recent times on both the Today show, the Today Extras show as well as the 7:30 report on the ABC. "I came into a situation recently where I found key information in a multi-million dollar SCAM and at the speed of lightning gave this information through ACORN and then it was one of the lucky ones that actually made it to the police. The next minute some untrained, borderline primary school IT level police 'detective' assigned by ACORN rings me up and refuses to look at my factual findings. The reasons given were egotistical. After a report to the relevant authorities, and then the Ombudsman as it turns out he was wrong at fact and had no idea what he was talking about", Mr. Smith stated. Mr. Smith likes to help out his clients' through the entire process and when resistance is seen by the police it is often frustrating for the victim. He is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and has written textbook material on Grief and Trauma and knows the aftermath of such a crisis. He understands the impact victims have in these situations, such empathy, he states, police and authorities lack. "My client lost all his money and ended up in a mental institution. Every single day I am told by clients that they are turned away from the police with a variety of excuses. There is clearly an inability even to refer correctly, which shows a real systemic problem. When it comes to Financial crimes, this is something I have had a lot of experience with. The regulator's can pretend to take action and make changes but at the end of the day it comes down to sheer scapegoating and liability shifting", said Mr. Smith. When Mr. Smith was asked if there were enough police resources to combat Cybercrime he said, "Yes, they have access to free training via the FBI but choose not to use it". When Mr. Smith was asked if the banks have genuine and reliable software solutions to detect Fraud he stated, "In my expert opinion as a professional software developer of 20 years, not they most certainly don't. Not only do they not have good enough software, the weakest link is in any information system is the people. Their fraud department is a big team of legal counsel trying to pass liability somewhere else. They have guarantees they have to abide by - and I know what they are." He went on to say, "The average consumer doesn't realise this and they play on that. I've seen it happen. That's going to change. With respect to the police training, experts like me have to pay and attain the best Australia has and/or grow up at the exact right time at the dawning of the birth of the internet and further go elsewhere to get Department of Homeland Security recognised Certifications." Mr. Smith works a lot with family violence cases providing strategic evidence in his capacity as an investigator with special talents in family law cases. He has trained barristers, lawyers and psychologists to become Commonwealth appointed Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. He quite passionately stated, "When you have teenagers committing suicide for cyber-bullying and cyber-scammers taking every last cent away from people, and the AFP, the police and especially the banks pushing you away to avoid liability, the consumers get frustrated. I for one have seen people get scammed from IP addresses I've reported to ACORN over a year ago recently."He went on to say, "So is it really just a 'more dynamic and forward looking supervisory approach' that is needed or is it just some fancy words to make the Government of the day pretend they know what they are talking about. I have helped so many people with Financial crimes where the banks, police, AFP and AUSTRAC should have now known what to do but were simply too lazy to help. With all the powers of Interpol, I have heard stories like, "We have no jurisdiction overseas", when just a few weeks I did a case which led to an overseas Interpol investigation." Finally Mr. Smith said that the banking sector isn't as honest as they make out to be. "The Banking Sector and Remittance Providers better look out because I for one am onto their tricks. Sending customers away to report Cyber-crime when they are merely avoiding liability under their contractual agreements is something that I picked up a long time ago. I guess in the next few years you can expect to see a lot more law suits against banks for breach of contract and negligence in their deficient fraud detection systems", Mr. Smith said. Mr. Smith is working on programs to help educate consumers to knows their rights when it comes to banks and credit card fraud. He appears to be pioneering in an area that not many have ventured but is willing to look after the little guy just as much as his High-Tech crime major cases. Simon Smith is a Computer Forensic Expert and can be contacted at or eVestigator Simon Smith, Cyber Private Investigator talks Dating Scams with Channel 9 2016-12-05T14:06:44Z evestigator-simon-smith-cyber-private-investigator-talks-dating-scams-with-channel-9 Online dating and Internet Fraud Simon Smith of eVestigator knows all too well the emotional and psychological distress his clients go through when they fall the victim of relationship cyber scams. As a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, an author and trainer of Grief and Trauma coursework, and a Cyber Forensic Private Investigator and Expert Witness, he has helped so many people find their online scammers - but as he recently told Channel Nine's Today Extra show, what happens after that is out of his hands. After the interview he elaborated. "Unfortunately, despite providing evidence on a silver platter to the ACORN and to the Police who are charged with the responsibility of protecting Australian's both in Australia and via interpol, I see and hear of complete failures on both sides of law enforcement in doing their job, and even hear of cases I've solved being still alive scamming others, which upsets me", Mr. Smith said. This morning, the 5th December 2016, at around 10:00 am, live on Channel 9 he was joined with one of his recent clients and victims to a dating scam, Christine who lost 73-thousand dollars to a man she believed she was dating. They spoke with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell about what seems to be a systemic issue that needs attention. They discussed the emotional distress and devastating effects that cyber dating scam victims face when they are looking for love on 'dating sites' and find something they certainly were not looking for. "It is an absolute pity that people are victims to these crimes - they always choose people with some form of weakness", Mr. Smith said.  "I want to give some advice to everybody as we head towards the holiday season", he further stated. "I hereby provide some golden rules for everyone out there, some of which we did not have time to say live this morning - but please take these seriously. I am in the frontline of the defence of multimillion dollar dating crimes and these tips are all you need to reduce the risk of becoming another potential statistic. Let me help you, like I have helped others." 1. Look local. Ensure you call the person on a real mobile number and they call you back from that same number. 2. Ensure you meet the person in a reasonable time frame somewhere public. 3. An online dating site is not for dating. It is to simply introduce you to a real person. 4. If a chatter does not turn to be a real conversation within a reasonable timeframe, say bye bye! Mr. Smith also said, "It's not always the crime element you need to look at. The banks are not so innocent too. First, talk to your bank. If you do not consciously participate in a crime, then banking institutes have an obligation to return your money if you are defrauded online. Do not be fooled if they give you the runaround and tell you to report the crime and 'they have done all they can and feel sorry for you'. If that happens you can call me." As for Christine, she has lost all trust in men. Particularly having a young son she says she only ever let two men around him in her life and now that this has happened she can't trust anyone anymore. Mr. Smith reiterates, "This is nothing to be ashamed of. I have seen Professors get scammed, everybody has a human heart - it is my job to enter into their minds and understand them to think like them and expose their identity - and believe me, their minds aren't full of high-tech gear", Mr. Smith concluded. Of course, if you want the best, there is eVestigator, Simon Smith. The live TV segment is on YouTube: If you find yourself in trouble, or you want some advice, feel free to contact below. Cyber Security 'increases' in Australia - Simon Smith of eVestigator finds why 2016-11-05T08:55:08Z cyber-security-increases-in-australia-simon-smith-of-evestigator-finds-why FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Simon Smith of eVestigator® has expressed curiosity when almost once a week he picks up the phone to a journalist who wishes to know his view as to a recent DDoS 'cyber-attack' that occurred to a Governmental system or high profile company. In a public statement Mr. Smith said, "DDoS attacks live and breathe on the internet as part of 'life'. There are robots out there every day looking for open ports or vulnerabilities to exploit to setup various attacks like phishing scams, SMTP SPAM relays, illegal IP spoofing and more". Mr. Smith went on to say, "When I first activated a FTP server I wrote myself I was alarmed to see as soon as I started listening on port 21, there was an unbelievable amount of attempted connections that simply found me. I started to notice a robotic sequence of brute force username/password attempts based on dictionary style attack. It was almost instant". Mr. Smith went on to explain it is 'the Internet' and there are both hardware and software tools that block this attack (software of which he himself has written commercially). Ironically, the real issue exists in education and misinformation he explained. "People seem to believe that simply because their router is being hit by foreign IP addresses, they are personally being attacked. I have succeeded in many cyber-stalking cases where I have found false positives from clients who have worried over log entries that were simply, random events from foreign countries that should be blocked. In fact, on my corporate server, I choose to block the entire country of China." The problem Mr. Smith says sits with the education of the public, the police, and the withholding of information from the companies and government that are attacked. "I do not believe the excuse that banks give when they ask a victim of a SCAM to go and report a fraud to the police and that's it. I am right onto their tactics. I am assisting my clients to 'cut the scam' so to speak and organise with lawyers a class action as against the banks for negligence. I intend to give forensic technical evidence in some of these cases that their software and cybersecurity protective mechanisms are simply 'Not Good Enough' to match their contractual guarantee." Mr. Smith is happy to advocate for the public and say it how it is. "It is black and white liability shifting. I recently wrote an article talking about Yahoo recently telling its customers about exposing millions of account details and waiting 2 years to expose this information. That, to me, is unacceptable. Banks have guarantees against fraud. If a bank tells you to report the crime or that it has been 'referred to their fraud department' - insist on action or call me and I will for you", Mr. Smith stated. Mr. Smith then turns to the lack of knowledge his customers say the police have when it comes to cybercrime. Currently he is limited to what he can speak of relating to this as there are pending cases in this area, but what he did say was, "My customers tell me that the police are absolutely incapable of understanding cybercrime. ‘They send us to ACORN who are also useless’. About a year later many end up back with me, and when I eventually gain evidence to solve their case, they are still hit with police resistance and incapacity." Mr. Smith invites the Hon Michael Keenan MP, Federal Minister for Justice, and the Hon Dan Tehan MP, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security to contact him to hear further evidence on the issue as the government 'initiatives' are not working. Mr. Smith states, that "the answer to the question 'why is Australia so surprised in the existence of DDoS attacks, and ultimately risks to National Security', lies with the starting point that the Police have an inability to listen to citizens who try every day to report cybercrime and get ignored or redirected to a dead end." Mr. Smith says, "Australia is backwards in its capacity to deal with cybercrime and has evidence that the FBI Legat Attaché Office in Canberra has no interest in increasing the skills of Australian experts who want to increase this protection. Those who do have the capacity to use these services (being members of the force) choose not to use it, and stay undereducated." Mr. Smith has countless Qualifications and actual practical experience in Australia and some Qualifications are recognised by the United States Department of Homeland Security. He has provided intelligence which has caught many cyber stalkers, solved online harassment cases as well as high profile online defamation cases. He has uncovered many SCAMS worth millions of dollars and many to the point where the police need to get involved. "It is only at this point where in my position as a Private Investigator and Cyber Forensics Expert where I need to pass control to the police, things seem to stall, or get ignored", Mr. Smith said.  "There is a strong correlation between the Government of Australia being incapable of handling its own cyber affairs and our own police being able to handle the most basic complaint by a citizen". "Australia needs reform in this area, not pamphlets at a counter", said Mr. Smith.Mr. Smith from eVestigator® has a free online penetration testing tool on his website to check for open ports to see if your router may be at risk to attack, free to use if you suspect your router may be compromised by a third party. Mr. Smith is an Expert Witness who mainly deals with High Tech crime and civil matters instructed by lawyers in court matters and Acts as an Independent Expert Witness in any jurisdiction, giving opinions, expert evidence and expert reports and testimony as well as performing Investigations. Private Investigator Simon Smith of eVestigator looks at the potential real reason children and teenagers go missing 2016-10-21T00:27:32Z private-investigator-simon-smith-of-evestigator-looks-at-the-potential-real-reason-children-and-teenagers-go-missing FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 21/10/2016 Simon talks to "JustUs Podcast", a podcast group hosted by Julian, the leader and main speaker of the podcast alongside guests Andrew and Harley to help discover why teenagers run away from home and make wrong decisions in relation to "non-prescribed" drugs.Mr. Simon Smith aka eVestigator, a popular a forensic Private Investigator comes across a range of issues in his specialised field. He is also a practicing Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Expert Witness. With this skill set he is sometimes faced with horror stories that "looking back" could have been avoided. Mr. Smith has investigated issues which involved child stealing, cults, missing persons and serious domestic disputes. He states that "depression" is often an underlying cause that somehow places people into these situations. "I was devastated to hear the news of yet another missing person in my home suburb. It is also sad to see when children are dragged into family disputes involving parents", Mr. Smith said. "In my last case a young boy said things he shouldn't have known, I asked his mother to remove him". This case involved the abuse of a different type of drug. This prompted Mr. Smith to research "Magic Mushrooms" and alternative issues. The internet information was sketchy, and in Mr. Smith’s words, "rather dangerous".After long research, Mr. Smith came across who was a team who were able to discuss their skill and experience in the area. Collectively, Julian, Andrew and Harley were very helpful. They discussed public issues concerning non-prescribed drugs, suicide rates, depression, bullying, hate, transgender and issues known to the public. Many of the terms used were unfamiliar to Mr. Smith.As an interesting test he thought he would look at the silent steps leading up to these events. He found the use and misuse of non-prescribed drugs like Magic Mushrooms, silence to parents, bullying and cyber-bullying as all contributing factors. Upon researching the topic, he asked the group to discuss their view, openly without fear or favour. Mr. Smith was lucky enough to meet with the host Julian, and guests Andrew and Harley in person, specifically to discuss the experience they had in episode 3 involving "Magic Mushrooms" and the dangers associated with them. However, the interview went beyond that. They discussed the systemic issue, being society seems to wait before acknowledging critical early signs before it is too late.In directing a question to Julian, Mr. Smith asked for his comments in light of the fact that as to why young people withhold information from their parents too often, and why they do not often discuss bullying, which can and has led to suicide and further unintentional deaths from the taking of the wrong non-prescribed "home-made" drug. Julian stated, "Having an open dialogue is ‘the’ most important thing when it comes to these drugs, being non-subjective about it and not having an agenda."Andrew concurred. In reference to rave drugs, he stated that hiding "rave drugs" from sniffer dogs was not constructive, and there should be more effort on educating people on how to make things safer instead. In relation to ecstasy and amphetamines and the risk of poisoning, Andrew stated that the "testing kits at the rave parties should not be illegal" as people are "going to do it regardless" and "people are going to explore it on their own terms".Julian agreed and stated that the knowledge comes from the home and family structure. At home his group of friends were able to "drink alcohol at the age of 15 instead of sneaking out and doing it on the streets". He reiterated that, "making things illegal these days does not seem to be helping anyone", and that "open dialog about these issues is so important".Mr. Smith mentioned that people could potentially make a mistake and take non-prescribed drugs the wrong way and there is a real risk. Andrew further said that "people turn to drugs as a form of escapism and also as a coping mechanism". In relation to children, Mr Smith asked how they would deal with a situation if they knew their child was going out to get "non-prescribed drugs" instead of doing it at home. Andrew said "ultimately everyone is responsible for their own decisions" and that if they are able to "have a conversation about it, they are able to weigh up the risks".Julian said, cannabis, alcohol or mushrooms would be ok in his view -  he would have an open dialog with his child and essentially "guide them through it" as sought of a "sober anchor". Andrew agreed, stating he would rather sit with his child assisting, instead of stopping it because ultimately, "it will happen anyway". Andrew said he was lucky enough to be able to "talk to his parents about anything and not hide anything". He said they all "share education and experiences with each other". He also said he would be a lot more comfortable doing "something that is natural". Andrew learnt by "research" and Julian learnt by "multiple opinions and friends who helped each other out." In reference to Magic Mushrooms, Andrew said you need to "experiment with the atmosphere when you’re on it - and you must have a guide."One message that came through strong and clear is that the focus is to look at the cause as to "why the person are self-medicating" Andrew said. He further said, "mental illness" is a major factor, and drew reference to both his current and former partner where the doctors just "did not get it". Andrew, being a healthy-looking professionally dressed real estate agent expressed no problem with the taking of such non-prescribed drugs, and states that it has not interfered in his professional role and obligations both as a father and a real estate agent."It was obvious by the end of the interview nobody endorsed the use of illegal drugs but endorsed openness between families", Mr. Smith said. All podcasts can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud. Simon recommends youth suffering from depression call Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, talk to parents, friends, but do "not experiment with anything foreign or given to you that is unknown".— Simon Smith aka eVestigator Special thanks to the team at JustUs Podcast. Cyberbullying Video: Has Cyberbullying Become an Epidemic in Schools, Workplaces and Businesses? 2016-10-07T15:32:28Z has-cyberbullying-become-an-epidemic-in-schools-workplaces-and-businesses In Family Dispute Resolution, Workplace, Corporate Relations or Civil cases Mr. Simon Smith aka eVestigator explains that he has witnessed some of the worst behaviour that one could ever see, just for the purpose of attacking one’s character. "Many of my customers are in complex disputes and require my services to assist more with the strategy of fixing and finding correct online evidence or omissions done in malice by one of the parties that have misdirected them rather than the actual evidence itself", Mr. Smith said. Take Family Dispute Resolution cases "gone wrong" for example. "This is just one area that I choose to devote my time to, but I do this for the children, as they are the ultimate losers in these cases. I often have cases where there are 2 or 3 intervention orders flying around, amongst conflicting family court orders. Also, dare I say, respectfully negligent or uninformed lawyers who have not helped the problem by failing to listen to client instructions, file documents, or protect their clients’ interests, or the ‘best interests of the child’ in many cases – some of which I might have resolved at the beginning." Being a Commonwealth Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, "mediation is getting less favourable to mudslinging in this space", Mr. Smith said. "Family is complex and there are no black and white answers", Mr. Smith explains (who is also ironically a Marriage Celebrant). However, the epidemic of mudslinging goes far and beyond this area of his cases. He has noticed an increase in cases of cyber bullying in the workplace, in schools, and believe it or not, in the corporate world. "Much of my work is now directed at very serious defamation cases where Corporations are facing the injurious nature of the danger when one disgruntled employee or competitor posts a false review which skips any verification, and what it can do to their bottom line. In fact it has created a new industry (ORM) – Online Reputation Management." Without mentioning any names, Mr. Smith states that he is preparing the possibility to give evidence for one of his clients’ against one of the worlds’ largest "Goliath" Companies regarding defamatory material reproduction, assisting in the calculation of the forensic quantification of damages. "I then look at my cases that cross over to the workplace, that show complete disregard for the Human Rights Charter or Fair Work Act. This week I was extremely disappointed to hear about the conduct that had been occurring against a young girl who was an employee for many years with a story of dismissal and long term cyber bullying against her over the last four years." Mr. Smith explains that in this case, he put stop to it fast - and ensured that the relevant award conditions were met and proceeded to investigate the Company and found many other breaches, such as non-compliances with Workplace Health & Safety, pay rates, superannuation entitlements and more. "I have also been involved in cases involving cults, child-stealing and mind manipulation, death threats, people held at gunpoint, all of which start off with an innocent chat on the internet, which turned into cyberstalking and/or extreme cyberbullying." Mr. Smith talks of a case which must remain anonymous that he has been requested by his client, at the request of the police (due to its size), to put together a ‘simplified’ format timeline VIS (Victim Impact Statement) to report the enormity of the crime spanning 4 years. Such a statement has taken months and consists of a series of traumatic events that could potentially end up leading to a lifelong jail sentence to alleged offender when and if prosecuted. Such allegations consist of multiple counts of online stalking, online defamation, online impersonation, perjury, extortion, drug cultivation, online identity theft, rape, being held hostage at gunpoint, financial crimes and much more. Mr. Smith explains that dealing with the victim and extracting the information and evidence in itself is "a challenge to say the least, and a learning experience in human nature" and looks forward to his client gaining justice. "Why is it that there is so much fun in hate?" Mr. Smith says. "There are websites that are built to report false crimes that harbour a new industry of online negative SEO extortion businesses that purport to remove your entry from search engines." Mr. Smith strongly recommends to not be fooled by any such scam and states that he has succeeded by professionally removing unlawful content from the internet via proper means, and further identified defamatory publishers, even without an IP address and provided evidence before courts in Australia in relation to posts relating to identifying Facebook posts and more. He has further identified the original owner of multiple fake Facebook accounts and cyber stalkers, and assisted his clients by directing them to the process of gaining IVO/AVO's and/or reporting correctly via the police or ACORN.  He has also successfully worked on cases closely with counsel to find the evidence needed to identify the person responsible for posts and threats on almost every social network platform there is, as well as all the popular free email providers that exist which block the senders IP address. After succeeding in his last case, finding a cyber stalker who thought he was smart using a VPN, and further finding a purported hacker who left his GPS coordinates in his work Mr. Smith has one statement to make to these people. "I have news for all stalkers out there. If you think you are safe behind your VPN or TOR browser, as a developer of an Apple iOS App Store, and expert programmer of 20 years, and based on other cases, it will not stop me from finding you!" Mr. Smith is a Computer Digital Forensics Expert. He is, an expert in security, fraud investigation, a Certified Cyber Investigative Expert, Ethical Hacker, Private Investigator, Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and is briefed as an Expert Witness by Lawyers or directly engaged in High-Tech crime cases or family related technical dispute case disputes. Simon Smith (eVestigator) points out the cyber risk of losing part of the Internet amidst the recent NTIA contract expiry with ICANN 2016-10-02T11:01:27Z simon-smith-evestigator-points-out-the-cyber-risk-of-losing-part-of-the-internet-amidst-the-recent-ntia-contract-expiry-with-icann Well one would think so, but this is essentially a record of records, the entire 'yellow pages' of the Internet. This is the most dangerous database available if it were to avail itself to an external hacker. As a certified ethical white hat hacker, I am concerned for two main reasons. I have read the material and the planning and must commend the parties as on the face of it, it appears systematic and structured.However I am finding something missing. An IP address marks a location of, say a bank, or the military. In a fact sheet published by the NTIA in September 2016 the NTIA published that, "The United States does not control the Internet. No one controls or owns the Internet". They then go on to state, "The Internet is not ours to give away".However, not far after they state, "By supporting multistakeholder Internet governance, we make certain the Internet becomes no other nations' to take". In a time where cyber-terrorism is very active, and the job of ICANN is already at large, fulfilled with the worldwide task of coordinating the Domain Name System (DNS), resolving the name allocation and its suboordinates - how can it be managed effectively against cybercrime when the NTIA on their own website state that the control of the Internet relies on cooperation "through the consensus of a wide array of stakeholders, predominantly from the private sector".The first rule of cybersecurity is and I'm sure my colleagues would agree is to "know your enemy" and "assume you will be breached". I have read the media announcements about the transition, but what scares me is that I have heard nothing at all about any proposed Risk Management Methodology, or Risk Management Process, according or anything similar to ISO Standard 13335.You would expect that at this level, where the whole worlds data is at stake of movement and changeover, the risk of infiltration is higher. I ask the Government of the various countries to address the world as to my question on, "How are they going to ensure that there is a Risk IT Framework in place to protect the possibility of a stolen internet?"This is not a fairy tale, it could happen. If frameworks such as the ISACA Risk IT framework or ISO 27005 are not followed we may find ourselves with a controlled, filtered and censored version of the internet, or maybe variants of such which would increase cybercrime because, "nobody owns the Internet".I urge all Governments' to set specific Risk Mitigation Standards to protect, monitor and mitigate against any cyber risks for the future and now in their own IP Allocation Range and that which they will need in the future.Otherwise, we may all end up with a slice of the Internet as we know it. It is very possible, yet nobody has spoken of this.I am open for interview on this topic:Simon SmithAustralia+61410643121 eVestigator® Cyber Forensics Private Investigator Simon Smith questions Yahoo's consumer integrity who only now announced a cybersecurity breach exposing 2016-09-23T03:40:51Z -321 In light of Yahoo's recent announcement that back in 2014, they were subject to what may be one of the largest cybersecurity breaches we have ever seen, compromising over 500 million yahoo users personal information, as a dedicated advocate for consumer privacy and security Mr. Simon Smith, a well known cyber investigator stands shocked. "This is to me, beyond a disaster. Consumers have an automatic trust in the use of these services. They truly believe that due to the brand they are dealing with, they are protected." "In Yahoo's announcement it states that they are taking action to protect their users." Mr. Smith said. However Mr. Smith, having several Qualifications in Cyber Security, Risk Management, Investigations and Mitigation has expressed concerns that this does not seem fit with the 'timeliness' and 'priorities' of some of the high-tech computer crimes he has investigated from the 'other' large search engine and email provider. "They have accused the 2014 hacking to be the work of a 'state sponsored actor'. Is there evidence of this? I note that this accusation of cyber-terrorism still does not deflect the fact that there were insufficient mechanisms to protect user data. However, in looking at the history of this word, I checked out who else has used been the 'victim' of a 'state sponsored actor'." Mr. Smith performed a minor investigation to see if this may be a typical scapegoat that is used, and if it can even be proven. It has not been disclosed in this case that it has been proven. It seems that in Mr. Smith's experience, "I have noticed this in reverse with so-called cybercrime and banking fraud. Consumers forget that banks guarantee their credit cards against fraud, yet certain banks in cases I have investigated have diverted their customers to police (which is certainly what should happen) but have failed to advise them that they may have a legal liability to reimburse them for their loss." In Mr. Smith's investigation into the 'state sponsored actor' theory, he found that economic sabotage is a cause that some countries have used in the past that has been proven, but facts are scarce. In Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), on their word it was estimated that a figure of 20 percent of above 47,000 analysed security reports were attributed to state affiliated actors. In the real world most of the major cyber crimes seem to lead to cyber-terrorism and cyber-warfare. "I am not comfortable in making a statement about that until Yahoo can show evidence. However, I can say that the following questions should be asked: 1. Why does it take a leak and a potential extortion attempt to tell your customers almost two years later their data is stolen? It is uncertain if Yahoo were fully aware. They have stated it is an 'ongoing investigation'. For yahoo to immediately claim that it is a 'state sponsored actor' does indicate that there must have been prior knowledge; so 2. Why weren't the 500 million users made aware of the breach of their privacy and password and personal information enforcements made mandatory? 3. Why does it take a potential or purported criminal activity to spark exposure to the media. Yahoo is a commercial company subject to the same Corporation and Privacy and Consumer Protection laws as any other." "It is my opinion that a cyber-security breach starts and ends in the hands of the company", Mr. Smith said. As a financially equipped company, experts are and should be engaged to monitor and block cyber attacks, and at the very minimum, there are standard protocols that every cyber-security trained expert knows to do on immediate attack to avoid damage and mitigate losses, Mr. Smith asserted.  "It is, in my opinion, no excuse to blame others. The public should have known, Yahoo should have their own experts, and if it is going to be labelled a 'state sponsored actor' attack, it would be more comforting if there was evidence in support of this, like a finding of fact from a court." Mr. Smith, Cyber Forensics Private Investigator from stated confidently.