The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-08-05T06:18:11Z WHEN SHOULD YOU VISIT AN EMERGENCY DENTIST? 2016-08-05T06:18:11Z when-should-you-visit-an-emergency-dentist You should have regular Dental check-ups for optimum oral health. However, on occasion you can have an unexpected dental problem which results in a lot of pain. You may think you can hold off a trip to the Dentist with pain killers, however, in some cases the severity of the pain will increase and the damage will worsen. Rather than wait it out in agony it’s best to get yourself to your local emergency Dentist. Problems with Previous Dental Work If you’ve had dental work completed and a problem arises with it then you should get to the emergency Dentist. Losing a filling or breaking or losing a crown are scenarios that constitute getting yourself to the emergency Dentist Richmond, Sydney straightaway. Infections may have led to an abscess which requires immediate treatment. Using warm water, rinse your mouth to alleviate the pain whilst you wait for the emergency Dentist to attend to you. In some cases wisdom tooth removal can result in severe bleeding and you should see the emergency Dentist to stem the bleeding and treat any underlying issues. Injuries that Have Caused Dental Problems An injury or accident could have caused damage to a tooth. If there is a chip or crack these need to be addressed immediately to prevent further damage. Oral injuries should be treated by an emergency Dentist. If it’s been completely knocked out don’t touch the root as it cannot be repaired. Try and rinse before seeing the emergency Dentist as they may be able to put it back in its socket. If it’s just been dislodged then applying slight pressure you can try and get it back into place. You still need to seek treatment right away. Out of Hours If your dental emergency is within business hours you may be able to squeeze an appointment in with your regular Dentist. If it’s out of hours then you will need to see an emergency Dentist. They are generally available 24/7 so you can reach one no matter what time or day of the night the emergency may arise. As long as you check their credentials and emergency Dentist will be able to treat you on the spot for any unexpected oral issues. Dental emergencies can arise from issues with previous dental procedures. They can also come up due to injury. Emergency Dentists are available at any time to treat problems that require addressing immediately.