The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-12-06T16:03:13Z Luxury Safari Giveaway 9 nights including airfare to South Africa 2017-12-06T16:03:13Z luxury-safari-giveaway-9-nights-including-airfare-to-south-africa 5 DECEMBER 2018 **** MEDIA RELEASE **** Prominent Australian-based luxury safari company, Encompass Africa ( is celebrating the reveal of their new website and visual assets by giving away a free Luxury Safari to South Africa for two that includes roundtrip airfare ex Perth and nine nights of grandeur experiencing the very best of South Africa.    “We’re fortunate to have great post tour dialogue with our guests who come back from safari just bursting at the seams with stories so we have over the years assimilated a vast library of safari video footage and photographs. After a while we thought it timely to get them edited into something that could help inspire any future guests about what to expect in Africa” said Danica Wilson. Coming from a creative background herself, Danica has sought to stretch the style parameters for a travel website and create something new, fresh and yet warmly familiar. The design in each country page breaks free from a homogeny seen so often in the industry and indulges in a narrative that inspires adventure.   “We love seeing our guests coming back from their safari journey, simply glowing with new experience, so together with our partners Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, South African Airways and the Sun Lux Collection, we are giving away a holiday of a lifetime from Australia to South Africa” said the colourful founder of Encompass Africa Jono Wilson. It’s about making a dream safari a reality for someone.  We don’t just give away holidays in lucky draws though, it’s about skill.  You need to find photographs of me on the website just like the ‘Where’s Wally’ concept and come up with the most clever caption for one of them as deemed by a panel of judges including me, travel Editor Ginny Cumming and Australian author Tony Park.”     Encompass Africa embodies strong eco touristic and sustainable practices with their tailored holidaymaking and their bespoke travel concierge system keeps them separated from the rest of the pack and other more traditional modes of travel making.   This luxury safari promotion will give the lucky winner and a friend the opportunity to not only realise what is for many a lifelong dream, but also document via social media the awe-inspiring majesty about being in Africa, but within an Encompass Africa styled experience.   Having staff based in Brisbane, Johannesburg and Cape Town, Encompass Africa is expanding at highly measured pace to include a Sydney office from January 2018. For more information about the safari giveaway or to go through the offerings of Encompass Africa head over to   For media enquiry please contact         Winner Of Best Mandala Leg Piece - Singapore Ink Show 2017-05-13T17:15:38Z winner-of-best-mandala-leg-piece-singapore-ink-show 100% Aussie owned Mayhem Ink has had their inaugural debut at the Singapore Ink Show and walked away with the award for best leg Mandala completed on the day. Owner/operator Dazza Cumberpatch put it's down to his crews dedication and hard work which they invest into their craft, based out of the Aussie Bar in Bangla Road. Thailands well known tattoo artist Tue represented Mayhem and was the artist behind the winning Mandala piece.  For more info about Mayhem Ink, please contact PR representative below or visit Destination Phillipines : Palawan Islands 2017-03-12T22:04:35Z destination-phillipines-palawan-islands El Nido based luxury glamping resort, The Birdhouse El Nido, has projected into the limelight with their unique experience currently being offered in the highly sought after Palawan Islands. Using the momentum of that success, owner operator Mark Villaflor has recently kickstarted Tour El Nido with his cousin Karen Bersabe, to cater to the tourist seeking the very best experiences from this region. Each experience being offered breaks free from the homogeny seen in many other island destinations and is in the truly an extension of the wild imagination and passion he has for the Palawan region.   ‘Clients contact us due to our approachable & adaptable nature. Our ethos is to drive the kind of tourism that benefits this area and we provide our clients with meaningful holidays with memories that last a lifetime. We encourage clients to approach us who have a deep desire to uncover Palawan, especially through sustainable local providers,’ says Mark.    The  Birdhouse El Nido designed by Camille Villaflor is a signature project along a long line of masterpieces – including travelling the world on a 16 month honeymoon dubbed 365traveldates, part of a successful travel blogger media duo. This experience on the road and in tourist destinations around the world has allowed Mark to set this business up from a strong client centric model.   Together with his wife the industrious pair have a clear love and passion for the Palawan islands and it’s great to have these kinds of new breed business operators ushering in an era of sustainable tourism that is both exciting and unique.   To find out more about the types of adventures being offered by Tour El Nido, head over their homepage here ( or for all media enquiry please contact Great Ocean Road Tours | Small Business News 2016-10-19T10:23:08Z the-changing-tourism-dynamic-of-the-great-ocean-road-1 A Great Ocean Road tour is an iconic staple for many international travellers coming to Australia and for many years the dominant country of origin of these independent travellers visiting the region came from Europe, most notably Germany and Great Britain. Over the years as the tourism market has shifted to cater to the needs of a rising middle class in China, the landmark strip has seen a steady rise in Chinese tourists YOY, who traditionally prefer to avoid the backpacker styled accommodation and tourism providers, however  making an exception for one operator, Ride Tours. Todd Baker who owns Ride Tours has for many years prided himself in providing a truly unique experience, with one of the hallmarks of his trip being that they do the tour in the opposite direction to all the other major tour companies. Being a small independent provider as well has meant he can focus on providing an experience that is more client centric and this is evident in the way people communicate with each other on the tour, choose their own music, stop off for picnics along the way and see a side of the Great Ocean Road that is both memorable and authentic. Ride Tours is also one of the few independent providers largely favoured by both Chinese and Europeans alike, and with no marketing presence in China markets Todd believes the Chinese tourists are a result of a solid reputation earning him credit in that market. A sentiment which echo'd in Courier mail article which highlight Ride Tours achievements in maintaining a steady flow of backpacker clientele over the years. Weekend tours have just started again for November and if you're interested in knowing more about Ride Tour's plans to further enrich their backpacker centric experience for international travellers coming to Australia please head over to for more. Hair Extensions In Melbourne 2016-09-13T04:20:17Z hair-extensions-in-melbourne The Melbourne Hair Extensions industry is being somewhat disrupted with the introduction of Karma Collections - a hair extensions provider that is mobile and earning themselves an incredible reputation. Business owner Kristy who has worked in the industry for her whole life says her company - which only uses superior quality sourced Brazilian hair - is going through significant growth in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and other outer lying areas.  Her clients, many of them young professionals in the Gen X to Y gap, enjoy the highly tailored service and attention to detail - not to mention outstanding hair extensions that outshine many of the local competitors. For a full breakdown of Karmah Collections range of hair extensions products please check out With spring around the corner, Karmah Collections is welcoming new clients onboard with a special gift throughout month of September. Check out the Karma Collections website and book your appointment early to avoid dissapointment.