The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-09-20T00:33:00Z Cryoskin: Breakthrough 30-Minute Treatment Making Fat Disappear 2019-09-20T00:33:00Z cryoskin-breakthrough-30-minute-treatment-making-fat-disappear-1 Burning fat is hard work. Yet, even if you exercise regularly and eat healthily, some fat is too stubborn to go away no matter how hard you try. Until now.A revolutionary new treatment perfected in Paris has made its way to Australia and is already making waves in the industry for its remarkable results. It’s called Cryoskin, a half-hour long, non-invasive procedure that painlessly contours the body to produce reductions of up to two inches in just one session. After a few appointments, patients report noticeable fat and cellulite reduction across their stomach, arms, thighs, and other typical problem areas.Sounds too good to be true? A new West End-based Cryoskin studio is turning skeptics into clients with personalised treatments in a body-positive atmosphere. Cryoskin Brisbane the sister company to The Float Space West End, was the first to bring the Cryoskin procedure to Brisbane and is rapidly growing since along with Cryoskin’s popularity.“The clients are loving the results, even after the first session,” says Cryoskin Brisbane studio owner Janina Hildebrand, who also is founder and owner of the popular float and wellness centre The Float Space.Due to its novelty, there is still a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there about the Cryoskin procedure. To sort through it all, here are four of the most frequently asked questions about Cryoskin answered with cold, hard facts from a Cryoskin expert.How exactly does Cryoskin “freeze away fat?”While the tool used to contour the body in the Cryoskin procedure is called a wand, there’s no magic being done, but tried and true science. At Cryoskin Brisbane, clients lie flat on a massage table in a calming atmosphere as a trained technician soothingly massages the problem area with an ultrasound-like handpiece set to a freezing temperature (-8 degrees Celsius). For the first few minutes, the wand is set to a hotter temperature to bring fat cells to the surface of the skin. The extreme contrast when the wand switches from hot to cold then shocks and freezes the stubborn fat cells, which are then flushed out of the system in the following weeks.Hildebrand says the ease of Cryoskin is also ideal for clients with busy schedules where consistent trips to the gym aren’t possible. The entire procedure lasts just a half-hour, with a minimum of five slimming sessions — one every two weeks — recommended for optimal results of on average 38% fat loss.Is Cryoskin the same as Cool-sculpting?Though the treatments use similar science, Cryoskin is proven to be far faster and more effective at eliminating fat cells. Cryoskin is also customisable and focused on painlessly contouring your body to your desired shape while cool-sculpting painfully pinches and pulls your skin with cold clamps that can lead to numbness and fat collecting in other areas.“With cool-sculpting, it can take up to six months to see results,” adds Hildebrand. “With Cryoskin, you see them right away, and with much better results.”Cryoskin also won’t break the bank, Hildebrand says, with the recommended five sessions total;ing just $1,750, while one cool-sculpting treatment can run on average $6,000 to $2,000.What types of Cryoskin treatments are there?To remind clients that their bodies should be treated with compassion, not judgment, Cryoskin follows the motto of “Cryoskin is just the polish to an already perfect diamond. You are more than beautiful!” Sometimes adding that sparkle doesn’t come from removing body fat, but smoothing and tightening out areas of the body where stress and age are beginning to show. That’s why Cryoskin Brisbane offers Cryofacials and toning sessions in addition to slimming for those less focused on fat than fine lines and wrinkles.During a Cryofacial — a natural alternative to Botox — the wand gently massages the face to increase local tissue metabolism and blood circulation. The skin tightens as a result, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.“It tones and decreases fine lines and brings collagen back to your face so that you have a polished, clean look,” says Hildebrand, adding that treatments last about 20 minutes, with five recommended for best results.Do I qualify for Cryoskin?Cryoskin isn’t for everyone. Hildebrand recommends that the treatment be an addition to an already healthy lifestyle, so the slimming is just the extra little push you need to reach your goals.“Cryoskin shouldn’t be replacing eating healthy and going to the gym,” she says. “It’s a jumpstart motivation.”Pregnant women and people with diabetes, cancer, liver, or kidney disease also should not consider Cryoskin, she says, as it could lead to complications.Most importantly, Cryoskin is for all body shapes and sizes, with a goal of empowerment over judgment. “Cryoskin empowers someone to love themselves no matter what shape they are,” Hildebrand says. “If Cryoskin can help you to enhance the natural beauty you already have, that’s what we’re here for.”To book a consultation and learn more about if a Cryoskin treatment is right for you, visit THE FLOAT SPACE BRISBANE NOW OPEN IN WEST END: EVERYONE DESERVES STRESS RELIEF! 2016-12-09T10:26:41Z the-float-space-brisbane-now-open-in-west-end-everyone-deserves-stress-relief After successfully facilitating over 10,000 floats since opening of The Float Space in Maroochydore in 2015 on the Sunshine Coast, The Float Space has now launched their highly anticipated new Float and Cryotherapy Centre, in Brisbane West End.  The Float space offers a unique and top of the line experience in a segment that is steadily gaining, each of their centre boasting 3 of the world’s most luxurious, largest and most advanced float pods on the market, to give you the optimum float experience.  The new Brisbane location further offers Far Infrared Sauna as well as Whole Body Cryotherapy to maximise the float benefits, and help to relieve stress, tension, anxiety and pain, detox, improve skin health, as well as speed up recovery after exercise and injury.  The Float Space is a hydro-therapy floating spa that features light and sound controlled pods containing 500 litres of water with over 600 kgs of Epsom salt, creating a relaxing and reenergising experience that renews the body, refreshes the mind, and revives the senses. During a float the effects of gravity on the central nervous system are suspended, allowing floaters to lose awareness of where the body ends and the water begins, giving you a chance to truly unplug from the world. Resting in this unique, controlled environment improves the overall functions of the brain and central nervous system, which helps boost immunity, balance sleep and even reduce blood pressure by putting the user in a mediative state where there is no gravity and no outside distractions. The effects of floating are so profound that one hour in one hour in the float tank is said to be equivalent to 8 hours of deep sleep. "Float therapy for me personally has healed me from chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue and Lyme disease. I've also never felt more relaxed and energised than I do after I float," said Janina Hildebrand, Co-Founder of The Float Space. "Floating has had such a life changing impact for me that I decided to open may own centre to help make this therapy available to the community. Our mission is to provide others with a space that cultivates profound healing, relaxation and recovery in a way that simply can not be found anywhere else, while educating them on how floatation can make them less stressed, happier and healthier. That's the reason why we're here." With 2 float locations, one on the Sunshine Coast and its newest in Brisbane, The Float Space is placing itself at the forefront of Australia's floatation industry. So if you are looking for a stress-free getaway and a way to enhance your mental and physical health and performance to reach your absolute best, The Float Space is the perfect place to go.  For more information visit About The Float Space Founded in 2015 in Maroochydore, and expanding to Brisbane West End in November 2016, The Float Space is a floatation therapy concept using float tanks containing over 600 kgs of Epsom salt dissolved into skin temperature water that provides a unique and cutting edge experience to customers with a high-end spa ambiance.  The Float Space Brisbane 4/394 Montague Rd West End 4101 QLD 07 3844 4676 BRISBANE’S FIRST FLOAT AND CRYO THERAPY CENTRE TO OPEN THIS NOVEMBER 2016-10-16T23:09:11Z the-float-space-brisbane-s-first-float-amp-cryo-therapy-centre-to-open-november Float therapy and cryotherapy are the two hottest trends in health and wellness. Now, for the first time in Australia, these two therapies will be available under one roof at The Float Space Brisbane.Opening this November and located on Montague Road in eclectic West End, The Float Space Brisbane is passionate owners Janina Hildebrand’s and Felipe Galler’s expansion of their popular wellness destination on the Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore, where they’ve conducted over 10,000 floats since opening in 2015.With the remarkable improvements they've seen in their clients' quality of life, the German/Brazilian couple are extremely excited to bring their expertise and the world’s finest, largest and most advance float tanks to Brisbane."Our world is bursting with stimulation and it’s unlikely that this will change. But if we have a tool that can help us actually become more resistant to stress and go through our daily lives feeling happy, pain free and more relaxed, wouldn't that alone be amazing?" says Hildebrand.The Float Space aims to provide an urban retreat for anyone who needs to recover from a busy life in a tranquil and inviting environment. It features three private suites, cryosauna and infrared sauna. The combination of these unique therapies offered at The Float Space takes health and well-being to a whole other level and provides something for everybody.What is float therapy?Float therapy is a unique and powerful relaxation and recovery tool involving floating effortlessly in body temperature, highly purified water packed with hundreds of kilograms of relaxing Epsom salt. It’s the combination of a sensory reduced environment (no light, no sound, no touch) and the effect of zero gravity on the body that allows you to effortlessly reach a state of sheer relaxation, leaving you feeling like you’ve just hit the reset button on life.Research studies show that floating reduces blood pressure and stress hormone levels, and it’s been effectively used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, migraines and more.What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?Being exposed to a temperature of -150C for a quick 3 minutes is whole body cryotherapy. The theory behind cryotherapy is that the extreme cold decreases injury inflammation and pain, facilitating faster body recovery.It has also been praised for boosting energy, helping sleep disorders and jet lag, speeding weight loss and accelerating collagen production. The anti-ageing virtues of extreme cold have been known for a long time in Nordic and Eastern countries for rejuvenation and as an apparent fountain of youth.Who does it?Boasting these amazing health benefits, it comes as no surprise that celebrities and professional athletes around the globe have been secretly using float and cryotherapy for many years to get ahead and elevate their health and beauty.The Australian Institute of Sport facilitate floating to their athletes since the 2000 Olympic games, while athletes like Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors and NRL legend Willie Mason among others have made floatation a part of their lives.UFC fighter, Tom Watson, states “Sometimes the benefits are mental, and I’m more alert and less burned out, and sometimes the benefits are physical, and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to train again. But either way, it’s like a reset button, and that’s critical when you’re pushing hard for a fight”.Australia’s own Elle Macpherson favoured floatation throughout her career - both for the relaxation and natural skin care benefits of the Epsom salts and it’s been speculated that cryotherapy is really how Demi Moore stays looking so young. Cryotherapy has also been used by basketball superstar Lebron James, boxing legend Floyd ­Mayweather and soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo to overcome injuries and extend their careers.Float- and cryotherapy aren’t amazing because athletes and celebrities do it; athletes and celebrities float and cryo because it is amazing. Simple, inexpensive, natural and effective: floating and cryotherapy is a health- and performance-enhancing experience for everyone.For more information visit