The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-09-12T02:03:20Z OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF KIDSHEALTH.COM.AU 2016-09-12T02:03:20Z official-launch-of-kidshealth-com-au-1 MEDIA RELEASE 12 SEPTEMBER 2016   Kids Health Australia Launches Today (along with Kids Gut Health Masterclass written by Paediatric Experts) In a first of its kind in Australia, Kids Health Australia website founder Lisa Kelly has developed a three week Kids Gut Health e-course written in collaboration with 15 of Australia’s most highly regarded children’s health specialists, including leading Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist Dr Marcelo Leal.    The Kids Gut Health Masterclass, launching 7 October 2016, is designed to guide parents through topics relating to kids gut health including the immune system, food and behaviour, which pre and probiotics to use and when, stress management and fussy eating.   The Kids Gut Health Masterclass is easy to understand and implement at home, is completed online at your own pace and includes detailed meal plans with over 150 gut friendly recipes to ensure the transition to good gut health is as simple as possible.   Kelly says she founded Kids Health Australia in 2014, after noticing there was a lack of consolidated, reputable and local information available online.   “As a mum of two, I found it difficult to find credible and reliable information when it came to my kids’ health and wellbeing. I started Kids Health Australia to provide an easy-to-navigate, one-stop shop for parents to find local and up-to-date information from the Experts, for an ever-evolving list of childhood issues,” she said.   “When gut flora is balanced, we function at our best; when gut flora is out of whack, nutrients are not as easily absorbed which hinders the immune response. As people who register in the course will learn from the experts - this often results in symptoms seen in children with fatigue, ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioural issues, allergies, asthma and eczema.   “Sadly, there is a social stigma around kids health issues – parents often keep silent and therefore suffer in silence. I want this course to break down these barriers, create a community, and open public conversations around kids’ health.”   Experts such as Paediatric Gastroenterologist Dr Marcelo Leal have partnered with Kids Health Australia to help parents navigate through complex topics such as the immune system, the importance of establishing healthy digestive tract microbiota from birth, and Coeliac disease.   Dr Kristy Goodwin PhD, an Early Childhood Development Expert, quotes Hippocrates in her contribution to the course “…all disease begins in the gut” and touches on how increased stress levels seen in modern day kids can impact gut health. Stress examples include: ·       ‘hurried childhoods’ – pressure on kids to grow up quickly, and to achieve academically beyond their years; ·       ‘over scheduled childhoods’ – involvement in activities such as art, music, drama or sport leaves less time for important unstructured play; ·       ‘family stress’ – parental divorce or separation, financial issues, poverty; ·       ‘digital stress’ - children have increasing access to digital media like phones, TV, touchscreen devices, laptops, making it harder for parents to shield children from criminal, violent or catastrophic media coverage   Dr Goodwin also analyses sleep deprivation in children and the links to poor gut health[1] (on average they are sleeping 30 minutes less than children of similar ages did 20 years ago) due to the use of backlit devices such as tablets and smartphones before bedtime.   The Kids Gut Health meal plans have been endorsed by Paediatric Dietician, Hanan Saleh and are preservative, colour and additive free, while providing natural sources of pre and probiotics, essential to promoting optimal gut health.   Other leading specialists who have contributed to modules for the e-course include:   Grace Miano – Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Nicole Bijlsma – Naturopath and Building Biologist Emma Park – Functional Medicine Nutritionist; Pre and Probiotic Expert John Pietrika – Natural Health Expert and Medical Scientist; Parent to Autistic Child Kris Barrett – Certified Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioner; Mother of Recovering Autistic Child and Author of No Cows Today and High Thrive Me Melanie Sinclair – Nutritionist Jamiee Edwards – Fermented Foods Evangelist Zoe Hutchinson – Paediatric Dietician; Founder of Little Sprouts Nutrition Jaci Barrett – Accredited Practising Dietician Jim Kantidakis – Registered Psychologist and Hypnotherapist; Owner of the Gut Centre Tabitha Macintosh – Naturopath Nat Kringoudis – Doctor in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Author, and Speaker     [1] Dollman J, Ridley K, Olds T & Lowe L 2007, Trends in the duration of school-day sleep among 10–15 year old South Australians 1985–2004’, Acta Paediatrica, 96(7), pp 1011–1014.   E-course date: 7 October – 28 October Early bird price: $299 (available until 15 September) Full price: $349 For more information and to sign up for the course, visit:   Instagram: Facebook: @KIDS Health Australia Twitter: @Kids_Health_Au __________________________________________ has been awarded the Health on the Net Foundation Code of Conduct (HONcode). The HONcode certification places Kids Health Australia alongside the world’s most reputable and regulated health websites.   -Ends-   For more information and to request interviews, please contact Lisa Kelly: Lisa Kelly |  0412135091 |