The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-10-02T17:33:42Z Ozperform Constructions Pty Ltd - The perfect installer for masonry product. 2016-10-02T17:33:42Z ozperform-constructions-pty-ltd-the-perfect-installer-for-masonry-product Rouse Hill TC NSW, 02-102016: Ozperform Constructions Pty Ltd is a company that has been specialising in the supply and installation of Quality Masonry products and services to the Commercial Industry for over ten years. When we asked about the services that Ozperform Constructions provide? The CEO of the company explained to us that currently they will be providing the services like: • Supply and Install Packages • Hebel Block laying • Hebel Wall Panels • Hebel Floor Panels • Fire Protection • Brick and Blocklaying / Corefiling The each steps they had explained, Initially they will be working as a supplier who will be ready to deliver the product for the installation process then comes the hebel block laying, hebel wall panels, hebel floor panels, fire protection, Brick and block laying or core filing When we asked about the hebel block laying technique? The craft man of Ozperform explained the steps in laying: Step one: Use hebel mortar for the base course bed. Step two: Lay a wet proof course slip joint membrane on the horizontal sides where the hebel blocks will be placed. This will allow for differential movement between the blocks and footings. Install the damp proof cream prior to the application of the hebel mortar. Step three: Lay hebel Mortar to get the first course of blocks straight and level. Brush all unattached particles and dust from the base, top and ends of each hebel power block to be laid. Step four: Mix hebel gum using the directions on the bag. Step five: Apply hebel gum to the end of the base block using a trowel with uneven tip that matches the block thickness. Step six: Accurately position a hebel block horizontally and hit into place with a rubber hammer, ensuring the block is level in all places. Step seven: Position the next hebel block together to the first, and with a rubber hammer, gently hit the block end parallel to fully close the vertical joint. Step eight: Now hit the second block down into the base mortar, making it equal with the leading block Step nine: Redo until the first course is complete. Step ten: Each hebel block combined to the second course must overlap the joints of the first course by as a minimum 100 milemiter. Step eleven: Apply hebel gum to the topside of the first course using a irregular trowel that matches the block thickness. Step twelve: Position the initial block in the 2 course and gently hit accurately into place with a rubber hammer. All linkages should be two to three millimetre thick. Step thirteen: Apply hebel gum to the end of the first hebel block. Position the next block adjacent to the first, and with a rubber hammer, gently hit the block end horizontally so that it’s fully close the other vertical joint. Step fourteen: Tap the top of the block until level with the previous blocks laid. Step fifteen: Repeat for subsequent blocks. Step sixteen: clean any excess hebel gum off the block face at the end of each course, no longer than one to two hours after laying the first hebel block. Step seventeen: Large holes can be covered using hebel mortar. Step eighteen: Sand and render your project. He also added that while you read the steps it may find easy, but he added that it require experience to make it worth as we speak.  Ozperform Constructions Pty Ltd    Address: PO BOX 6267, Rouse Hill Tc,                    NSW, 2155 ()    phone:   0401644393