The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2003-06-24T11:44:00Z Quality Returns As Rydges Roll Out Continues 2003-06-24T11:44:00Z quality-returns-as-rydges-roll-out-continues The Directors of Entertainment Media & Telecoms Corporation Ltd (ETC) today confirmed a successful completion to the pilot phase of testing for the Intrigue Multimedia System at the Rydges Parramatta Hotel, paving the way for the anticipated roll out of the system across the majority of Rydges properties in Australia and New Zealand. Intrigue is an interactive, multi-media, in-room entertainment and information system designed to meet the increased hospitality sector demand for digital upgrades to incumbent analogue in-room entertainment offerings. It features access to the Internet at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-in links, true Digital Video-On-Demand (DVOD), electronic shopping, video games and access to other hospitality services and options, all via a television in guests rooms or via their own laptop computers. Under the terms of the agreement signed with Rydges Hotels Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Holdings Limited (ASX: AHD), EMT Corp. undertook the pilot installation of the system at the Rydges Parramatta Hotel in January 2003. The system commenced commercial operation in February 2003 and successfully operated during the 90-day pilot period. As a result, planning for the commercial roll out of the remaining contracted Rydges Hotels has commenced with site surveys of the Australian and New Zealand based hotels currently underway. Upon completion of this process, finalisation of all commercial aspects of the agreement and subject to the owners consent in respect of the managed hotels, a final roll out plan will be determined. However, it is anticipated that all of the hotels will be installed prior to 31 March 2004. The recent installation of the Intrigue system is already returning encouraging results, including a significant increase in revenues generated from in-room activities, a reduction in customer complaints and a reduction in customer denied charges since the system went live in February 2003. Further announcements regarding the installation of the Intrigue system to other Hotel groups with the Asia Pacific region are expected in the near future. About EMT Entertainment Media & Telecoms Corporation Ltd is a telecommunications sales and marketing company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange,(ASXCode:ETC). The Entertainment Media & Telecoms Corporation Ltd group has two business units, the first which is focused on the commercialization of a Digital Video on Demand and High Speed Internet Solution for the Hospitality Industry and the other is a telecommunications sales and marketing business which acts as an agent for the sale of telecommunications products and services. EMT employs 250 staff across Australia with corporate headquarters in North Sydney and interstate operations in Victoria and Queensland. Business Partners include US based General Dynamics for multimedia systems, Guest-Tek for high speed internet access solutions, Extreme Networks for Ethernet infrastructure, Philips, LG and Fujitsu-Siemens for consumer level hardware deployed across convergent project roll outs