The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-12T22:02:21Z Archibald Williams wins atWork Australia account 2021-04-12T22:02:21Z archibald-williams-wins-atwork-australia-account Following a competitive pitch, independent agency, Archibald Williams has won the atWork Australia account and been tasked with launching the new employment services campaign, highlighting that work is for everyone.   This is the first time atWork Australia has used the services of an agency for above the line messaging. Archibald Williams will handle TV, OOH, Digital and Social Media for the account and will launch the new campaign this week.   atWork Australia is an employment services provider supporting clients looking for work, including those living with disability, injury or health conditions; and those living with disadvantages, e.g. socioeconomic.  atWork Australia also supports Australian businesses looking to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, through candidate supply, diversity and inclusion workforce planning.    Sotir Kondov, Executive General Manager of atWork Australia said: “The organisation is extremely excited for its first national brand campaign.  We are committed to providing truly excellent employment support services, making a real difference to people’s lives and helping employers to find great people for their business. We are true believers that sustainable work is good for your health, including your mental health, and that a diverse and inclusive workforce is good for business. The line ‘Work’s for everyone’ is a great encapsulation of our mission to ensure that people living with disability, injury, health condition or disadvantage have equal access to fulfilling work, and that employers realise the benefits of a diverse, inclusive workforce.”    “It has been such a privilege to partner with atWork Australia and highlight the crucial role they play in helping all Australians find employment,” said Kiranpreet Kaur, Head of Client & Strategic Services at Archibald Williams.   “Having a job brings purpose and meaning to everyone.  This campaign puts value on the skills that are incredible valued in the workplace, and shows how they are developed in spades from living with a disability every day,” she added.   This is the first time atWork Australia has used the services of an agency for above the line messaging. Archibald Williams will handle TV, OOH, Digital and Social Media for the account and will launch the new campaign in April.   View the tvc here:     Team: atWork Australia Sotir Kondov – DES Executive General Manager Katherine Newton – DES Marketing Communications Manager Josephine Hanschmann – DES Marketing Communications Lead   Archibald Williams Tom Selby - Senior Writer  Chris d’Arbon - Senior Art Director Matt Gilmour - Executive Creative Director Amanda Slatyer - Agency Producer  Kiranpreet Kaur - Head of Client and Strategic Services  Mabel Tu - Senior Account Manager    Best Boy Productions Jack Stephens – Producer Kauis Potter – Director Don Buppapirak – Director of Photography Chris Grundy – Stills Photographer     This is Flow adds global business 1800-GOT-JUNK?® 2021-04-11T22:10:02Z this-is-flow-adds-global-business-1800-got-junk Following six new business wins announced at the end of last year, Sydney independent full-service agency, This is Flow, has continued the momentum by adding 1800-GOT-JUNK?®  to its growing portfolio of clients.    1800-GOT-JUNK?®  is one of the world’s largest full-service junk removal businesses, operating in major cities in Australia and across Canada and the United States, removing rubbish from homes and businesses.  The company has grown to 158 locations across three countries and in keeping with its environmental goals to divert items from the landfill, donate the donatables and recycle the recyclables wherever possible.   Following collaboration with overseas holding group MDC Partners, who own Assembly, Gale Agency and local creative agency 72andSunny, This is Flow was invited to present to the 1800-GOT-JUNK?®  Head Office in Canada, alongside local state Franchise Partners, leading to the Australian appointment of 1800-GOT-JUNK?®  to the growing agency.   “We’re focused on growing the 1800-GOT-JUNK?® business in the Australian market and we're seeing great momentum so This is Flow has come on at a perfect time. They're made up of a team of passionate media experts who understand the local landscape and have been incredible at integrating our strategy with their recommendations. We’re already seeing the benefits of this partnership six months in and are confident in their ability to support us in achieving our goals going forward," says Renée Janzen, Marketing Director for 1800-GOT-JUNK?® .    “We’re thrilled to be working with such a successful and growing global business. We see the passion from the franchise partners on the ground, all the way through to the head office in Vancouver… and it's incredible to see just how professional and exciting the junk removal business can be! With multiple stakeholders and time zones to manage, the team has done an incredible job to deliver responsive plans that align with the 1800-GOT-JUNK?®  strategic priorities,” said Jimmy Hyett, CEO of This Is Flow.   The account includes the planning and buying of media for each franchise partner across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth, who had previously bought media directly.  Cancer Council NSW appoints Archibald Williams to help achieve transformational CX strategy 2021-03-01T22:34:28Z cancer-council-nsw-appoints-archibald-williams-to-help-achieve-transformational-cx-strategy Cancer Council NSW has appointed Archibald Williams after a 3-way pitch to help Australia’s leading cancer charity create an overarching customer experience strategy to increase supporter engagement and loyalty. The strategy will transition the organisation from a ‘campaign/product first’ approach to fundraising to a ‘supporter first’ approach which seeks to prioritise the needs of supporters and their lifetime value.   Cancer Council works across every aspect of every cancer offering support, prevention, advocacy and research with the aim to create a cancer free future. The new strategy is designed to bring a holistic approach to marketing and communication planning across every supporter touchpoint including campaigns, direct marketing, call centres, support services and the community.   Archibald Williams strategic approach will centre on their Value Accelerator customer planning model which will bring together data, brand, CX, content and media. The appointment comes after the agency’s successful campaigns and retail work for CCNSW, including 7 Bridges and March Charge.    Lyndsey Rice, Director of Marketing & Fundraising at Cancer Council NSW said: “At Cancer Council NSW, the vast majority of our funding comes from the community, so it’s absolutely vital that we give our supporters an exceptional experience whenever they engage with us. Becoming a truly supporter-first organisation is a different way of working for us, so we needed an agency partner who truly understood what we’re trying to do, had a clear roadmap for how to get us there and, most importantly, saw our supporters as people, not just numbers – and that’s exactly what we’ve got in Archibald Williams.”     Kiran Kaur, Head of Strategy at Archibald Williams added: “Cancer Council plays a role in the lives of Australians throughout their lifetime and in so many ways – from SunSmart in primary schools, to the Seven Bridges Walk with work colleagues, to using its support services if you’ve been diagnosed. There is such an incredible opportunity to truly make a difference by bringing together the          overall supporter experience from the view of a customer’s lifetime. And we’re seeing this come through in the energy and appetite of the CCNSW team!”       Carat dials up Aussie partnerships for Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Summer campaign 2021-02-28T22:06:15Z carat-dials-up-aussie-partnerships-for-bundaberg-brewed-drinks-summer-campaign :   Being part of a cluttered soft drink category, Carat’s client, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, were looking to stand out across their key Summer sales period by defending not only their traditional Qld market, but also growing the southern markets of NSW and Victoria.   With domestic travel the only holiday opportunity, the campaign dialled up the Aussie heritage by moving into Australian platforms and content.   The approach by Carat was centred around TV, defined as a COVID-proof environment that grew during lockdowns and provided flexibility.    The two platforms that would achieve this included Seven’s Summer of Cricket, where it aligned with the BBD moments of sharing, family and Australian.  Also, for the first time, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks sponsored the Best and Fairest Segment where throughout the season, the commentary team voted and crowned a player of the match.     Secondly, Carat worked with Network 10 on a truly unique activation in The Amazing Race Australia which has been filmed 100% domestically in Australia for the first time.  This platform provided an opportunity for deeper and meaningful integration.   In tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia (1st March), the founder of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Cliff Fleming, will be involved in a bespoke, in-program challenge.  This challenge, filmed in Queensland and home to the world-famous ginger beer manufacturing HQ, will see contestants take part in a ginger harvesting challenge to receive their next clue. “The Bundaberg brand is steeped in tradition and an iconic Aussie staple for family get togethers. Changes in consumer habits during COVID have allowed us to follow a more intuitive way of building our media strategy. The storytelling creative alongside the more humanising media channels such as TV were the obvious combination for our Brand. We’ve seen more Aussies drink our product than ever in our history which is a defining moment for this family business,” said Penny Glasson, Head of Marketing at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.  “Data driven approaches to our media strategy didn’t work during COVID because no one knew what was happening from day to day, let alone months in advance. The world was changing so quickly, and no report could give us the silver bullet on how to best plan ahead. We focused on trying to get a read on how consumers behaviours were shifting and building our strategy around our intuition. We leant on the team to build a media plan that provided us flexibility but also gave us authentic storytelling opportunities,” she added. “The business has outperformed the category during COVID which is one of the most competitive in the country. Australians are supporting Australian brands and for this we are so grateful. We’ve seen our business shift to 24/7 production capability to meet the increase in demand.” Craig Cooper, Chief Investment Officer at Carat, added: “Overall TV has seen inflation in this past Summer, but clients like Bundaberg have strengthened partnerships and integration to provide them with effective media reach.”   “Partnerships are not only an important vehicle for brands to align authentically within high calibre content, but also allow a brand to transcend a more traditional spots and dots strategy,” he added.     Team:   Media Agency – Carat Brisbane Craig Cooper - Chief Investment Officer Carat Australia Anthea Gaffney – Head of Investment Carat Brisbane Lauren Sayer – Client Director Mark Pearson – Investment Manager Kirsten Bucceri – Client Executive   Leontine De Sutter – Head of Content Partnerships – The Story Lab   Client – Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Penny Glasson – Head of Marketing Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Julia McMurray – Brand Manager AU/NZ  Ioanna Vlachos – Marketing Specialist    Creative Agency - Alike     Beyond Bank appoints Carat to media account 2021-02-15T22:48:55Z beyond-bank-appoints-carat-to-media-account Carat Adelaide has won the sought after Beyond Bank account following a competitive pitch with unnamed agencies.     Beyond Bank is one of Australia’s largest 100% customer-owned banks. It provides personal, business and community banking services to more than 260,000 customers across metro and regional SA, WA, NSW, Victoria and the ACT.   Established more than 60 years ago, Beyond Bank is focussed on the financial wellbeing of its customers with the aim to create more prosperous, sustainable and successful communities.   Peter Rutter, General Manager of Strategy, Brand and Community, said of the appointment: “Our partnership with Carat allows us to bolster our capacity to engage across our network, in line with our aim to be the best local bank and to create real value-based outcomes for our customers and communities across Australia.”    Vikki Friscic, Managing Director of Carat Adelaide, added: “To be awarded the prestigious Beyond Bank is beyond amazing!  We see enormous opportunities for Beyond Bank and are privileged to be able to partner with such a collaborative and unified team.”   In 2007, the Beyond Bank Foundation was established with a primary purpose to give back to the community and support community endeavours. The Foundation has contributed more than $25 million to local communities through sponsorships, grants, and donations.   Carat will handle TV, Radio, Print, Out of Home and Digital – commencing 1 March.   Carat Australia releases new Baby Boomers study uncovering 7 distinct tribes from Affluent Adventurers to Woke Warriors 2021-02-10T22:47:28Z carat-australia-releases-new-baby-boomers-study-uncovering-7-distinct-tribes-from-affluent-adventurers-to-woke-warriors Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1960, are a fascinating group.  They are active, healthy, tech-adaptive, adventurous, and more importantly to brands, the most affluent generation in history.  They have grown up in the longest period of sustained prosperity and have benefited from the biggest improvements in living standards in history.   Using its proprietary consumer connections system (CCS) Carat has been able to uncover seven distinct people-based segments within the Boomer Generation.  CCS is a panel of 10,000 adult Australians surveyed each year to understand people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.   “Our report on Baby Boomers highlights how we have gone beyond surface level ‘consumer’ and ‘demographic’ traits and into profiling the rich attitudinal and behavioural cohorts of people that exist.  This enables us to unlock the value exchange upon which sharper connections between people and brands are built,” said Danni Wright, Carat’s National Head of Strategy and Connections Planning.   Seven groups within the boomer generation have been uncovered and they are:   1.     Luxe Lifestylers (image conscious, extroverted, overwhelmed) 2.     Affluent Adventurers (ambitious, pioneering, social) 3.     Spiritual Socialites (religious, connections-driven, tech-laggards) 4.     Sceptical Strugglers (conservative, introverted, pessimistic) 5.     Woke Warriors (conscientious, independent, calm 6.     Bubble Boomers (conservative, family-focused, independent) 7.     OTT Optimists (impressionable, ambitious, fiscally strained)     Luxe Lifestylers are impressionable to peers and influencers and the most receptive and positive cohort when it comes to advertising.  They are more likely to have a greater affiliation towards brands that allow them to unlock altruism through spending.  With an enthusiasm for trying new products and brands, they’re more likely than their generation to be persuaded by value, price points, rewards and samples. This cohort is also the most innovative, using technology to make their lives and shopping more convenient, and are the most open to unconventional products such as luxury rental services, car sharing apps and Airbnb. Despite their affluence, it’s important to note this generation are the most likely to seek advice, give advice, and generally discuss products across all categories.   Affluent Adventurers are more embracing of advertising than other segments – with the expectations that ads will be entertaining.  They’re more likely to compare prices between different brands on a consistent basis, and shop around to make sure they’re getting value. Design your product or service experience with technology and convenience in mind for this segment.  They prefer having their shopping delivered, they’re willing to spend money to save time, and they’re receptive to the idea of a connected household.   The Affluent Adventurers see themselves as the influencer – giving out advice across a range of categories, so marketers should use this influence strategically and aim to win this audience over as a platform for valuable advocacy.   Spiritual Socialites.  Winning with this group relies heavily on their engagement with your owned and earned communications. Their feelings towards a brand are improved if they’re involved with a charity, and to compliment this they also feel favourably toward Australian-made products. This segment looks to a range of ‘security blanket’ variables to enable their purchase decision.  This ranges from factual advertising brands that reward them for being loyal, price discounts that incentivise trial, or reviews from peers for verification.   Spiritual Socialites are admittedly reliant on friends and peers to influence their decisions across many categories, so give this group new news to talk about to reach them with impact.     “At Carat we believe that the world would be a better place if all relationships had more empathy.  In media, this means designing connections that earn people’s attention by creating value in their lives.  To do this we put an understanding of people at the heart of everything we do and we call this ‘Designing for People,” said Linda Fagerlund, Chief Strategy Officer at Carat Australia.     The full report can be found here:   Amplify collaborates with Instagram to create content for 2021 IGTV series 2021-02-08T22:10:07Z amplify-collaborates-with-instagram-to-create-content-for-2021-igtv-series Amplify, a leading youth content, events and talent agency, today announced it has collaborated with Instagram to create content for its 2021 IGTV series.   IGTV first launched in Australia in June 2018 as a space for long-form content and the home of premium episodic content.     Amplify proactively approached Instagram with the idea of creating six original IGTV series with some of Australia’s top online creators, including Georgia Productions, Jamie Zhu, Alright Hey and Geek GG, to leverage the audience of these young digital stars.   The first series to launch, Give it a Go, has already gained more than 540,000 views. Over eight episodes, Kids Choice Awards winner and YouTube superstar Georgia Productions will give anything a go and takes on a new task every week whether it be Latte Art, Hairdressing or Dog Grooming.    Online comedian Alright Hey’s series Drag It Out is another in the collaboration, and features popular Sydney drag queen Hannah Conda making over the likes of Jack Vidgen, Australia’s Eurovision representative Montaigne, and Greens MP Alex Greenwich.    Alex Reid, Co-Founder of Amplify, said: “‘We’re excited to collaborate with Instagram on these series to give Australian content creators the opportunity to increase their production value and to create premium content for their audiences.”    “We see a huge potential in creating shows and formats for platforms like IGTV and giving our creators the ability to level-up their content is of massive benefit to audiences,” he added.   Zaac d’Almeida, Strategic Partner Manager for Instagram Australia/NZ, said: “IGTV has evolved into the mobile-first destination for long-form video content, and we are thrilled to see some of Australia’s favourite creators bring their ideas to life across these new series from Amplify. Instagram is committed to the vibrant community of creators that use our platform every day to inspire, entertain and engage with audiences here and all over the world.”     Amplify Team: Alex Reid - Executive Producer Tom Maynard - Executive Producer Jameson Fahy - Producer Michelle Melky - Creative Producer Georgea Staite - Project Manager   Partners: Zaac d’Almeida - Strategic Partner Manager Instagram Australia/NZ   In the past 12 months Amplify has doubled its Sydney team. The IGTV series’ follows a huge year of social-first productions, including a Top 10 Spotify Original podcast, Gee Thanks, with YouTube sensations and sisters Georgia Productions and Lily Grace.   The agency is currently in pre-production for Season 2 of Love Songs, the world’s first narrative web series created for TikTok.   Outdoor agency Rock Posters boosts executive team with the appointment of David Cross as National Sales Director 2021-02-01T23:09:53Z outdoor-agency-rock-posters-boosts-executive-team-with-the-appointment-of-david-cross-as-national-sales-director Since 1986 Rock Posters has been at the forefront of the street poster/outdoor advertising industry.  An independently-held Australian company, Rock Posters has increasingly grown through innovation to become the largest national street poster network in Australia.   Earlier this year the company appointed Marcus Seal as its first General Manager and today Seal announces the appointment of David Cross as National Sales Director, a newly-created, critical position within the organisation.   “David is a force of nature and has an inexhaustible source of energy.  His vision and enthusiasm are infectious and he shares our excitement for the potential of the medium.  I know David will help us continue to shape the way the outdoor/street poster world works in Australia, and broaden our reach,” Seal said.   Prior to joining Rock Posters, Cross has an extensive media career having previously working at SCA Melbourne for 3 years as a Group Sales Manager. Prior to this he spent 4 years as General Manager of OurDeal. He also spent 11 years with the Nine Network as Senior Direct Sales Executive. He began his media career on the planning and buying side, working for Mediacom and DDB Needham in Melbourne before heading to London to work with Initiative Media.   “I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Rock Posters family at a time when the company is poised for opportunity and growth. I will look forward to helping the team deliver cost effective, creative solutions for existing and potential clients alike as they also attempt to navigate their way back to normality,” David said.   “Our existing account management team are spread far and wide following the dramatic changes forced on the industry due to the pandemic.  With David’s appointment we can now prioritise a more cohesive sales approach to the marketplace,” Seal added. Carat releases findings from its 2021 Trends Report 2021-01-24T23:41:43Z carat-releases-findings-from-its-2021-trends-report Today Carat has released its annual 2021 Trends Report focussing on Societal, Tech and Media trends.  To look ahead to 2021, the agency took stock of 2020, looked for patterns amidst all the rapid change and disruptions, and uncovered technologies and behaviours that are becoming a part of life for more people.   “2020 was a year that we certainly won’t forget, and its lasting impact will continue to be felt in all areas of business and society. It made our 2021 Trends Report this year even more critical to help our clients understand how to navigate these changes and pinpoint the trends that we believe will be here to stay,” said Linda Fagerlund, Chief Strategy Officer, Carat Australia.   Danni Wright, National Head of Strategy & Connections Planning at Carat Australia added, “For the first time in our history of releasing the Carat 10 trends report, we have looked at societal trends in addition to the more traditional media led trends. This is reflective of Carat’s focus on understanding the ‘consumers’ we are solving for as real people under our new ‘Designing For People’ positioning.  It’s also reflective of the reality that media exists at the heart of culture today and that understanding this intersection is essential to unleash the power and potential of media.”   Societal Trends   COVID Editions = Life Additions.   Many new behaviours, such as BOPIS (buy online pickup in store), are here to stay.   Brands must have both a robust virtual and physical offering with a focus on delivering both with flexibility and convenience.   Flexi-Living.  COVID is the now proven case study for flexible working, disrupting the traditional ‘metro-based nine to five’ and opening up new opportunities for consumers and brands alike.  Brands must consider their mental availability to ensure that people continue to shop the brand even if physical availability has shifted.  Local area marketing will also rise in importance as part of the comms mix.  Wellness to Wellbeing.  With the world experiencing a heightened sense of anxiety from bushfires, global pandemics and social justice movements, we saw an accelerated focus on wellbeing which manifested in a myriad of ways – mindfulness became mainstream.  We gave ourselves permission to treat ourselves without the feeling of guilt, and wellbeing at work became a must-have as opposed to a nice-to-have. Supporting people with their wellbeing goals is a prime route for brands to tap into, however, companies must be mindful that their internal policies and practices hold up to the standards the brand is setting.    Activated Empathy.  Where overseas activism has split along partisan lines, younger generations in Australia are uniting in collective allyship.  Driving social, governmental and business change on the issues most urgent to their generation – such as climate change and racial injustices.  Brands can expect to be part of the change and the conversation, and are not immune to criticism.  Therefore, the emotional intelligence, transparency and societal actions of a brand has never been more pertinent.     Tech + Media Trends   Interactive Reality.  Once a dormant fad, the time is right for augmented reality and QR codes.  These functional technologies helped us to live more remotely in the COVID era, and with usage behaviours now ingrained in our everyday, we expect AR and QR are here to stay.   With the rapid growth in e-commerce, brands have been experimenting with ways of bringing in-store experiences into the virtual world, and we’re beginning to see brands move beyond novelty when using AR/QR, and starting to use it as a value add.   Sonic Society.  Exciting things are happening with audio. Smart speakers are reaching saturation point, music-first companies are rotating to audio-first and voice-led utility is becoming more ingrained in our everyday. Brands must ensure that they are shoppable within audio enabled buying platforms, and also that they have distinctive brand codes for this medium. Look out for the resurgence of the jingle!    Brand Safety to Societal Safety.  There is a greater emphasis on brand safety in all its forms.  Advertisers and agencies are moving from brand safety to societal safety – looking to not only ensure their advertising does not appear in inappropriate content, but to ensure that it does not fund inappropriate content or publishers.   State of Subscription.  We have seen the explosion and diversification of new paid content services launching in Australia, with entertainment and media becoming more virtual, streamed, personal and – at least for the time being – more centred on the home than anyone could have anticipated.   With the influx, more questions are being raised around existing ad-funded models, with consumer revenue now overtaking advertising revenue, and the sustainability of these subscriptions as financial strain and fatigue kicks in. One Stop Shops.  As the big technology companies consolidate their power, they are building synergies between their different services, making life easier, quicker and more seamless for consumers – and in turn shortening the traditional consumer purchase funnel.    Integrating their services means that these companies are becoming ‘one stop shops’ for all of your needs, rather than a disparate group of apps and sites – which will continue to impact the smaller players with more specific specialities.   Virtual in Person (VIP) Access.  As COVID put an abrupt end to in-person events and live entertainment, new spaces and venues were created through virtual experiences.  We became privy to artists live-streaming intimate acoustic sets, were welcomed into chefs’ home kitchens, and elite fitness trainers’ backyards.   This presents new opportunities for brands to play a role in providing access to, or enhancing, such content with the added benefit of a level of scale not afforded by physical events.    Danni Wright, National Head of Strategy & Connections Planning at Carat Australia said, “For the first time in our history of releasing the Carat 10 trends report, we have looked at societal trends in addition to the more traditional media led trends. This is reflective of Carat’s focus on understanding the ‘consumers’ we are solving for as real people under our new ‘Designing For People’ positioning.  It’s also reflective of the reality that media exists at the heart of culture today and that understanding this intersection is essential to unleash the power and potential of media.”     The report includes in detail the implications for marketers on all of the trends mentioned above.  The full report can be found here   iProspect announces new General Manager for Sydney office 2021-01-11T22:18:44Z iprospect-announces-new-general-manager-for-sydney-office Oliver Rapson, CEO of iProspect Group Australia, has today announced the appointment of Marcelle Gomez to the position of General Manager for iProspect Sydney.   This is a new appointment for iProspect in Sydney, and Marcelle, with over 20 years’ experience in various leadership roles across planning, account management, investment and general agency management, brings the talent and tenacity to drive the business forward.     For the past three years Marcelle has carried out various consulting projects and contract work with a range of media publishers and agencies including the Seven network.   Prior to this she joined IPG Mediabrands, as General Manager of Magna where she helped establish and launch the business in Melbourne to provide support to the various agencies and business units within IPG.  She also spent three years with Initiative Sydney as Chief Implementation and Investment Officer before being appointed Managing Director, during which time the agency increased client satisfaction scores by +7.7%, exceeding Australia norms.   “Marcelle’s track record speaks for itself.  Couple this with our new merged capabilities and I am super excited for what the future holds for the Sydney team.  The market yearns for simplicity and capability and now everything is under one roof with a great leader in place.  The timing is perfect,” said Rapson.   “I’m excited to be joining the iProspect team during this period of transformation.  The opportunity to lead such a talented team and partner with a diverse range of market-leading clients was one I couldn’t miss.  It was the right opportunity at the right time, with the right people,” Gomez added.     Carat and The Story Lab partner Oz Lotto’s Big.Aussie.Fun with Network10’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! 2021-01-10T22:02:23Z carat-and-the-story-lab-partner-oz-lotto-s-big-aussie-fun-with-network10-s-i-m-a-celebrity-get-me-out-of-here Carat and The Story Lab announced today a brand and network first sponsorship with Oz Lotto and Network 10’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Through an integrated, cross-platform sponsorship, Oz Lotto and 10 will be bringing the brand’s new brand platform, “Big. Aussie. Fun.” to life in the Aussie jungle this summer.    The popular Network 10 program is expected to continue gathering momentum in 2021. With its line-up of local favourite celebrities set for the first time in the Aussie Jungle and produced with a light-hearted comical tone, it’s a perfect Big Aussie Fun brand fit for Oz Lotto.    Oz Lotto is one of Australia’s most popular jackpotting lottery games and has been creating new multi-millionaires every Tuesday since 1994.  Leveraging the popularity and light-hearted fun surrounding I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, the aim is to reach consumers in a new environment and reinforce the fact that Oz Lotto is one of Australia’s favourite lottery games. And what better place to do that than in the heart of iconic Aussie environments.   Through the collaboration between Oz Lotto, Carat, The Story Lab, Network 10 and ITV, this will deliver the first integrated sponsorship of a lottery brand for both Tabcorp and Network 10.   “As a first for both Oz Lotto and Tabcorp, we are very excited to see one of our leading brands come to life in a major Australian tentpole programme. It is exciting to have the opportunity to integrate into entertainment formats such as I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!   for the first time thanks to the collaborative efforts of Carat, The Story Lab and Network 10,” said Jennifer Lyons, Senior Marketing Manager, Tabcorp.   10 ViacomCBS National Sales Director, Lisa Squillace, said: “We are excited about the partnership with Oz Lotto and the creative way in which we will bring to life I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. We can’t wait for viewers to see the 2021 series and showcase this innovative campaign.”           “We’ve had a lot of fun working across The Lott’s portfolio of brands for the last three years.  The team are constantly striving for new and innovative ways to bring more meaning to their brands and make them more culturally relevant. It’s certainly a highlight to be part of their first foray into tentpole TV integration,” added Claire Crennan, Content Partnerships Director, The Story Lab.     Team:   -       Claire Crennan – Content Partnerships Director, The Story Lab -       Aidan Ryan – Client Leader, Carat -       Harleen Sodhi - Client Executive, Carat -       Jennifer Lyons – Senior Marketing Manager, Tabcorp -       Matthew Itzstein – Brand Manager, Tabcorp -       Kelly-Marie Caris – Brand Manager, Tabcorp -       Bek Davidson – Marketing Coordinator, Tabcorp       Partners   Network 10: -       Karen Hirst – Group Partnerships Manager - Effect -       Jess Healy – Group Sales Manager -       Lisa Edwards – National Brand Partnerships Manager -       Priscilla Yip – Digital Partnerships Executive   ITV: -       Kimiko Roberts - Commercial Integration & Content Partnerships Manager       iProspect releases findings on five trends affecting Australians in 2021 – and how brands can adapt for them 2020-12-10T22:46:09Z iprospect-releases-findings-on-five-trends-affecting-australians-in-2021-and-how-brands-can-adapt-for-them To understand the world COVID has left behind for advertisers, iProspect has looked at 5 key trends that will affect consumers in Australia in 2021. These 5 defining shifts impact consumer decision making and spending. So: what do brands need to do in response; to change, to evolve and respond?   Conscious Choice We are relying less on habitual decisions and shortcuts and re-evaluating every decision, purchase and what we do or spend our money on. Is this a good choice for us, our family and the environment? Will this product keep me safe?  Is it clean enough to come into my home and how many people touched this product before it got to me?   What does this mean? Brands can no longer rely on a strong brand name or image, or the best price. Never underestimate the power of free, rewards or cashback in building the value equation. Channels that make you feel connected to a brand through emotion or story-telling are important to make you feel like your choice is the best one, that this is a brand that reflects your values.   Homebody Economy COVID-19 accelerated a homebased life and reshaped the footprint of how we live our daily lives forever.  This opens up possibilities for brands to have new and diverse usage, shaping the design of our homes and affecting our hobbies and the media we consume.   What does this mean? This lifestyle has implications for how we reach consumers and in what mindset. If their OOH footprint changes to their locality that means the tone and messaging should too. There has been a resurgence of ‘long form’ consumption but also in format, especially amongst finance, government and other service brands.  How can you exploit these changes for your brand?               Population Adaption Australians are re-assessing where they live, with more space and being close to nature a key drawcard.  The government has recognised this shift, offering grants of up to $9,000 to people relocating for work, encouraging migration to regional areas and decreasing unemployment numbers. Low migration slows population growth and decreases the number of younger people in Australia.   What does this mean? How we connect with people through physical and digital advertising will evolve.  Understanding the role of ‘where’ and the context of ‘what’ will be as equally important. As the footprint spreads, regional areas grow, and the population ages, broadening our targeting and redefining how we talk to different audience groups with different motivations, will be key.   Localism Rules Not only will we live and work closer to home but we will invest in small and buy local.  We’re shunning international influence and focusing on rebuilding right here at home. The accelerated WFH trend affects everything from what we eat, buy, and do. Sitting relatively COVID free with little opportunity to travel overseas, the focus remains internal. Some of the urban perks that we enjoyed may be less relevant as we strive towards a more conscious and slower paced future.   What does this mean? Brands that promote themselves as Australian or homegrown will build trust.  Those that can’t may want to rely on more value or other strong brand cues they may have.  Dynamic messaging curated for nuance by each area is important as people will become more parochial about where they live, and a one size fits all approach won’t work.   Anxious Nation 2020 has created a perfect storm for a nation just holding on to what normal looks like. Once you add in solitude for many, extensive job losses and high unemployment and a bleak economic future, all the ingredients are there to set the scene for a concerning 2021. Social media has also been responsible for magnifying panic and anxiety, fuelling social contagion.   What does it mean? Brands have a role to play in behaving responsibly, using social media and owned channels in the right way, managing news without sensationalism.  Humans crave nature – is there a way your brand can bring the outside in?  Music and other streaming services or mental health and meditation brands are also excellent partners to work with in this space – benefiting not only your customers, but your employees too.               Sam Cousins, Head of Strategy & Planning at iProspect Australia, and author of the report said: “It may sound simple, but linking all of your data intelligence to better plan communications based on these 5 trends, will provide better results.  2021 is an opportunity to capitalise on what we have learnt and prepare for a post pandemic life through to 2022.  Those consumers that we can instil trust into now, will be loyal as the world evolves.”     To view the full report visit our COVID hub        This is Flow adds Face Mediskin and five health brands to its growing client portfolio 2020-12-08T22:47:48Z this-is-flow-adds-face-mediskin-and-five-health-brands-to-its-growing-client-portfolio Sydney independent full-service agency, This is Flow, has had a stellar couple of months winning new business.  Off the back of announcing the recent win of TPG Telecom’s Felix Mobile, the agency has won a further six new pieces of business.   Flow is to handle the digital strategy, planning and buying for Face Mediskin, one of Australia’s leading beauty retailers. With a growing combination of day spas and online retail platforms, Face Mediskin is dedicated to providing customers online skin consultations and high-quality skincare, body, hair and makeup products in an easily accessible way.   “Working with the Flow team has significantly streamlined and improved the technical aspects of how we execute our paid marketing strategies.  Their expertise in the industry, coupled with their alignment to our brand and values, is making the process an extremely rewarding partnership,” said Matt Perry, CEO Face Mediskin.   This is Flow has also picked up 5 new clients, sitting within the health, fitness and nutrition space, off the back of its Digital Incubator platform.  These include King Bodies, Jordan Hartley Health, Coach Mark Carroll, Tamara Mayer Fitness and Hustle Inc Fitness.   During COVID, the agency innovated its digital offering to make an accessible product that SME’s could access during this difficult time.  Digital Incubator is an innovative platform that provides digital transformation for clients through training, support and access to Flow’s tools and team.   Matt Papasavva, Digital Lead at This is Flow said, “Innovating our offering with the Digital Incubator has not only opened the door to a range of new clients, but showed how our team is able to adapt and evolve in a changing environment, and create an agile product built around strategy and value.”     “We will continue to offer support for small to medium size businesses, but extend the platform to start-ups and growing companies as well.  With some solid results to back up Digital Incubator, we can now build out the program to include online  training and simple tools that can help more businesses transition into a digital world,” Jimmy Hyett added.       Carat launches the Brand EQ Index as the agency moves towards design thinking-based proposition of ‘Designing for People’ 2020-12-02T22:14:51Z carat-launches-the-brand-eq-index-as-the-agency-moves-towards-design-thinking-based-proposition-of-designing-for-people-1 Carat today announced the launch of The Brand EQ Index, a proprietary piece of research ranking and revealing the most emotionally intelligent brands in Australia, and across the world.    The EQ Index brings a different lens to an age-old question: 'What are the traits of the most successful brands?'    “As the world becomes more technical and more complex, we can lose sight of what we ultimately do in media and marketing – and that is to understand real people and design experiences that add value to their lives,” said Sue Squillace, CEO Carat ANZ.    “Through our research, we know that ‘human’ brands outpace their competitors and drive stronger business performance. That is why our new positioning and process ‘Designing for People’ is rooted in design-thinking principles of empathy and agile collaboration to bring different disciplines together to work at pace and design customer centric experiences,” Squillace added.   Carat has quickly found rich opportunities to apply its new ‘Designing for People’ process for clients in 2020, recognising that empathising with people is more important than ever in a disrupted and disconnected world.   For example, for client Microsoft, Carat and dentsu’s in-house content division The Story Lab launched ‘Reshaping Australia Dialogues’ in partnership with the Australian Financial Review. The six-part webinar series sought to put a human face to business innovation, helping business leaders understand and navigate the new challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID crisis. It involved exclusive conversations with leading luminaries in the business, technology and sociology sectors across July to September 2020.   Microsoft is also one of the highest achieving brands in Australia’s Top 20 as part of the Brand EQ Index, scoring 72% along with Google. Other brands include Samsung, eBay, Kellogg’s, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Nike and Gillette which scored 65% and above. Below that is Nivea on 64%, Ikea, Subway and Philips on 63% and Adidas, Apple, KFC and Panasonic 62%, with Mercedes and MasterCard both on 60%.   The full Australia Top 20 list can be found here:   Beginning in March 2020, Carat surveyed 10,000 people about their perceptions of 48 globally known brands in five categories: retail, food & drink, technology, automobile and financial services. Respondents in ten markets evaluated how well they think brands are doing in different areas of emotional intelligence: empathy, self-awareness, social skills, internal motivation, and self-regulation. Given the active state of change during this evaluation period, the raw results draw from deep introspection on behalf of the survey’s participants.       Other key findings globally Include:    ·       The most emotionally intelligent category is retail, however in Australia the Food & Drink and the Technology categories hold the top spot. Adidas, Nike, and Amazon reached top positions. Automotive and financial services brands have weaker-than-average emotional intelligence.    ·       Technology and innovation do have a human face - one of the clearest findings of this study is the close relationship between ‘human outcomes’ and the importance of technology for a brand. If we look at the top 20 scorers, eight are heavily oriented around digital technology and innovation, whether that is in a ‘pure’ way (Google & Microsoft) or by redefining the way we purchase (Mastercard & Visa). This flies in the face of much of what has been argued by experts concerned with the de-humanising effects of tech.   ·       Technology brands dominate the top and the bottom. Google is the world's most emotionally intelligent brand in 2020. Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon and Apple also made it to the world’s top 10.           The full report, which can be found here  also dives deep into key learnings for brands, ranging from how they can engage younger audiences to how they should use their EQ chops to build trust with consumers. The Brand EQ Index is the first in a series and will be built upon in the coming months with deep dives into different people segments and categories with Carat’s unique Consumer intelligence     Dentsu Qld wins Aveo business following a competitive pitch against eight other agencies 2020-11-16T22:19:09Z dentsu-qld-wins-aveo-business-following-a-competitive-pitch-against-eight-other-agencies Chris Ernst, Managing Director of dentsu Queensland, announced today the agency has won the Aveo Group account. This win followed a competitive pitch against eight other agencies, down to a shortlist of three including Zenith and the incumbent, Sandbox. Billings are undisclosed, but substantial. Aveo is a leading player within the retirement and aged care category with over 16,000 residents housed in one of 94 diversified communities Australia-wide.  The company vision is to become Australia’s leading and most innovative senior living provider.  The vast majority of its residents live within fully independent accommodation.  Dentsu Qld pitched for the business together with Carat, iProspect and dentsu Analytics.  Dentsu’s full-service PR agency, Haystac, already handles Aveo’s communications. The account was won following a response that was integrated by design based on quality insights, and a strong strategic platform.  Stephen Gook, General Manager, Marketing at Aveo said, “Dentsu have a depth of capability that will help drive our marketing activity forward and support our business’ growth plans. Our category is going through significant change at present and we expect the partnership with dentsu to be of great benefit to us through the coming years.”   Chris Ernst said, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Aveo in what’s an incredibly exciting time for their business. Stephen, Carl and the team led a great pitch process and we had a lot of fun building and delivering the response. We can’t wait to get started.” In a further announcement, Kayla Enter has been appointed Client Partner, iProspect Brisbane. Kayla joins from Flight Centre where she led the 17-plus digital media team across performance, DDM, analytics, marketing automation and WSM.  Prior to her four years with Flight Centre, Kayla was Performance Manager with Columbus Australia.       “Kayla’s arrival is perfect timing.  The growth of the agency from recent new business wins and other staff appointments this year means we are well placed to bring our energy and talent to face any challenges, and support our clients in every direction,” Ernst added.