The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-08-02T21:38:36Z The Integration Group of Americas chooses Reekoh to power customer digital transformation 2021-08-02T21:38:36Z the-integration-group-of-americas-chooses-reekoh-to-power-customer-digital-transformation Houston-based operational technology system integrator and engineering services company, The Integration Group of Americas (TIGA), has partnered with industrial integration specialists Reekoh to accelerate and scale their data-driven customer solutions and offerings.  The agreement will see TIGA implement digital solutions using Reekoh’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) Integration Cloud and services, solving the problems they’ve encountered previously around convergence of OT and IT for customers typically in the Energy, Manufacturing and Water segments.  TIGA will also undergo training on Reekoh’s platform and tools to build an in-house OT/IT data integration practice and become a Reekoh Certified System Integrator. With rapid growth over the past 4 years, and with offices across Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, and Oklahoma, TIGA enables companies to leverage new and well-established technologies against industrial operational problems. By combining advanced intelligent industry solutions and their trusted expertise, TIGA has been able to seamlessly migrate customers to the most efficient technologies and business models for their market segments.  The value of Reekoh’s OT/IT integration capability was immediately grasped by VP of Growth and Strategic Initiatives, John Kratzert, who had identified a critical hurdle in the form of productised, manageable, and scalable data integration between the fragmented ecosystem of customer OT systems and industrial assets, and their enterprise IT and cloud applications.  “Getting usable, trusted and secure information from edge devices to the ERP systems of a client has always been a challenge, but a capability the clients needed in order to make rapid and informed business decisions”, said Kratzert. “Reekoh’s solution enables us to provide that capability across multiple industry verticals, moving SCADA systems from the traditional data collectors and control systems, to becoming business intelligence/performance enhancement tools.  TIGA is excited about this partnership as we join Reekoh in bringing this new and exciting technology to our U.S. client base”.    Reekoh’s Chief Commercial Officer Steve Terry, who recently landed in Houston to kick-off the company’s local US expansion, was quick to connect with TIGA and establish a mutually beneficial partnership based on demand from TIGA’s existing customers who will now benefit from Reekoh’s integrated solutions. Terry added, “Signing TIGA as a partner is a significant milestone for Reekoh. TIGA have deep execution capabilities in region, combined with a solid understating of the industrial integration space. TIGA’s market presence provides us both with significant opportunity to solve complex integration challenges for customers across a range of industry sectors”. -- End -- About Reekoh  Reekoh is the Industrial IoT Integration Cloud - an award-winning agile integration platform and toolkit for delivering agile, low-code integration between all physical (OT, IoT, IIoT) and digital assets (IT). Our tools empower enterprises across a wide range of industry segments (Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Energy and more) with capabilities to reduce complexity, remove barriers and accelerate time-to-value in their IIoT and enterprise data-driven solutions and digital transformation programs. For more details visit     About TIGA The Integration Group of the Americas (TIGA) is a systems integration and engineering services company that enables companies to leverage new and well-established technologies to solve industrial operational problems. TIGA deploys technology to capitalise on opportunities in the economy driven by 3 engines: Energy, Water and Data, By combining advanced intelligent industry solutions and our team's trusted expertise, clients are able to have an easy, seamless migration to the most efficient technologies and business models. For more details visit  Reekoh launches US expansion with executive posting. 2021-06-22T21:04:29Z reekoh-launches-us-expansion-with-executive-posting BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA. June 23rd, 2021: Reekoh, the leader for integration of physical and digital assets, is embarking on their expansion to the US industrial market by relocating a key executive to drive existing business and set up a local presence. Chief Commercial Officer Steve Terry will be based in Houston, Texas for an initial period of three months from mid-July. His key priorities will be to work with existing customers and partners, establish relationships with the broader industrial ecosystem, with a view to then staffing a local office to continue servicing the US market.  Houston was chosen as the ideal landing pad for Reekoh because of its concentration of industrial customers in key segments such as Oil & Gas and Manufacturing, and how it can serve as an entry point for the broader mid-west market. The region is already quite mature with its adoption of digital technologies and is familiar with the problems experienced when integrating fragmented data sources across existing OT ecosystems with a rapidly expanding footprint of enterprise IT and cloud solutions.  Reekoh’s integration platform and toolkit has resonated strongly in this market where there is an immediate need to break down data silos to drive effective outcomes such as operational efficiencies, AI-based predictive maintenance and advanced data visualisation and analysis.  This validation has also been evidenced through Reekoh’s signing of a global partnership and reseller agreement with AVEVA, one of the world’s largest industrial software vendors and distributors, in late 2020 and current engagement with several of AVEVA’s large ecosystem partners in the region. Premier IoT/IIoT systems integrator, The Integration Group of the Americas, Inc. (TIGA) who are certified with multiple SCADA platforms, cloud integration and cybersecurity of operational systems, have moved quickly to bring Reekoh’s solution into their market.  TIGA’s VP of Growth and Strategic Initiatives, John Kratzert, says they are always looking for emerging technologies like Reekoh that can bring increased value and performance to their clients, and that they are looking forward to forging a relationship within the US.  “Bridging the chasm between IT and OT system data transfer enables our clients to make agile, accurate and timely business decisions based upon real time Operational data,” he said. “Reekoh’s platform agnostic solution, bringing fragmented systems together and establishing the linkages between the  OT and existing business workflows, is critical for TIGA’s clients.  Individually, Reekoh and TIGA enhance a client’s speed, data integrity and  operational efficiency in the execution of their business.  When integrated as a complete enterprise system, the TIGA/Reekoh team exponentially expands the capabilities, of both IT and OT systems, providing the seamless transfer of critical decision-making information.” After joining Reekoh in January this year, Steve Terry believes that the time is right for the company’s presence to expand physically into the markets where the problem of integrating OT and IT environments is the greatest.  “This year we’ve seen the traditional, heavy industrial automation sectors like Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Mining and Utilities grow rapidly in their demand for greater digitalization through an Industry 4.0 framework”, said Terry.  “The US and EMEA markets in particular seem to not only understand the concepts around digital transformation and the significant benefits this brings to a business but are also hungry to implement solutions. My role coming into Reekoh was to accelerate the commercialisation of what the business had already built and delivered, and it’s been obvious that the next immediate step was to land ourselves in these growth markets.”    Reekoh CEO and Founder Dale Rankine added, “As the industrialised economies around the world bounce back strongly from COVID and the disruptions of 2020, we’ve seen massive growth in demand for our solutions that absolutely prove that global expansion is something we need to tackle as quickly as possible, and it’s hugely exciting for us that we’re able to leverage Steve’s experience to kick start this.” Reekoh is already working with a number of customers in the US market, particularly where integration of IIoT, SCADA and other assets with large-scale existing ERP and asset management systems such as SAP and IBM are a critical part of the digital transformation program of these enterprises.  Commonly, it is the automation of the business processes and workflows within these enterprise systems that can be optimised with access to the right real-time and historical data that lives in other OT or industrial environments that Reekoh is helping to unlock. Traditionally these integrations have tended be custom-built using various methods, but enterprises now are turning to platforms like Reekoh to make this process more agile, maintainable, and scalable.  The US market is just the start for Reekoh’s global ambitions. With existing channel and partner relationships in UK, EMEA and Asia that are driving customer engagement, establishing further regional offices will quickly follow to support growth and demand.  -- End --   About Reekoh  Reekoh is a leader in data integration for the industrial market, making asset, operational and business data interoperable. Its agile integration platform and technology suite brings together all aspects of the modern data landscape to enable business outcomes and drive digital transformation. Founded in 2015 in Australia, named as a Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT and with multiple business and technology awards, Reekoh’s goal is to be the global leader for the integration of physical and digital assets. For more details visit:   Reekoh CEO confirmed as incoming Chair for the IoTAA Interoperability Workstream 2021-04-29T01:50:08Z reekoh-ceo-confirmed-as-incoming-chair-for-the-iotaa-interoperability-workstream Reekoh CEO and Founder Dale Rankine has been confirmed as the incoming Chair for the IoTAA Interoperability Workstream, effective from today. IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) is the peak industry body representing the Internet of Things (IoT) in Australia, with over 500 participating organisations and 1000 individual participants working across twelve workstreams. These workstreams bring together industry participants, stakeholders and interested individuals around key focus areas to help undertake projects and initiatives that encourage learning, policy development and understanding of relevant segments of the IoT ecosystem. The key pillars of the ecosystem that the IoTAA sees as underpinning the industry are Data, Security and Interoperability. The Interoperability Workstream has been gearing up for a mission and membership “reboot” after recently dropping “Platforms” from its title and becoming one of these key pillars for IoTAA activity. As part of this reboot, and off the back of the investment that outgoing inaugural Chair Geof Haydon had provided, Dale Rankine has been elevated from Deputy Chair to take on the role of Chair of the workstream. “Obviously as the CEO and founder of a company that lives and breathes integration and interoperability, this is a space that I’m particularly passionate about”, says Rankine. “I’m a strong advocate for Interoperability by Design in digital transformation, enabling organisations to accelerate implementation and scale, and to future-proof their business for change. This is a strategy and architecture, not a technology, led approach to success, and the IoTAA believes that it’s a central piece of the puzzle that needs the right level of visibility and influence in the industry. I’m very excited to be taking on this role with the Interoperability Workstream, and plan to quickly kick off a reboot of the group’s membership and activity to align with a lot of the other great work being done in the other workstreams.”  Australian IIoT integration innovator Reekoh scaling with global industrial market leader AVEVA 2021-01-20T20:52:47Z australian-iot-innovator-reekoh-scaling-with-global-industrial-market-leader-aveva Australian integration platform Reekoh has forged an agreement with AVEVA, one of the world’s biggest engineering and industrial software companies, which will see components of Reekoh’s product suite bundled and resold through AVEVA’s global distribution and partner ecosystem, reaching a customer base of 16,000 large-scale industrial organisations. The agreement is a coup for the fast-growing Brisbane based iPaaS company, delivering a mature channel as it expands on the global stage.     Digital transformation accelerated in 2020 across sectors such as oil & gas, manufacturing and food & beverage, driven partially by the disruption and re-engineering imposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. AVEVA’s cloud and AI product roadmap is growing exponentially with these systems relying heavily on integration between traditional OT systems, customer business and IT systems, and the cloud.  Reekoh’s suite of tools and services are laser-focused on this integration layer and in recent months Reekoh proved the value and capability of its product and the expertise of the team by quickly delivering a number of integrations for key AVEVA products and solutions, helping to accelerate their readiness for going to market.    Already, Reekoh has been positioned directly with AVEVA customers in manufacturing, food and beverage, resources and facilities infrastructure (e.g. cities, data centres) and is working closely with some of AVEVA’s largest distributors in France, Germany, UK and North America on opportunities in their channel. These opportunities are commonly requiring scalable integration of existing operational technologies and systems with cloud services and business applications, some of which are part of the AVEVA product portfolio. For example, AVEVA’s Unified Operations Centre solution for global Data Centre customers required IT integration that could be easily developed and deployed with the AVEVA technology stack. In a matter of weeks, Reekoh supported integration to Work Order and Data Centre Management systems such as IBM Maximo, hyperscale cloud services and other IT business systems, all with AVEVA’s underlying asset performance management and monitoring/control portfolio.   The Reekoh Accelerate integration platform, combining scalable hybrid infrastructure and a large library of pre-built integration plugins together with an exciting product roadmap including support for Edge-based data integration and capability, is exactly what industrial customers and channel partners have been looking for to enable the next wave of digital transformation.  Under the reseller agreement, Reekoh will continue to have their own identity and presence on the AVEVA platform. Reekoh is one of only a small number of external companies resold in this way through AVEVA and is the first Australian company to reach this milestone.       Reekoh CEO and co-founder Dale Rankine said, “It’s very satisfying to have reached this point where our product and value proposition for the industrial market has been validated so strongly by a global market leader like AVEVA. The global IoT Middleware market is set grow to USD $25B by 2025, with Manufacturing being the largest growing segment and APAC the growth region”. “What we are bringing to market with AVEVA is a world-leading capability that can truly make OT/IT interoperability and integration practical and achievable for the whole industrial enterprise market”. Reekoh has created an AVEVA Partnership Resource Center to highlight all relevant products and resources to the AVEVA ecosystem, and are also a sponsor of the upcoming AVEVA World Digital online event.    Reekoh is building on recent successes with customers such as Tassal, who are adopting greater IoT and cloud technologies in their seafood farming and production operations, as well as local Australian councils such as City of Paramatta and Lake Macquarie who recently extended their use of the Reekoh platform for their various Smart City initiatives.     About Reekoh  Reekoh is an agile integration technology suite that brings together all aspects of the modern data landscape for enabling business outcomes; Physical (IIoT/OT), Application and Open Data. Reekoh was founded in 2015 in Australia and has grown to deliver solutions with customers throughout APAC with a team of over 25 employees in Brisbane, Sydney and Manila. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT and with multiple business and technology awards, Reekoh’s goal is to be the leader in integration technologies for the global industrial market. For more details visit:     About AVEVA  AVEVA is a global leader in engineering and industrial software driving digital transformation across the entire asset and operations life cycle of capital-intensive industries.  The company’s engineering, planning and operations, asset performance, and monitoring and control solutions deliver proven results to over 16,000 customers across the globe. Its customers are supported by the largest industrial software ecosystem, including 4,200 partners and 5,700 certified developers. AVEVA is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 4,400 employees at 80 locations in over 40 countries. For more details visit:    Reekoh appoints commercial exec Steve Terry to lead global revenue and growth strategy 2021-01-03T22:04:19Z reekoh-appoints-commercial-exec-steve-terry-to-lead-global-revenue-and-growth-strategy BRISBANE, January 4th 2021: Australian integration platform vendor Reekoh has appointed former Technology One GM Steve Terry to the role of Chief Commercial Officer. The new role sees Terry take on responsibility for revenue, growth strategy and execution for Reekoh’s Industrial IoT integration cloud and product suite across direct and channel customers/partners.  Expansion of global partnerships and key sales channels, as well as an accelerated market readiness for digital transformation through the COVID-19 pandemic, has led Reekoh to bring forward plans to add an experienced and proven commercial executive who can leverage Reekoh’s products and assets to fully realise the market opportunity. According to Reekoh CEO and Co-founder Dale Rankine, this is the perfect time for the company to be adding this kind of high-calibre international experience to its team. “2020 was quite a year with its fair share of challenges, but throughout everything, we’ve seen the market opportunity for integrating physical and digital environments grow substantially, our value proposition become incredibly validated and increasingly in demand,” said Rankine.  “Steve’s extensive and stellar performance in commercial growth of IP, solutions and services in asset-heavy industries, along with his international market experience and networks made him the perfect addition to our executive team. Now is the time for us to capitalise on what we’ve built and to execute on the opportunity we have to become a dominant player in the digital transformation and integration of industrial enterprise.” With more than 20 years’ experience at the executive level of both technology product and services businesses, Terry has worked across Australia, US, and South East Asian regions, primarily focused on commercialisation. He is well known for his GM role at Technology One, growing his group’s revenue, and more recently with XL Express developing a new sales force across ANZ and the establishment of modern marketing platforms, lead generation and brand value.   “I’m excited to have an opportunity to join Reekoh at a time when we are seeing a significant shift in the convergence of OT and IT platforms,” said Terry.   “In the next three years, 50% of operational organizations will have blended IT/OT functions that combine both operational and IT expertise. With IOT and IIOT markets are expected to grow into the trillions by 2025, Reekoh is at the forefront of this incredible wave of transformational change.” Terry will join the existing executive team based out of Brisbane and will begin by concentrating on several immediate opportunities such as maximising the partnership with global industrial software vendor, AVEVA. About Reekoh  Reekoh is an agile integration technology suite that brings together all aspects of the modern data landscape for enabling business outcomes; Physical (IIoT/OT), Application and Open Data. Reekoh was founded in 2015 in Australia and has grown to deliver solutions with customers throughout APAC with a team of over 25 employees in Brisbane, Sydney and Manila. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT and with multiple business and technology awards, Reekoh’s goal is to be the leader in integration technologies for the global industrial market.  For more details visit:   Reekoh and Senquip Bring Data Integration to Industrial Fleet 2020-08-19T21:27:59Z reekoh-and-senquip-bring-data-integration-to-industrial-fleet BRISBANE, Australia - Reekoh, the award-winning Australian data integration company and Senquip, the Australian manufacturer of the world’s most versatile sensor gateways are pleased to announce completion of data integration trials. Reekoh is now able to receive data securely from Senquip sensor gateways such as the Senquip ORB, via its built-in MQTT broker support. With data being sent directly from the ORB to the Reekoh platform, additional costs associated with servers and APIs are avoided, and data ownership can be more easily guaranteed. These two great Australian companies complement each other with Senquip providing sensor data and Reekoh integrating that data with open data, IT business systems and cloud applications to create valuable insights and actions for customers.  The ORB can connect to almost any industrial sensor or system. The built-in GPS provides position and speed, and an accelerometer measures machine orientation, making the ORB perfect for use in mobile applications. Reekoh’s industrial integration cloud can then take this fleet data into existing systems allowing for improved machine utilisation and management. “Reekoh is focused on bringing agility and nimbleness to industrial customers where things have been traditionally cumbersome and technically complicated,” says Reekoh CEO and co-founder Dale Rankine. “We see these same values in Senquip and working with hardware and sensor companies like them help us to collectively bring these benefits to system integrators end customers. Providing faster integration from data generation through to data utilisation and business outcome ultimately reduces the hurdles and cost that many industrial customers face when undertaking digitally transformative initiatives and increases their rate of success.” Norman Ballard, Senquip CEO and co-founder added, “Senquip is passionate about remote measurement. We build hardware that is rugged and flexible to enable Mining, Industrial Automation and Fleet customers to measure almost anything, almost anywhere.” “We are excited to able to work with Reekoh as we believe that customers own their data and that they should be able to send it to the server of their choice.  Reekoh facilitates this belief.”   About Reekoh Reekoh is an agile integration technology suite that uniquely brings together all aspects of the modern data landscape for enabling business outcomes; Physical (OT/IoT), Application and Open Data. Reekoh was founded in 2015 in Australia and has grown to deliver solutions with customers throughout APAC with a team of over 25 employees in Brisbane, Sydney and Manila. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT and with multiple business and technology awards, Reekoh’s goal is to be the global leader in integration technologies for the industrial market. For more details visit:   About Senquip Senquip is an Australian manufactures of rugged sensor gateways that connect to any industrial sensor or system and provide the measured data to the Senquip Portal or any server or SCADA system of your choice. For more details visit: Reekoh and Servian partner to deliver enterprise IoT, data and application integration for the modern enterprise 2019-12-02T00:27:27Z reekoh-and-servian-partner-to-deliver-enterprise-iot-data-and-application-integration-for-the-modern-enterprise Brisbane, Australia, 2nd December 2019 – Data and analytics consulting firm, Servian, has partnered with Reekoh to add unique integration capabilities to their technology ecosystem. Reekoh’s integration platform and product suite — which focuses on the integration of physical / IoT, application and open data — will broaden Servian’s capabilities around working with data generated from fragmented physical landscapes.  Servian helps major banks, retailers, telcos and other large companies draw insights from their data, with expertise that spread from digital delivery to artificial intelligence and cloud migration. This new partnership will enable Servian to expand its current IoT practice — a major focus for the company moving forward. “We are passionate about data and how data can provide a lasting competitive advantage for our customers. Reekoh is seen as a partner that shares the same passion for data and provide the platform that will aid us in delivering new and more accurate insights in real-time,” says Servian Managing Consultant, Peter Brdar. For Reekoh, the partnership with Servian is another building block in their expansion through the consulting and system integration market, and one which will allow them to move into new industries and regions with the help of Servian’s overseas footprint and wide customer base, which includes many of Australia’s tier 1 companies. “Servian are a great example of a services business that can leverage agile and innovative platforms like Reekoh to accelerate their ability to sell into the growing field of opportunities coming through that deal with IoT and data integration,” says Dale Rankine, CEO and co-founder of Reekoh. “In our pursuit of being the leading integration platform for the modern enterprise, we rely on partners like Servian to not only enable our channel go-to-market strategy, but to also validate and enhance our product roadmap to assist us in maintaining that focus on innovation and agility.” Launching the partnership with Servian will see Reekoh’s sales and technical enablement teams taking a roadshow to Servian offices throughout Australia, training solution architects and account managers on the platform and tools and highlighting how to cooperatively sell into customers who are tackling the complex issues around the integration of new or legacy physical assets. “Learning and development is key to the culture at Servian. We hire the brightest minds we can find and invest heavily in the growth of our consultants to ensure their success and the success of our clients. The training roadshow was an important component of the partnership,” Brdar, says. Servian’s recent suite of acquisitions has taken its headcount to about 530 and bolstered its capacity. The partnership with Reekoh will only further its capabilities, allowing the team to take on more complex work with the help of Reekoh’s platform. Recently at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit in Sydney, Reekoh announced a new line up of data integration tools to build on their award-winning platform, including Industrial IoT / Edge integration and automation tools. “The team have been laser-focused on what will make the most difference to our customers as they come to terms with the challenges of making data from IoT and physical assets matter to their organisations and stakeholders.” Rankine continued, “We’re not looking to play catch-up with larger incumbent players – we’re moving fast to out-innovate and deliver products and services that truly enable enterprise customers who are now working within the Integrated Data Landscape; that is nexus of physical, application and open data.” - Ends - About Reekoh Reekoh is an award-winning agile integration technology suite that uniquely brings together all aspects of the modern data landscape for enabling business outcomes; Physical (IoT/Industrial), Application and Open Data. Our tools empower enterprises across a wide range of industry segments with capabilities to reduce complexity, remove barriers and accelerate time-to-value in their IoT and data driven solutions. Reekoh is the Platform for the Business of Things® To learn more about Reekoh, visit   About Servian Servian is a leading data consultancy in the Australasian region, whose mission is to enable customers to use their data to build competitive advantage. Servian provides services across Data & Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, UI/UX, Customer Engagement, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, as well as IoT. Servian also provides advisory services to help organisations define and execute on their IT strategy, as well as managed services to manage and run platforms on behalf of its customers. Servian is a technology-agnostic, consultant-led organisation that has a strong continuous learning culture. We believe that this enables us to provide the best possible outcomes for our customers. To learn more about Servian, visit  Moreton Bay Regional Council underpins multiple smart city initiatives with Reekoh’s agile integration capabilities 2019-02-18T03:27:59Z moreton-bay-regional-council-underpins-multiple-smart-city-initiatives-with-reekoh-s-agile-integration-capabilities Brisbane, Australia, 18th February 2019 – One of Australia’s largest, and most active local councils in the smart city area, Moreton Bay Regional Council, has deployed the Reekoh integration platform to begin underpinning a wide range of connected city and IoT solutions being tested and rolled out across the region. After a period of evaluation with numerous technologies and vendors, the South East Queensland council chose Reekoh to provide a consistent, efficient and flexible data layer that could work with numerous IoT solutions and provide a mechanism through which data could be more easily integrated with existing council systems. Moreton Bay has so far been working with solutions around smart parking, smart LED street lighting, road flood monitoring and environmental sensing. Data from these types of solutions has value beyond their original intent, and by using Reekoh, can become interoperable and useful for use in asset management, work order and field service management, as well as deep data analytics and visualisation. Recently, Reekoh was able to start work on ingesting and managing data from pothole detection cameras mounted on council waste pickup trucks – a trial that will expand to a wider roll-out in the near future. It’s examples such as this, where new initiatives and projects can be rapidly trialled and deployed, that makes Reekoh such an important element to the Council’s technology stack. “Council is using an ecosystem of Cloud services to establish its Smart City Data platform. We have found that some Smart Technologies require custom code to ingest, store and process their data. Including Reekoh in our ecosystem is allowing us to establish bespoke connectors where required without the headaches of maintaining our own custom code”. Reekoh CEO and Co-Founder Dale Rankine said, “We were thrilled to begin working with the team at Moreton Bay. They have an exciting schedule of projects and ideas they want to explore and deploy. Regardless of the individual vendors, solutions or technologies they select for those projects, Reekoh is able to provide them with a common data platform to manage new and existing data sources and integrate them with their business and operational systems to unlock further value and returns on their investment.” He added, “The Moreton Bay region is actually where I live, and I’m very excited to be able to be part of the innovation that is literally happening in my own backyard, and showcasing the exciting projects happening here to the rest of the world.” Reekoh is being used in various other smart city and precinct initiatives in Australia and was part of several recent proposals that won federal government funding through the latest round of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. - Ends - About Reekoh Reekoh is the integration platform for the modern enterprise – built from the ground up to integrate new technologies such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning, alongside an organisation’s existing enterprise business systems and processes. Our platform is helping enterprises to rapidly take control of fragmented IoT and data ecosystems, build integrated business solutions quickly, and embed future-proofed foundations for digital transformation. With offices in Australia and Manila, and global partnerships across the full range of IoT solution components and vendors, Reekoh is accelerating enterprise IoT and emerging technology adoption and powering the new Business of Things™. To learn more about Reekoh, visit Wattwatchers plugs in to Reekoh for real-time data integration to make buildings smarter and more efficient 2018-08-29T22:54:12Z wattwatchers-plugs-in-to-reekoh-for-real-time-data-integration-to-make-buildings-smarter-and-more-efficient Homegrown Australian technology companies Wattwatchers and Reekoh are collaborating to break new ground for smart energy and asset management in the built environment.   An early use case for the new partnership, which emphasises fast deployment of customer solutions, will see real-time electricity data from Wattwatchers being integrated with weather and energy market data sets.   This will help business customers to take control of their energy use and automate decision-making for better performance through reducing energy wastage and coordinating cost-effective time-of-use to avoid or minimise peak demand charges.   Digital energy technology company Wattwatchers, which specialises in monitoring and control of electrical circuits in real-time through the cloud, is looking to Reekoh to help boost its expansion into the commercial and industrial space.   Real-time energy data, meanwhile, is a strategic addition to Reekoh’s extensive solutions store. As an integration platform provider, Reekoh supports enterprises to unite new technologies such as IoT, AI and machine learning with their existing data systems, thus rapidly enabling business solutions that can adapt to ongoing technology evolution.   Reekoh already has added Wattwatchers to its plugin architecture, making its IoT-for-energy devices readily accessible via Reekoh’s ever-expanding library of enterprise platforms, tools and services.   Reekoh CEO Dale Rankine said that the benefits of an integrated approach to IoT in the energy sector would bring agility and speed to deployment, and long-term enterprise solution scale.   ‘Using the Reekoh plugin framework and platform architecture, Wattwatchers are able to quickly go after customer opportunities where they can provide immediate value beyond their market-leading core solutions, and then build on those solutions for long-term scale,’ said Rankine.   ‘Wattwatchers have a deep understanding of their customers’ immediate and future needs, and it’s been fantastic to be able to bring together our solutions to enable offerings that they already know will make a huge impact to them.’   Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz said that the new partnership with Reekoh would help to accelerate IoT for energy, paving the way for a step change in building management that would be smarter, faster and more cost-effective.   ‘Reekoh’s rapid integration capabilities open a door to easy-to-access IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning which can leverage the highly-granular, real-time energy monitoring and control functionality provided by Wattwatchers,’ said Dietz.   ‘By integrating Wattwatchers data with weather information and market data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), the combination with Reekoh will  help business consumers of electricity to get better financial and operational outcomes.   ‘A use case example is leveraging Reekoh’s predictive capability to control peak loads and participate in orchestrated load-shedding (demand response) programs, with opportunities for both automated and behavioural approaches; or automatically scheduling loads to reduce the most common form of energy wastage, unnecessary after-hours energy usage.’   Reekoh and Wattwatchers also will work together to migrate their collective solutions towards sophisticated asset management services for utility businesses across the energy, water and telecommunications sectors.   — End —   About Reekoh Reekoh is the integration platform for the modern enterprise – built from the ground up to natively speak new technologies such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning, alongside your existing enterprise business systems and processes. Our platform is helping enterprises to rapidly take control of fragmented IoT and data ecosystems, build integrated business solutions quickly, and embed future-proofed foundations for digital transformation. With offices in Australia and Manila, and global partnerships across the full range of IoT solution components and vendors, Reekoh is accelerating enterprise IoT and emerging technology adoption and powering the new Business of Things™. To learn more about Reekoh, visit Reekoh Media Contact:     About Wattwatchers   Wattwatchers Digital Energy is an award-winning Australian technology company focused on devices, data and communications to make behind-the-meter energy management intelligent, connected, easy to install and operate, and cost-effective.   Based in Sydney, Wattwatchers develops and markets ‘IoT for energy’ hardware + firmware + software solutions to accurately monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real-time through the cloud. The internationally-certified Wattwatchers product suite is highly flexible, crossing over for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases; and works with an expanding choice of cloud platforms, software applications and consumer interfaces.   To learn more about Wattwatchers, visit:   Wattwatchers Media Contact: Murray Hogarth, Director Communications & Community Networks, M 0417 267235 E Intelligent site management solutions provider AccessTel gains market advantage from Reekoh’s integration speed and agility 2018-08-14T02:35:29Z intelligent-site-management-solutions-provider-accesstel-gains-market-advantage-from-reekoh-s-integration-speed-and-agility Brisbane, Australia, 14 August 2018 – Australia’s leading site management solution provider, AccessTel, has launched into a new partnership with Reekoh to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Site Management (ISM) solutions to manage networks of critical infrastructure assets.   AccessTel chose to work with Reekoh in order to expand on its strong existing business in ISM solutions (including the Westell Technologies’ Optima Management System®) that provides comprehensive site monitoring, management, and control of critical infrastructure assets remotely from a user’s desktop or mobile device.   Using Reekoh’s Open Plugin Framework, and with only minimal technical training, AccessTel quickly developed its own Optima Gateway plugin for the Reekoh platform, allowing for ingestion of data from Optima and the synchronisation of measurements, alarms and inventory. The data can then be integrated into new business workflows using any of the 130+ plugins available to Reekoh users.   “As we evolve the capability of our Intelligent Site Management solution to support IoT, we needed a flexible platform that could easily integrate the Optima Management System® with a range of other systems. And we found it right here in Australia with Reekoh” said Danie Blom, Managing Director at AccessTel.   Reekoh CEO and Co-Founder Dale Rankine said, “Working with AccessTel has been fantastic and we’ve been excited to see how quickly they’ve been able to adopt our platform tools to take control of their integration requirements. With an Optima plugin already developed, the options now for us to collectively go to market with new services for their existing and new customers are wide-open and moving fast.”   He added, “This partnership has proven that our platform delivers complex capabilities in an agile way that can deliver fast outcomes. AccessTel is now able to move forward to grow their IoT business knowing that with Reekoh, anything is possible.”   “With Optima now integrated to Reekoh, we can quickly integrate higher level analytics and machine learning applications to deliver our customers deeper insight into the operations and performance of their networks” said Mr Blom. - Ends -     About Reekoh Reekoh is the integration platform for the modern enterprise – built from the ground up to natively speak new technologies such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning, alongside your existing enterprise business systems and processes. Our platform is helping enterprises to rapidly take control of fragmented IoT and data ecosystems, build integrated business solutions quickly, and embed future-proofed foundations for digital transformation. With offices in Australia and Manila, and global partnerships across the full range of IoT solution components and vendors, Reekoh is accelerating enterprise IoT and emerging technology adoption and powering the new Business of Things™. To learn more about Reekoh, visit   Reekoh Media Contact:     About AccessTel Pty Ltd AccessTel is a leading provider of Intelligent Site Management (ISM) solutions with over 17 years of experience providing site management solutions for telecommunications, utilities and transport customers in Australia and South East Asia. AccessTel currently connect over 100,000 devices across 20,000 sites, processing more than 37 million measurements per day. AccessTel is a partner of Westell Technologies and its representative in Australia and Asia Pacific.  Optima Management System is a registered trademark of Westell Technologies, Inc. To learn more about AccessTel, visit     AccessTel Media Contact: Malaysia IoT Integrator partners with Reekoh to enable IoT data and API management 2018-01-25T00:25:41Z malaysia-iot-integrator-partners-with-reekoh-to-enable-iot-data-and-api-management Brisbane, Australia, 25th January 2018 - Reekoh today announced a partnership with Malaysian-based IoT systems integration and solution provider, IoT Integrator (IoTi). IoTi is led by a group of experienced professionals from a diverse background of global IT companies such as Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and NEC, who have come together to deliver leadership in IoT strategy and implementation. IoTi aim to provide end-to-end solutions together with solid business cases, and use their partner community of device manufacturers, application developers and connectivity providers to converge and provide a one-stop-shop for customers. Reekoh has been added to the IoTi Partner Community, joining the likes of Microsoft, IBM AWS, Bosch, Nokia, Sigfox and others.  IoTi will use Reekoh’s unique IoT Data and API Management tools and integration platform to rapidly adapt offerings from these various partners into scalable and best-of-breed customer solutions, reducing time and cost for the end customer and building repeatable models for how to engage with the broader technology ecosystem. Reekoh CEO and Co-Founder Dale Rankine said, “We’re excited to be rapidly expanding our reach into the broader Asian market, off the back of significant visibility and traction that we achieved last year. Partnering with IoTi will give us further reach into Malaysia and surrounding markets, who are undergoing their own rapid development and adoption of technology trends such as IoT. The IoTi team are world-class, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together.” He added, “System integrators find our platform and approach very complimentary to the way they are building their own solutions and businesses. By enabling them to rapidly bring together their own partner communities and apply their skills and experience with those technologies to IoT is a massive benefit to them and to how fast they themselves can move.” IoT Integrator, CEO & Co-Founder, Vicks Kanagasingam said, “IoTi’s core business is focused as an Integrator, by co-creating with technology partners to provide end-to-end IoT solutions that will bridge the digital divide for SMEs and taking practical steps to embrace Industry 4.0.” He added, “Reekoh provides the practical approach for IoTi as an integrator, with the simplicity and ease of integrating data points effectively – creating an effective approach for organisations to implement cross-domain IoT solutions.” Research firm Gartner says that “through 2018, half the cost of implementing IoT solutions will be spent integrating various IoT components with each other and back-end systems. It is vital to understand integration is a crucial IoT competency.”[1] Reekoh was featured in Gartner’s “2017 Market Guide for IoT Integration” and was one of their “2017 Cool Vendors for the Internet of Things”. -- END -- About Reekoh Reekoh is the leading platform for IoT Data and API Management. Our open frameworks and suite of tools including flow-based data integration design, security and rapid data visualisation, enables enterprise and government customers with an agile and scalable capability for delivering IoT solutions and strategies. With offices in Australia, Manila and Singapore, and global partnerships across the full range of IoT solution components and vendors, Reekoh is accelerating enterprise IoT adoption and powering the new Business of Things™.  To learn more about Reekoh, visit About IoT Integrator IoT Integrator Sdn. Bhd. (IoTi), provides end-to-end Internet of Things solutions to enable organisations that truly want to optimize & automate processes, enhance security & safety and improve preventive maintenance, with real-time monitoring and management. To do the right thing, IoTi has the solution and the business case to justify the investment. For more information, visit IoTi Media Contact: [1] “5 Steps to Address IoT Integration Challenges” - IntegrationWorks partners with Reekoh to deliver IoT integration capabilities 2017-09-28T00:25:03Z integrationworks-partners-with-reekoh-to-deliver-iot-integration-capabilities Reekoh has announced a new partnership with enterprise system integration specialists, IntegrationWorks. The partnership will see IntegrationWorks adopt the Reekoh IoT integration platform and product suite as a key part of their toolkit for addressing the complexities of delivering high-end enterprise customer solutions around the Internet of Things. IntegrationWorks was founded in 2005 in New Zealand, and has been aggressively expanding across Australia and the UK, with the total company headcount reaching 71. Their customers come from sectors including Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Government, Supply-chain and more. Having already established themselves as a leading global partner for IBM, Mulesoft, WSO2 and other enterprise API and ESB platforms, IntegrationWorks realised that applying their integration project methodologies and practices to IoT was a challenge. While attending a UK Gartner Symposium on IoT Integration earlier this year, they were introduced to Reekoh as a company that was 100% focused on this area and discovered a solution to the IoT partner and technology gap. “IntegrationWorks Australia are excited to be entering into a partnership with Reekoh to provision IoT integration platform solutions to companies throughout Australia”, said Ian Richards, Managing Director (AU). “The combination of our high end integration expertise coupled with the excellent Reekoh integration platform for the Internet of Things will open up a whole new set of technical solutions ranging from remote equipment performance and health monitoring to smart vending machines and health devices.” Reekoh CEO Dale Rankine said, “We knew from the first time we spoke to the guys from IntegrationWorks that we had something that was perfect for their situation. They know integration and the complexities that exist within just the enterprise data and system space, and are experts with the tools that solve those problems. But they also knew that those tools weren’t purpose-built for IoT, and that using something like Reekoh could allow them to approach solutions in the way they were comfortable with while being designed to address the specific complexities of IoT.” He added, “We’ve always seen system integrators as a key channel for us, and it’s exciting to see how well our value proposition has fit with those like IntegrationWorks who are growing rapidly and seeing opportunities in IoT as a way for them to continue that growth.” With a new release of the Reekoh platform and new modules and features such as Container deployment and management, Dashboard Studio™ visualisation and new security options, Reekoh has been experiencing accelerated growth and expects a very strong Q4 2017 result. Ipswich City integrates smart IoT projects with Reekoh 2017-09-25T21:54:42Z ipswich-city-integrates-smart-iot-projects-with-reekoh Brisbane, Australia, 26 September 2017 – Reekoh today announced that their IoT Integration Platform has been licensed by Ipswich City Council, one of the leading implementers of smart city initiatives in Australia, for use within their IoT, Data Intelligence and Digital City initiatives.  Ipswich is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, with its population of approximately 200,000 residents set to more than double in size in the next 15 years. Their award winning Smart City Program has been developed to bring innovation and connectivity to the community, looking beyond technology to all aspects of liveability and sustainability.   With the number of smart city pilots and initiatives growing quickly, the Ipswich team has been engaging with an increasing number of ICT and IoT vendors to assist with bringing their vision to life. This expected growth in vendor solutions, infrastructure technologies and data endpoints validated Council’s requirement for integration and interoperability. Reekoh’s value as an IoT integration capability was quickly realised by Ipswich City Council, and an agreement was made for Reekoh to begin engagement through one of the proof-of-concept deployments being currently rolled out in within the city. Reekoh CEO Dale Rankine said, “It’s always great to meet with customers who have started their journey on implementing real IoT solutions, and who are regarded as leaders in their space or industry vertical. Ipswich City is well known for its commitment to becoming Australia’s most liveable and prosperous Smart City, and we’re excited to be a part of their solution stack to make the implementation, and integration, of these projects easier.” He added, “Reekoh is really a capability more than technology. Once we enable a customer with the capability to address the messy fragmentation that exists within IoT, they can move ahead with confidence to choose the best of breed solutions for each specific requirement. Smart cities are a perfect example of where fragmentation can become difficult to manage very quickly, and Reekoh is designed to solve this for the organisation on Day 1 and beyond.” Reekoh selected to power smart city platform for improving liveability 2017-08-27T22:27:48Z reekoh-selected-to-power-smart-city-platform-for-improving-liveability Reekoh today announced that their IoT Integration Platform has been licensed by the UTS-led TULIP initiative based in Sydney, Australia. TULIP is the Technology for Urban Liveability Project, deploying a network of environmental sensors across inner Sydney to gather detailed real-time data about air quality, urban heat and noise. The data generated by TULIP will be unprecedented and will act as a powerful driver of change in planning, development and public policy, as well as offering an array of dynamic new business opportunities. By using the Reekoh platform as a core part of the solution technology, TULIP has embedded a high degree of flexibility and low-cost interoperability with the various components of their solution; IoT hardware, networks, customer applications and open data platforms.  This provides TULIP with the framework for adopting future technologies that drive the right outcomes for the project, stakeholders, and ultimately the citizens who benefit from the decisions made from TULIP’s data.  Reekoh’s value to “smart cities” has been increasing with the number of disconnected solution components from a growing number of vendors being adopted by government bodies and the solution providers who are working with them.  Research firm Gartner says that “through 2018, half the cost of implementing IoT solutions will be spent integrating various IoT components with each other and back-end systems. It is vital to understand integration is a crucial IoT competency.”[1] Director of UTS’s Knowledge Economy Institute Frank Zeichner said, “We are delighted to have Reekoh, a local Australian company, providing an important element of our TULIP proof of concept. Their IoT integration platform enables us to abstract the collection of data from delivery to a variety of data platforms.”    Reekoh CEO and Co-Founder Dale Rankine said, “What’s fantastic about working with customers like TULIP is seeing how IoT is bringing tangible benefits to people. It’s about making the technology invisible, and driving actual outcomes that make a difference to people’s standard of living. Projects like TULIP are really at the forefront of massive changes that are coming for data-driven decision-making in government.” He added, “For our part, we’re helping TULIP simplify the multitude of components a solution like this requires, and enabling them with the capability to grow alongside new tech as it relates to delivering better outcomes for their customers.” - Ends - About Reekoh Reekoh is the leading open integration platform purpose-built for the Internet of Things. Using Reekoh to build seamless interoperability between IoT devices and enterprise platforms, services, business systems and processes, customers reduce complexity and increase delivery speed with IoT solutions, and future-proof their business plans from vendor lock-in. Reekoh was recently included in the Cool Vendors in the Internet of Things, 2017 report by Gartner, Inc. The report can be read at:  To learn more about Reekoh, visit  Reekoh Media Contact:  Phone: +61 425668902 About TULIP TULIP is a collaboration between government, industry, research institutions, civil society, communities and citizens to harness the Internet of Things to build better, more liveable cities. TULIP gathers data through a growing network of environmental sensors connected with LoRaWAN technology and powered by The Things Network; collecting real-time, hyper-local data on heat, air quality and noise, and making it available via open data exchange to cities and citizens. More on TULIP: TULIP Media Contact: Email: Phone: +61 418244382 [1] “5 Steps to Address IoT Integration Challenges” -  B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech signs IoT agreement with Reekoh 2017-07-21T05:12:22Z b-b-smartworx-powered-by-advantech-signs-iot-agreement-with-reekoh Specialists in Network Edge data connectivity, B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech, have announced their partnership and signed an MoU with Reekoh to compliment market-leading capabilities focused on integration and interoperability for the Internet of Things. A 2015 McKinsey Global Institute report sited that Harnessing data in existing industrial assets is expected to contribute up to 85% of the value in Industrial Internet of Things applications.  The report further identifies up to $930 Billion in business value to be realized from asset data in remote and/or industrial applications. This Partnership aims to do away fragmentation in the IoT ecosystem, while assisting organisations to realise the potential of utilising asset/machine data gained from existing assets at the network edge. The opportunity will increase the ability of Advantech Wzzard  & Reekoh customers and prospects to remotely connect and monitor any legacy and new sensor infrastructure, and simply integrate the sensor acquired data into their cloud and corporate applications through the Reekoh Platform. Not only do the organisations get connectivity performance and security through Advantech’s Wzzard platform they now have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently integrate their IoT data to the applications and processes they use to run their business. B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Wireless Sensing Platform and intelligent edge nodes deliver data by MQTT protocol to manage, improve and optimize operations. The Solution makes it easy and non-intrusive to capture sensor data from existing equipment and operations to enable ongoing improvements that lower costs, increase productivity and reduce waste. The platform is slated for Australian release following certification in mid August 2017. Reekoh delivers device data closer to existing business systems and processes than other IoT platforms because it works either with the tools and platforms that are already in place, or those that are being implemented to solve larger company-wide requirements. In this way, Reekoh is the perfect IoT platform partner. The platform allows organisations to break free of “lock-in” that takes place due to incompatibility of IoT products and solutions. “By partnering with Reekoh we reaffirm our commitment to helping customers with increased interoperability and reduced complexity. We improve asset monitoring and increase operational efficiencies. Our aim is to make it easier for clients to benefit from edge-of-the-network asset data they may not have had access to prior. Both organisations are about ease of interoperability, so the partnership makes great sense” explains David Brigdale, B+B SmartWorx ANZ Channel Manager. CEO and Co-founder of Reekoh, Dale Rankine adds, “Our open integration capabilities and modular framework mean that we’re able to work with partners such as B+B SmartWorx to very quickly add further value to their already-impressive offerings. Customers are looking for a more agnostic-approach to working with their IoT data, and so bringing in a platform like Reekoh gives them this assurance.”    For more information regarding the B+B’s Intelligent IoT & connectivity solutions for wireless & wired networks, visit For more information regarding the B+B’s Wzzard Sensing platform and Intelligent Edge Nodes, visit About B+B SmartWorx, Inc. Founded in 1981, B+B SmartWorx designs and manufactures intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks. Specializing in intelligent connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments, the company’s product solutions use Ethernet, serial, wireless, cellular and USB communication technologies.  In 2016 B+B SmartWorx became part of Advantech, global provider of trusted and innovative products, services and solutions in industrial automation and embedded computing across diverse industries and applications. Together, Advantech and B+B SmartWorx work to enable an intelligent planet. B+B SmartWorx is headquartered in Ottawa, Ill., USA, with EMEA operations based in Galway, Ireland, and the Czech Republic. Additional engineering locations are based in California. To learn more, visit us at Media Contact: Jabed Rahman About Reekoh Reekoh is the leading open integration platform purpose-built for the Internet of Things. Using Reekoh to build seamless interoperability between IoT devices and enterprise platforms, services, business systems and processes, customers reduce complexity increase delivery speed with IoT solutions, and future-proof their business plans from vendor lock-in. To learn more, visit