The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-04-30T00:39:53Z Australian FinTech partners with Fintech insurance provider Tower Insurance 2019-04-30T00:39:53Z australian-fintech-partners-with-fintech-insurance-provider-tower-insurance Noticing a growing need for fintech companies in Australia to seek out quality insurance, Australian FinTech announces it has partnered with Tower Insurance. Tower have over 20 years’ experience and specialise in FinTech Insurance as well as Business, Personal and other specialist insurance such as Cyber Insurance and IT Liability. “Most fintech companies probably aren’t aware that they require Professional Indemnity Insurance for their credit licence, and in conjunction with this there are various tailored packages in the market designed specifically for fintechs that also include insurance for Directors & Officers Liability, Theft, Cyber Liability and General Liability under the one package. That’s where we can help,” offered Tim Sheldon, Director of Tower Insurance. “And this is the case for all fintechs, from start-ups all the way up to ASX-listed multinationals,” Sheldon added. Tower are focused on providing companies with insurance products and services specific to your needs. They work for you – not the insurance companies! Tower do not push or promote any particular company, product, or service. They have the freedom to provide their customers with the best insurance products and rates from the most trusted insurance carriers in the marketplace. “Here at Australian FinTech we’ve had an increase in fintechs coming to us looking for insurance solutions,” said Cameron Dart, CEO and Co-Founder of Australian FinTech. “So we searched for an insurance company that specialised in fintech insurance – and accompanying insurances like Cyber Insurance and IT Liability – and found Tower to be the best value and most eager to work with fintech companies no matter how big or small,” Dart added. As part of this new partnership agreement, Tower Insurance and Australian FinTech are offering 10% off any policy taken out before 30 June 2019. Looking to Hire in Fintech? 2017-11-17T00:58:48Z looking-to-hire-in-fintech Since launching just over 10 weeks ago, Australian FinTech Jobs, the only dedicated Fintech employment platform in Australia, is already achieving the goals it was designed for. “Our intention for Australian FinTech Jobs is for quality, not quantity. The other large behemoth job sites can and will provide the quantity, but as we’re proving, we’re providing the right candidates,” CEO Cameron Dart announced. “Across the board, the feedback we’re getting is certainly encouraging – the number of applications are lower than our massive competitors, but the candidates are of a higher calibre. And in many cases, the hired jobseeker has come from our platform,” Dart continued., the No.1 website for all things ‘Fintech’ in Australia, averages 16,000 unique users per month. Visitors to the site, and the 2,000 subscribers to their newsletter, include most people in the FinTech industry and those on the peripheral like Accountants, Financial Planners, Lawyers, Fund Managers, Bankers, Investors, VC’s and people interested in FinTech. The Australian FinTech team are capitalising on this by pushing as much of this traffic through to their new jobs site. And it seems to be working with over 10,000 unique users visiting the new platform in just the first two months since its launch. “We also have a deal with global jobs platform where every job listing posted on Australian FinTech Jobs also appears on Indeed at no extra cost to the advertiser,” added Co-Founder Rob James. “It’s a great feature, and fantastic value for the advertiser as they get their job adverts seen on a niche site like Australian FinTech Jobs and it also reaches a mass market of 4.5 million users each month on Indeed,” said James. The team are always looking at ways to improve the site and new features to introduce. In just the past month, the site has added a new function where Jobseekers can apply via Australian FinTech Jobs directly but are then redirected to a specific URL on a Fintech company’s careers page or HR platform, like JobAdder, WorkDay for example. It also works exactly the same for recruiters. “Some Fintechs and recruiters don’t want another jobs board to deal with. So we’ve introduced a new function that when a jobseeker clicks on the APPLY NOW button on our site, and instead of applying on our site, the link takes the jobseeker directly to the Fintech or recruitment company’s page or HR platform on their site. That way the jobseeker is applying exactly where the Fintech or recruiter wants them to apply and all their applications are in one spot. We think it’s a pretty cool feature,” Dart said. The Fintech jobs platform is more than just recruiting – you can now post YouTube videos in each job listing which is a great branding tool for Fintechs explaining who they are and what they do. James adds, “It’s also perfect for recruitment firms to get their brand out there to gain new clients in one of Australia’s fastest growing industries.” Dart and James have more additions to add to the platform over the coming months and will be ramping-up promotion of the site early in 2018 when many will be job searching as part of their ‘new year resolutions’. Dart finishes, “We are very excited about 2018 and have some amazing plans ahead, but you’ll have to wait and see!” If the last few month has been anything to go by, 2018 should be a very big year for the Australian FinTech Jobs team. Australian FinTech Launches International FinTech platform 2017-02-09T01:13:42Z australian-fintech-launches-international-fintech-platform The team behind the highly successful, this week launch their International platform,, aimed at connecting the FinTech industry on a global scale. Founder and CEO, Cameron Dart, says International FinTech has been born on the back of the highly successful Australian FinTech platform and growing demand from the global community to have a dedicated online presence for their sector. “International FinTech mirrors the Australian FinTech platform, including a dedicated industry newsfeed and a comprehensive directory of FinTech companies globally. “The site also aims to educate users of new financial technologies such as peer to peer lending and cryptocurrency, all presented in simple terms with no financial jargon” says Mr Dart. Founder and CTO, Rob James, says the team have added a new section to the International FinTech site not currently featured on the Australian site. “Not only do we have a directory of over 1,000 global FinTech companies from over 50 countries, we’ve now got a Who’s Who of people on the site. “We like to think of it as the beginnings of a ‘LinkedIn for FinTech’ to feature all players in the global FinTech community. “Now FinTech Start-ups in Israel can find the right people to talk to at more established FinTech companies in New York or London, while Australian companies can discuss opportunities with colleagues in London, Frankfurt or Paris and so on,” says Mr James. At present there are over 1,000 Founders, CEO’s, CTO’s, developers and all sorts of FinTech visionaries on the site, but that will quickly grow to 5,000 plus. They also see the 1,000 plus FinTech companies as the tip of the iceberg. What’s surprising is the global reach of FinTech. A majority of the companies are from the USA, UK and Europe, but there are also firms from far-flung countries such as Iceland, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Chile – there’s barely a country where there isn’t FinTech. Above all that, the Founders however are still surprised by, and quite proud of, the number of quality FinTech companies coming out of Australia. The idea for the International FinTech site came to fruition late in 2016. The team spent the month of September in London securing relationships with lawyers, accountants, investors and stockbrokers to create a ‘landing pad’ for those Australian FinTech companies wanting to expand into the UK. “The London FinTech scene is much more established, well entrenched and more acceptable with the British people – it isn’t in its infancy like it is here in Australia. So the UK is an obvious choice for those Australian FinTech companies looking for a new market with the least resistance. We are here to help those ambitious Aussie FinTech companies,” says Dart. To date, Australian FinTech has already sent two FinTech companies from Australia to London to meet with various contacts with the aim of a UK expansion, one of which has already moved to London and is eyeing-off listing on the London Stock Exchange. Dart continues, “And so we thought, let’s continue with that approach and with the Australian FinTech website, but while we’re at it, let’s take on the world. And so International FinTech was born.” Cameron Dart and Rob James have plenty more in store for the International FinTech site, but you’ll have to wait and see as these functions are rolled out over the rest of 2017 and beyond. "So 'LinkedIn for FinTech'? Yeah, we're working on it!" It's a bold statement by the CEO, but one they might actually pull off.