The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2002-10-28T15:12:00Z Harte Hanks Trillium Software Division Announces Version 6 2002-10-28T15:12:00Z harte-hanks-trillium-software-division-announces-version-6 The Harte-Hanks Trillium Software division (NYSE:HHS) today announced Trillium Software System Version 6, the latest release of its award-winning solution for global data quality management. This new release redefines the role of data quality in organisations by allowing business users to analyse the progress of their data quality improvements, capture vital return on investment (ROI) information from these efforts, and process business and international data more quickly and more easily. Forge Data Solutions, based in Australian Technology Park in Sydney, is the exclusive distributor for Trillium Software in Australia and New Zealand. The company unveiled the Trillium Software System Version 6 to the Australian marketplace at the Data and Information QualityForum inSydney today. "Both business users and IT [information technology] professionals have been asking for two very distinct functions that will aid them in their data quality efforts: to elevate data quality software beyond postal verification and name and address cleansing; and to provide business users with a means of understanding the return on investment (ROI) associated with data quality," said Will Rooke, Managing Director of Forge Data Solutions. "The Trillium Software System Version 6 spans the needs of both IT professionals and business users, extending the reach of Trillium Software's capabilities to departments beyond IT and marketing. Len Dubois, Trillium Software's vice president of marketing at Harte-Hanks said: We've listened to our customers who asked us to create a version of the Trillium Software System that could be more decentralised so the benefits of data quality could be spread across the entire organisation." "Our research has shown that data quality is a crucial early factor in determining successful CRM and data warehousing initiatives," said analyst Robert Lerner, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Current Analysis. "To provide world-class service to their customers, companies absolutely need clean and accurate data from the get-go. With products like Trillium Software System Version 6, companies can build their business intelligence infrastructure on solid, accurate data, and they can obtain that all-important complete and view of their customers, products and services." The Trillium Software System 6 contains four new modules that constitute major enhancements to the software, including: Trillium Data Quality Analytics - a research, reporting and ROI analysis application that provides a snap shot of data quality in motion. During each phase of the data quality process, knowledge workers can gauge the extent of their work effort and the impact of improvements on their business information. Also included is an ROI assessment application for determining profitability in specific marketing campaigns based on the condition of the company's customer information. Trillium International Data Router - a fully automated multinational information director that disseminates records from various points of origin to assigned country tables for processing. This first-of-its-kind functionality eliminates the need for human intervention in the international data quality process. Trillium Business Data Parser - a module that provides word, pattern and phrase recognition for all types of data including product information, part numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and hundreds of other types of business information. This new module enhances the business information standardisation capabilities within the Trillium Software System. Trillium Software Data Quality Methodology - Trillium Software's proven process for inspection, standardisation linking and integration of data quality throughout the enterprise. Incorporating "best practices" from Trillium Software's most successful customers, this methodology provides users with a roadmap to implement data quality in data warehouse, CRM and e-business applications. "Trillium Software is an integral component of our CRM and database offerings at Harte-Hanks," said Gary Skidmore, president, CRM, Harte-Hanks. "We firmly believe no single business intelligence or CRM application can succeed without quality data. Trillium Software has long been recognised as the industry leader in this category, and with Version 6, Harte-Hanks is extending that market leadership by expanding the function and therefore the audience for the Trillium Software System." About Forge Data Solutions Forge Data Solutions specialises in information delivery and provides a complete solution from data quality, analysis, design and implementation, to provision of hardware and software for extraction of data, cleansing, standardisation analysis, presentation and distribution. Forge's solutions provide high-quality standardised information that can be used with confidence in CRM, data warehousing and operational applications. For more information call +61 2 9209 4152 or visit Forge on-line at About Trillium Software and Harte-Hanks With more than 1000 implementations worldwide, the Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Division provides businesses with a software solution that cleanses and standardises global customer information in e-business, CRM and Internet applications. Recent sales of the Trillium Software System to a number of the world's largest and most technically advanced companies have positioned Trillium Software at the top of the data quality marketplace. The Trillium Software System is deployed globally in hundreds of mission-critical applications for customer identification. Trillium Software's technology enables global organisations to gain a unified view of customers, distributors and partners through real-time connectivity with their e-commerce pipeline. For more information regarding the Trillium Software System, call (978) 436-8900 or visit the Trillium Software Web site at Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE:HHS), San Antonio, TX, is a worldwide, direct and interactive services company that provides end-to-end customer relationship management (CRM) and related solutions to a host of consumer and business-to-business marketers. Visit the Harte-Hanks Web site at or call (800) 456-9748.