The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-05-12T13:41:37Z KASA Factory is Offering Best Retro Arcade Machines and Stand-up Paddle Boards in Australia 2017-05-12T13:41:37Z kasa-factory-is-offering-best-retro-arcade-machines-and-stand-up-paddle-boards-in-australia KASA Factory is a top Australia-based company located in Dandenong. The company deals in products of various categories including electronics, outdoor furniture, sporting products, pizza ovens, and more. Having been a player in the industry for more than twenty-five years, the company has continued to sell their products in the Australian market at prices that are lower than those of their competitors. KASA Factory prides itself in providing goods of the highest quality and excellent customer service. Their Vice GM, Marketing stated, “We sell cheap, and quality Stand-up paddle boards in Australia. Grab the chance to paddle your way to fitness this summer. Running or riding a bike can be repetitive after a while so you can buy a stand-up paddle board to dodge this problem. It’s been proven to be effective for fitness and engages different muscles. You will use your legs not only for stabilization during the stroke itself. You will use both your arms with delts and hand extensors throughout the stroke. Chest and upper back will be used in different parts of the paddle stroke. This is a cheap way to get a full-body workout, and improve your fitness levels.” The company has a range of stand-up paddle boards available for sale. Whether one is a surfer looking for an alternative on flatter days or they would like to take a new, fun road on their fitness journey, they will be sure to love the stand-up paddle boards by KASA Factory. The company has two options of these paddle boards; a 15kg white Kasa Soft 11’ and a 12kg handmade KasaFibreglass 11’. They both have some shared features including a 9” center fin to assist in turning and balance, leg leash, a lightweight paddle that can be adjusted dependent on surfer’s height, and a deluxe carrier that one's board will fit snugly into for protection. They advise their clients to surf their affordable products range and get what is best for them. The Vice GM, Marketing added, “At KASA Factory, we are devoted to ensuring you stay safe online and have your privacy protected as you shop with us. Any information you submit to us will only be used for the purpose intended and in line with our privacy statement. We have engaged modern technology to ensure we keep you safe from adversaries online. We have an inquiry form on our portal from where you can get in touch with us, and we promise to respond fast.” They also sell the best Retro Arcade machines at the market's best prices. These products are durable and likely to serve their customers over a long time. They sell cheap 7" Screen Arcade Machine-400 video games that require 32Bit CPU 4GB memory, and 9" Screen Arcade Machine-400 video games that need 32Bit CPU 4GB memory to operate well. KASA Factory respects their customers and considers them as their first assets; they understand that their existence is pegged on customer satisfaction. About KASA FactoryKASA Factory carries a huge assortment of products from various manufacturers and extends the attractive discounts to their customers. They stock all their products in their Melbourne warehouse to ensure they deliver them to their customers on time. They have attracted a large number of customers due to the high quality of the products they sell. KASA Factory Offering High Performance 3 Speed Brass Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump at Slashed Prices 2017-05-06T07:01:10Z kasa-factory-offering-high-performance-3-speed-brass-solar-hot-water-circulation-pump-at-slashed-prices As an online marketplace, KASA Factory celebrates 25 years of excellence and leadership. Not the one to rest on its laurels, the online marketplace continues to bring great purchasing experiences to the common folks in Australia. Right from electronics to outdoor furniture and everything in between, buyers can purchase it all at the prices of their liking. KASA Factory adheres to a well-defined procurement policy, wherein it handpicks products directly from top brands currently on the market. Thereby, buyers can rest assured of their purchases will deliver on form and functionality. Replying to a query related to KASA Factory’s product selection, one of its executives recently stated, “KASA Factory offers a broad product selection under one roof to relieve clients from the hassle of visiting multiple vendors. Our inventory comes inclusive of several product categories, such as home supplies, arcade machines, auto, boat and 4WD, baby, business and industrial, cycling, dog kennels, electric bikes and camping and hiking, clothing and shoes. Additionally, we roll out a range of accessories, electronics and appliances, health and beauty, heating and cooling, jewelry and watches, phones, snooker, along with solar products, tools, sporting goods, and video games & consoles.”  KASA Factory holds true to its commitment for great buying experiences with a range of impressive services. The online marketplace works exclusively with top rated courier services to make doorstep deliveries throughout Australia in time, every time. The partner courier services make every effort to retain the structural integrity of deliverables during transit. Additionally, the online marketplace generates a tracking number and intimates the same to the buyer via email. The idea here is to allow buyers keep track of their purchase at all stages of transit.    Offering insight into the Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump on offer, the executive further stated, “KASA Factory is rolling out 3 Speed Brass Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump to quality conscious buyers. Our offering is a viable alternative to the conventional GRUNDFOS UPS 25-60B pumps for reasons not far to seek. Contrary to the GRUNDFOS, the Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump incorporates brass barrel unions and brass pump housing. Hence, it offers better resistance to corrosion vis-a-vis to the conventional cast iron pumps. Remaining compliant with our pricing policy, we are offering the product at great savings.” KASA Factory’s 3 Speed Brass Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump is efficient enough to deliver reliable performance in a variety of settings and applications. Right from Heating Systems to Industrial Circulation Systems, Air conditioning Systems, Cold Water Cooling Systems, Solar Hot Water Circulation to Hydronic Heating, Radiant in-floor Heating and Panel Heating, the product is suitable to its all. Much to convenience of those seeking Hot Water Circulation Pump online, KASA Factory accepts payments via multiple modes, including Money Order, Direct Deposit, along with all prominent Credit and Debit cards.   About KASA Factory:KASA Factory is an illustrious online marketplace based in Couth Victoria, Australia. For the past 25 years, the online marketplace has been offering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective products across categories. Thanks to its focus on customer delight, KASA Factory has emerged as an ideal destination for those wanting to buy tiny arcade machine. Enjoy Better Water Flow with a Hot Water Booster Pump from KASA Factory 2017-04-13T12:41:42Z enjoy-better-water-flow-with-a-hot-water-booster-pump-from-kasa-factory KASA Factory, an online store that stocks a wide range of items for home and commercial use including furniture and car accessories, now has a hot water booster pump on offer. The pump promises users better water flow for gravity fed hot water showers and taps and at a lower cost than buying a larger replacement pump. It also comes with a 12-month warranty. With an experience of over 25 years operating from Dandenong South in Victoria, this company delivers quality products to its customers with every order. In response to a question about their choice of inventory, the Manager said, “Life comprises of many different aspects, and none is more important than the other. Our store strives to meet as many of these needs as possible with our wide array of items featuring regulars like kitchen equipment and furniture to specialty items like video games, solar equipment, and sports gear. There is something for everyone including dog lovers, shoe lovers and even those who wouldn’t mind an arcade game. We also stock items for business and industrial use.”KASA Factory holds a wide selection of electronic appliances, clothing and shoes, home and garden items, baby items, camping and hiking items, electric bikes, heating and cooling devices, tools, wind chimes and spinners, sports and fitness equipment, phones and video consoles and games among many other items. Jewellery, watches, and health and beauty items also feature prominently. As long as it's useful, customers will most likely find it on KASA. Responding to a comment, the Manager mentioned, “We only stock quality items that will, in one way or another, make life easier or more fun for our customers. Everything is carefully selected to ensure it is of maximum use and value to the customer. We’ve had a lot of time to study and understand the everyday needs of our clients, and we strive to complete the circle by providing quality. Our prices are also very reasonable for all the different items. Where customers are not satisfied with the products or would simply like to return them, we allow them to do so but it should be prior to the elapse of 30 days of purchase, and items must be returned in the original packaging.The hot water pump has a built-in auto flow switch and a powerful yet silent motor that boosts water a further nine meters or so. It boasts a ceramic shaft and brass unions making it ideal for domestic use as well as industrial use. As long as the hot water system is gravity fed, this pump will increase water pressure for taps and showers, systems running on solar power, and boiler and air conditioning systems. The KASA store makes it easier to find this hot water circulating pump online. Items are also available from the factory.About KASA FactoryAs a well-stocked company running for over 25 years, KASA has provided the Australian population with many useful items for their homes and work spaces. Sports and fitness equipment, various electronic items and ingenious items like the best electric motorbike are easily available from KASA. Customers can expect courteous service to go with the good quality items. Buy Cheap Outdoor Furniture and Tabletop Arcade Machines Online from KASA Factory 2017-04-13T12:24:40Z buy-cheap-outdoor-furniture-and-tabletop-arcade-machines-online-from-kasa-factory KASA Factory is an Australia company which is established in Dandenong and sells a huge collection of commodities ranging from electronics to outdoor furniture at competitive prices. The company has been operating for more than twenty-five years and stocks a large variety of products like pumping equipment, outdoor furniture, sporting goods, pizza ovens, and more. They are run and owned by Pump Factory PTY Ltd. KASA Factory prides itself in providing goods of the highest quality and excellent customer service. Their Assistant GM stated, “We offer arcade machines at the market's best prices. We sell durable products that will serve you for a long time. We appreciate and respect our esteemed customers so much and consider them as our first assets, without them our business would not be into existence. We sell cheap 7" Screen Arcade Machine-400 video games that require 32Bit CPU 4GB memory, and 9" Screen Arcade Machine-400 video games that need 32Bit CPU 4GB memory to operate well. Engage us to buy cheap tabletop arcade machines.” Those who wish to give their backyard a facelift can consider KASA Factory furniture. When one expects guests, they strive to ensure they are well taken care of. They will not fancy using dilapidated plastic chairs. Instead, the host can pick an item from KASA Factory's superbly-made outdoor furniture at highly discounted prices. Polyethylene (PE) can be woven into wicker to form an impeccable product for use with outdoor furniture settings. KASA Factory is committed to changing the appearance of your living room. The Assistant GM continued, “Our 13-piece dining setting is another affordable product you can opt for. It is ideal for backyard barbecues and comes complete with six ottomans, a dining table - with a beautiful tempered glass top, waterproof cover and six chairs. The setting also includes a very thick-cushioned sofa that will allow everyone to sit comfortably. You will get a sofa together with two one-seaters, one two-seater, plus a coffee table to crown the setting. Four cushion pillows will add a glitter onto the exceptional set.” They offer the sun lounge package cheaply; which is an excellent and simple suave. This product is ideal for the poolside or any other location that one prefers. The lounge has 50mm cushions to ensure maximum comfort. They also include dust covers as part of the package free of charge. Those who wish to get more information regarding wicker dining, sofa or sun lounge furniture offerings can get in touch with us on 1300 718 025 or post us online. Their cheap pricing does not mean they compromise quality; instead, the reverse is true. Their quality is outstanding, and they have a lot of products in their online store to choose from. Clients can also engage them to get cheap outdoor furniture products in Melbourne. About KASA FactoryKASA Factory is a seller of assorted products online. All their products are of the highest quality, and they also provide top-notch customer service. They are proud of the customer service level that they provide to their clients, and they are free to discuss the products they sell or the transportation options that they have available.