The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-05-26T00:47:44Z Riverside Clinic – Supporting Families Affected by Addiction 2017-05-26T00:47:44Z riverside-clinic-supporting-families-affected-by-addiction Riverside Clinic, a Melbourne-based addiction treatment service, specialises in treating those with addictive disorders to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs and the mental health issues related to them. The clinic runs the Riverside Clinic Family Program to help and support families whose loved ones are undergoing treatment for addiction. Riverside’s approach of treatment is innovative, multi-faceted and holistic. They are committed to providing quality care and delivering cutting edge treatment services which are combined with best practice models of therapeutic management. They have a secluded and peaceful purpose-built residential treatment facility located about an hour away from Melbourne’s CBD. It is a modern and spacious retreat, set on a lush estate along the Campaspe River. An addict’s family faces a great deal of pressure and has many more burdens to carry than normal families do. Problematic use of alcohol and drugs can impair and strain relationships within the family. It increases social isolation as addiction causes embarrassing and difficult situations for them. Addiction also undermines the family’s security and affects them physically, emotionally and financially. Riverside Clinic believes that having a family inclusive practice is crucial to each client’s recovery and self-actualization. Their Family Program educates and empowers families and assists clients and their families and helps them pursue an unimpaired and meaningful life. Research has proven that rehabilitation processes that involve the family members are successful and improves the long term outcomes for the individual. The Riverside Clinic Family Program includes family consultations and their family education program. Family consultations are always confidential. Consultations are provided in order to engage the family in the treatment process. A coordinator is assigned to support each client, provide family consultations, general support and facilitate the Family Education Program. The Family Education Program provides valuable information to families about the treatment process, the cycle of addiction and post treatment reintegration. Each family receives professional support and has opportunities to interact with other families experiencing similar issues. The Education Program’s aim is to inform, educate, encourage and inspire the client’s family members. Their focus is the cultivation of a new approach to the client’s relationship with themselves and with their loved one who is undergoing treatment from addiction. Enquiries concerning Riverside Clinic’s Family Program may be addressed by calling 03 96997529 or sending an email to To know more about the Riverside Clinic Family Program: Riverside’s Offers Comprehensive Addiction Treatment at their Residential Clinic 2017-04-28T03:03:05Z riverside-s-offers-comprehensive-addiction-treatment-at-their-residential-clinic Riverside Clinic is one among the best addiction treatment services for people with substance abuse disorders and accompanying conditions. Their comprehensive residential treatment plan delivers a structured therapeutic timetable over a 90-day period and includes the support of Riverside Clinic family programme.  Every addict needs treatment that is specifically tailored. Longer durations of rehabilitation programmes are essential since some patients take time to trust the staff and share the issues that affect them. The length and severity of the addiction is another factor that determines the treatment. Research has shown that most patients require a minimum of 90 days in treatment to begin to arrest the addictive cycle. The best treatment outcomes occur when longer durations of treatment include an effort to help integrate the patient back into regular life through continued care. Those who attend treatment have access to quality medical and psychiatric care, one on one counselling, comprehensive case management along with personal development plans and life coaching that focuses on successful reintegration into a new life. The clinic offers round the clock care and supervision. Patients are given locally sourced fresh produce and nutritional meal plans, personal fitness training and yoga. Treatment provided includes personal, group and alternative therapies according to the need of each patient. Following the residential treatment at Riverside Clinic Sanctuary, they also get the opportunity to participate in ongoing care through Riverside’s integration and outpatients programme. This model of intensive treatment, reintegration support and continued care is essential for long-term success. Riverside Clinic specialises in the treatment of addictive disorders to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs and the mental health issues associated with them. Riverside Clinic is committed to quality care, delivering cutting edge treatment services, combined with best practice models of therapeutic management, at their residential facility. Those interested in finding more about Riverside’s Comprehensive Residential Treatment may call 03 96997529 or send an email to To know more about Riverside’s Residential treatment program: Riverside Clinic Offers Treatment and Rehabilitation from ICE 2017-04-28T02:57:22Z riverside-clinic-offers-treatment-and-rehabilitation-from-ice Estimates of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre have brought out an alarming fact. The number of Australians using the illegal drug methamphetamine including crystal methamphetamine or ICE has tripled over the past five years. Riverside Clinic, a Melbourne based addiction treatment service, has opened Riverside Clinic Sanctuary with an innovative framework that treats ICE misuse and addiction. ‘A new study published in the Medical Journal of Australia reported that there are 268,000 regular and dependent methamphetamine users in Australia. One of the study's authors, Sarah Larney, said that five years ago the number of users was about 90,000.’1   Riverside Clinic recognises the highly addictive and harmful nature of ICE. Riverside strives to repair the destruction caused on a personal level within the person and heal the damage inflicted on the family unit. They use advanced standards and practices in the field of addiction treatment. The treatment for individuals rehabilitating from ICE is unique when compared to other best practice treatment models. This is widely due to the harms associated with ICE, including psychological manifestations such as aggression and psychosis alongside a visible and often long-term physical deterioration. Riverside Clinic offers a distinct intervention and rehabilitation service for individuals requiring withdrawal and rehabilitation from ICE misuse. Riverside’s Sanctuary is run by clinicians who have demonstrated experience in the management of crystal methamphetamine addiction treatment. With ongoing professional development in the field of neuroscience and cognitive restructuring, these clinicians are able to deliver individualised and cutting edge treatment methods. While ICE addiction has been widely recognised as a problem in Australia, effective treatment options are not easy to find. Riverside Clinic provides the best quality progressive rehabilitation service. They offer unique, personalised solutions that are catered towards the rehabilitation of each patient with ICE related abuse disorders and accompanying conditions. Riverside Clinic specialises in treating addictive disorders to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs; and co-occurring mental health issues. The clinic is committed to quality care, delivering cutting edge treatment services, combined with best practice models of therapeutic management, at their purpose built residential facility. Those interested in finding more about Riverside’s ICE addiction treatment and Riverside Clinic’s Sanctuary may call 03 9699 7529 or send an email to To know more about Riverside’s ICE addiction treatment: Reference: 1: