The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-03-27T07:28:11Z GLiNTECH acquires new Atlassian app and launches Atlassian for Business 2018-03-27T07:28:11Z glintech-acquires-new-atlassian-app-and-launches-atlassian-for-business GLiNTECH, Australia’s leading Atlassian consulting partner, announced today that it has recently completed the acquisition of a new Atlassian app targeting the Jira platform. The deal includes the acquisition of the Atlassian app Dash, previously owned by Polymath Solutions and sees Jimmy Van joining the company. Dash will join GLiNTECH’s growing portfolio of enterprise grade Atlassian app and will form the basis of a new solution at GLiNTECH called "Atlassian for Business".  Dash is an Atlassian app that enables Jira customers to process, manage and automate complex business workflows like Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and others across the legal and financial services industry, Government and more.  Atlassian for Business GLiNTECH is excited to announce the launch of Atlassian for Business, a new solution broadly focused on delivering technology products and services within Australian business teams to successfully automate process, improve communications, boost knowledge and increase innovation. Atlassian for Business will build on the work started by Polymath Solutions and will help the company's clients solve more business problems. More information available here.  CEO of GLiNTECH, Dimitri Spyridopoulos says, “The launch of a new service within GLiNTECH focused on solving business problems for new and existing Atlassian customers made a lot of sense and lets us leverage our experience and expertise in development, support and consulting. With hundreds of existing Atlassian customers we are well positioned to grow the capability of Dash and to develop other packaged business automation solutions for use by our clients."  About GLiNTECH: GLiNTECH is an Australian Software Services specialist for enterprise organisations. Our highly qualified team specialises in software development, Scrum and agile practices and various forms of software development training. GLiNTECH have been providing Atlassian services since 2004 and are a recognised Atlassian Platinum Expert.  GLiNTECH acquires 3 new Atlassian add-ons for the marketplace 2017-06-27T00:49:41Z glintech-acquires-3-new-atlassian-add-ons-for-the-marketplace GLiNTECH, Australia’s leading Atlassian consulting partner, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of three Atlassian add-ons targeting the Confluence platform. The deal includes three add-ons, previously owned by Arijea (now Easy Agile); Instant Websites for Confluence Cloud, Better Blogs for Confluence and Redaction, Protect High Security Content. They join  GLiNTECH’s growing portfolio of enterprise grade Atlassian add-ons.  Instant Websites for Confluence Cloud is an add-on that enables Confluence Cloud customers to easily publish their space content to a fast, mobile responsive, public website. A number of growing customers proclaim this to be an easily accessible platform for their customer-facing websites, or as a perfect means of publishing reference or product documentation. Better Blogs for Confluence is available to Confluence Server customers and allows administrators to subscribe groups or individuals to blog content generated within a Confluence space. This platform is already being used by over 75 large-scale organisations to better support their corporate communications. Redaction, Protect High Security Content allows users to establish in-page content security for sensitive information stored in a given Confluence page. Effectively, it will allow users to view a page, while protecting sensitive content from unauthorised users by redacting specific words, paragraphs and table cells. Synergy with GLiNTECH CEO of GLiNTECH, Dimitri Spyridopoulos says, “Expanding the power within Confluence is the objective of acquiring these add-ons. From GLiNTECH’s perspective, we see them as a great fit with our existing add-ons in this space. It was a logical acquisition as their functionality aligns with our development expertise, support and consulting practices. We are also well positioned to grow their capability, by working closely with our hundreds of local Atlassian customers, and evolve the add-ons to become indispensable global products that augment the Confluence experience.” About GLiNTECH Since 2000, GLiNTECH has been delivering technology products and services within Australian enterprise organisations to successfully automate process, improve communications, boost knowledge and increase innovation. Australian-owned IT Firm, GLiNTECH, Secures 41st Place in the 2016 CRN Fast50 2016-12-05T05:08:08Z australian-owned-it-firm-glintech-secures-41st-place-in-the-2016-crn-fast50 Sydney, Australia -December 5, 2016 - Australian IT services provider, GLiNTECH, is proud to have secured 41st place in the 2016 CRN Fast50 this year. The CRN Fast50 is the most exclusive club in Australian IT, allowing companies the opportunity to be scored among the fastest-growing IT companies in the country. Now in its eighth year, the CRN Fast50 continues to differ significantly from similar events, since it recognises and ranks Australian IT companies based solely on year-on-year revenue growth. A huge achievement for Australian-owned GLiNTECH, the Sydney-based IT company looks forward to the benefits and prestige associated with their ranking on the CRN Fast50. Companies enter the CRN Fast50 to raise their profile, prove their stability and success, boost their reputation, and to celebrate their team. “Being part of the Fast50 makes us very proud of the current team and the changes we have implemented together to make GLiNTECH a better company,” said a spokesperson for GLiNTECH. “It solidifies the success of our current road map.” To be eligible to enter the CRN Fast50, Australian-based IT companies must have derived more than 50 percent of their revenue for the financial year from selling, reselling, recommending, designing, or implementing IT products and/or services to business end users. The entry and judging process runs from July to November, with the closing date for applications this year being Sunday, October 2. The companies are then ranked solely on the basis of their percentage growth rate for the financial period. The top 50 companies were revealed at a ceremony in Sydney during an event which is revered as the industry's best award's night. The list of the fastest-growing companies will be published, in order of rank, in the CRN magazine and on An end of year gala will also take place to provide unparalleled networking opportunities for the high-performing IT companies and sponsors, as well as panel discussions on pertinent industry issues. About GLiNTECH GLiNTECH is a specialist Australian IT services provider for Enterprise clients. Providing tailored IT solutions to businesses all over the world since 2000, GLiNTECH specialises in agile software development and training. Their employees include a mix of developers, technology experts, sales consultants, graphic designers, administrators, and writers from all over the world. A recognised Atlassian Expert partner, and Google Cloud Platform Training Partner, GLiNTECH is also an award-winning Australian IBM Premier Business Partner, certified Puppet Reseller, and provider of Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions. Contact: GLiNTECH Suite 1, Level 1 60 York Street Sydney NSW 2000, Australia Phone: +61 2 9299 3999 Email: Website: Finalists for the 2016 AFR & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards revealed 2016-10-21T06:51:38Z finalists-for-the-2016-afr-amp-pwc-s-private-clients-aspire-awards-revealed GLiNTECH, has been announced as a finalist for the AFR & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards. The AFR & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards celebrate outstanding achievements made by Australia’s private and family businesses. The quality of the 2016 entrants were as high as ever, as businesses from all of Australia’s major vertical industries presented the solid business practices that successful companies portray.  Finalists for the 2016 AFR & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards are leaders in their field, are outperforming their competitors and have an outstanding track record that deserves to be celebrated.  GLiNTECH are specialist Australian IT services provider, and have been offering tailored IT solutions to businesses all over the world since 2000. GLiNTECH are an Agile company and specialise in associated best of breed practices and software from vendors like Atlassian, Red Hat, Puppet, IBM and Google Cloud Platform.  The complete list of finalists for the 2016 AFR & PwC’s Private Clients Aspire Awards can be found online on the Financial Review website  Australian Expert is World’s Fastest Growing 2014-09-18T01:29:09Z australian-expert-is-world-s-fastest-growing September 18th, 2014  Sydney based enterprise software services company GLiNTECH has been awarded Atlassian’s Fastest Growing (Non Platinum) Expert award for 2014. The award, announced at last week’s Atlassian Summit conference in San Jose, saw GLiNTECH top more than 350 other Expert partners from around the world.  Returning to Australia from the event, GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, says, “it was our team’s first time attending Summit so we were excited to be there amongst the global Atlassian community. To then receive the award was a tremendous surprise.  “On the reasons for such rapid growth, our association with Atlassian stretches back over 10 years but it’s only in the last few that we’ve moved into helping customers license the platforms. Based on our long lasting relationships with many Australian organisations, the reaction from the national market has been astounding; in the last year we expanded our consulting team significantly, doubled the services side and took on training on behalf of Atlassian in the local market. We’re also the recognised partner for delivering Atlassian’s JIRA Enterprise course into the Asia Pacific.  “I’d like to sincerely thank our customers, our team at GLiNTECH and the team at Atlassian for their ongoing support and helping to make this achievement possible.” This award follows closely behind last month’s announcement of GLiNTECH being awarded Platinum Expert Partner status - one of very few companies in the world to hold the title. Says Dimitri, “with the new Platinum accreditation and now this award to further endorse our reputation, we’re looking forward to exploring new opportunities with Atlassian products, particularly for the enterprise in delivering the highly scalable and clustered suite packaged under the Datacenter editions of JIRA, Confluence & Stash.” The growth experienced by GLiNTECH is part of wider growth in Atlassian sales worldwide, with total revenue reaching $215 million (USD) for the last financial year, a 44% rise from the previous period.  With both Atlassian and GLiNTECH based in Sydney and gaining global recognition, the ongoing successes are a great advertisement for Australian-based software companies.  About GLiNTECH: GLiNTECH is an Australian Software Services specialist for enterprise organisations. Our highly qualified team specialises in software development, Scrum and agile practices and various forms of software development training. We’ve been providing Atlassian services since 2004 and are a recognised Atlassian Platinum Expert.  Sydney software services company goes Platinum 2014-08-13T01:38:22Z sydney-software-services-company-goes-platinum August 13th, 2014 Sydney-based enterprise software services company GLiNTECH has become an official Atlassian Platinum Expert. The exclusive accreditation is reserved only for the most experienced businesses providing expertise right across the Atlassian suite. There are only two recognised Platinum Experts in Australia and globally the membership is only made available once per year. GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, says, “Atlassian is one of the few fabulously successful Australian software firms and it’s primarily due to their excellent software platforms. With the experience gained from working with these platforms for the last decade, we’re very pleased to be formally recognised as one of the few Platinum Experts in the world.  “Alongside this latest achievement, our steady rise in Atlassian services reflects a lot of hard work done by our team in delivering customer solutions based on the Atlassian suite. As a company, we put a lot of effort into activities like delivering official Atlassian training and engaging with User Groups to ensure we’re well connected to the community. This approach means we’re constantly talking to users, finding out what they want and helping solve real business problems. In turn, our Atlassian services are in greater demand than ever.  “With the added recognition of being a Platinum Partner, we’re looking forward to helping even more businesses discover how Atlassian’s software tools can help them do what they do better.” The awarding of the Platinum Expert status sees GLiNTECH’s partner relationship with Atlassian upgrade from Enterprise Expert status. About GLiNTECH: GLiNTECH is an Australian Software Services specialist for enterprise organisations. Our highly qualified team specialises in software development, Scrum and agile practices and various forms of software development training. We’ve been providing Atlassian services since 2004 and are a recognised Atlassian Platinum Expert.  GLiNTECH supports Getting Git Right 2014-02-17T06:13:03Z glintech-supports-getting-git-right The GLiNTECH team are pleased to announce our sponsorship of Atlassian’s Getting Git Right developer talk in Sydney next month.  The event is the final in a series of worldwide showcases surrounding how Git software tools, in particular Atlassian’s Stash, help enterprises boost efficiency and productivity. These are the tools on which Atlassian’s worldwide success is based and for the first time in Australia they’re showcasing them in a dedicated public event. In doing so, Atlassian has chosen to partner exclusively with GLiNTECH.  Featuring expert speakers - including developers and product managers from Atlassian - attendees will get to hear from people creating and using the software to find out why it’s becoming so popular.  GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, says, “We’ve certainly noticed an increased adoption of Git, especially at the enterprise level. Having this kind of focused event - one involving the developers building the software as well as companies actually using it - is a great way to demonstrate how a product like Stash works and the value it brings.” “Anyone attending the event will be able to see where the software fits within the development flow and wider agile practices. Being able to see how it actually works on a day to day basis - like managing workload so developers can spend more time doing real development - is very beneficial to understanding the software." “We use Stash ourselves and have seen it used across many different industries, so we know the advantages it has over other similar software. Because of that, we also know there are plenty of businesses that would benefit from it, which is why we’re happy to get behind Atlassian and this event.” Getting Git Right is being held on 27th March, 2014. The event is free to attend, but spaces are limited. To register, visit the event website.   About GLiNTECH We’re an Australian IT services provider for enterprise clients. Based in Sydney, our highly qualified team specialise in software development, Scrum and agile practices and various forms of software development training. We’re a recognised Atlassian Enterprise Expert offering licensing, implementation, customisation, plugin development and training services across the Atlassian product suite.  Sydney software developer sets sights on state projects 2013-12-04T02:32:56Z sydney-software-developer-sets-sights-on-state-projects Sydney based Enterprise Software Services provider GLiNTECH has been accepted onto the NSW Government ICT Services Advanced Registered Supplier List. The accreditation, issued by NSW Procurement, means that GLiNTECH is now officially endorsed to supply IT solutions to the NSW Government and other eligible customers. Businesses without the accreditation are ineligible to submit tenders or perform services to these organisations.The company’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, says, “while we’ve always had the capability to provide solutions for government projects, without having gone through the accreditation process we weren’t in a position to act on opportunities."“Now that we’ve been through the full application and compliance process, and NSW Procurement have had a chance to do their due diligence, we’re keen to see where our expertise can be of most use."Spyridopoulos goes on to add that “we've always been a Sydney-based company so it’s really pleasing to know that we’ve now got the ability to be involved in projects for our own state government. Having been accepted onto the list of registered suppliers is also another formal endorsement of our experience, expertise and credibility."To contact GLiNTECH about NSW Government projects or opportunities, visit GLiNTECHGLiNTECH is an Australian IT services provider for enterprise clients. Our highly qualified team specialise in software development, Scrum and agile practices and various forms of software development training. We’re a recognised Atlassian Enterprise Expert and IBM Premier Business Partner. The Future of Superannuation in Australia 2013-05-28T01:32:54Z the-future-of-superannuation-in-australia On Thursday May 30th, 2013, a conference is being held in Sydney to discuss The Future of Superannuation in Australia. Featuring leading industry experts - including former Australian Treasurer Peter Costello - this event will discuss changes surrounding Super, with a particular view towards technology and innovation. In 2010, the Australian government set a plan in place to bring about change in the Superannuation industry. Called SuperStream, this is about improving quality of data using TFNs as primary account identifiers, encouraging the use of technology to improve process efficiency between funds and streamlining contributions. These changes mean there is a need for greater consumer governance, fluid communication with government bodies and increased reporting for regulatory control. In 2013, with some of the legislation already in place, the focus is on secure messaging as electronic transfer of this information opens up risk for funds. GLiNTECH have been successfully delivering secure messaging services for over 10 years and, as an award-winning IBM Software Premier Business Partner, they are recognised as IBM product and industry specialists within financial markets. “We’d like to highlight that the Superannuation industry is now set to align more closely with standards and regulations of Banking, therefore understanding that sector is crucial to ensuring true benchmarking occurs”, says GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos. Having formed a strong relationship, GLiNTECH and IBM are bringing their industry expertise to this event as partners and lead sponsors. IBM have been working closely with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on the SuperStream messaging services standards which set out requirements for message packaging, transport security and receipting of messages. GLiNTECH’s close partnership with IBM means they have industry process related consultants on hand who understand the changes being introduced in Australia. Providing innovative demonstrations to the Superannuation industry is not new to GLiNTECH, having previously sponsored and showcased solutions at conferences such as Process Automation for Super Funds. Says Spyridopoulos, “since 2011 we’ve been showcasing demos for mapped industry-specific process flows and relevant data models for things such as fund switching, simple rollovers and various beneficiary payments.”This week’s Future of Superannuation conference has been organised by FST Media and attendance is free, but registration is required and spaces are very limited. To view the full agenda and speakers, or to register, please visit the conference website. You can follow the event on Twitter with @GLiNTECH and @FSTMedia, or by using the #FSTSuper hashtag. Australia’s biggest Scrum hits Sydney 2013-04-04T01:09:19Z australia-s-biggest-scrum-hits-sydney Scrum Australia 2013 is the first major event of its kind to be held in Australia, attracting experts from all over the world to Sydney for two days of Scrum talks.Sydney-based enterprise software services company GLiNTECH is very pleased to have joined the event as a sponsor, helping bring more discussion and awareness of Scrum and agile practices to this part of the world. GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos (CSD, CSM), will be co-presenting on day one with Chris Mountford, a Senior Software Engineer at Atlassian. Their talk, titled Beyond Software, will be about taking agile and Scrum beyond software development teams and into wider business.These two senior technologists will be sharing real experiences from the very different companies they represent; one an Aussie enterprise with a global customer base and the other a local software services company that works with global enterprises.Says Dimitri, ”between Chris and I, we’ve got plenty of examples of agile and Scrum working in the real world to solve real business problems - beyond software development teams. We’re looking forward to sharing some of them.”Scrum Australia takes place on April 10th and 11th in Sydney. For more information, visit the official Scrum Australia website.Follow the event on Twitter with @GLiNTECH and @auscrum, or by using the #auscrum hashtag.About GLiNTECHWe’re a Sydney-based IT services company for enterprise clients. We’re software development specialists, Certified Scrum Masters, Certified Scrum Developers and Atlassian Enterprise Experts. We also offer customised Scrum and agile training.  Increased IT expenditure and agile development amongst key trends in latest Australian software development report 2013-01-14T06:28:47Z increased-it-expenditure-and-agile-development-amongst-key-trends-in-latest-australian-software-development-report Sydney, 14 January 2013: The Future of Software Development in Australia survey report for 2012/13 has been released to the public.The survey is run annually by Sydney-based software development company GLiNTECH and seeks to determine both current and future trends in Australian software development, as well as providing some general background figures on the local industry.Now in its third year, the survey targets responses from key people in local software development; Software Developers, CIOs, Senior Managers, Development Managers, System Admins, DevOps and Software Architects.GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, says “the survey always tends to throw up some intriguing trends and this year just reinforces what a dynamic industry we operate in. From the different development practices businesses are looking at to the technologies people believe we’ll be using in the future, it makes for interesting reading.”Some highlights of the 2012/13 report include:- 70% of respondents said their IT expenditure is set to either increase or remain stable for the year ahead- Mobile, Cloud and HTML5 are seen as big growth areas in the coming year- Agile continues to gain in popularity; 61% of those planning to change development methodologies in the coming year are likely to adopt an agile approach- 37% of those considering using a new programming language are doing so because they are moving to a new technology setIn summing up the survey Spyridopoulos says, “overall, I think the results suggest there’s a lot for the Australian software development industry to be positive and excited about.”The full Future of Software Development in Australia report for 2012/13 is available publicly and free of charge at the results on Twitter by following @GLiNTECH or using the hashtag #FOSDSAbout GLiNTECHWe’re an Australian IT services provider for Enterprise clients; Software Development is what we do, live and understand. Since the year 2000 we've been providing tailored IT solutions to businesses the world over. GLiNTECH Training: Agile for Enterprise 2012-10-22T23:52:46Z glintech-training-agile-for-enterprise GLiNTECH, a Sydney Software Services firm, draws on best practices to deliver agile development courses with the enterprise in mind.With over ten years of experience in large projects, GLiNTECH have a reputation for providing exceptional on-the-job training for their technical staff. Now their internal courses, hosted by a mix of senior staff and global experts, are being offered to the public.“We’ve always provided our staff with training opportunities to gain exposure to new methods and tools to improve software delivery practices”, says GLiNTECH’s Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos. He adds that, “more and more, clients have been engaging us to provide this training on-site. It was time to formalise this as a service.”In November, GLiNTECH Training kick-starts with the Agile Development Practices workshop, led by John Ferguson Smart; Enterprise Java specialist and author of Java Power Tools and Jenkins: The Definitive Guide.This workshop focuses on Agile concepts, combining them with Best Practices for Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD). The workshop is essentially a single, effective way to improve software development quality.To view more details and read about other GLiNTECH Training courses, please visit GLiNTECH:We’re an Australian IT services provider for Enterprise clients. Software Development is what we do, live and understand. Since the year 2000 we've been providing tailored IT solutions to businesses the world over. Using our knowledge, expertise and experience we help businesses derive GLiNTECH and CustomWare ink agreement on IBM 'Cast Iron' 2012-05-21T01:20:37Z glintech-and-customware-ink-agreement-on-ibm Sydney, 21 May 2012: As of May 2012, CustomWare and GLiNTECH will collaborate exclusively to deliver best of class services for Cloud Integration; connecting cloud applications to a variety of on-premise and mobile systems. Under this agreement, the two companies will provide the most comprehensive services for IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration.As the adoption of mobile computing continues to create increased demands for cloud services, IBM WebSphere Cast Iron has now become a crucial element of IBM’s new Mobile Foundation. According to a recent IBM survey of more than 700 CIOs, three quarters said they are embracing a mobile strategy. With WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration, clients will be able to easily connect mobile applications to the variety of SaaS (Salesfore, Taleo and more), private Cloud and on premise CRM and ERP systems (Oracle, SugarCRM and SAP). Dimitri Spyridopoulos, MD of GLiNTECH highlights that, “when implemented correctly, this offering enables a truly mobile workforce without compromising on the enterprise necessities of integration, security and centralised information management.” Robert Castaneda, CEO of CustomWare, adds, “CustomWare have extensive history using and implementing Cast Iron, with some of the largest global implementations being done by our team, while GLiNTECH have extensive experience in enterprise mobile and services integration. By working together, we are able to offer a comprehensive and complete service to our clients”.CustomWare have been servicing, training and supporting Cast Iron clients successfully since 2006. They have established the quality service and skills that are essential to helping clients achieve the right solutions. In 2010, IBM acquired Cast Iron and folded the platform into the IBM WebSphere brand.GLiNTECH is an Australian owned and operated IT company with over a decade of experience delivering software development for enterprise platforms spanning integration, mobile, web, security and BPM functions. As the specialist partner of choice, GLiNTECH have won several IBM awards for WebSphere and have been an IBM Premier Business Partner since Small Australian IT company carries on tradition of innovation 2012-04-30T01:54:53Z small-australian-it-company-carries-on-tradition-of-innovation In recent years Australia has been capturing the world’s attention for the ways its large mining, banking and medical research corporations have been leading ICT innovation. Amongst these global giants, it is easy to overlook the smaller IT service providers that are busy creating and utilising software in some very interesting ways. Companies like GLiNTECH, based in Sydney, that have a dedicated R&D team constantly working on new ideas, much the same as their counterparts in Silicon Valley. In addition to investing in R&D, GLiNTECH know the importance of collaborating with international partners in order to remain at the cutting edge of global technology. So when their Managing Director is travelling to the USA, it’s worth taking some time to meet with him. Most recently the GLiNTECH team have been showcasing their skills in the BPM space, developing unique add-ons and enhancements outside of BPM suites. Projects include an end-to-end iPad-BPM Mortgage Application and the development of their first software product, Optio, which is a complete Market Rates Management System for financial markets that uses IBM BPM for process orchestration. Optio is just out of its BETA stage with cloud enhancements set for release later this year. The recent focus on BPM has lead GLiNTECH’s Founder and Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos, to attend the IBM Impact 2012 Global Conference. This offers a chance to connect with Dimitri directly to discuss the development projects GLiNTECH are working on Down Under and how they can be brought to the rest of the world. Contact GLiNTECH via twitter @GLiNTECH to set up a meeting with Dimitri Spyridopoulos. About IBM Impact:The IBM Impact 2012 Global Conference is IBM’s defining Global event for all things related to SOA, BPM, Mobile, Cloud, Application Infrastructure and WebSphere. It is happening in Las Vegas between April 29th and May 4th. Visit the website by clicking here. About GLiNTECH: With a 12 year history as software developers and systems integrators, GLiNTECH has the proven ability to use current technology in a more effective and efficient manner for enterprise clients. GLiNTECH is an IBM Premier Business Partner and in 2011 became the first IBM Asia Pacific Banking Industry Authorised Business Partner. GLiNTECH is a leader in IBM WebSphere branded products and has been awarded WebSphere Partner of the Year in Australia on several occasions. GLiNTECH survey reveals expectations of Australian IT expenditure to remain stable or increase in 2012 2011-12-15T02:28:25Z glintech-survey-reveals-expectations-of-australian-it-expenditure-to-remain-stable-or-increase-in-2012 12 December 2011: GLiNTECH survey reveals expectations of Australian IT expenditure to remain stable or increase in 2012GLiNTECH has released its findings report on their annual Future of Software Development in Australia Survey, which surveyed over a 100 respondents working in IT from a variety of sectors. The survey aimed to gain perspective on the thoughts of software development teams around Australia with questions aimed at current and planned development, development expenditure and future trends.Australian business outlook appears positive for 2012 despite an overall decrease of business peripheral spending since the global financial downturn. 70% of respondents are expecting IT expenditure to be stable or increase in 2012. More than three-quarters of respondents have also maintained that IT development direction was set at a local level.“Contrary to what is seen in the global market, from our experience here at GLiNTECH, we have seen a steady uptake of projects locally in the second half of 2011” says GLiNTECH Managing Director, Dimitri Spyridopoulos.Other noteworthy highlights from the survey showed:* Semantic Web, Linked Data and HTML 5 as new emerging trends for 2012, even though most did not associate these with Web 3.0* Better communication between IT and business was indicated as a key concern by 67% of respondents<* Cloud and mobile remained key areas for growth as they had been in 2010 and* 22% of respondents saw an increase in teams working remotely and software teams being increasingly distributed in 2012.To download a full copy of the survey report, please follow this link: Survey DownloadAbout GLiNTECH: GLiNTECH are an Australian software development company that provide implementation services for enterprise clients. Specialising in Integration and SOA, and how these inform Portal, Collaboration and BPM solutions.Follow us on Twitter @GLiNTECH