The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-10-16T14:53:55Z Why should you install a GPS Tracker in your car? 2019-10-16T14:53:55Z why-should-you-install-a-gps-tracker-in-your-car GPS tracking units use global positioning systems to track and locate an object around the globe. The United States launched the first GPS satellite, called NAVSTAR into space in 1974, and since then GPS technology has advanced to become more accurate and more widely utilized. GPS tracking technology is heavily utilized in the modern world for a wide range of purposes. Companies routinely use GPS tracking devices on their delivery and distribution vehicles, to the point where now you can often check how far away your Amazon delivery is from your house. Other companies may use GPS trackers to track their shipping fleet across the world’s oceans. GPS trackers aren’t just popular with businesses but are seeing increased adoption for personal use. Due to their low cost and easy installation, more people are choosing to install GPS tracking devices in their cars. There are several prominent players on the market who offer GPS tracking devices for personal use or fleet management, such as Tomtom International, Atrack Technology, and Shenzhen based company, Concox Information Technology. Concox offers a range of GPS tracking devices that meet different needs, for example, they sell very discreet and lightweight devices, real-time tracking devices, GPS loggers, and more. You can find out more about Concox if you’re looking for a high-quality GPS tracking device but aren’t 100% sure what you need. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of having a GPS tracker installed in your car. Locating Loved Ones Sometimes a family member will take the car to run some errands, and you form an expectation of when they will return based on how much they have to do. If the hours start to go by and you don’t know where they are, you may start to worry. Of course, you can try ringing them, but they may be too busy to answer or may not notice your call. Having a GPS tracker installed on the car means you can easily check their location and get a better idea of when they will be back, or if anything concerning is happening. When You Lose Your Car At least once in our lives, most of us have experienced the feeling of absolute dread when you walk out of a shopping center or supermarket and can’t find your car. Sometimes you’re sure of where you left it because you made a mental note to remember where it was parked, but you can’t see your car anywhere. Panic usually sets in and you start to wonder whether your car has been stolen, or whether you are just mis-remembering where you parked it. Either way, this situation can be stress-inducing and tiring, especially if you have a bag full of shopping and find yourself aimless wandering the parking lot. With a GPS tracker, you can take control of the situation and cut out a significant amount of time when it comes to locating your car. The same is true if your car is stolen. You don’t have to wait until the car is found somewhere by police, which can often take some time. Instead, you can locate your car through your GPS tracking app if the tracker hasn’t been removed, and inform the police of the location so they can check it out. Whether or not the tracker will be removed in this scenario will depend on how subtle the tracker is and where it is positioned. Many people opt for battery-powered GPS trackers that have a magnet on their casing. The magnet allows you to place the tracker under the vehicle, where it is unlikely to be spotted. These types of trackers are often very durable and waterproof so they can withstand the wear and tear of being under a car. An alternative to a battery-powered GPS tracker is one that is directly connected to the car’s electric system. These can sometimes be tricky to install and require a skilled tradesman to install them correctly, but this isn’t always the case. There are GPS trackers that can plug directly into a port underneath the steering wheel. Such trackers are very easy to install, but the downside is that they are immediately obvious to anyone who has seen this type of tracker before. The Different Uses Of GPS Trackers 2019-08-23T09:52:06Z the-different-uses-of-gps-trackers GPS trackers are used in a widespread manner these days. They have plenty of different uses at hand which mean that you can extract several benefits out of it. Here, we are going to discuss about the GPS trackers and the benefits which they offer to the users. What are GPS trackers? GPS trackers are essentially devices which help in surveillance of location by making use of the global positioning system and technology. It can thereby help in tracking the location of any object or even an entity remotely. It can give plenty of accurate information which in turn can be used for different reasons and purposes.  So, now that you have some idea as to what GPS trackers are, let us see what use they can be put to. Tracing the whereabouts It is often important to trace the whereabouts for a person; be it because you want to keep a watch over them or even if someone has gone missing and mostly in a lot of criminal cases. With the GPS trackers from Ruptela, the safety factor definitely gets an improvement. It is great even when you are on an unknown route and would like some assistance with the directions. Mapping and surveying According to Tracking Fox website - GPS trackers are one of the best devices which come in handy in different kinds of mapping and surveying projects as well. When the best of trackers are used, it can help the firms in saving on both the time and cost factor. In fact, it is already used in mapping of different highways, power lines, and more. Law enforcement benefits The police definitely extract a great deal of advantage from the GPS trackers. When it comes to catching criminals who can’t be easily traced, it is the GPS trackers which definitely come in handy. Sometimes, the police authorities end up attaching the GPS trackers on the vehicle of the suspects. This helps them stay updated about the details. Elderly people watch This is another very common use of GPS trackers. Sometimes, the elderly tend to forget about their homes and may end up having memory issues. Therefore, in such cases, having the GPS trackers means that they can always be traced. People who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia are the ones who can get immense help with the help of these trackers. If they happen to wonder alone by mistake and are unable to get back home, they can be traced using these trackers as one will be able to find their precise location. So, these are some of the endless benefits which one can reap when it comes to using GPS trackers. Of course, technology has come a long way and we can find its use being implemented in several different aspects of our life. By choosing the right devices, you too can make smart use of this technology. Thanks to GPS, people tend to not get lost as they can explore the wildest of places and even territories they have no clue about. Unlocking the Power of the VIN Number 2019-02-09T13:07:52Z unlocking-the-power-of-the-vin-number Whether we are tracking our heart rate on our new Apple Watch or checking our energy consumption through our Nest Thermostat, we are able to discover new insights about ourselves and our behavior in life. That said, one of the devices that we most frequently use still contains hidden information. Often, that hidden information is used against us and can potentially cost us thousands of dollars. What we are talking about here is information about a car that you want to purchase. Specifically, we’re discussing used cars that you may discover at a dealership or even a vehicle that you may consider buying from a friend or acquaintance. In these circumstances, it is often the case that the seller of the vehicle has much more inside information than you. They can then use this information to their advantage. For instance, they can cover up a potential accident involving the vehicle or can even roll back miles on the vehicle’s odometer. Walking up to the car, it is extremely difficult or essentially possible to get a sense of the vehicle’s background. Having said this, you can turn the odds into your favor. By finding the vehicle’s vehicle identification number (“VIN”) and using a service like to search the vehicle’s history, you can be much more confident when purchasing a used vehicle—regardless of the seller. VIN Numbers So what is as VIN number exactly? Simply put, it is your vehicle’s DNA. From the moment that your vehicle was manufactured, it was given a unique identifying number. Depending on the car, the VIN number may be located in different areas. For instance, it is often found on the dashboard (beneath the driver’s side corner of your windshield), but it can also be found on the driver’s side door (underneath the latch). Once you find a vehicle’s VIN number, you’re led to the most important question: what can I do with it? By locating the vehicle’s VIN number, you can find a wealth of history on the vehicle’s history. One of the best ways to find a vehicle’s history is by visiting an online VIN number check service like carVertical. Upon inputting the vehicle’s VIN number on carVertical, you can find information like whether the vehicle has been registered in databases of stolen cars, whether the vehicle has been in any accidents or has suffered any damage, or whether there are any manufacturing faults with the vehicle. As for carVertical itself, it provides some additional, unique information, like whether the car’s odometer has been artificially rewound. The company also recently announced a partnership with GPSWOX that will design and implant OBD tracker devices. Implanted into any vehicle, the tracker will act as a virtual odometer by checking parameters like GPS coordinates, battery level, or engine status. carVertical is just one service in the marketplace. Having said this, armed with a vehicle’s VIN number, you can be more confident that the vehicle you are purchasing is truly what the seller is representing. When you are approaching the seller of a vehicle, you can make it known that you completed some research on the vehicle and, if applicable, know about some of its checkered history. Putting this information on the table, you may be in a better negotiating position to get a discount on the vehicle—or pass it up entirely. While the ultimate choice is yours, it never hurts to prepare, and researching a vehicle’s VIN number will prepare you for whatever comes your way. Skepticism Is Your New Friend While we would all like to believe that what we see in our daily lives, it pays to be skeptical when purchasing a used car. Like other areas of our life, the data is out there on nearly every vehicle. You just simply need to put in some time to find that data and exploit it to your advantage. Using a service like carVertical can help you save both time and money in the future. Even if you are purchasing a used vehicle from a trusted friend, we recommend that you at least leverage the power of the VIN number. You may discover something that you may not have expected. And let’s be honest: it is better to discover this hidden information before you spend thousands of dollars on a used car. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But it pays to be skeptical. Australian Investments in the EU 2018-10-18T10:53:42Z australian-investments-in-the-eu Australia and the European Union have a long history of doing business, but recently efforts have ramped up to build an even better working relationship between the two continents. Imports and exports between Australia and the EU have been steadily increasing annually and government officials began negotiating a new free trade agreement this year back in June. With the global economy picking up, it’s a good time to revisit the investments Australia has with the EU and how the continents interact on trade. Trade Agreements The European Union and Australia have been in discussions for a free trade agreement that would aim to further open business channels between the two continents. With such an agreement in place, the business climate would become more stable and markets would be more predictable. Exchanges could be made with fewer holdups and customers on both continents would have better choices. Imports Australia’s largest trading partner is China, but the EU is a close second thanks to a steadily increasing supply of imports. The two biggest items coming into Australia from the European Union are cars, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products. The United Kingdom and Germany are the two countries within the EU supplying the most goods to Australia, followed by Italy and France. Exports When it comes to exports, much of the European Union buys gold from Australia, especially the United Kingdom. The UK is a big player on the world gold market, so agreements with Australia are extremely beneficial. In fact, according to 99% of gold exported into the UK came from Australia in 2016. Other exports of note going from Australia to the EU include coal, fruits and seed, and (of course) wine and alcoholic beverages. The UK receives 50% of all the EU’s exports from Australia, with Germany and the Netherlands taking in another 25%. Foreign Investment Foreign investment is a huge part of the relationship between the EU and Australia. With over $90 billion in goods and services being exchanged each year, it’s important for each continent to invest in the success of the other. The EU is the second largest direct investor in Australia, with total investments currently valued at over $165 billion. According to - Over 3000 EU-majority run businesses were open in Australia as of 2014, employing nearly 300,000 people. In the other hand, Australia has over $100 billion of investments in EU member countries, representing 20% of their total international investment budget. Australia and the European Union are eager to open up new business channels in the coming years and trade between the two has never been stronger. It’s something worth keeping in eye on in the future as the business world becomes more and more global. Getting Cars Ready For The Colder Months 2018-09-28T06:25:31Z getting-cars-ready-for-the-colder-months Cold weather is rapidly approaching and that means it’s time to prepare for poor driving conditions. Your car has different needs once the frigid months arrive, so now is the best time to get it ready. Car owners who take extra steps to prepare for the cold are rewarded with a more reliable vehicle (and one with a higher resale value). Prepping your car for cold weather also helps enhance your record keeping, so when your vehicle pops up on a CarVertical VIN Report, you’ll have a spotless history. Here’s a few tips to keep your car running smoothly in the cold. Consult your manual Before doing any prep work, make sure you flip through your vehicle manual and see what the manufacturer recommends. Be sure to note the suggested frequency of oil changes (the 3,000 mile rule is a myth!) and recommended tire pressure. It’s also not a bad idea to brush up on how the different heating and cooling systems work as well. Check and (if necessary) replace wiper blades You can’t drive if you can’t see! Winter precipitation like snow, sleet, and freezing rain can blot out your windshield and make it very difficult to see the road. You can scrape this stuff off before you get in the car, but what if it’s sleeting during your drive? Worn-down wiper blades won’t properly remove precipitation from your windshield, so make sure you test them and purchase new ones if needed. Most auto stores will install new wiper blades for free with purchase. Refill all fluids While your checking the wiper blades, don’t forget about the washer fluid! Or any fluids for that matter. Your car is working overtime in the cold months, so you want to make sure your have sufficient wiper fluid, coolant, and oil. You don’t want to find out you’re low on fluids when you’re stopped in the middle of the road. Test battery, check for corrosion Batteries don’t work as well in the cold and older ones quickly die out once temperatures start dropping. You don’t want to leave the office at night and start your car only to find your battery dead! Testing the strength of your battery will require a trip to a professional, but a new battery should still be inspected for corrosion. Just make sure you’re wearing gloves when you remove any corroded substances. Check tire tread and pressure Your tires will lose air consistently when its cold out, so always make sure you have a tire pressure gauge handy and check at least once a week. You can find the correct pressure amount listed on the door jam or in the owner’s manual. And don’t forget to check the treads as well! Worn-down tires and slippery roads are one bad combination. Make sure defrost and heat are in working order Before it starts getting cold, make sure your heat and defrost work properly. Cold temperatures and moisture cause windshields to become foggy very easily, so if you can’t get any heat out of your vents, you might not be able to see the road. If you aren’t getting hot air, check with a mechanic to see if your system needs to be flushed. Carry an emergency kit with you Even if you’ve been meticulous in your preparation, accidents and surprises can still happen. However, tackling the unexpected is easy if you keep an emergency kit. A good emergency kit has ice scrapers, first aid supplies, flashlights, and blankets in case you get stuck somewhere. Also, pack some sand (or even kitty litter) in the trunk - it will help you get your car free if you become stuck in snow or ice. Escalator Safety Tips 2017-07-06T09:52:53Z escalator-safety-tips Escalators are a popular and convenient means of conveyance in many public places around the world. Tens of thousands of people ride escalators every day in schools, subway stations, shopping malls, airports, and department stores. While modern escalators have multiple, redundant safety features to help ensure the safety of riders, improper riding practices can and do result in injuries. Very rarely, fatalities have occurred. Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that approximately 3000 people in the Australia are injured each year as a result of riding escalators. 75% of these injuries are due to trips and falls.While your statistical risks of injury are low, here are some simple safety practices from that can help to prevent injury and make the riding experience more enjoyable for everyone.1. Face forward (in the direction the escalator is traveling) and old the handrail at all times. If a young child cannot reach the handrail, an adult should hold his or her hand firmly during the entire ride.2. Stand in the middle of the steps, avoiding the step edge. The small gap at the edge of the step can catch on footwear or clothing and cause injuries. Do not allow children to jump, play, or sit on steps.3. Examine clothing for entanglement hazards. Ensure that shoelaces are firmly tied. Scarves, long coats, drawstrings, and shoelaces can become caught in small gaps between moving parts.4. Never bring large wheeled objects such as shopping carts, luggage, or strollers onto the escalator. If you have such an item, it is much safer to take an elevator.5. People with mobility issues that require the use of walkers or crutches should not ride an escalator.6. Note the location of emergency shutoff buttons; these are usually located at the entrance and exit of the escalator.Following these safety tips will help everyone ride escalators safely and prevent injuries. 5 Ways How GPS Fleet Tracking Software Is A Boon For Aussie Fleet Owners 2017-05-31T09:38:07Z 5-ways-how-gps-fleet-tracking-software-is-a-boon-for-aussie-fleet-owners Australia boasts one of the most expanding fleet markets in the whole world, with the standard fleet size ranging from 75-100 vehicles. There are even mega-fleet companies catering nationwide with as many as 1,000 vehicles on service. Now, Australia is a huge territory stretching across hundreds of miles which makes effective fleet management quite a challenge for such companies. It’s never manually possible to know the whereabouts of all the vehicles in such a vast region. And, this is where GPS fleet tracking software programs like GPSWOX comes to the rescue. The GPS tracker devices are installed in the vehicles and are connected with GPS fleet tracking software which further provides reports on the tracked data.Let’s see how GPS fleet tracking software is a boon for the Australian fleet owners.Real-time report on vehicle locationOne of the most crucial advantages of GPS fleet tracking software is that it reports on the precise location of the tracked vehicle just in real-time. This way, you can always stay updated about the whereabouts of your vehicle whether they are in Melbourne or Adelaide while you are at your company headquarters in Sydney.Prevents employee fraud GPS fleet tracking software enables users to specify POI (Points Of Interest) on the route like restaurants, pubs, hotels, gas stations etc. You will get alerts whenever your vehicle enters or exists the marked POIs. Thus, you will get to know the moment your driver hits into a pub or hotel for his personal pleasure during business hours. Every company has got a bunch of rotten drivers who tend to engage company fleet for personal uses in office hours.  Thanks to GPS fleet tracking it has got easier now to identify such unethical employees.Moreover, there are unethical drivers who steal from the company citing inflated fuel bills. The GPS fleet tracking software helps you to prevent such practices easily and effectively. These software programs are designed to notify about the distance travelled so that you can have a proper idea on actual fuel consumption. When you are aware how much fuel was actually used in travel, you can easily identify a faulty bill.Ability to assure safe driving The GPS fleet tracking software will even report you on the speed limit of your tracked vehicles. You will have instant alerts when the driver crosses the safety limit so that you can question and warn the driver later. Rash driving is dangerous for your fleet business as on one hand it endangers both the driver and the car- and on the other hand it makes you liable to pay for 3rd party damages if the vehicle gets involved in a crash. But you will be able to solve such problems with GPS fleet tracking software. When the driver would know that the vehicle is being monitored in real time, he will get more cautious with his steps, thereby avoiding the said issues.Helps in fuel savingsRapid acceleration, sudden braking and rash driving hike up the fuel consumption, forcing you to pay higher for your driver’s unmindful practices. As mentioned earlier, GPS fleet tracking software will report you on the speed limit of the car so that you can know about the aggressive driving tendencies on time. If the driver denies, you can always show the report as a concrete proof of his unsafe driving practices. When he will know that he is under surveillance, he will automatically cut down on his speed limit which will further reward you with 5-15% fuel savings.Content customersWhen a client books a vehicle with your company or is waiting for a shipment from your agency, he will be eager to know the location of the vehicle. With GPS fleet tracking software you can always send them data about the exact location of the vehicles in real time to help them in tracking their order or cab. Customers would duly appreciate your timely assistance which will invariably translate to a long list of content clientele for your fleet management business.Count on GPS fleet tracking software programs to scale up your fleet business to an all new level.