The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-07-08T04:27:04Z CMD Print Solutions offer one-stop printing service 2019-07-08T04:27:04Z cmd-print-solutions-offer-one-stop-printing-service Albany based printing company CMD Print Solutions are changing consumer expectations around what it means to be a printing company in 2019. Coming a long way since its inception in 1998, CMD Print Solutions originally catered to small local businesses, offering high quality laser copying. However, several years later, the company took a new direction, gradually adding a broader range of services and has become the preferred print supplier of large corporate clients throughout New Zealand. Today, the company offers a diverse range of services, including design, printing, signage, branded promotional items and nationwide distribution.  “Our clients like to work with a supplier that looks after all their printing requirements, so they don’t have to shop around”, explains CMD Print Solutions Managing Director, Danny van der Velde. “Many customers will originally come to us for a specific service and then realise that we can deliver on all aspects of printing and print marketing”. This end-to-end, full-service approach has garnered the company a healthy return customer base, which van der Velde credits to their commitment to fostering long term relationships with clients and the fact that they are easy to deal with “We don’t make things complicated, we just get the job done”  “Some of our clients have been with us for over a decade, utilising the full range of our printing services”. “We think of ourselves as a department of our client’s businesses, not just a supplier, delivering any kind of print promotion or campaign that they require”. With the printing industry and marketing landscape changing drastically over the past two decades, it has been CMD Print Solutions’ willingness to evolve over time which has allowed them to be in the position they are today.  “We are still a family owned and operated company and we will continue to offer new, innovative solutions to our customers business needs”. <ENDS>   Entec keeps NZ power industry in the loop 2019-05-01T01:45:52Z entec-keeps-nz-power-industry-in-the-loop In most major forms of electricity generation, whether it be coal, natural gas, oil, geothermal or hydro-electric, a range of hazardous gases and environments are present in various stages of the power production process. With remotely based staff, lone worker monitoring can be required in this sector as well. Because of this, power companies must be vigilant in order to keep their workers safe and out of harm’s way. Auckland-based Entec is a supplier of gas detectors who has been working with the NZ power generation industry for decades. Having a local New Zealand supplier means gas detection equipment can be serviced and maintained locally, minimising costs and downtime. “When working with an overseas supplier, there is quite significant downtime when instruments are serviced or repaired”, explains Entec Managing Director, Bob Weston. “Through our partnership with leading gas detector manufacturers, coupled with our locally based servicing centre, we are able to drastically reduce this downtime which in turn reduces cost to the consumer as the need for replacement equipment is minimised”. Supplying world-renowned gas detection from reputable companies such as Industrial Scientific, Ion Science, 3M and Blackline Safety, Entec has built a reputation for not only supplying a quality product, but also providing a high level of service and training. However, Entec’s role does not stop at the sales and upkeep of these devices, they also run various training programmes and events throughout the year, keeping the industry informed on how emerging technologies can further promote worker safety. “Our customers trust us to be the experts on gas detection equipment, so we feel it is our duty to keep the industry informed on the latest in gas detection technology and suggest areas in which worker safety can be further improved”, says Weston. Allowing the NZ power industry easy access to leading gas detection and lone worker monitoring products not only aids in improving worker safety, but also decreases the risks of any potential disruptions to commercial and residential customers. Entec’s range of gas detectors for power stations can be viewed on their website Precision AutoWerk Fixes Newer Models Too 2018-08-22T05:06:43Z precision-autowerks-fixes-newer-models-too In order to compete in the burgeoning international market, cars are being released with extraordinary features, such as gesture control, where phone calls can be answered and ended with a wave of the hand, and the volume of music can be controlled with a slow twirl of a finger, or powered doors and tailgates, so you can shop to your heart’s content and not have to worry about putting down all the bags to open the boot before loading it all in. There are also more obviously useful features, such as thermal night vision, so you can drive more safely at night, but others such as music streaming and heated armrests which are clearly novelty features for those who want to maximize their time living the good life—and why not? Nowadays, cars are more than just a means to an end. They still take us from point A to B, but they also have the power to portray parts of our personalities through design and added features. The only problem with fancy cars is it can be tricky to find a reliable repairing company if you need a small or large problem fixed. Luckily for car enthusiasts living in Auckland, Precision AutoWerk is in town. Precision AutoWerk is New Zealand’s sole recognized repairer of Ferrari, Maserati and Nissan R35 GTR. They import legitimate parts and use repair techniques that are approved by the European brands they represent, to fix cars so they are good as new. For Volkswagen repairs and more, this the go-to spot for hundreds of locals. If you drive a luxury vehicle car, don’t waste your time or money trusting anyone other than a reputable European car repairing company. Call Precision AutoWerk today for a consultation and quote, or visit them in person at their newly upgraded Glenfield garage. Improvements in worker safety through the smart use of new technology 2018-08-02T06:22:18Z improvements-in-worker-safety-through-the-smart-use-of-new-technology Entec, a supplier of gas detection equipment and instrumentation has recently bought the latest in portable gas detectors to the New Zealand market. In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the personal use of “connected devices”. Many people regularly use devices like Fitbits, smart watches and mobile apps to track individual metrics. This increase in device connectivity can also be seen in business and industry. Communication technologies such as wireless, Bluetooth and near field communication (NFC) are revolutionising the way that items within an industrial plant or campus can be connected together. The latest range of portable gas detectors from Entec’s US-based supplier, Industrial Scientific feature all three of these communication methods. The proprietary LENS wireless protocol allows individual detectors to be seamlessly linked together so that alarm and gas readings can be automatically exchanged amongst team members. The Bluetooth connectivity allows a gas detector to transmit back to a control room via a connected smartphone or similar device. NFC capability allows multiple detectors to be paired together into networks, or to be paired with a specific user or specific plant location. “Up until this time, a gas detector would go into alarm and that alarm was obvious to everyone within earshot. With this new ability to connect detectors together, any alarms can be broadcast immediately across the team, and back to the operations hub,” says Bob Weston, managing director for Entec. “That means a much faster speed of response to alarm events.” When connected with LENS wireless, the gas readings from one detector can be displayed on one or more of the peer-to-peer connected detectors.   “So now you’ve armed the first responders – usually the individual’s immediate work-mates – with crucial information,” says Weston. “They can see what gas their colleague has been exposed to before they go rushing in for a rescue. They can therefore make better decisions about the best and safest course of action to take.” Entec works closely with their suppliers to ensure that NZ industry stays up to date with the latest in worker safety technology. The last range of portable gas detectors is available through their website. < End > Towelling it release new designs – just in time for summer! 2017-11-30T02:02:22Z towelling-it-release-new-designs-just-in-time-for-summer With the summer months fast approaching, NZ owned beach towel company Towelling it has released their new range of beach towel designs. Founded out of a frustration at the inadequate size of beach towels on the market, Towelling it has been producing extra-large beach towels for the past two years. “We are excited to bring our newest range of oversized, luxury beach towels to the NZ and Australian market”, comments Towelling it founder, Emma Lou. “We have been receiving a lot of enquiries asking when the new range would be made available and have been blown away by the positive response to our newest designs”. Like previous designs, the new products are one metre by two metres, (roughly the size of a single mattress) and 100% cotton – made for a much more comfortable beach experience. “With our new designs, we took on board feedback from our customers and created a range that was not only consistent with our previous style, but also factored in elements of Kiwiana”. Towelling it has cultivated quite an impressive online community – with over 9,000 followers on facebook. “Having such an established online following has been invaluable to the success of our product. Our followers have been great at sharing our product and supporting us with new releases”.  The four new designs are available for purchase through their website and can be shipped throughout NZ and Australia.  Kelray Heating supplies heating solution beneath Auckland Harbour Bridge 2017-05-30T09:11:51Z kelray-heating-supplies-heating-solution-beneath-auckland-harbour-bridge Kelray outdoor heating has been approached by AJ Hackett Bungee to supply outdoor heating products for their bungee jumping facility located underneath Auckland's Harbour Bridge.  The company was chosen as the contractor for this assignment as, AJ Hackett Bungee needed an outdoor heating solution that could handle the challenging weather conditions present beneath the Harbour Bridge.  As the sole NZ producer of outdoor heaters that use 316 marine grade steel, Kelray was the lone supplier whose heaters would be able to tolerate the strong, heavily-salted westerly winds present beneath the bridge.  Co-director of Kelray, Kelvin Davis explains how their range of heaters was the best option for the often harsh environment.   “The job posed some obvious hurdles that would have proved rather challenging for many radiant heater suppliers in to get past.” Because of a number of regulations surrounding the Harbour Bridge, Kelray’s installation team were prevented from drilling into the bridge to install their infrared heaters. Kelray were able to get around this issue by designing custom made struts that safely support each heater. “Most of the outdoor heating product found in NZ are manufactured overseas. So custom design alterations are very expensive and really not worthwhile when orders are small.” “Our capacity to remain flexible - make changes to our heaters to fit specific circumstances, and produce an economical heating solution made us the perfect candidate for this job”.