The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-07-03T05:47:43Z Gold Coast Café tackles War on Waste with massive incentive to buy a re-usable cup 2017-07-03T05:47:43Z -226 Owners Ben and Patty Glennon from newly opened Burleigh café: JOY Organic Coffee Roasters, saw the viral documentary ABC’s War on Waste, and were as shocked and disgusted as the rest of Australia was.  The eye-opening documentary highlights the incredible waste that takeaway coffee cups create annually in Australia – over 1 billion cups end up in landfill every year (7:30, ABC), and that number is climbing.   They wanted to do something BIG to actually make an impact and educate their customers on how easy it is to use a re-usable cup every time they visit their local café.  So, they teamed up with Australian company JOCO Cups to create an offer that made the decision to buy a re-usable cup a no-brainer.   When they set up the Burleigh Heads café in late March this year, Ben and Patty made environmentally conscious decisions to use recyclable, compostable takeaway cups, but they know they have an uphill battle when it comes to café waste. “Even though our cups cost almost double that of conventional takeaway cups, we committed to using biodegradable, compostable BioPak cups straight from the get-go.  We know, though, that they’re only a tiny part of the solution”, Patty says.  “Our cups are made with bio-plastic [made from plants, not oil] and fully dissolve during the recycling process, but Gold Coast council is one of many councils that still don’t recycle takeaway cups (they do, however, recycle the lids).  We decided to do something huge to incentivise people to buy a re-usable cup”.   Ben thought of a plan to make buying a reusable cup a no-brainer: “Why not give everyone SIX free coffees with every cup purchased?  That way, the cup is essentially free”?  JOY teamed up with Australian company JOCO Cups to make the deal possible.  Ben pitched the idea to JOCO and they were on board, straight away.  Ben got ready to tell his customers: “Buy a 12oz coffee cup for $30 and you get six free coffees, buy an 8oz cup for $25 and you get six free coffees – no brainer”.   The couple noticed that the War on Waste documentary created a lot of buzz about tackling everyday waste – their customers are starting to bring in re-usable cups more and more.  “We’re really lucky to be surrounded by some amazing businesses”, says Ben. “We have locals coming in with their own mugs from their offices all the time. We’re known to clap customers in when they bring their own mug – it’s a bit embarrassing, but we all have a good laugh”!  This latest promotion was a way to up the ante and really get serious about reducing cafe waste.